What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?
October 25, 2023 15 min read

What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Scorpios are the people who are born from October 23 through November 21. Scorpios have a powerful drive to go after what they want in life and their focus and passion help them to achieve great things. They have the right amount of courage to try new things and they are not afraid to keep trying hard after setbacks. They are magnetic people who are interested in obscure things, have powerful psychic gifts, and they befriend underdogs without worrying about what society has to say. Scorpios are not perfect though, and they can be jealous, manipulative, and they lose their tempers sometimes. They are one of the signs whose natural magic is especially powerful, and there are flowers that are especially helpful in their magic, including black roses, geraniums, and even bleeding hearts. Join us to read all about them. 


Black Rose

What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Each zodiac sign has its own special roses, and black roses are the perfect ones for Scorpios. Scorpios are not afraid of unusual things that some other signs think are odd or scary, and they understand that black goes with literally anything. The dramatic appearance of unique black roses in a garden are sure to impress people who visit, and Scorpios will cherish their special roses few even know exist. There are multiple different kinds of black roses you can grow in the garden including black magic rose, black baccara rose and the black velvet rose.  Besides live black roses, silk black roses can be found most especially close to Halloween and used as decorations year-round.

All roses symbolize love and beauty, but black roses symbolize new beginnings, change, and growth. They also symbolize love that triumphs over obstacles, and while some people insist that all black flowers symbolize mourning, black roses are not about dismal things, and they symbolize the mysterious. The thorns on the roses are used in protective magic and symbolize life’s trials and tribulations.  All black flowers, including black roses represent uniqueness and hidden truths learned from the occult sciences. Black roses represent Scorpio’s fearlessness and their rejection of societal standards regarding taboos. Scorpio’s think for themselves and don’t let humanity dictate what they do, after all.

Scorpios can use black roses in their personal magic. Of course, they can always plant the unique, dramatic black roses in their garden, and meditating with their black roses, gazing deep into the dark folds of the flower can help reveal hidden truths to them. Sit under the light of the moon by your black rose and still your mind. Then, completely open your mind and heart to whatever truths the rose will reveal to you. Instead of cutting a rose to hold for this meditation, leave it on the plant, and allow it to live. Sit and gaze upon the plant for as long as you desire to get messages. You will be pleasantly surprised at what your black rose reveals to you.



What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Belonging to a genus of flowers called pelargonium, there are hundreds of different kinds of geraniums, some of which are evergreens, but many die back with winter weather. They are named after a crane because the shape of the flower bud is like a bird’s head. They were brought to Europe from Africa in the 1600’s and are planted in gardens worldwide today. Many varieties of geraniums are drought tolerant and bloom from spring to fall, so they are well loved for how easy they are to grow and their long bloom season. The popular garden plants are referred to as the “common geranium” as opposed to just the geranium, as those are a different kind of plants also called cranesbills.

Lemon geraniums have a pleasant fragrance that is believed to keep mosquitos away and an old superstition is that white geraniums will keep snakes away. A white geranium by the window of the house was supposed to keep flies away. Geraniums symbolize good wishes, happiness, and positivity in general. They symbolize friendship and the blossoms of pink geraniums can be used in love spells. Red geraniums planted by the door are believed to let you know when somebody is coming near, and white geraniums not only keep snakes away, but they symbolize fertility. It is believed that geraniums quell anger and help prevent resentment or jealousy.

Scorpios are smart about protecting themselves and the people who they love, and geraniums can help with protection magic. Plant any color of fragrant geranium to ward off all forms of danger, from biting insects to people whose intentions are not good. Pots of them in front of doorways or in window boxes will help repel any negativity. Dried geraniums can be sprinkled under the seats of your car to help prevent car wrecks, and they can be put in your pockets, wallets and bags for personal protection. If you can’t find dried geraniums to use in protection magic, you can dry your own. Clip geranium blossoms, leaving the stems as long as possible, and hang them upside down somewhere away from light or drafts. Leave them until they have completely dried out and use your dried geraniums in your magic.


