Breakups with the Signs
May 11, 2023 15 min read

Breakups with the Signs

By Lady Saoirse

When a Capricorn man is done with you, his style of breaking up will be different than when a Leo woman is done with you. You may thank your lucky stars and allow them to be gone from your life for good, feeling you will have a more peaceful existence without them, but not all breakups are forever. The signs have their own way of breaking up and there is a perfect way to get them all to make up with you as well. Explore how the signs breakup and how to convince them to get back together with you.

Loving a Taurus woman may mean putting up with her temper outbursts and it can be exhausting listening to a hurt Aries woman throw a fit over something you did not even mean to do. There comes a time in our relationships when we have massive falling outs, and it appears that the relationship is done for. Or is it? Just because your Leo broke things off with you doesn't mean there is no hope of reconciling. How do each of the signs break up in their own signature style, and how do you typically go about getting back together with them again? Learn all about breakups and making up with each of the signs.


Your Aries might make out that they are always right in the heat of the moment, and you are always wrong, but truthfully, Aries people will have a blowup and typically calm down. When an Aries man is done with you, however, he's going to be very upfront and open about how he feels. You will not have to worry about Aries men withdrawing without a word like you typically would with some signs because Aries people will not shy away from a confrontation. If you want to know how to get an Aries woman or man to break things off, all you have to do is abuse them. They might not mind arguments in relationships, but they do have a healthy amount of self-respect and won't tolerate being mistreated.

Your Aries will likely raise holy hell chewing you out when they ditch you, but there is hope if you know how to get an Aries woman to forgive you- or an Aries man, for that matter. The best way of how to get an Aries woman back is to take the first step and let them cool off. Chances are if they dumped you, they were very angry, and they feel they had good reason, so let them calm down. By that I mean give it a number of weeks, and then reach out to them, saying you want to get together and talk things over. If you were romantically involved, make sure to show up looking as sexy as possible and if you are friends or family, walk in to meet them contrite. It does not matter who was to blame when an Aries breaks up with you, but what matters is your willingness to listen to your Aries loved one's feelings, validate them, and move forward, focused on the relationship.

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One of the facts about your Taurus woman is that she does not want a breakup, but when she gets mad enough, she will act like she wants nothing to do with you ever again. However, unless something went terribly wrong, you won't be able to get rid of a Taurus once they decide to commit to you and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It may make you feel like you are committed to an asylum dealing with a Tauruses threats to cut you loose, and their pretending they have no fear of being abandoned, however, it is very rare a Taurus will break things off, but when they do, they absolutely mean it. How to know when a Taurus man is done with you is he completely exits, and you never hear from him again. When they are just mad and threatening to leave, they keep popping in to tell you off again, and literally will not stop doing it.

In the rare event they really do break up with you, there is a way to get them back. How to get a Taurus woman back is to start with an apology because she knows how to be a “warrior woman” and stand on her own two feet, unafraid to be alone, but she really doesn't want that despite her constant insisting she does. The best way of how to get a Taurus woman or man back is to ask them to talk things out and ask them what they want to see change. How to get a Taurus woman to open up about her feelings is to ask about them, and then respectfully listen, acknowledging what needs to be different. Your Taurus would like nothing better than to keep you in their life forever, and they will happily patch things up if you behave as if you genuinely want to.

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When a Gemini is done with you, you might not know if they mean it or not, but time will tell. They have no issue lying, and sometimes, they lie to themselves also. They might tell themselves they are done with you, but they actually aren't. How to know if he'll come back after saying he is gone is if he gets lonesome because Geminis hate to be alone. They don't have any qualms about doing an emotionless text message breakup or an email saying they are done, and they might have the audacity to dump you in front of other people. It all depends on the mood they are in.

If you decide you want them back, it won't take much truthfully if they ever liked you to begin with. Just show up and have fun. This is perhaps the sign that values fun above all other signs besides Sagittarians, of course. If you seem fun or otherwise stimulating, you will have caught their interest once again, and all you have to do is tease them a little to get their blood warmed up to you once more. You don't necessarily need to apologize or ask to get them back, but you do need to appear to be the most interesting person in the room, and they will find you irresistible again. Then go out and have fun with them because it looks like they are yours!

