Leo Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility
December 05, 2023 10 min read

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Discover the Leo dates, Leo ruling planet, element, and how those contribute to their

personality, and their dark traits. Find out which of the zodiac signs are the best love matches for Leo and learn how to get your Leo Horoscopes today.

 What is a Leo?

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

Leos are born between July 23 and August 22. They are Fire Signs ruled by the Sun, and this unique combination makes them powerful people whose pride and bravery impresses most everybody who they meet. They respect outspoken people, and they bring a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy to whatever they do. They don’t intimidate easily, and they won’t tolerate mistreatment. They work hard, play hard, and love even harder. Their symbol is the majestic lion, king of beasts. Indeed, Leos walk in  the room like they own it and take charge of most situations. While most people automatically like them, and they can get along well with people for the sake of it, they choose their friends and lovers carefully. Join Spiritual Blossom to learn Leo traits and love matches and make sure to read till the end to find out how to get Leo horoscopes.


Leo Traits

Leo’s ruling planet is the bold, blazing Sun. The Sun is known as the life-giver to earth because without it, nothing would grow, and there would be no life on our planet as we know it. It symbolizes power, success, masculinity, and vitality. It makes Leos assertive,  gives them powerful leadership qualities, and makes them good with coming up with positive solutions. It makes them focused on success, but on their own terms. They are not necessarily deviant, and they are not as idiosyncratic as some signs like Aquarians, but they do prefer to do things their own way. Like the planets in our Solar System revolve around the Sun, people are drawn to the leadership and energy of Leos.

Their element is the element of Fire.  Fire instills a passionate constitution upon them and makes them dislike being seen as weak, although emotionally, they are very sensitive. They become protective of themselves when they are hurt, but they will become more protective when they have to protect somebody who they love than they will if they are hurt. They have the ability to handle challenges that would destroy some other signs, and they don’t back down from situations or people that stress them. They face challenges head on, and they do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They love to laugh and have fun and they are known for their fiery tempers. Don’t let those tempers fool you because Leos are very reasonable and can compromise with anybody who is willing to try.

Leo Traits Female

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

The traits of a Leo woman are not terribly different from those of a Leo male, but the classical feminine attributes of being nurturing, compassionate, and gentle hearted can be more noticeable in Leo females. A Leo female will be like a protective lioness, feeding and caring for those who she watches over, and ripping to shreds anybody who messes with her loved ones. She will also expect the best from those who she cares for, because she understands people’s strengths and will not enable laziness or failure to live up to one’s potential. Leos are very generous with those they love, and they care deeply about whatever cause is near to their heart. They will work just as hard as males at accomplishing things in their careers, and balance their time for work with time for friends and family. Anybody taken into the heart of a female Leo will never have to worry about feeling alone or uncared for.

Leo Traits Male

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

A Leo male has the potential to be an alpha male because he is so good at being a leader and protector. The classical male attributes of masculinity, striving for success, and being a protector shines in Leo males and they are as loving as Leo females. The charisma and magnetism of Leos draws admirers and followers, and male Leos will quickly take charge, organizing things in ways they feel is most productive. They will praise the good and speak up against the bad in every situation, and they are confident enough to look any authority figure in the eye and talk back to them.  Male Leos are determined and persistent, working hard at achieving their goals and they bask in the glory of any praise and honors others bestow upon them.


Leo Bad Traits

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

Regal Leos might seem so perfect, they can’t do or say anything wrong, but even somebody this immaculate has some flaws believe it or not. Their positive characteristics can swing to the dark side and become bad habits. Their confidence can switch to arrogance and their pride can become conceit if they allow it to. They can rely too much on the praise and admiration of others and feel lost without it. This makes them easy to manipulate, and flattery and kissing up can get you whatever you want from them if they can’t tell you are not being genuine. You better hope they never find out you are lying, because the scary side of Leo will come out and you will rue the day you crossed them.  They will yell, throw things, and sling strong words that make you curl into a fetal position and wish you could disappear.

They can be very demanding with their lovers and friends, and selfish with people’s time. Although they are independent, they can become overly reliant on their lovers, and feel neglected if you don’t return a phone call or text immediately. They need a lot of attention, and this can make them want to be the center of it wherever they go. They can be impatient, expecting instant gratification, and they can be very demanding if they are not getting what they want fast enough. They can be bossy and overly aggressive, demanding things exactly as they want them, and they can go overboard spending money on things to make them feel they live a life of luxury.


Leo Love Compatibility

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

You would think a charming, charismatic Leo could be in a relationship with anybody but a Leo man in love will choose his lovers wisely. A Leo woman might be nice to everybody who she meets, but that doesn’t mean she is everybody’s best friend. Many people believe Leos are most compatible with other Leos and fellow Fire Signs Aries and Sagittarius and others insist that Air Signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius get along best with Leos. Some people would say that Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are not the best matches for Leos. The truth is some signs may harmonize best with certain signs but any sign can work out a long term relationship with any other sign if they know how to work through challenges.