Bleeding Hearts

What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Native to Asia, Bleeding Hearts are a member of the poppy family, and prefer at least partial shade, shying away from full sun exposure. Loved for their heart shaped flowers, they come in pink, red, white, blue, purple, and yellow. If grown in a shady enough spot, bleeding hearts grow from late spring into summer. Bleeding hearts made their way to Europe in the 1800’s and there are some plants in the same family of flowers like dutchman’s breeches which grow in American woodlands that resemble white pants dangling delicately from their stems. The flowers can be toxic to skin and if certain species of bleeding heart leaves are consumed, it can make one quite ill, so the bleeding heart is better left for beauty and magic than to be eaten.

The bleeding heart represents sensitive feelings and openly expressing your emotions. They represent devoted deep love shared between people. They also represent rejected love, and the heartbreak that comes when this happens. Bleeding hearts help to facilitate compassion and represent empathy of other people’s feelings. They represent the connection between life, death, and how all things in the universe are united. They are given to people suffering from a broken heart or by somebody who wants to express their love.

Scorpios are emotionally sensitive people who care deeply about other people, but when they are hurt, they may be overwhelmed by their emotions. Bleeding hearts can help them balance their emotions when they are hurting. Get some dried bleeding hearts and a pack of small envelopes and some paper. Write down on a piece of paper one feeling you are having about what happened, then seal it up in an envelope with a dried bleeding heart. Continue this until you have written about each feeling you have. Then take your stack of stuffed envelopes and one at a time, burn the envelopes and each time, say “I release this feeling” as each envelope burns. Release the ashes to the wind and walk away with a light heart, having let go of your sorrows.


What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Common wormwood is called artemisia absinthium, which means it bears the name of the goddess Artemis. She is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, vegetation, childbirth and children, and virginity.  She was known for her beauty, but she pushed away anybody who sought to woo her. Myths tell of multiple men who tried to force her to be their lover, and they found themselves punished. She hunts successfully with her mighty bow and arrow and is surrounded by faithful virginal attendants. To anger Artemis by sneaking a glimpse of her naked would result in death at the hands of her, and boasting you are better than the mother of the goddess would earn death as well. Not to be crossed, she was a goddess who protected mothers and children and was well loved.

Wormwood is often brewed into absinthe, and used to reach altered states of consciousness and to have prophetic dreams. It can reveal parts of yourself to you that you were unaware of.  It is used in purification magic, and to purge negativity. It protects against the evil eye and drives out malevolent spirits. Some believe that if wormwood is burned in a cemetery, the dead will rise and speak to the living. It can cast out fatigue and emotional bitterness, and it is carried while traveling for protection.

While many use wormwood to make absinthe, you buy your own absinthe. Overdose from too much wormwood can make you sick and drinking a small amount of professionally distilled absinthe is safer if you don’t know exactly how to brew it. Like Artemis, Scorpios have no tolerance for mistreatment. Buy a bottle of absinthe when you are fed up with how somebody is treating you, and you just don’t know what to do about it. Pour yourself a small amount of absinthe, and hold the glass in your hand, focusing your energy into the drink, then say “ Inspire me to change what I cannot accept, and show me how to do it.” Drink the absinthe and then go to sleep, allowing your dreams to guide you to solutions with the magical help of the wormwood.

Black Eyed Susans

What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Native to North America, the lovely black eyed Susan is beloved by bees, who partake of its lovely pollen and in turn spread its seeds. The plant doesn’t need too much help with spreading itself though, because its roots fan out underground and new plants pop up. It loves full sun and can tolerate dry, poor soil. It attracts butterflies and indigenous American Indians used it in folk medicine. The roots are said to help fight colds, flus, and infections and are said to boost the body’s immune system. It is planted in gardens to attract butterflies and it lights up meadows with its golden flowers in late summer. Gardeners are advised not to overwater black eyes Susans, and to pull spent blooms off the plant so more can grow.

Scorpios are emotionally strong but sometimes, even they grow weary and need some support. The immune-boosting magic of the black eyed Susan can help rejuvenate them. A walk through a meadow of black eyed Susans, absorbing their energy is one way to magically strengthen yourself. Placing a vase of cut black eyed Susans in your workspace during an especially stressful time on the job can help strengthen you. Plant black eyed Susans at home to keep them nearby so you can be empowered by them, and even if you don’t have a place to plant flowers, you can still nurture black eyed Susans. A donation to your local Metropark so they can continue nurturing wildflowers or giving black eyed Susans as a gift to a close friend can help keep their magic strong.



