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Spiritual Blossom
Psychic Terms of Use

Last update: July 1st, 2023

1. General

1.1 The following Spiritual Blossom Terms of Use (the "Terms" or "Terms of Use") govern the provision and use of psychic services on the Spiritual Blossom website (the "Website"). These Terms should be carefully read in their entirety by psychics ("Psychics" or "You" or "Your") before using the Website. By using the website, you agree to comply with these terms, as amended from time to time. Please note that these Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between the Psychic and Spiritual Blossom, and if you do not agree with any provision of these Terms, you should immediately cease using the Website.

1.2 These Terms incorporate the Spiritual Blossom House Rules, Important Protocols, Cookie Policy, and Privacy Policy (together, the "Policies"). By accepting these terms, you confirm that you also accept and agree to the policies.

1.3 All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the User Terms.

1.4 Spiritual Blossom reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit your use of the website and services if it suspects you are in violation of any of the policies.

1.5 Without limiting the generality of the above, if You breach any of the Policies or any other event occurs that Spiritual Blossom deems necessary, including but not limited to (a) maintenance work; (b) inability to provide services to You; (c) market disruption; (d) Your failure to meet Spiritual Blossom's requirements; (e) pending litigation, investigation, or government proceeding related to You; and/or (f) if Spiritual Blossom perceives a heightened risk of legal or regulatory non-compliance associated with Your activity, Spiritual Blossom may, at its sole discretion and without liability to You, with or without prior notice:

1.5.1 Suspend your access to all or a portion of the services and the website.


1.5.2 Terminate your access to the services and the website, and delete or deactivate your connection to the services.

2. Eligibility

You are only eligible to use the website and its services if you meet the following criteria:

2.1 You are at least 18 years old.

2.2 Your access to and use of the services have not been suspended or terminated in the past by Spiritual Blossom for any reason.

2.3 You have the legal right, authority, and capacity to enter into these terms and to comply with all their terms and conditions.

2.4 If you are using the services on behalf of a corporation, organization, or other legal entity, you have the power and authority to enter into these Terms on behalf of such entities and bind them to them.

2.5 You are located in jurisdictions where the use of the services is legal.

2.6 You do not use any software, tools, or techniques, including virtual private network software or anonymization tools, to circumvent any restrictions that apply to the services, especially those that restrict the geographical availability of the services.

3. Becoming a Psychic

3.1 Spiritual Blossom provides a platform that allows psychics to showcase their expertise and offer advice or services to interested users. Through the website, users can directly communicate with psychics and make payments for their services.

4. The Services

4.1 To become a psychic, you must create an account on the website (the "Account").

4.2 During the registration process, you are required to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about yourself, as described in our Privacy Policy. You must also choose a password and provide an email address associated with Your Account (the "Access Information") for logging in.

4.3 You are not employed by Spiritual Blossom and do not have an employment, partnership, agency, or joint venture relationship with Spiritual Blossom. Your relationship with Spiritual Blossom is solely related to the provision of services to users. You have no authority to make any statements, representations, or commitments on behalf of Spiritual Blossom.

4.4 You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and access information. You are solely responsible for any activity on your account using your access information. Sharing your password with others may result in loss for which Spiritual Blossom will not be held liable. You must not allow any third party to use or access your account. You must immediately notify Spiritual Blossom of any unauthorized access to your account or any other security breach.

4.5 It is your responsibility to keep your email address associated with your account up-to-date so that Spiritual Blossom can communicate with you electronically. Failure to receive electronic communications from Spiritual Blossom due to an incorrect, outdated, or blocked email address does not excuse your ignorance of the contents of such communications.

4.6 Spiritual Blossom strongly recommends changing passwords at least once a month.

4.7 To identify and contact you, you must provide your legal name, address, and telephone number. You must also provide your PayPal account information to receive payment for your services. Additionally, you are required to upload a photograph of yourself (no other images, icons, or illustrations are permitted), create a profile video, and provide accurate profile information describing the services you offer. You will also need to upload a valid ID + a selfie with this ID (on registration).

4.8 Once your profile is complete, you must submit a sample reading for Spiritual Blossom to review. Spiritual Blossom will notify you whether you have been accepted as a psychic after reviewing your information and reading.

4.9 Spiritual Blossom reserves the right to verify your identity and background information at any time, and you agree to provide the necessary information upon reasonable request.

4.10 You understand and agree that you are responsible for ensuring that your profile is appropriate and that all information provided by you is true, complete, up-to-date, accurately represents your credentials, and complies with applicable laws and regulations.

