What is the Best Aries Zodiac Flower?
July 10, 2024 15 min read

What is the Best Aries Zodiac Flower?

By Lady Saoirse

Learn the best Aries Zodiac flowers and how you can use them for your own magic and spirituality. 

People born between March 21 and April 19 are born under the star sign of Aries. Their sign is ruled by the planet Mars, which gives them a powerful drive to succeed at what they want to, and it also gives them what is called a “fiery” temperament. Some people consider them quick to anger and to be impulsive, but deep down, they are loving people who can forgive and forget, and their enthusiasm for adventure ensures they have a lot of interests and enjoy a variety of wonderful experiences in life. They are passionate lovers, and their sensuality is very important to them. Their lives can be enhanced by their magic, and one powerful tool for magic is the flowers that correspond with their Zodiac sign. While some say there is one “best flower” for each sign, but the truth is there are many. This article will discuss ten of the top flowers for the Aries zodiac sign, including red roses, thistles, and hydrangeas.

Red Roses

Red Roses

Flowers that specifically represent romantic love and passion, red roses are special flowers for Aries people. In ancient Rome and Greece, garlands of roses were worn for festivals by both women and men, and while roses were sacred to the goddess Aphrodite, they were also special to Dionysius, a god of many things including festivities, fertility, orchards, and winemaking. He is also known as Bacchus and is often depicted holding goblets of wine. During one of his festivals, the Anthesteria, it was believed the souls of the dead walked the streets for the festival, and wine was shared among the living and poured out as libations for the dead. Dionysius brought freedom from being controlled, and freedom from daily fears. Garlands of roses were worn for many different occasions to ward off drunkenness.

The red rose symbolizes passion, romance, and sensuality. They are popular to give during marriage proposals, Valentine’s Day, or for any occasion that expression of passionate love is called for. Red roses can be used magically to attract love and passion, and they symbolize beauty and something else that might surprise you. Red roses symbolize creativity, believe it or not, and that can be artistic creativity or the energy to create business deals, music, or even something like positive energy. Red roses bring the energy of newness and the ambition to follow through with things. They represent peace in general and the presence of harmony in the household.

Aries men and women can especially benefit from the magic of red roses. Aries is a sign that instills energy and drive to set goals, but sometimes, initial enthusiasm can fizzle for Aries people when things feel like they are taking too long. Red roses can bring the creative energy to give an Aries the motivation to keep reaching for results when the going gets tough. Aries people are influenced by Mars, named after the god Mars, who was a god of war, but sometimes, he declared war to bring peace. An Aries can use the peace bringing energy of roses to help them find the best way to create harmonious solutions. Read about Libra Zodiac flowers: What is the Best Libra Flower? (spiritualblossom.com)


Cayenne is not a flower, but it is still a plant, and it is one of the most powerful plants for an Aries to use for magic. Cayenne is just one of many different kinds of chilis and it is traditionally used for blessings, breaking curses, or banishing. Chilis are used to prevent the evil eye, but also used for breaking a curse that had been done with soil from the victim’s land and salt. Certain chilis are added to other materials and made into an incense used for smoking the house out to get rid of the curse.

It is said Aries people have a “fiery” or passionate personality, and cayenne pepper is just like them! Cayenne and other hot peppers are known for their medicinal qualities of purifying the blood, and some people swear that eating spicy food helps keep them cooler in hot weather. A string of dried chilis hung on the wall is said to ward off malevolence, and making a mixture with red pepper and sprinkled where somebody will walk is a form of “hotfoot powder” to get them to walk away from you and never return. An Aries can plant their own cayenne to use for their own magic, but a superstition says that you have to be angry when you plant it if you want it to be hot and spicy!


Native to North Africa, impatiens were popularized in the 1800’s by explorers named Horace Waller and David Livingstone. The flowers were taken around the world and started showing up in gardens all around the world. Impatiens are from a genus that has over 1,000 different plants. Usually when people speak of impatiens, they are referring to new guinea impatiens, which are said to be low maintenance and bloom beautifully for a long time with minimal care. The flower symbolizes motherly love and can be given as offerings to mother goddesses and ancestral spirits who were mothers as well as human mothers.