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When a Cancer man is done with you, he will go out of his way to very loudly list every reason he is fed up with you, all the ways you are unbearable to be with, and he will also list every last thing he has ever done for you, and end with saying something like “ And THIS is the thanks I get.” Never mind that you have done twice as much to help him out. He will magically forget all of that when he decides to kick you to the curb. A Cancer will cry, scream, and maybe even throw and break things, and give their emotions full control of them if they feel like it when they are dumping you.

If you decide you are a glutton for punishment and you want a Cancer man or woman back, don't rely on friend telepathy or a psychic lover's connection. Go see them in person and pour your feelings out to them, telling them you love them and literally cannot live without them, and would they ever consider taking you back, so that you don't die of a broken heart? The more dramatic and romantic the plea, the better. Remind them of all the things you have shared and tell them you are just too invested in the relationship and the fact that you love them means you don't want to let them go over anything. They don't mind apologizing and accepting the blame, but they love to be apologized to, and even saying “I am sorry we broke up” even if it is all their fault will do wonders to get them to listen. If you are loyal and they trust you, getting back together will happen with your Cancer.

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Leos often brag they will dump you and everybody else at the drop of a pin, so you may not know if it is true or not when a Leo man is done with you. Leos know that friends are our chosen family and they do value their lovers and friends, it's just that they get so angry and have to blow off the anger somehow, and roaring at the top of their lungs when they are upset is one way they do it. They will also let you know how much you will lose if they break up with you, and you might not mind having less headaches in the event they actually do. They will tell everybody both of you know how they let you go and how they were the very best thing to ever happen to you, but it was all your fault and you deserved to lose them.

If you decide you want your Leo back, a few tips will help with accomplishing that. First, show up with gifts, compliments, and apologies. Tell him that he was right that he was the best thing ever, and you realize what you lost. Tell him you love him and ask how you can make it up to him. Be prepared for some big spending, fun times, and ego stroking to get Mr. or Miss Leo back. If they really love you, you can work things out. Just ask him next time not to be hasty about walking out because your relationship is the most important thing in your life. He will appreciate hearing that.

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Virgos love to dump people who they look down on, and that is pretty much most people. It is rare that they dump people once they decide they are keepers, but stranger things have happened. In the rare event your Virgo breaks off a long-term committed relationship, they will do so as professionally as possible. They will have thought this out and planned it down to the last word they want to say. Then they expect you to very calmly say you completely understand and just pick up and leave in the most orderly fashion ever. They feel like they have made their decision and it does not matter if it affects someone other than them, they said what they meant, and you better leave.

If you decide you can forgive this and you want them back, reach out to speak with them, and literally set an appointment. Choose the time and place wisely and in a levelheaded fashion, tell them all the practical reasons you belong together. Tell them you appreciate the loving care they take of you and that you miss them dearly. If a Virgo has committed themselves to you, they might take you back, but they might not. Virgos think very seriously about the decisions they make. Be prepared to be patient and wait. If they really love you, they will come back but it might take time and it will be on their terms.

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When a Libra woman is done with you, she will have pondered it as much if not more than a Virgo has, but you might not know it is coming. You may come home one day to find her, and all of her belongings gone, and she won't return your calls. You will gradually start remembering how she tried to talk to you for a few months about the fact you rarely spend time with her, and she is sick of being in a relationship with somebody who is absent, but you did not believe she would leave. All of her close friends and family will be aware of her breaking things off with you, but Librans hate to fight and will avoid nasty confrontation to the point you might- wrongly- assume everything is okay even though she already said it was not.

If you decide you want to patch things up with your Libra, contact them and flat out apologize for whatever it was that upset them, and say you did not mean to hurt them, and you will make the changes they want. Librans prefer to maintain relationships but need peace and they will cut people out to assure that peace they desperately need. Demonstrate that things will be better, and you will harmoniously contribute to their lives, and they will happily get back together with you.