4.11 Registering as a psychic does not obligate you to continue using the services or accepting orders for any specific duration. You have the freedom to use the services at your discretion, subject to these Terms and User Terms. You may pause accepting orders or stop using the services entirely for any reason or no reason, provided that you fulfill any outstanding orders and obligations.

4.12 Spiritual Blossom may review and correct any typographical or spelling errors in your profile. However, Spiritual Blossom is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information in your profile, the validity of your credentials or qualifications, or the content of your posts or transmissions.

4.13 All communications between you and users, whether online or offline, must be conducted through the website.

4.14 You may only provide services to users through the website.

4.15 Spiritual Blossom reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove or decline to publish or transmit any material posted by you. You are responsible for the accuracy, reliability, and legality of the content you submit and distribute through the services.

5. Reviews

5.1 The rating system on Spiritual Blossom is a fundamental element of our platform, designed to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all psychics to enhance their rankings. We highly value genuine user ratings and commit to preserving their integrity by never removing them.

5.2. We strictly prohibit the creation of fake reviews by Psychpsychicsrtificially boost their rankings on Spiritual Blossom.

5.3 Spiritual Blossom has established specific criteria for psychics to attain top-rated status based on average ratings and the number of reviews received. These criteria are subject to change at our sole discretion. It is important to note that if a psychic receives poor reviews, their ratings may fall below the required criteria, resulting in the removal of their top-rated status.

5.4 For more detailed information, please refer to our review policy.

6. License

6.1 Your use of the services provided by Spiritual Blossom must strictly adhere to the permissions granted in these terms. All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by Spiritual Blossom, third-party providers, and their respective owners, if applicable.

6.2 The content accessible through Spiritual Blossom's services is protected by copyright and/or trademarks belonging to Spiritual Blossom, our third-party licensors, and suppliers. This content includes all materials accessed by you on the platform. You acknowledge that substantial time, effort, and resources have been invested in developing, compiling, revising, and arranging the services and associated content, making them the intellectual property of Spiritual Blossom and its collaborators. It is your responsibility to respect and protect these proprietary rights during and beyond the term of these terms, complying with any written requests made by Spiritual Blossom to safeguard contractual, statutory, and common law rights.

6.3 Subject to your compliance with these Terms, Spiritual Blossom grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable license to utilize the content and access the services strictly for personal use. You agree not to exploit the services or any content for commercial purposes. Except for this license, you have no other rights to the services or any content. Modifications, editing, copying, distribution, reproduction, publication, display, performance, licensing, selling, renting, leasing, loaning, creation of derivative works, indexing, reverse engineering, alteration, enhancement, provision of access, or exploitation of the services or content in any manner are strictly prohibited.

6.4 You, as well as any entity you represent, agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Spiritual Blossom, its related companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, and suppliers, from any third-party claims arising directly or indirectly from your use of your products, Spiritual Blossom's property (including API or Access Information), use of the company's brand, or breach of any provisions within these Terms or our Privacy Policy. This indemnification includes all liabilities, expenses (including legal fees on a solicitor-client basis), claims, losses, damages (actual and consequential), suits, judgments, settlement fees, and costs incurred in enforcing any of these terms against you, regardless of their nature. In the event of such a claim, suit, or action, Spiritual Blossom will provide written notice. Breaching any of these terms will automatically terminate the aforementioned license.

6.5 You grant Spiritual Blossom an unrestricted, irrevocable, and exempt license to use, duplicate, edit, transmit, distribute, and publicly display derivative works based on any information or content you publish, upload, distribute, or receive through the Spiritual Blossom platform on a worldwide basis.

7. Insurance

7.1 As a psychic on Spiritual Blossom, it is your responsibility to obtain a general liability insurance policy with adequate coverage to address all potential risks associated with the provision of your services.

8. Payments

8.1 At Spiritual Blossom, you have the flexibility to withdraw funds at any time of your choosing. Within your dashboard, you can easily select the desired amount to be cashed out.

8.2 Once a withdrawal is initiated within your dashboard, an invoice will be automatically generated without the need for manual creation.

8.3 We utilize PayPal as our payment method, and it is strongly recommended that you create a business account with PayPal, as personal accounts may take up to three days to receive funds.

8.4 Within a maximum of seven working days from each transaction, Spiritual Blossom will make reasonable efforts to process the payment method selected by each user for the agreed-upon amount between the user and you (subject to the listed fee structure).

8.5 While payments are typically processed promptly, psychics should be aware that it may take between 3 and 5 business days for funds to be received.