What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Native to warm regions in places like Hawaii, Fiji, and India, hibiscus is grown in pots, garden beds, and ornamental gardens anywhere that it can be grown. Hibiscus didn’t make it to Europe until about the 1700’s and it was believed the Silk Road trade route made that possible. Hibiscus has become so well loved, many cultivars have been created and the flowers come in every color imaginable. Some kinds of hibiscus are used to make paper, others are used to make canoes. Some species are used to make candy or desserts and it is also used in traditional medicine. Just remember that hibiscus, like any natural remedy, can counteract pharmaceuticals, and consult a doctor before treating yourself with it.

Hibiscus is associated with the goddess Kali. She is a creatrix who also destroys. She is a powerful warrior goddess called upon by the other gods in their time of need and she is especially protective of women and children. In times of danger, you can call upon Kali for strength to protect yourself and to crush any energies that may work against you. She is a goddess of change, and she helps liberate humanity. Hibiscus, like the goddess, is believed to have liberating powers and it is a flower of passion and nurturing. It is used in divination and in medicine to aid in weight loss, to reduce blood pressure, and it also feeds hummingbirds.

An easy way to use hibiscus in your magic is to make agua de Jamaica or hibiscus flower tea. Boil four cups of water with a cup of sugar until all the sugar is dissolved and then add a cup of dried hibiscus flowers. Turn off the heat, remove the pan from the burner, and steep the tea for 20 minutes. Strain the tea, add four cups of water and fresh squeezed lime juice to taste before refrigerating.  Hibiscus can be used to help you in your time of need. Pray to the goddess Kali to bless your agua de Jamaica with her strength. Have faith your prayer will be answered. Drink the agua de Jamaica and go out, confident you are empowered and protected.


What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

The fragrant gardenia grows in tropical and subtropical places in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and Madagascar. Gardenias are evergreen shrubs with fragrant white blossoms and the flowers bloom in spring and summer. The fruits from gardenias are used to make a golden colored dye, but the plant itself has to have some extra special care. It does not transplant well and does not like cold weather at all. You can carry a potted gardenia indoors in colder months, but it won’t thrive in cooler climates like it will in more tropical ones.

Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win an Academy Award, wore gardenias in her hair to accept her award.  Because of societal discrimination, although she was a nominee, she was not invited to the awards ceremony. She had to attend as someone’s guest, but even then, she had to have special permission to attend. The gardenias were commented on by many for how bright and beautiful they looked and that is not surprising she wore those considering the fact that gardenias symbolize hope.  She went on to be the first African American to win an Oscar Award as well. They were sacred to the Greek god Morpheus, deity of sleep and dreams and it was said that he appeared in dreams to give messages to human beings. Gardenias also symbolize trust, renewal, and peace.

Scorpios are determined people, but everybody gets discouraged sometimes. If there comes a time in your life that it seems that the odds are against you, remember the power of the determined Hattie McDaniel. Wear a gardenia flower to remind you to remain hopeful even when you feel discouraged. When you are seeking messages from the powers that be, leave your windows open before you go to sleep if you have gardenias planted outdoors, asking for Morpheus to appear in your dreams and give you guidance. If you are going through a particularly difficult time, and need extra encouragement, get a gardenia plant to keep indoors with you. Go to sleep near it, inhaling its sweet fragrance, and it will remind you to remain hopeful.


What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Also known as deadly nightshade, belladonna grows lovely black berries that have a sweet taste. It has been used in cosmetics to dilate pupils and is thus called and is thus known as belladonna, or “beautiful woman. It is one of the most toxic plants known to man and it is considered especially dangerous to children because the shiny berries are attractive, and there is a risk they might eat them.  Despite the dangers, belladonna is legal to grow in many areas, although it is not recommended. All parts of the plant are toxic, and it is harmful to animals as well. It can cause things like cardiovascular problems, breathing issues, vision issues, seizures, and weakness.

