The Complete Guide to 2nd House Astrology
April 18, 2024 10 min read

The Complete Guide to 2nd House Astrology

By Lady Saoirse

A map of where you are going and who you are can easily be found by casting your Birth Chart. Within this plethora of information it provides is what celestial bodies were in the Twelve Houses of your Birth Chart. Find out what it means when each of the planets are in your Second House.

Who are you?

The Complete Guide to 2nd House Astrology

There are a lot of different ways to answer that. Some people answer that by listing the things they do, what their family is like, or what hobbies and dreams for the future they have. Other people answer that by saying what their beliefs are, but people who are knowledgeable about Astrology answer differently. Where the planets and constellations were when we were born creates a lot of things within us and explains a lot about who we are. Join Spiritual Blossom in our continuing exploration of the Astrological Houses and find out what the planets in the Second House say about you.

Why Should I Cast My Birth Chart?

The Complete Guide to 2nd House Astrology

Your Birth Chart is a tool that tells you a lot. It explains things about your personality as well as what your motivations are. It expresses what your desires are, and what some of your emotional and physical needs are. Knowing these key things about who you are can help you to know what choices will put you on the right path in life. Your greatest strengths and talents as well as your dark sides and weaknesses will be explained. What type of career you will thrive in and what your general luck and health will be like can be revealed by your Birth Chart also. Sound good? You can cast your Birth Chart here to find out what is in each of your Houses: Free Astrology Birth Chart Report (

Why Should I Know About My Astrological Houses?

You don’t have to of course, but you can if you want to find out things. The Astrological Houses breaks your life into twelve sections. Things like personality, your health, travel, or profession are ruled by each house. Which planets and Zodiac Sign constellations were in each section the moment you were born influence each aspect of your life. Sometimes, they create good fortune, and sometimes, they make things difficult. Most especially, if something’s position in your Birth Chart creates hardship, it is good to know. Some people don’t believe in learning these things and prefer to have faith that the powers that be or their own tenacity will protect them from difficulties, but other people want to know.

Think of your Birth Chart and the knowledge of what is in each of your Astrological Houses as a map or a set of instructions. Most especially when there are conflicts and issues, knowing what is influencing things will help you to know how to remedy problems. Knowing your strengths will help you know to focus on those, and knowing your dark side will help you to work on yourself to be the best person you can be. For some people, knowing themselves is one of the most important things in life, and understanding the Astrological Houses and each thing in the Houses is just another way to get to know yourself better. You can also find out what is working in your favor or against you behind the scenes. To learn about protecting your energy see here: Protecting Your Spiritual Energy

What Does the Second House Represent?

The Second House is ruled by Taurus. Taurus is a Zodiac sign known for taking materialism seriously. You may actually know a Taurus or two who is very resourceful, and good at saving money. They are also excellent at lavishing things on the people they love. The Second House is also known as The House of Possessions, and it rules our finances and belongings. It is about what we lose or gain due to wealth including things like debts and loss. It also decides if there is an increase in wealth and even things like inheritances are included in this. The part of the body it rules are the throat and neck. The celestial bodies in your Second House will influence all of the things in your wealth sector. To read about Taurus see here: Taurus Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility (

The Planets in The Second House

Planets are not the only things moving through the Houses. The Zodiac Signs do to, and there are multiple different ways they can reside there. Let’s focus on what the planets including the Sun and the Moon do when they are in the Second House.

Venus in the 2nd House

The Complete Guide to 2nd House Astrology

The planet Venus brings luck and beauty to the Houses. When Venus is in your Second House, you are blessed with wealth. Other people lavish you with money and beautiful things and you will gain wealth through gifts of things like jewelry from admirers. You have the potential to earn a lot of money through the arts, design, hospitality, or from society in general. You are popular for your charm and sense of style and you won’t skimp on buying beautiful things. You have the potential to marry into wealth and people love to give you valuable gifts. You have to watch out not to overspend on lavish things and remember that investing money is a wise use of your resources. Libra is one Zodiac Sign ruled by Venus and you can read about their Zodiac Flowers here: What is the Best Libra Flower? 

The Moon in the 2nd House

Cancer brings emotional sensitivity, moodiness, and caution to the Second House. You can be so generous, you forget to save resources for yourself sometimes, and the next day, can feel taken advantage of, and refuse to give anything to anybody. Material possessions give you a sense of security, and sentimental objects are things you most especially cherish. Things like antiques, items passed down from family members, and things you have owned from the time you are a child are especially dear to you. You are likely to gain much wealth or money through inheritance from your mother’s side of the family or women and you thrive in careers doing customer service, selling liquid goods, and dealing with the general public. Read about your Moon Sign here: What Moon Sign Am I?

