What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?
October 31, 2023 15 min read

What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Libras are born from September 23 to October 22. They are charming individuals who value beauty and peace, and they try to make a harmonious life for themselves. They seek justice and balance in all things, and they often find themselves mediating disputes and finding solutions to problems. The dark traits of Libra include being judgmental and bossy, and they sometimes try too hard to make people see things their way although they mean well. They can go out of their way too much for people who have not proven themselves trustworthy, and they care deeply about making the world a better place. Libras have their own zodiac flowers they can use to make these magical traits even more powerful, including Tea Roses, Morning Glories, and Daisies. Join us to read all about them!

Tea Roses

What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

Known for their long stems, crisp, elegant blossoms, and lovely fragrance, tea roses were first created in China and quickly spread to France and then England. Hybrid tea roses were introduced from a cross between hybrid perpetual roses and tea roses, and the hybrids are now the most popular form of garden rose worldwide. They have one blossom per stem, and they are fast growing roses, reaching up to eight feet tall in their first few years of growing. Removing spent blossoms immediately ensures these roses continue to bloom late into the year, and they will come back every year if they are protected during the coldest months.

In myth and lore, roses have great meaning. In Islam, the sweet smell of roses symbolizes the soul and if you can smell roses, but there are no roses around, it means the divine or angels are near. Some Catholics say they smell roses after praying to Mary the mother of Christ or saints. To some Christians, roses represent spiritual purity and belief that the human soul was uncorrupted before original sin in the Garden of Eden. Roses were sacred to the goddess Isis and were used as offerings to her and were added to funerary wreaths. Isis was one of the most devoted lovers and a compassionate mother goddess who was looked to for healing.

Libras can use roses in their magic a number of ways. They can add dried rose petals to teas or desserts to comfort somebody who is dealing with grief or illness, and roses can be used in prayers to mother deities like Isis for healing. Get a vase of roses as an offering for Isis and place them next to a candle that is pink which represents compassion and light a stick of rose incense. Ask Isis to bless the candle and incense with healing power. Bring the individual who needs healing to the candle and incense, walk in a circle around them with the blessed candle and say, “Be thou healed in the name of the goddess.” Then do the same with incense, praying for guidance of what things to do to improve the person’s health.  Listen for answers during the rite and follow any instructions you and the person requesting healing receive.


Morning Glories

What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

Native to the Americas, parts of Asia and Africa, these lovely flowers can be planted from seed  and thrive in their first year. Morning glories open in the morning, and grow well in the bright sunshine, living up to their name, although surprisingly, a couple of morning glory species bloom at night! They grow easily and quickly from seed, vining up structures to create canopies of shade from the hot sun, and they self-seed nicely.  Train them up garden arches or even lattices but be careful where you plant them because they can spread and give you more vines of brilliant flowers than you expected.

The fact these grow on vines attaching themselves means they are associated with emotional attachments and love. Certain species of morning glories were used as a laxative in ancient China, but the amount given was small, because too much can create hallucinations. The intoxicating effect of morning glories was used by some South American priests to connect with the gods, and they were planted to grow up buildings to help keep interiors cool in hot weather. Morning glories are believed to help prevent nightmares. In ancient Japan they were used as a gift between lovers and to the Victorians morning glories symbolized unrequited love. A Chinese folktale speaks of lovers who were separated because they angered the gods, but like the morning glory climbs far, very quickly, the lovers found a way to be reunited.

Libras can use morning glories in love magic, especially in keeping a connection with your lover in a long-distance relationship. Take a bag of morning glory seeds and divide the seeds into two different envelopes. Mail one envelope of the seeds to your lover and save one envelope of the seeds for yourself. You can both plant your morning glory seeds and use the power of the plants as one way to stay connected until you are reunited. As the flowers grow, reaching up towards the sun, their energy will reach out to both of you and help keep your hearts connected.



