Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility
November 21, 2023 11 min read

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Learn the Aries dates, ruling planet, element, how those contribute to their personality, and their dark traits. Find out each of the zodiac sign’s compatibility with Aries and learn how to get your Aries Horoscope today.

Aries people are born from March 21 to April 19. They are the first of the Fire Signs, which gives them the purest of Fire traits. Some people would call this unsophisticated, but it just means that Aries are true to themselves. Aries are passionate, self-confident, brave natural born leaders whose tempers may flare, but they forgive and forget easily. It seems there is never a dull moment when an Aries is in your life because they are serious about having fun and doing it with their favorite people. Learn all about Aries, the planet and element that rules them, their positive and darker traits, and all about their best love matches.  Read till the end to find out how to get your Aries Horoscope delivered right to your email.


Aries Personality Traits

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

The Aries ruling planet is Mars and it instills in them strength, energy, ambition, and the desire to be active. It makes Aries people very in touch with animal instincts and desires. Whether this powerful force is destructive or productive depends on the individual and the choices they make. It can make them passionate or angry, amorous or lustful, and courageous or impulsive.  Mars’ symbolic color is red, and it rules Tuesdays, the muscular system, and military and war activities. It also rules the First House which has to do with personality and our outlook on the world as well as focus on our own desires and needs.

Aries is also a Fire Sign, which gives even more traits. Fire instills in them the ability to create new, exciting ideas, and express these ideas with such enthusiasm, other people get excited and want to join in and help. It makes them more excited about getting things started than finishing them, however, and they will need a push from other people to finish projects as a result sometimes. The element of Fire makes Aries independent, but it also makes them loathe being told what to do. Sometimes, they are laid back and democratic leaders, and other times, they expect things done the way they request it in exactly the way they said. They are adventurous, fun-loving people, and sometimes take leaps of faith other people would be terrified of.

Aries Personality Female

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

Being born female brings some feminine qualities into Aries including being nurturing, compassionate, and emotional. Combine that with the Aries bravery and you get one strong mama bear when a friend or loved one is hurt. She will protect the people who she loves and take away power from anybody who would break the heart of her loved ones.  This is also a very independent, capable woman who knows how to take care of herself and who won’t need a “man of the house” to make her feel safe or taken care of. She takes care of herself and everybody else, and she makes sure people know she is no helpless female. She doesn’t let obstacles stop her, and she applies all her energy and enthusiasm to meeting goals and making dreams come true.

Aries Personality Male

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

Like an Aries female, a male Aries is brave, strong, and independent. They have the masculine powers of ambition, dominance, and emotional stability- sometimes. Every Aries is ruled by their passions, and sometimes they get emotional about that, and by that, it is meant, they get angry or hurt. They are outspoken about being upset and will shout or argue until they feel better, and sometimes they get quite heated. Seemingly as soon as they finish expressing themselves, however, they will have moved on. They are adventurous and love to go to new places, experience new things, and meet new people. They love to be busy and physically active as well. Aries men are competitive and will work to develop their abilities so they can rise above the competition. To learn more about emotions, learn about your Moon Sign: What Moon Sign Am I? (


Aries Bad Traits

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

It’s hard to believe that someone as amazing as an Aries has a dark side but the bad traits of Aries can appear at any time. Their personal bad habits might not bother them if these vices make them happy, and they won’t change unless they want to. Stubbornness is not driven by arrogance, but by their independence which can make them shut other people out emotionally. Their tempers can get the better of them and drive them to fight when no fight is necessary. They just get caught up in the passion of the moment sometimes and forget to think about whether a fight is necessary. Yelling and using harsh words can happen during these times, and an Aries will genuinely be surprised when people get upset or break up with them for this because they believe what they said is justified. Read more about breakups here: Breakups with Each of the Signs (

They can be too quick to reject authority and fight against it to the point of refusing to be team players. They can insist on being put in charge of things just for the sake of being the one to make decisions and they can discard projects when they become bored with them. Sometimes, an Aries is so focused on having fun, they neglect their responsibilities and can be influenced by negative people who excite them. They can behave immaturely because they want what they want when they want it, and they can be ruled by their desires. No sign is perfect, and Aries people believe we should all follow our dreams. While some people would say they are ruled by their appetites, they rarely look down on other people, but feel bad for people who are too afraid to do what makes them happy.


Aries Love Compatibility

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

Some people say Aries are only compatible with other Fire Signs Leo, other Aries, and Sagittarians, but the truth is, they are compatible with anybody. It’s just that sometimes challenges arise, but if you are willing to work through problems, you and your Aries can be together forever! Aries and other Fire Signs harmonize well with Air Signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. They can clash with Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and they may lock horns with Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Any issues can be quickly resolved, however.


Two Aries are too much of a good time. After all the fun is had, they might fight for dominance with one another sometimes, but it doesn’t have to compromise their relationship. Once they realize they have a partner who they can count on to make good decisions and get things done well, they can relax and put their faith in one another. Neither of them is intimidated by someone who challenges them, and they can find it simulating having a partner who pushes them to be their best selves.