Jupiter in the 2nd House

Jupiter brings the power of growth, optimism, and orderliness to the Second House. Your organizational skills make you good at moving money and material possessions around in beneficial ways for you and other people and you excel in business, government offices, education, and in literary jobs. Your sense of self-esteem is tied to your ability to generate a good income, but you are not typically selfish. You have to be careful not to overindulge in spending money, though. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and you can read about them here: Sagittarius Traits and Love Compatibility

Saturn in the 2nd House

Saturn brings mental strength, determination, and prudence to the Second House. It also makes you a worrier, and what you specifically worry about is money because you fear going without it. Whether you actually will or not is another story. Saturn in the Second House makes you reluctant to take financial risks and you would rather bury money in a hole in the ground than put it in a high-risk stock portfolio. While you are smart enough to understand that frivolous spending is unwise, you need to make sure you don’t become a miser with yourself or worry yourself sick over finances. Then again, plenty of people throw money away, so there is nothing wrong with being careful about not overspending money. You excel in areas where you can focus on slow investments that pay off in the long run. Saturn rules Capricorn and you can read more here: Capricorn Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility 

Pluto in the 2nd House

The Complete Guide to 2nd House Astrology

Pluto brings the powers of transformation and personal strength to the Second House. It also brings in quite a bit of focus and self-control. When Pluto is in your Second House, it gives you a powerful need to control your own finances and wealth. It can drive you to work harder than most people would and make you uncomfortable with allowing somebody else to have any say in regard to your money. You are an outstanding financial planner and excel in banking, investments, and retirement planning. Just make sure not to try to be overly controlling of other people. Pluto rules Scorpio and you can read about their Zodiac Flowers here: What is the Best Scorpio Flower? 

Mars in the 2nd House

Mars brings the powers of stamina, bravery, and the drive to face challenges and conquer them. Mars in your Second House makes you a hard worker, who is tireless on the job and whose ambition inspires others. You thrive in careers where you are a business agent, working with livestock, or working with woods or metals. You can be impulsive with resources and money can run through your fingers like sand. However, you have a lot of energy to work hard, so as long as you don’t make frivolous large purchases and run debt too high, you can always make plenty of money to replace what you spend. Mars rules Aries and you can read about them here: Aries Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility 

Sun in the 2nd House

The Sun brings the energies of prestige, authority, and reliability. A lot of people who have the Sun in their Second House get a job doing work in government or do something that supports government offices. You may inherit things through your father’s side of the family or people who are your mentors or supervisors. You crave material and financial security, and you work tirelessly to ensure that you, and others have it. You can overemphasize money and material possessions, and must take care not to obsess over these things. The Sun rules Leo and you can read about them here: Leo Traits and Love Compatibility 

Mercury in the 2nd House

The Complete Guide to 2nd House Astrology

Mercury brings speed, intellect, and the ability to mediate well to the Second House. Wealth and finances are important to you, but your concept of wealth goes beyond the material. Learning experiences and communicating with others means more to you than most material things, and you spend your time and money studying, going to new places, meeting new friends, and learning new things. You excel in writing, speaking, and traveling. You would do well working with books, in a field that is connected with travel, or as a teacher in any subject that intrigues you. You use your brain to make money, and really do know how to think yourself to success! Be careful not to be stubborn when presented with a different viewpoint you disagree with and investigate everything, no matter how odd it may seem. Mercury rules Virgo and you can read more here: Virgo Traits and Love Compatibility 

 Neptune in the 2nd House

Neptune brings the powers of imagination, illusions, and spirituality. It also rules hospitals, mental institutions, the sea, and all things mystical. You might not worry about money or material possessions and prefer to build your life around your dreams or spiritual pursuits. You would do well in a job field in spirituality, taking care of people in hospitals or psychiatric organizations, or working in a field that is related to the sea. You also feel comfortable in secret societies and fraternal orders. Neptune brings in the potential to allow fantasy to be mistaken for reality, so be careful you don’t let wishful thoughts mislead you. You might long to make your money in the arts, but must take care to ensure that your creative ideas have earning potential, so if you have to, keep your day job separate from your art. Take care not to be drawn into scams or get rich quick schemes. Neptune is a deity of the sea and you can read about goddesses and gods of that realm here: The Folklore, Myths, and Gods of the Sea 

Uranus in the 2nd House

Uranus brings in a powerful revolutionary energy as well as the powers of social justice, and individuality. Uranus’ individuality is so powerful it becomes idiosyncrasy and helps to make you someone who is not like anybody else. Your journey with wealth and possessions will be like none other. Unique job fields few can get into where your powers of ingenious inventiveness are valued are where you belong. You thrive in fields related to railroads and long-distance travel, unique music and art, Astrology and the occult, or electricity and technology. You view money as a way to support the one-of-a-kind lifestyle you crave and you will work tirelessly to ensure you have everything you need to accomplish all that your heart desires. Money and wealth buys freedom, and you use yours to liberate yourself from the world others would create for you. Uranus rules Aquarius and you can read about them here: Aquarius Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

The Houses don’t decide everything, but they really do explain a lot. The Second House is all about money and finance, and while you can usually work your way out of any financial problems, it’s helpful to know if what celestial bodies were in your second House when you were born are contributing to them. Make sure to keep your eyes open for more articles about the Houses because there are ten more Houses to go before we have explored the planets in all of them.

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.