What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

The name daisy comes from “day’s eye” because the blossom opens during the day and closes at night. There are over 40 different species of daisies with thousands of cultivars, and they are native to parts of Europe and Asia, but now grow wild on every continent but Antartica. Some daisies have a yellow center with white petals, and others have purple, yellow, pink, red, or orange petals. At least 100 million years ago, daisies offered a good pollen source for bees and birds, who in turn distributed their seeds and pollen, thus spreading the flowers far and wide. Now they grow in fields and meadows as well as gardens where people value the fact that they come back every year.

The daisy is the Norse goddess Freyja’s sacred flower, and it represents new beginnings, childbirth, and becoming a mother. Freyja is, after all, the goddess of beauty and love, and daisies were given as gifts for new mothers. Daisies are used in love spells for long term love and to help bring lovers back together again. They can be used in divination, plucking a petal one at a time saying “He loves me” for one petal and “He loves me not” for the next. When the final petal is pulled, the flower will have revealed whether he loves you or not. Daisies are also used in protection magic, most especially for children.

Libras can protect themselves and their loved ones with daisies. Hang a picture of daisies beside a child’s bed while they are sleeping or place dried daisies in a sachet underneath their pillows. Planting daisies around the house, especially near doorways and windows, can protect against negativity and malevolent spirits. Send a potted daisy plant or a bouquet of daisies to somebody who you still love when you want to get back together, or better yet, take the daisies to them in person, and express your love to them.



What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

There are over 30 different kinds of the lovely cosmos flower with possible colors ranging from white, pinks, purples, or yellows, and they are native to Mexico. They are drought tolerant plants and some species of them grow over six feet tall while some species are much smaller, growing only a foot tall. They grow well from seeds and have to be replanted every year. They have naturalized across North America and were accidentally introduced through horse feed to Africa during the Anglo-Boer War. Cosmos were named by Spanish priests because of the evenness of their petals, and they said they reminded them of the order and harmony of the universe.

Cosmos symbolizes harmony, orderliness, and organization. They symbolize peace and clear communications. They are used in magic to help lead a balanced life. They have been used to help treat malaria by indigenous South Americans and were at one time used to make popular yellow dyes. Libras seek balance in all aspects of their lives, and anytime they feel that balance is thrown off, cosmos flowers can help to balance things. Place a vase of cosmos next to your bedside and say a prayer to the cosmos to speak to you in dreams, showing you what needs to be done to balance things. Repeat this every night until you dream about the answer. Dried cosmos or cosmos seeds can be used for this magic if fresh cosmos are not available.



What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

The fragrant peony is native to Asia, parts of North America, and Europe. Worldwide, there are about 40 species of peonies, but over 6,000 different cultivars. In ancient China, they were grown as a food flavoring and to use in medicine. In the Tang Dynasty they were grown in imperial gardens and by the tenth century, Louyang became the center of production of peonies in China. Close to that time, peonies were introduced to Japan and by the Edo period, the Japanese were developing new kinds of peonies. They are now grown because of their beauty all over the world.

Some kinds of peonies are brewed into a fragrant tea and others are made into a treatment for convulsions. Peonies take a long time to establish themselves although they bloom for many years once they have, and thus, peonies represent bashfulness although the beautiful peony has nothing to be bashful about. The flower was named after the talented Paeon, student of Asclepius, Greek god of healing and medicine. The god became jealous of Paeon and wanted to punish him for his talents, but Paeon was rescued by Zeus, who turned him into the beautiful peony flower.  Peonies symbolize healing, in honor of Paeon, but they also symbolize beauty, and abundance.

Librans can use peonies in their personal healing magic. Dried peony petals can be placed in bowls so you can absorb their natural healing abilities. Fresh peony petals can be sprinkled in the garden or over the doorstep of the home for healing. Simply sprinkle fresh peony petals over your doorstep, and step over them into the house. Doing this with the peonies will magically help to remove negativity while you are working with your doctors to be physically cured. Although traditional medicines use peonies, unless you are trained as a professional, and know exactly what species of peony you have, ingesting peonies can cause stomach issues and are toxic to pets.