Tauruses and Aries  can lock horns, battling for dominance, but they share similar values and can work out their differences if they try. While an Aries is a lot more spontaneous than a practical Taurus, they can work together to plan ahead for fun times. Taurus are very nurturing, and Aries are very protective. They can make the ultimate team as parents and as co-workers a Taurus can help encourage an enterprising Aries to keep working until their project succeeds.


It is rare that you find a combination that is much fun and Gemini and Aries. Both of these signs love to laugh and they have a lighthearted approach to life.  They love adventure and variety and taking spontaneous trips is a great favorite thing of them both. The only thing they need to be careful of is that they don’t overdo the fun times, and they make sure to still focus on the mundane, boring day to day things we all have to do as adults. They will be the most fun couple at all the parties and have great stories of all their trips to share. Read what the Minor Arcana says about love: Minor Arcana Cards for Love (


Aries Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

An Aries man Cancer woman couple may run into some problems. Cancers have very sensitive emotions, and Aries people are quite outspoken, even about uncharitable opinions sometimes. Aries are also not afraid of raising their voices if they feel like it is justified, and this can really upset a Cancer. An Aries might think their Cancer lover is being overly sensitive and a Cancer might say their Aries is being insensitive. If the Aries can think before they speak or holler and the Cancer can be forgiving of the occasional tactless comment or emotional outburst, they can work things out.


Aries and Leo get along so well, some people might think they get along too well. Sex is explosive between these two, and arguments can be also. That’s okay because a Leo won’t respect a lover who can’t stand up to them, and an Aries loves a stimulating challenge. Together, these two make an unstoppable team, and anybody who comes up against them will regret it immediately. This is one of the best combinations for both signs and their relationship can last for life.


Aries man and Virgo woman compatibility could be better, and sometimes, this becomes a relationship from hell. Virgos insist their way is best and they will criticize, micromanage, and make snippy remarks to try to be the boss. That approach works with some other signs, but not an Aries. A Virgo is in for the fight of their life when they try to control an Aries, and they will quickly realize an Aries has as powerful of a work ethic as they do, and more energy and enthusiasm. To work things out, these two have to come to an agreement to share the authority, and then they can make a great team.


This is another powerful combination for both signs. These two are opposite on the zodiac and compliment one another nicely. Librans seek harmony, and Aries people have no problem creating discord if they want to. While a Libra can mediate any conflicts for their Aries, the Aries can roll some heads to be protective of their Libra. Sexually, these two keep each other happily coming back for more. Aries will be surprised that their Libra can argue as much as they do, and they will appreciate their Libra’s rational conflict resolution abilities. This can be a lifelong relationship for these two.


What could be one of the worst relationships for these two signs could also be one of the best. Both signs express themselves honestly, and neither of them will shy away from name calling or yelling. While an Aries can forget about a squabble almost instantly, a Scorpio will remember. However, their Aries will have them laughing about it almost immediately. Aries will have to be careful of what they say when they are angry, and Scorpios will have to overlook an occasional biting remark from their Aries. Read about Scorpio here: The Best Love Matches for Scorpio (


It’s hard to decide which of these two starts the fun and which of them finishes it, but these two were made for each other. Both signs are adventurous and unafraid to try new things. They are both spontaneous and energetic. They both love to invent new things and start projects. They thrive with a partner who encourages and assists with their creative endeavors and they both value their autonomy enough to allow one another plenty of it. This is another of Aries’ best matches.


This combination can make for lousy romantic partners. Capricorns are known for their wonderful sense of humor, but they can bore an Aries to death with their routines, planning, and rules. All the spontaneous excitement that Aries lives for goes right out the window with a Capricorn. It’s not that Capricorns have no fun, it’s that they need to carefully plan for it, and it has to be their way. This can be solved if the Capricorn can give over some control to their Aries, and let their Aries be their personal fun maker sometimes.


Both of these signs are very inventive and seem to always have a ton of interests. They can keep one another engaged, interested, and busy. One issue they may run into is the Aquarian’s desire to make the rules. It’s not that they are bossy, although they are, it’s that Aquarians create their own worlds, and not everybody is comfortable existing in that world. If the Aries loves the way their Aquarius does things, these two can be together for good.


An Aries can come across as stubborn, impulsive, and temperamental, while a Pisces can strike people as being escapist, easy to upset, and passive. Some would assume these two are too different to get along, but their differences make them a great combination. Pisces people don’t mind being led by the right person and Aries appreciates their loyalty. This can be the perfect relationship for them both.


When an Aries comes into your life, you can be sure they will bring fun, powerful energy, and a lot of love and devotion. They might be independent, outspoken, and competitive, but their main competition is with themselves, as they face their bad habits and turn them into good habits that benefit them. You might think they are intense and high energy, but they will encourage you to put all of your own energy towards your goals, and they will show you how to accomplish all you want to achieve. They are loving, protective friends and amorous lovers, and once you fall for an Aries, you will want them to stay by your side for life!


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