An Aries and Leo can be the perfect couple, but they have to compromise a bit. They both love to have fun, and they both want a partner who they can enjoy good times with. They both protect their partners fiercely, and anybody who stands against one of them comes up against them both. These two make such a great couple, everybody else envies them. This is one of the best matches for them both. Read more about love here: Minor Arcana Cards for Love (spiritualblossom.com)


Are Taurus and Leo compatible? These two are not only compatible with each other, but their differences balance well. Leos are focused on having fun and Tauruses are more focused on security and stability.  Tauruses can teach their Leos to plan for the future and Leos can teach their Tauruses to let their hair down and have a good time. They both put their whole heart into their relationships and make their significant others the center of their world. These two can make a happy, harmonious life together, and be together for life.


When Geminis and Leos get together, a lot of fun, passion, and good times happen. They are both upfront and open with how they feel about things, and they both appreciate one another’s honesty.  Leos love their significant others so much, they may want to spend all their time with them, but Geminis need some time to themselves, or they feel suffocated. As long as they balance how much time they spend together and how much time Geminis have to themselves, these two signs are a great match.


Leo and Cancer compatibility depends on how well both signs can compromise. Leos have to watch their words and stay calm when their tempers flare, or else they may hurt their gentle Cancer’s feelings.  Cancers are going to have to be understanding of the fact that sometimes, even their loyal Leo might roar too loud. Both signs make their significant others a top priority, so it is worth it to be sensitive to each other’s needs. This is a great love match.


Two lovely Leos together can be the ultimate love combination. They both respect a partner who can look them in the eye and stand up to their personalities that can intimidate some other signs. They also love having a partner who likes fun as much as they do, and they appreciate a partner who is outspoken, confident, and unafraid. They are proud of one another and thankful to be together. This is a perfect combination.


Leo and Virgo compatibility depends on how well a Virgo can accept the fact that their Leo won’t be ruled over. Virgos like to be in charge, but Leos naturally take charge because people like the way Leos run things. Virgos like to plan things down to the last detail, and Leos are more spontaneous.  In a work setting, a Leo and Virgo should collaborate as equals, and as friends, Virgos will have to allow Leos some spontaneity from time to time. As lovers, Leos will appreciate the fact Virgos commit for life once they decide they love you. If these two can act as equals, they can be together for good.


A Libra Leo couple will make everybody jealous. Libras have a calming effect on Leos when they get upset because they know just what to say to make things better. They also know how to call the shots in such a way, Leos won’t feel dominated. Both signs are assertive enough to speak up and neither of them intimidates easily. These two appreciate one another’s strength and they respectfully collaborate together well for a match made in paradise!


Scorpios and Leos can fight dirty, and things can end badly. Scorpios can be domineering and Leos can be bossy but neither likes to be told what to do.  These two can work out their differences by listening to one another and taking turns calling the shots.  Read more about Scorpio here: What is the Best Scorpio Flower? (spiritualblossom.com)


A Sagittarius Leo couple is like one big party, and when they get together, everybody else wants to be invited. Sagittarians can roll through life, clowning around and making what they call funny jokes everywhere they go. They have to be mindful of what emotionally triggers their Leo, though, and adapt accordingly. They will need to make sure not to enable one another’s bad habits as well. They can be great together forever.


Capricorns can’t endure Leo’s expectation of being treated like royalty, and Leos have no tolerance for a lowly Capricorn’s insubordination. Where these two naturally collaborate well is between the sheets for hot, uninhibited sex. Leos bring out the fun side in Capricorns and these two can be great mates in the bedroom and beyond if Capricorns can give Leos the royal treatment they deserve.


An Aquarius and Leo couple either gets along famously, or not at all. This is because each Aquarius is unique and no two of them are exactly alike. They create their own rules and welcome a motley group of people who can endure those. Leos will either like them immediately or not. Aquarians respect all people’s unique characteristics and especially like Leo’s confidence and positive energy. Leos like the admiration, but some Aquarians don’t fit in with their lives. If these two are naturally drawn to one another, they will never let each other go.


A Pisces and Leo will enjoy good times, but maybe not long term. Pisces people are very adaptable, and just want to be with the people they care about, but they need a lot of time to emotionally disengage from people and be alone. Leos see this as abandonment and can’t endure feeling dumped every time a Pisces is overwhelmed emotionally. If these two can balance their time together and apart, they can work things out.


Leos are the regal kings and queens of the zodiac who will rule your heart and make your life more fun than you ever imagined. They can be high maintenance, but they give as much as they expect, and they will be loyal to you until death do you part. If you are a Leo, your confidence, pride, and ability to look anybody in the eye stuns strangers and wins you followers. You live life on your terms, speak your mind, and love deliberately.

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