What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

Also known as bachelor’s button, cornflowers are native to Europe, the Mediterranean, and Middle East and they grow wild among grain in fields. They became naturalized in parts of North American and Australia. A lovely blue is the typical color of cornflower, but some cultivars have lighter lavender and pink coloring and there are even some white and dark burgundy cornflowers. This is one of the edible wildflowers and is used in desserts, in teas, and has been used medicinally to treat inflammation, vision issues, and digestive problems. They are said to have a sweet taste that is similar to cucumbers, and they are used in making tea. Some call cornflowers a weed, but others love them and call them a flower.

The cornflower has been used in divination. When worn by a man who is in love, if the color of the flower fades quickly, this signifies his love is not returned.  Bachelors wore cornflowers in their buttonholes in Victorian times to show they were open to finding a mate. They represent love and devotion and men getting married use them in their wedding boutonnieres. It was said the centaur Chiron healed Achilles arrow wound with cornflowers, so cornflowers came to be associated with healing. They are believed to draw love and happiness, and they were even used in funerals in Ancient Egypt because they symbolized life.

Libras love to be in love, and when they are single, they can use cornflowers to attract a lover. A small bag of dried cornflowers can be carried in your bag or wallet to draw love and a bit of cornflowers can be sprinkled into the food of somebody you are attracted to help draw them to you.  A bouquet of cornflowers can be given as a gift to somebody who you want to express love to and adorning your buttonhole with a cornflower is an old-fashioned way to draw love. If you are hurting emotionally, the cornflower can heal your heart. Simply plant cornflowers and care for them. As your plants grow, so your grief will ease, and the love you put into caring for the cornflower will be returned to you as it blooms.



What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

In the springtime, the stately iris blooms. Some are up to four feet tall, some only grow to be six inches tall, and in all there are about 300 species of irises. Some grow in marshes, and others in dryer areas. Some grow in mountains, and others grow in woodlands, but one thing is undeniable- irises always make a great impression because of their beauty. They are native to the Mediterranean and Asia and grow wild all over North America.  Because of cultivation, irises come in every color of the rainbow and interestingly, their fragrance is stored in their roots instead of their blossom. Their name means rainbow, and they are named after the goddess Iris.

Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and she was a messenger of the gods, most especially the mother goddess, Hera. Iris rode on the rainbow to deliver messages between the gods and humanity.  In many myths, Hera sent Iris to do difficult things for her, and Iris always followed through, faithfully doing what Hera asked of her and she also accompanied the souls of women to the afterlife.  Because of this, irises represent faithfulness and magically, they help unify people and improve communication. They are used in 25th anniversary bouquets because they represent devotion and faithful love. Irises symbolize honor, unity, and faith. Some species of them have been medicinally and to make cosmetics.

Libras are very devoted to the things and people who they honor, and the iris can be used in magic to express that.  You can give somebody who you want to express your devotion to a bouquet of irises or iris rhizomes to plant. Even when somebody you love has passed on, you can express love and faithfulness to them by planting irises on their graves.  Plant some irises at a park or the garden of a beloved family meGoldenrodmber in honor of somebody who you love who has passed on, and plant some in your own garden in remembrance of them.  When you need to send messages to somebody who is busy, sending them irises will get their attention and magically open communication. You can also scatter dried iris petals to the wind to send energy to somebody who you have lost touch with to help you in your search to find them again.


In late summer, fields and meadows display goldenrods that light up the earth with their joyous yellow blossoms. Most species of goldenrods are native to North America, but there are a few species of them that grow in Asia and Europe. While some think of goldenrod as a weed, others welcome it onto their property because it draws bees and butterflies who feed on its nectar. It is a very important food source for them since it begins flowering in late summer and goes into the fall when many other pollinator friendly flowers have stopped producing. The plant tolerates dryer and wetter environments, and it spreads itself quickly. It establishes itself fast in the garden and grows a lot in its first year.  Goldenrod makes a beautiful, low fuss addition in a native wildflower garden.