9. Fees

9.1 The billing structure on Spiritual Blossom includes a commission fee for each session. Fees will be charged after the invoice and payment of the final session and will be provided through our expert referral system. We reserve the right to adjust fees at any time without prior notice.

9.2 As a Psychic on Spiritual Blossom, you have the flexibility to set your own Psychic Fee, which is the amount you charge per minute for your services. We apply a 49% commission to the Psychic Fee(minimum psychic Fee is 1.00$ / minute) .

9.3 In addition to the Psychic Fee, there are additional fees charged to users for different types of services:

For chat sessions, there is a fee of $0.18 per minute.
For call sessions, there is a fee of $0.29 per minute.
For video call sessions, there is a fee of $0.35 per minute.
These Fees will be charged in addition to the total cost of any sessions between the psychic to the user and will fully transferred to us

9.4 Certain administrative features, such as wire transfers or other services, may be subject to additional administrative fees. You are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes or tariffs associated with the fees you receive from Spiritual Blossom. However, in cases where a user has not paid or a refund is later charged, you will not receive a fee for the transaction.

9.5 If you have already received payment for a session, you will be required to pay that sum to Spiritual Blossom, and we may deduct the amount from your account or future payments.

9.6 Payments from your pending income as a consultant may be transferred to your remaining balance as a user if you are simultaneously participating as a user on the platform. While our billing system strives to be error-free, we are not responsible for any errors or malfunctions related to payment handling.

9.7 If you suspect an error has occurred, you must report it to our service department within 90 days following the payment. Disputes that arise after 90 days of payment will not be considered valid.

9.8 Spiritual Blossom reserves the right to designate a collection service, such as PayPal or another third-party provider, to facilitate customer payments or commission payments to psychics. Processing fees may be charged by the collection service, and these fees, along with commissions, will be deducted from your income.

9.9 In the event of a user canceling or initiating a chargeback for a payment made to you, you may contact us with documentation supporting the cancellation. If we find the application justified, we may credit your next invoice for the commission collected for the canceled payment or fee. However, Spiritual Blossom will not be liable for any canceled payments or chargebacks.

10. Disclaimer of Warranty

10.1 The services provided by Spiritual Blossom are not intended as a substitute for professional care in any field, including financial, physical, psychological, or legal matters that require state licensing.

10.2 You are not authorized to provide or request any documentation, such as medical or legal records, through the platform. We do not provide medical advice, treatment, or information regarding clients' health conditions.

10.3 The services offered on Spiritual Blossom are designed for entertainment purposes only. We are not liable for any actions or consequences based on decisions made using information obtained through the services.

10.4 In cases of emergencies, including potential harm to oneself or others, medical emergencies, or imminent danger, it is essential to advise the client to call the emergency hotline for their country (e.g., 911 in the US, 999 in the UK) and notify the appropriate authorities immediately. Spiritual Blossom cannot provide assistance in emergency situations, and it is the responsibility of users to contact the appropriate authorities when necessary.


10.6 When providing your services through Spiritual Blossom, it is important to adhere to a fair standard of care, similar to that of a qualified advisor in a comparable non-internet transaction, or the standard of care required by your profession, whichever is higher.

10.7 At Spiritual Blossom, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of all interactions between you and users. However, by using our services, you consent to have all sessions recorded and securely stored to uphold our quality and protection standards. We will never knowingly disclose the details of your interactions unless required to do so in the event of a payment dispute with a third-party payment provider. In such cases, we may need to share portions of your sessions for verification purposes.

11. Limitation of Liability

11.1 Spiritual Blossom does not evaluate, provide, produce, or control users, clients, or the information exchanged through the services. We act solely as a platform to connect you with users. We are not responsible for the truth, accuracy, completeness, safety, timeliness, quality, appropriateness, legality, or applicability of anything said, depicted, or written by users or clients.

11.2 All content on the Spiritual Blossom website and within the services is strictly for entertainment purposes. The content is not tailored to the specific needs of any individual, entity, or group.

11.3 Your use of Spiritual Blossom and its services is at your sole risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim all warranties, explicit or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, usefulness, authority, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness. The services, including all content and functions available through the website, are provided "as is," "as available," and "with all faults."

11.4 We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies in the content included on the Spiritual Blossom website. We are not liable for any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the website or services. Additionally, we are not responsible for any bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or similar elements transmitted through the website or services by third parties.

11.5 You agree to hold Spiritual Blossom harmless for any losses caused, directly or indirectly, to you or any third party regarding the website and/or services. You bear sole responsibility for any decisions made based on the content of the website and/or services.