Why would someone want to grow such a plant? It has actually been used in medicine to treat stomach issues and pain. Those are not magical uses, though. It was said in medieval times that witches used plants like belladonna in a magical ointment that made them fly through the sky. It is also said to make one intoxicated, but eyewitness accounts state the so- called witches did not actually fly, instead falling into a deep sleep and they only dreamed they flew. It is believed belladonna acted as a hallucinogenic drug that created euphoria, but the most common use of belladonna was as a poison. It was said that Livia of Rome used it to kill the Emperor Augustus and arrows were dipped in its poison. A Slavic folk practice was to dig up belladonna root because it was believed to enhance beauty if carried on top of the head.

Scorpios are very brave, and might not worry about belladonna poisoning, but due to the dangers of belladonna, it is not recommended to use any part of the plant at all. However, pictures of belladonna can be used in magic. A framed portrait of belladonna near the bathroom mirror can lend the power to enhance beauty and a portrait next to your bed can help you become more beautiful as you sleep. To truly experience the euphoric effects of belladonna without being exposed to it, paint or draw your own picture of it, and with each paint stroke or pencil mark, focus on putting exuberantly joyous energy into the portrait. The magic of belladonna can be yours, even without risking contact with the plant.

Mandrake Root

What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Native to the Mediterranean and the Himalayas, the mandrake is valued for its root that looks like a human being and it has hallucinogenic properties. The root and leaves contain the most toxins and can cause asphyxiation, blurry vision, dizziness and rapid heart rate. While discussing its toxic properties this might not be the best introduction about mandrake, it has been used in medicine.  It has been used for pain relief and as an aphrodisiac, and it has been used as anesthetic. It was once believed to be helpful to help create pregnancy and was used as a sleep aid. Despite its use medicinally, mandrake has mostly been used in magic.

There was once a belief that the plant could only be harvested ritually.  The root had to be pulled at night after the proper rituals and a dog had to pull the root out. Some said the root had to be harvested after the Vernal Equinox, and others said any night would suffice. The historian Josephus wrote, “A furrow must be dug around the root until its lower part is exposed, then a dog is tied to it, after which the person tying the dog must get away. The dog then endeavours to follow him, and so easily pulls up the root, but dies suddenly instead of his master. After this, the root can be handled without fear.  Mandrake was another ingredient used in witches flying ointments, and it was believed mandrake root would draw love and luck.  

Definitely not for the faint of heart, most people avoid mandrake entirely, but some people aren’t scared of a plant. Scorpios seem to be fearless, but even they know to take precautions with toxic plants. While many use mandrake and don’t die, you might prefer not to handle the root yourself, but you can still draw from its magic. To draw love, write the word “mandrake” on a piece of paper and fold it into a locket to create a love amulet. Wear this anytime you want to endear people to you. To benefit from the sleep inducing qualities of mandrake, place a portrait of the plant next to your bed.

Paper Flowers

What is the Best Scorpio Zodiac Flower?

Scorpios love it when people think of them and go to the trouble to show it. They especially appreciate a beautiful handmade gift, and they love to give thoughtful gifts as well. Handmade paper flowers are perfect for Scorpios to make, and they are a perfect thing to make to give to a Scorpio as a gift. Tissue paper flowers can make a big, pretty, fluttery statement, and origami flowers with good traditional Japanese washi paper make a stunning gift. An especially thoughtful way to make paper flowers to give to your Scorpio is to use tissue paper from a gift they gave to you and give the flowers to them as a gift. This will be both beautiful and sentimental. Scorpios can reuse the tissue paper in gifts they received to make the tissue paper flowers so they remember the special gift they got. How to make tissue paper flowers can be found here: (48) Make a flower out of tissue paper! Easy and simple. - YouTube

Their drive to succeed makes Scorpios very powerful people, but they can be more powerful with their magical plants. Wear gardenia when you want to overcome obstacles, have a bit of absinthe to be inspired on how to deflect mistreatment, and plant geraniums for protection. Your magic is strong, and your magical flowers can make it even stronger.


About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.