The color of the impatiens helps to decide it’s symbolic meaning. Red impatiens flowers mean passion and romance, and yellow ones represent being impatient, believe it or not! Pink ones represent motherly love. It is believed that the leaf of the jewelweed, a member of the impatiens family, repels pathogens and it also helps stop a rash from urushiol from the poison ivy plant. Some varieties of impatiens have been used for making medicines to treat snake bites, swelling, and even bruises. Sometimes healing is the most potent form of magic!

What does all of this have to do with the magical powers of an Aries? While their classical male characteristics of being natural born leaders and assertive are what they are best known for, they also benefit greatly from being in touch with their feminine attributes of being nurturing and protective. Drying impatiens and placing them in the purse or wallet to keep it on hand everywhere you go is a great way to draw feminine power from them. Another way to use impatiens is medicinally. Plant touch-me-nots In the garden in case of poison ivy exposure. What is the Best Scorpio Flower? (spiritualblossom.com)

The Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap is an American plant, native to the East Coast and the Carolinas, and it is one of few plants that eats meat! It eats living organisms when they land inside its interior, lured by the sweet nectar it emits, and then sensitive hairs on the surface of the plant indicate that dinner has arrived. The plant then closes on the creature, and digestive glands emit fluids that absorb the soft parts of the plant’s prey. Rather than “swallowing” like a person or animal would, the plant absorbs the nutrients from the creature it is digesting, and in about a week or two, the “trap” will open, ready for more “dinner!”

Besides the fascinating science of how the plant eats meat, the reason the plant is named that is also interesting. Researchers who saw the plant thought it resembled a certain female body part that is associated with fertility, and they named it after the goddess Venus! Prior to this name, it was called Fly Trap Sensitive and Dionaea muscipula, but those names are not as “catchy” as Venus Flytrap. Indeed, the plant is beautiful and worthy of being named after the goddess of beauty, if you aren’t a fly, that is.

The reason this plant is powerful for Aries people is because it is a plant of accomplishment and power, two things Aries people strive to achieve. The best way to blend your magic with the magic of the Venus Flytrap is to conserve the plant. It is listed as endangered because of habitat loss, and because of too many people pulling them out of the wild. The plants currently have no federal protection, but they thrive in captivity. If you want to adopt and keep a Venus flytrap, which can live for up to 20 years, you can help the species stay alive. You can absorb their power as you protect them. Just make sure to buy them from reputable dealers as opposed to poachers, and one place you can buy ethically sourced Venus flytraps is here: Plant Sales - North Carolina Botanical Garden (unc.edu)



Since the 1200’s CE, the humble thistle has been the national plant of Scotland because it was a thistle that foiled an attack! The soldiers of the Norse King Haakon once planned a surprise attack on the Scots at Largs, silently creeping up on them while they slept. A Norse soldier stepped down hard on a thistle and screamed so loud from the pain, it woke the Scots, who countered the attack, and won against Haakon’s men. The thistle was said to have held the Romans off as well. In the days Hadrian’s Wall was being built, Roman soldiers wore sandals, and they did not want to step on thistles. The legends say that they halted plans to build any further north due to how many thistles there were.

Anybody who has tried to root out well established thistles from their property knows how sturdy of a plant it is. It can grow up to eight feet tall and four feet wide, and it has sharp, spiny leaves, and powerfully sharp thorns. It reseeds easily, and spreads well. It was not seen in the Americas until European contact and was known by indigenous First nations people as “Englishman’s Foot” because of how quickly it spread after contact. The plant is so stubborn and hardy, the only way to get rid of it is to completely remove all the roots but be aware that the roots spread deep and wide, and if even a small bit of the roots are left, the plant will grow back the following year. It takes a lot of work, and a long time to get rid of the thistle.

The magic of the thistle is its strength, stamina, and ability to come back strong even after being cut down, pulled up, and supposedly destroyed. The strength of an Aries person is the envy of many other signs, but sometimes, they become discouraged the longer it takes to accomplish things. Your neighbors might not be happy with you if you plant thistles too close to their property line, because those roots do expand, but you can probably find thistles to cut and dry to use in your magic nearby. Keep a dried thistle in your home office or place of work so you can absorb their resiliency or display a painting or photo of them to remind you of how powerful it is to refuse to give up. No matter what setbacks you have, no matter what obstacles come your way, and no matter who may fight you, be strong like the thistle, and persevere.