11.6 In no event shall Spiritual Blossom be liable to you or any third party for any special, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including lost profits or lost data, arising from your use of the website and/or services or other materials on or accessed through the website or services. This limitation of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law.

11.7 We are not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions related to telephone or network lines, computer online systems, servers, hardware, software, internet traffic congestion, or incompatibility between the website or services and your browser or equipment. We do not assume any responsibility or risk for your use of the internet.

11.8 Spiritual Blossom does not verify the accuracy of posts or transmissions made by users on the website. Therefore, we do not accept responsibility for checking the identities of users. We encourage you to verify the creditworthiness and details of users to whom you provide services.

12. Intellectual Property Rights

12.1 The Spiritual Blossom website and its content, including video materials, text, photos, logos, graphical displays of data, designs, sound, figures, analysis, statistics, trademarks, and other content, are protected by our intellectual property rights or those of third parties.

12.2 Spiritual Blossom retains all rights, title, and interest in and to the website and services. Your use of the website and services does not grant you any intellectual property rights, except for the right to use them in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in these Terms.

12.3 You are prohibited from modifying, decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, copying, transferring, creating derivative works from, renting, sub-licensing, distributing, reproducing, framing, republishing, scraping, downloading, displaying, transmitting, posting, leasing, or selling any part of the website or services without our explicit, prior written permission.

13. Prohibited Activities

By using Spiritual Blossom, you agree to use the website and services in a respectful manner and undertake not to engage in the following prohibited activities:

13.1 Violate any applicable laws or regulations, including but not limited to copyright infringement, trademark infringement, defamation, invasion of privacy, identity theft, hacking, cracking, or distribution of counterfeit software.

13.2 Use the website for uploading, downloading, distributing, publishing, or transmitting:

(a) Information or material that violates any rights, including intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or any other rights.

(c) Information or material that contains viruses or other software that may damage our or third parties' computer systems or restrict others from using the website.

(d) Information or material that violates any law.

(e) Information or material that includes advertisements without our prior written permission.

13.3 Delete or modify any attributions, legal notices, or other proprietary designations or labels on the website.

13.4 Allow anyone other than yourself to use your account, username, or password.

13.5 Use abusive language against other psychics, users, or our staff, whether in chat sessions, chat reviews, or forums.

13.6 Create multiple accounts to fraudulently obtain the free bonus multiple times.

13.7 Use obscene or overly sexual language or engage in any form of sexual harassment or intimidation towards our psychics or customer service agents. We will report any such behavior to the relevant authorities.

13.8 Use the services through any interface other than the official website.

13.9 Interfere with other users' use of the website and services.

13.10 Engage in "framing," "mirroring," or any other method to simulate the appearance or function of the services.

13.11 Use bots or automated methods to access or use the website and services.

13.12 Upload or transmit any material that acts as an information collection or transmission mechanism, including web bugs, cookies, or similar spyware devices, without our express permission.

13.13 Make any changes or interfere in any way with the source code of the website or upload software or applications that may harm us, the website, or any third party.

13.14 Disassemble, decompile, or reverse engineer any software or technology used in the website or services.

13.15 Encourage or induce any other person to engage in any of the prohibited activities listed in this section.

13.16 Provide services or advice for which you are not qualified, including legal or medical advice or other information that is only legally available to licensed professionals in specific relationships (doctor-patient, attorney-client, etc.).

13.17 Participate in medical practice or establish a doctor-patient relationship with a user by using, administering, or dispensing any prescription drugs through the website.

13.18 Provide advice related to the purchase or sale of securities, offer reports or analyses on securities, or advise on any products or services connected with lotteries.

13.19 Exchange personal data with users.

13.20 Manipulate the integrity of the rating system for users.

13.21 Post contact information on the website.

13.22 Provide false or misleading information.

13.23 Offer services that guarantee direct future changes, such as spells or spell removal.

13.24 Engage in any actions to defraud, confuse, or mislead any user.

13.25 You acknowledge that if we have concerns about your non-compliance with these Terms or any applicable law, we may track your use of the website, prevent your access to the website, transfer your behavior patterns on the website to third parties, and take any other action deemed appropriate to protect our property, rights, and the rights of third parties.

14. Permitted Disclosures

14.1 We may disclose your information, including transcripts, surveys, recordings, and personal data, in the following circumstances:

(a) To comply with legal proceedings, such as search warrants, subpoenas, or court orders.

