What Your Moon Sign Means
May 11, 2023 14 min read

What Your Moon Sign Means

By Luna Oncidium

Your Sun Sign tells you one thing about yourself, but your Moon Sign says something entirely different about you. Explore what Moon Signs are, how to calculate them, and then find out all about what it is that they say about you.

“What Moon Sign was I born under?” might not be the first thing on your mind when you are learning about your signs. However, the Moon sign is just as important in describing why you are who you are as your Sun Sign is. Moon and Sun zodiac signs are just two parts of what make up who you are, and you find them out by calculating your Birth Chart. What is the Moon Sign, and what does it mean? How do zodiac Sun and Moon Signs work together and what is the Moon Sign's meaning that is yours? Join us to learn all about Moon Signs today.

The Moon Symbolism

We have written about Full Moons, and the Moon in each of the Twelve Houses, as well as what the Moon means in love. There has also been a bit written by Spiritual Blossom about Moon Signs, but we have not explored them in depth. Today. We will explore a bit of Moon symbolism, explain what Moon Signs are, and tell you how to calculate your Moon Sign. We will explain the difference between Sun Signs and Moon Signs and write more in depth about what your Moon Sign tells you. To read more about the Moon and love, read here: What is the Best Libra Flower?

What does the Moon symbolize anyways? That all depends on who you ask. For the Aztecs and some ancient Chinese people, the Moon represented deities, but to some modern Americans, the Full Moon represents insanity. Others believe the Moon is a representation of the divine power of human women and the mysteries surrounding their ability to bear children. The Moon is the ruling planet of the Zodiac sign Cancer, and it is said that the Moon makes these people sensitive, sentimental, protective, and nurturing. The Moon is said to be the reason that Cancerians feel so deeply and also why they go out of their way to take care of the people who they love.

The Moon also symbolizes the subconscious, and all occult and psychic things. Like part of the Moon seems hidden, so there are hidden truths that will be revealed to us when the time is right. The Moon also symbolizes discovery and enlightenment. This is because the Moon lights the night and keeps us seeing things even in the dark times. It symbolizes enlightenment of the mind and soul as well. The Moon also symbolizes magic itself, and many who practice magic believe magic to be the most powerful in the nighttime.

What is the Difference between Sun Sign and Moon Sign?

“What is my Sun and Moon Sign and what is the difference between them?” Your Sun sign is calculated by your date of birth, and it tells all about your personal identity, and your Moon sign is our inner self and emotions and tells how we love and express our emotions. It is calculated by date, time, and place of birth combined by casting your personal Birth Chart. Your Birth Chart can be done by a professional Astrologer for a fee to get your Sun and Moon Zodiac Sign, or you can use a link online to cast it yourself. You will have to do reading about what each position in your Birth Chart means and what each heavenly body means in its position, but it can be done. To find your Moon Sign and everything else on your Birth Chart, go visit this free site: FreeAstrology Birth Chart Report (cafeastrology.com)

Moon Signs Meanings

“What's my Moon Sign and its meaning for me?“ Each Moon sign is under the influence of the Sign it is positioned in. Zodiac Moon Signs are based on where the Moon was in the sky at your moment of birth. They explain your emotional self and how you react and change based on things that have happened. It is said that Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius react based on instinct while Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius react intellectually, balancing emotion with what they feel is logical. Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn react very deliberately, and after giving good thought to what they are going to do but Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces react intuitively, and emotionally. Each of the Twelve Zodiac signs has their own signature ways of doing this, however, and they all have their own dark sides of their emotional reactions as well.

Moon in Aries

A Moon in Aries woman or man is a natural leader who prefers to call the shots than to be bossed around in a relationship. They are high energy, and they love going out places with the people they love and making memories with them. They may fall in love instantly and just as quickly lose interest in a new person who on the previous day they felt they could not live without. They have a very powerful sense of self preservation, so they won't lose sleep over a lost lover, but they will indulge in romance as much as they feel like it and can be impulsive, leaping into a relationship before considering if it is a good idea.

This Moon bestows a quick intellect and unbelievable charm, but it often means the individual's attention span is low and they are highly focused on getting what and WHO they want no matter what the cost. It can be very exciting when an Aries Moon is focused on you and confusing when they never call back, but they can be that way. An Aries Moon won't flee from conflict, so don't sling any insults aimed to upset them, or you will have a massive fight on your hands. They may be impulsive, but when they truly love somebody, they will defend them to the end.