Goldenrod was used medicinally by the Great Saladin, and it has been used to make yellow dyes and to treat cuts. When American colonists became fed up with the British and threw all the tea from England into the harbor, they brewed Liberty Tea from the leaves of goldenrod.  The stems are used in folk practice as a rod for dowsing and it is believed that people who live in a home that has goldenrod growing nearby will have good fortune. Some say buried treasure is beneath the goldenrod and others say a good witch turned two little girls who were best friends into the goldenrod and the blue aster so they would never be separated. Indeed, in North America, it is hard to find goldenrod growing wild where there is no blue aster.

Like the two little girls who were helped by the witch, Libras don’t want to ever be apart from the people who they love. One way to use the magic of the goldenrod to help keep friendships strong is to give all your friends some dried goldenrod in bags to keep with them whenever they have to go away from you. Place an opal in the bag with the goldenrod, which will also help bring your loved ones back home safely to you. Libras are also concerned with being fair and just to everybody, and that includes animals. Plant goldenrod in your yard to help feed the bees and butterflies in the fall and welcome them to your property. If you are talented at dowsing, plant goldenrods so you can use their stems to find new water sources. Goldenrod aides in good fortune as well, so place some dried goldenrod at your place of work to help your business be more successful.



What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

Native to Italy, it is also grown in France, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. The name bergamot may be named after Bergamo, a town in Italy, or it could come from the Turkish “bag armudu", which means “prince’s pear”. Bergamot is a citrus fruit with a green skin and a strong fragrance and flavor that is used in teas and perfumes. It is believed the bergamot is a cross between the lemon and bitter orange. Bergamot oranges are used to make the aromatic oil that flavors Earl Gray tea, so it’s not toxic to drink in small amounts, but if rubbed on the skin, it increases sun sensitivity and can cause death.

The bergamot orange has the magical attributes of empowerment and can be used to help you win against your competition. Libras tend to want to encourage and uplift everybody and don’t necessarily seek to win in every situation, but there comes a time when even a supportive Libra needs to be victorious. To win a court case, take a cup of Earl Grey into the court room, and sip the tea, accepting the strengthening powers of the bergamot oil into yourself.  A bergamot orange tree can be planted on your property if you live in planting zones 9-11 or indoors as a potted tree if you don’t. Place a leaf of the bergamot in your pocket when you need some extra power to win, and wear bergamot scented perfume to go to interviews to help you to get that job.


Porcelain Flowers

What is the Best Libra Zodiac Flower?

As much as Libras love beautiful things, they love the idea of flowers that stay beautiful forever. Porcelain flowers are a great option for Libras. The elegance and sophistication of fine porcelain appeals to Libra's sense of style, and they can decorate with these to make them happy or use them in ritual magic. These can be used as talismans that have been blessed with the magical power you want them to have by saying some simple magic words over them. Hold the porcelain flower in the palm of one hand and place the other hand over the flower. Say “I bless thee with the power to manifest my will” and then visualize whatever energy you prefer magically going into the flower.

Porcelain is made of clay, which has magical stabilizing and grounding abilities. A porcelain flower can help you to ground yourself and balance your emotions. You can also choose which porcelain flowers you want and use the magical attributes the natural flowers they depict have. For example, porcelain irises can be placed in meeting rooms to help team members unify and to help keep communication flowing. Porcelain morning glories placed on a bedside table can help stop nightmares and porcelain daisies can be given to ex-lovers to encourage them to get back together with you. Porcelain flowers can be placed where the shining rays of the sun can bless them with the energy needed to be successful. Take your porcelain flower “success” charm wherever you need to help you with whatever it is you are working towards.


Libras are very good at keeping themselves balanced and creating a harmonious life for themselves, but even a magical Libra can use their own zodiac flowers to help sometimes. Give a grieving friend rose tea to help ease their grief, sprinkle peony petals for healing, and drink Earl Grey tea to help you be victorious.  Your magic is powerful, and your zodiac flowers will make it even stronger.


About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.