(b) To protect our rights, property, or the rights and property of others, and minimize liabilities in actual or potential legal proceedings.

(c) To enforce this agreement.

(d) To prevent illegal behavior, such as fraud.

15. Third-Party Services or Content

15.1 While using Spiritual Blossom, you may come across content or services provided by third parties, including advertisements.

15.2 We do not control, endorse, or adopt such content or services, and they may not always be accurate or up-to-date.

15.3 It is important to note that all content provided by third parties is not provided by Spiritual Blossom or anyone on its behalf, and we do not control, endorse, or adopt any such content.

15.4 We recommend independently verifying all information before relying on it, and any decisions or actions taken based on such information are your sole responsibility.

15.5 Your use of any third-party content, scripts, indicators, or other materials is at your own risk.

16. Links

16.1 The Spiritual Blossom website may contain links to platforms, websites, or software controlled or offered by third parties ("Links").

16.2 These links are provided for your convenience, and we caution you to understand the risks involved before using or relying on such websites, platforms, software, or materials.

16.3 The inclusion of links on the Spiritual Blossom website does not imply endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, affiliation, or any other connection between us and those websites, platforms, software, or their operators. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services available on other websites, platforms, or software.

17. User Privacy and Communication

17.1 At Spiritual Blossom, we prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of user information. Any details you receive from users are considered private and confidential. You are strictly prohibited from sharing or uploading such data to any community, publishing company, forum, website, or any other location.

17.2 You are not allowed to share this data with any other psychic or any individual, organization, or person. It is important to note that users are not required to maintain confidentiality regarding any service they receive from you.

17.3 Please be aware that some communications on the Spiritual Blossom website and/or services may be facilitated through third-party means. It is possible that certain communications between you and users are not encrypted, which means they may be intercepted or monitored without authorization. Consequently, any contact conducted via emails or telephone between you and users may be susceptible to unauthorized intercepts.

17.4 You are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which grants users certain rights, including:

a) Data protection

b) Data portability

c) Right to erasure of personal data

d) Right of access

17.5 It is imperative that you do not engage in any actions that could violate the privacy rights of users. This includes, but is not limited to:

a) Keeping user information or personal data in an unsecured manner.

b) Sharing a user's personal data with anyone.

c) Failing to take reasonable measures to safeguard a user's personal information.

d) Not complying with a user's request for the deletion of personal data.

You acknowledge and understand that it is your responsibility to adhere to the GDPR regulations outlined above. Failure to comply with these regulations may expose you to monetary fines or other penalties imposed by EU authorities, as well as the termination of your account.

18. Miscellaneous

18.1 At our sole discretion, we may amend, modify, or discontinue any of the services provided by Spiritual Blossom, as well as introduce new services. We shall not be held liable for any loss you may incur as a result of such changes, and you agree not to make any claims against us in this regard.

18.2 We reserve the right to modify these terms from time to time. We will provide notice to you by publishing the most current version and revising the date at the top of this page. Any modifications will become effective immediately upon publication. By continuing to use the Spiritual Blossom website after any changes come into effect, you are deemed to agree to the revised terms.

18.3 You understand that the transmission of information to or from the Spiritual Blossom website does not establish any relationship between you and us that deviates from what is specified in these Terms.

18.4 The User Policies and Psychic Policies, as amended from time to time, constitute the only valid agreements between you and us. No representation, promise, consent, or undertaking, whether written or oral, that is not included in the User Terms or Psychic Policies will be binding upon the parties.

18.5 These terms and the relationship between you and Spiritual Blossom shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa with respect to any dispute regarding the validity, breach, interpretation, performance, or any matter arising out of or in connection with these Terms and the relationship between you and Spiritual Blossom.

18.6 Our failure or delay in exercising any right, power, or remedy under these Terms shall not operate as a waiver thereof. Any single or partial exercise of any such right, power, or remedy shall not preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power, or remedy.

18.7 If any provision of these Terms is deemed unenforceable under applicable law by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be excluded from these Terms. The remainder of these terms shall be interpreted as if such a provision were excluded and shall be enforceable in accordance with their terms. However, in such an event, these Terms shall be interpreted to give effect, to the greatest extent consistent with and permitted by applicable law, to the meaning and intention of the excluded provision as determined by such a court of competent jurisdiction.

18.8 We reserve the right to transfer or assign any and all of our rights and obligations under these Terms to any third party. Additionally, the operation of the Spiritual Blossom website and/or services may be entrusted to third parties. However, you may not transfer, assign, or pledge any of your rights or obligations under these terms in any manner whatsoever.