There are about 180 different species of honeysuckles, and they grow native in parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. A lot of people consider them to be an invasive species because they grow into dense thickets of the plant, and it is believed that venomous snakes are hiding in honeysuckles. Known for their sweet nectar, honeysuckles attract bees, birds, and a plethora of different insects, but they are also used to make teas by humans. It is said the sweet smell of honeysuckle draws fairies and while honeysuckle is picked by many, it is respectful to leave the best of the flowers on the vine for the fairies.

Honeysuckles symbolize romance and lovemaking and can be used in attraction magic to draw lovers to you. Honeysuckle is also used to “sweeten” somebody’s feelings for you be it for romance, friendship, or even peer relationships. It draws luck, prosperity, and makes sure that love stays strong. Honeysuckle has been planted on properties to welcome fairies, and it is believed that the sweet aroma of the honeysuckle brings prophetic dreams and visions, strengthens psychic abilities, and some even believe it is an aphrodisiac.

While you would think honeysuckle perfumes and oils would be easily found, unfortunately, the natural fragrance of the honeysuckle does not blend well enough to make natural perfumed products. Any oil or perfume available will be enhanced artificially and there are better ways an Aries can get some honeysuckles to use for magic. Honeysuckles thrive in a multitude of settings and do well with part shade. Plant honeysuckle so you can bring the fairies near your home, and leave your windows open at night so you can smell their sweet fragrance and have psychic dreams. You can obtain dried honeysuckle to blend into teas to draw love to you and gift branches of them to help with peacemaking or reconciliation.



The lovely crocus did not just spring out of the ground if mythology is to be believed. Ancient Greek myths say Crocus was a companion of Hercules and was accidentally killed when Hercules hurled a discus which struck and killed him. Where his blood fell sprang up the lovely crocus flower. Another myth said Crocus fell in love with a nymph, and when he was forbidden to marry her, he died of heartache and transformed into the lovely crocus flower. However, the flower came to be, there are close to 100 different kinds of them, and they grow naturally in parts of the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, China, the Aegean, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

One species of crocus is cultivated to harvest the spice saffron from, and while some varieties of crocuses are poisonous, others are eaten for their leaves, flowers, and even their bulbs. Magically, the crocus is considered a symbol for rebirth because it blooms so early in spring, sometimes pushing up through snow to bloom. Saffron is not only used as a flavoring for food, but it is also used to make a bright yellow dye or to color eggs. Crocuses symbolize romance, devotion, joy, and they have been used in medicine for stress relief. They are popular wedding flowers because of Crocuses' love for his nymph, and saffron is given as wedding and housewarming gifts because it symbolizes prosperity.

For an Aries, stress relief can be very helpful sometimes. Aries people are high energy, but they also take a lot of things on themselves at work. They take their careers very seriously, and they are often in some form of supervisory position due to their leadership abilities. They might not admit it, but they get stressed out sometimes. The restorative energy of the crocus can also help when an Aries becomes tired or even burned out. There are multiple ways to use the magic of the crocus to help with these things. An easy way to do this is to cook with saffron, which will also help with being prosperous, but not everybody likes the taste of it. Purchasing goods made with the dye from saffron like scarves to wear, or textiles to decorate the home with will bring the energy of the crocus into your life and blend its magic with yours. 


Also called daphne, laurels were very sacred in ancient Greece. The story goes that the lovely Daphne, a priestess of the goddess Gaia, was pursued by the god Apollo, but Daphne was not interested. Some stories say that Gaia took Daphne away and left a laurel in her place while others say she transformed Daphne into the laurel. Apollo made wreaths out of laurels to comfort himself when she was gone, and laurels became one of his symbols. The Pythia, priestesses of the Oracle at Delphi, were said to burn and chew laurel leaves to reach states of psychic ecstasy so they could prophesy. Those who got good omens from the Pythia were gifted laurel crowns, and laurel crowns were seen as a high honor in Greece. In Ancient Rome laurel wreaths symbolized victory, prosperity, health, and eternal life.