Moon in Taurus

A Moon in Taurus woman or man is focused on long term relationships and the Moon Zodiac meaning of this sign is all about stability and devotion. It has been said that this Moon sign has the least amount of emotional issues of any other Moon sign, however, they drive other people crazy with their stubbornness, and they will have only their own way no matter what. However, this also makes them highly predictable and reliable, and their loyalty is unbreakable. They may bore you with routine, but you probably won't have to worry about them having a fling with the office flirt behind your back.

Taurus is ruled by romantic planet Venus, and Taurus will balance that with practical, logical balance of the emotions. Change is difficult for them, so don't throw any spur of the moment changes on them if you don't want them to balk. They can also be highly possessive, so you going out with friends may seem like the end of the World to them when they want you to stay home and watch movies with them. They have some bad habits, but so do the rest of the signs. Tolerating a small annoyance is nothing compared to all the great benefits of the loyalty this Moon Sign has to offer.

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini people spend their lives going to new places, meeting new people, and learning new things. They can be overtaken by whims or thrills in the chase of an adrenaline rush and can come across as flighty and superficial. They are not the last sign to cheat or have lovers spread out in all the places where they love to travel and they can completely emotionally disengage from people, and only focus on experiences. They are intellectual and will think things through as opposed to being ruled by feelings.

They are extremely high energy and can seem impossible to keep up with, but if you can, they will appreciate you for it. This high energy can also make your head spin when they exhibit that Gemini duality, and flip their personality from fun, to emotionally manipulative. They love to take other high energy people along on their adventures, and if you can keep up to go along, the trip is guaranteed to be more fun than you ever dreamed it could be.

 Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer people's emotions are even more sensitive than people who have a Sun in Cancer and you better know how to treat them the way they want to be treated if you expect them to let you into their lives. These folks have a tight knit friends and family group who they stick by through thick and thin, and they devote their whole lives to the people who they love. That means it takes longer for them to accept you into their comfortable circle, but that also means that once they have accepted you, they are completely devoted.

They are no more perfect than anybody else, mind you, and they can be overly critical, downright manipulative, and extremely good at putting the mother of all guilt trips on people. They are service oriented, but this is a great way for them to be completely in control of situations and people. They need a lot of emotional reassurance and if they love and trust you, get ready for plenty of heart to heart talks and drying their tears. They will appreciate you for the rest of their lives and never leave your side if you love them as much as they love you.

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo people will express their feelings quite dramatically, and if you like somebody who goes out of their way to be protective and who will lavish all the love they can on you, you won't mind putting up with it if they throw a fit overreacting sometimes. They can seem over the top lovey dovey to the wrong people, who feel they need more independence, but for those who want a lover who will go above and beyond to do anything for them, Moon in Leo lovers are ideal.

Before you get down on one knee, and beg a Leo Moon to marry you, be aware they have some bad habits as well. They can be so regal, confident, and proud that they can become arrogant. Do you like having a lover who is always right and who won't listen no matter what you say once their mind is made up? Then Leo Moon lovers are perfect for you. They can act rotten to the core with their bragging and insistence they are right, and the next minute surprise you with their devotion. What bad habits?

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo women and men can come across as downright cold and emotionless, but they don't mean to, and they love just as deeply as any other Moon Sign. Their love is expressed by worrying themselves sick over you and chewing you out for not doing things like what they feel is eating right. They want you healthy, and happy, but they don't understand that nitpicking because you had one slice of cake while dieting is not the way to make you happy.

They come across as some of the least sentimental people and can be downright regimental when it comes to their routine, and the routine they have carefully planned out for you as well. This is not because they are trying to be in power, however, it is because they want to do all they can to take good care of you and that is how they express their love. If you want a sappy sentimental lover, opt for a moon in Cancer sign perhaps. If you want a lover who is not so much into mushy love talk but who will make sure you have all you need, you will really appreciate your Moon in Virgo lover.

Moon in Libra

People with a Moon in Libra are like a bright light that draws many. They have charm and seem to know just what to say and do to accommodate pretty much everybody, and that is why so many people flock around them. They are amorous lovers and have no problem making grand gestures to woo you. Before you assume they are pure sunshine and they are “the light of your life”, ask yourself if you are more like a moth being drawn to a flame.