Laurel doesn’t just symbolize victory, success, and personal accomplishments, but it represents power and greatness in general. It often signifies the high glory of gods, conquering armies, great athletes, or the royalty, and “sitting on your laurels” means being so proud of your accomplishments you don’t feel the need to accomplish anything greater. Laurel also symbolizes purification, and some healers will wear laurel during healing rites. They can be burned to banish negative energy or unwanted spirits. So, laurel symbolizes visions, purification, healing, and great accomplishments.

One type of laurel used is bay, which is where bay leaf seasoning comes from. It can be dropped into food or brewed into teas to be eaten or drunk when you are on your way to do something you want to come out the victor in. It can be placed in bowls around the four corners of the home or property to absorb negativity, and the leaves can be burned to release that energy. Bay leaves are also said to help draw the success or glory you seek, and some even say it draws money. Placing a dried bay leaf in your wallet is said to draw wealth to you.


Also known as hortensia, there are about 75 different kinds of hydrangeas scattered across Asia and America. They are very meaningful in Japan. A story tells of a Japanese emperor who gifted hydrangeas as an apology to the family of a girl he had fallen in love with. He said he prioritized work over spending time with the lady he loved, and he wanted to express his devotion to her. Hydrangea is also used to commemorate the Buddha’s birth. On his birth it was said nine dragons poured a liquid of immortality on him, and in ritual, a tea made from hydrangeas is used to commemorate this.

Hydrangeas not only represent apology and immortality, but they represent longevity. This is because they flower from spring through fall if cared for properly, and create large, magnificent blooms. To some people, hydrangeas are so beautiful, they represent bragging and arrogance, and to others they represent appreciation. They are believed to have magical protective qualities and are used for shielding, but also to repel malevolent magic and negative energy. Hydrangeas are used in breaking spells and dissolving curses. Pink hydrangeas symbolize love and affection, and purple hydrangeas symbolize honor and respect.

An Aries can use the beauty of the hydrangea to brag about somebody who they love. A big vase of magnificent hydrangeas delivered to the home or workplace of somebody you love will show off how great you think they are. They can be planted around the home for protection, and a vase of them inside the entryway of your home can keep negative energy from entering the house. Sprinkling the petals of hydrangea flowers around the property can protect it. Gift pink hydrangeas to somebody you are in love with, and purple ones to a mentor or anyone else who you want to show your respect to. All colors of hydrangeas can be given to express an apology.

The Forest

Every Aries has a natural born beast within them, and that’s not a bad thing at all. There is a part of them that will always be totally free, unconstrained by human society and the expectations of others, like the creatures of the forest. An aspect of the god Mars was Mars Sylvanus. It has been speculated that Sylvanus and Mars were separate gods, but an offering was recorded by Cato for Mars Sylvanus that was made by men only. Sylvanus was a god of the forests, land that was natural, fields, the boundaries of fields, and the people who worked in the fields. This aspect of Mars was a god of all the land and the people within it. Offerings were given to him to protect cattle.

While Aries people might not be tasked with protecting just cattle, they can help blend their magic with that of the forest. Solitary walks on nature trails are a good way to magically connect to the forest and her creatures. Quietly start your walk, with your eyes, ears, and your soul open to all the messages you receive from the land and animals. Pay attention to the way the wind sounds moving through the trees and stand silently when families or deer walk past, observing them. Watch how the birds fly, and notice, every time you walk into the forest, how the flowers, shrubs, non-flowering plants, and trees change. An especially powerful way to do this is to walk often into the same forest, observing how the forest and her creatures change throughout the year, and paying attention to how you change with the seasons as well. We are powerfully connected to the earth, and paying attention to this will open parts of yourself you never knew existed.

As an Aries, you may seem like the most powerful person most people meet, and part if your personal power comes from working your magic. Put a dried bay leaf in your wallet to draw money and make some saffron chicken for stress relief. Give an arrangement with honeysuckles to somebody you want to make peace with and go ahead and let the thistles on your property grow proud and tall to show your might and strength. Walk in the forest year-round, feeling yourself become one with her and her creatures. Blend your energy with those of your best zodiac flowers and watch your magic bloom. 

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, has written for Mysticsense, and she writes for PaganPages.Org emag and Green Egg Magazine.