These folk seem to know how to draw everybody in but can be more like a Venus Flytrap than anything else when they feel like it. They can be insanely jealous, self-centered, and dishonest to the point of being two faced. They know people are attracted to them and have no issue using their masculinity or femininity to draw in people to use for their own enjoyment and then discard them without a thought. They are not all bad, however, and if they truly care about you, won't mistreat you. It will take a lot of charisma to get them to fall for you, and if you have that, you will enjoy your beautiful and charming partner for many years.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio people have very deep, powerful love for their people and will not be shy about expressing that. They try to keep emotions secret, however, and that is to protect themselves, so if one expresses undying love for you, they definitely mean it. They are passionate and demonstrative lovers, and if they love you, they will want to make love often. They have delicate feelings, and if they are hurt, you may not immediately know it, but rest assured they will make sure you know what you did, and how it made them feel because chances are, they will hurt you back.

This passionate Moon makes people jealous, possessive, and controlling sometimes and it makes them prone to short lived relationships they delve passionately into, and then break things off in tremendously angry ways. If they are mad and want to break up, they might go out of their way to do and say every upsetting thing they can think of, and they will be as unkind as they feel like about it. However, not every relationship with them ends in disaster and they will be dedicated to you for life if you truly love one another.

Moon in Sagittarius

Emotionally, Moon in Sagittarius people do not want to feel tied down, trapped, or owned in any way. They believe that being holed up domestically is for livestock and they want their freedom. Try to take that from them and you will probably never see them again. These people are adventurers who want to see and experience as much as possible in life and being stuck in one spot with a handful of people repeating all the very same experiences indefinitely would bore them to death.

It doesn't help that they are such fun and interesting people, but to make things worse, they can be terrible flirts. They want to experience relationships just like any other sign, but don't want to feel it is mandatory to be IN a relationship. If that is as clear as mud, be aware that even if you balance time together with the freedom they desperately need, they may still manipulate you, even if it risks the relationship, and they might love you, but will tactlessly tell you every uncharitable opinion they have of you if they feel like it. They are fun people, and passionate lovers, and won't settle down with just anyone, so any time you are lucky enough to have with them is good indeed.

Moon in Capricorn

A Moon in Capricorn woman or man is perhaps the most ambitious person you will ever meet, and they will work so hard, it compromises their ability to have meaningful relationships. They can behave completely antisocial and emotionless when they feel like it, but they suffer from chronic over worry, loneliness, and exhaustion from overextending themselves on the job. When they do connect to loved ones, they can sometimes lean so much on their partner, and keep their emotions secret from almost everybody else.

A Moon in Capricorn woman's appearance in your life may be met with immediate respect from you as you admire her work ethic and personal strengthening of skills. Just make sure she pencils time for you into her busy schedule, or you may not even be able to get a phone call through let alone an in person visit. Moon in Capricorn people want to connect, it's just that they are very particular of who they connect with, and they shield their sensitive emotions by pulling away from people. If you are one of the few they feel confident they can trust, you will have a devoted lover for life.

Moon in Aquarius

People born with a Moon in Aquarius make many friends and lovers but are dedicated to precious few of them. They are social butterflies who draw pretty much anybody who they meet to them, but that is not intentional. They are philanthropists who want the World to be a better place, and they devote all their emotions to trying to make that happen. It breaks their heart to see any creature suffering, and they cannot bear to see anybody being lonely, so they take countless people under their wings.

Before this impresses you to the point you want to be with them for life, make sure they are your loved one- not a friendly acquaintance they are rescuing. They might be kind and friendly, but that does not mean they are emotionally attached to you, in other words. They are very busy people who are always involved in new, exciting projects, and want a partner who gives the freedom to come and go as they please. If you want somebody who sticks by home regularly, opt for a Moon Sign like Taurus, but if you want a fun partner who grants you all the freedom you need, and who will come back to you after your adventures, enjoy a wonderful life with your Aquarius Moon Sign lover.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces people are highly emotional folks who care deeply about the people they love. They put their own needs and feelings last, and can be highly romantic, planning things to please you in ways no other lover ever has for you. Your Moon in Pisces lover will want a fairy tale romance, and they may find themselves highly disappointed when they don't get it. However, you can be romantic and make their dreams come true with careful planning, so this does not have to be an issue.

They can veer off into negative thinking, worrying themselves half to death over the tiniest things and will need lots of reassuring from you that everything is okay. What they lack is being able to reassure themselves, so they make up for it by being empathic and highly intuitive and using these gifts to help others. Stick by your Pisces Moon lover, sweeping them off their feet when they emotionally overextend themselves trying to help too many people, and they will love you for life.

While your Sun Sign and Ascendant sign says a lot about why you are, so does your Moon sign. Knowing what is in each position of your Birth Chart will teach you who you are, how you think, feel, and express yourself, and your outlook of life in general. Cast your Birth Chart to find out all about wonderful you!

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