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When a Scorpio woman is done with you, she might keep you around to punish you for a bit, so you might not immediately realize that you have been dumped. When a Scorpio man withdraws after he has expressed that he is upset, he may be calming down, or plotting revenge, who is to say? When a Scorpio man is done with you for real though, he wants to see you suffer for what he deems your sins against him, and he is prepared to lie in wait for as long as it takes to assure this. He does not want to get rid of you until he has contented himself that he has punished you enough.

If you decide you can look past this and you want a Scorpio back, there is just one thing to do. Grovel. Swallow your pride and do and say whatever it takes to get your Scorpio listening, and then like with Cancers, list all the things you have done together and state the relationship with them is too important to just give up on. Scorpios are no more perfect than the rest of the signs are, and they will realize if they have almost let a great relationship go. Scorpios prefer to keep relationships permanently, and if they love you, they will calm down, and stay with you.

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As with anything Sagittarians do, when they break up with you, it will be over the top extra dramatic, and it will be in front of all of their friends if they can help it. Sagittarians don't necessarily need long term romances like some of the signs do and will happily have several boyfriends or girlfriends at once, and breakups don't necessarily wound them the way they would some others. Sagittarians will let you know in great detail all you did that they are dumping you for and will throw in some unsolicited opinions they have had about you all along. Maybe they think your hair is stringy like an old hag or your legs are bird thin, but whatever reason they are dumping you, they love to add insult to injury and they will lay it on as thick as they feel like.

If you decide you can tolerate their tactlessness and want them back, however, all you need to do is show up with a new lover at a place they love to go have fun, and if they want you, they will make a beeline to your side, acting like an ex-lover who is “cool” and friends. Keep things casual, act independent and like you don't need the Sag of your dreams, and if they are really into you, they will slowly get back together. It has to feel natural, fun, and lighthearted to them. If you want a heartfelt hour where you and your lover run together, weeping, opt for a sign like Cancer instead, because this would all be a turnoff to a Sagittarian.

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When a Capricorn dumps you, they will do so privately and with some decorum if any part of it happens in public at all. They have a lot of self-respect and care about what other people think of them, and out of control emotional meltdowns in public would make them feel they look undignified, so they will privately break up with you to help themselves save face. Now, they might tell everybody they know what a no-good piece of human garbage they think you are, and they might scream and yell at you in private, but their public image of a respectable individual who has it all together means more to them than can be expressed. It is crucial that you respect their privacy and no matter how much they may bash you to people, you should not behave the same way. Why?

Because how to get a Capricorn back is to behave honorably from start to finish no matter what they do or say. How to get a Capricorn woman back, after you have behaved well during the time you have been apart, that is, would be by sticking around and demonstrating you are in it for the long haul. Capricorns expect you to apologize, even if they were the one in the wrong, and this is because of their personal pride which they refuse to compromise. Maybe one day they will admit they screwed up, but that will take some time. How to get a Capricorn woman to take you back is to be devoted, patient, and unwavering in these things. She will appreciate it.

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Good luck getting an emotional display out of an Aquarian who is breaking up with you. Often, they will “just want to be friends” and plan to keep your name in their “little black book” for some romps between the sheets when the mood takes them. If they are mad, they will rip your head off and possibly stay mad at you for the rest of their lives. They won't waste any time or sleep over losing you, however, because this independent sign can take good care of themselves, thanks, and they also have a ton of friends who can fill the void created by your absence.

If you decide you'd like to get back together with them, if there was no wrongdoing, just be that friend they asked for, but make it so much fun they simply can't do without you despite themselves. If they are mad, you are going to have to make up for what you did wrong and demonstrate over time that you can be trusted to never do it again. Aquarians don't mind no strings attached relationships, but they all have long term relationships with some of the people they meet and become involved with. If you are one of the lucky people they love for life, a falling out and breakup is just temporary and won't keep you apart.

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When a Pisces man is done with you, he will disappear. He may or may not explain how or why he decided he wanted to end the relationship, but guess what? When a Pisces decides it's over, it is. However, they will often give mixed signals and contact you every so often, even if it is just for sex. If they really enjoyed sex with you, no matter how much you tell them no, they think it can't hurt to try again, and will ask some weeks or months later. If your Pisces was connected with you emotionally, however, they will behave distant, but they might be turning what lead to the breakup over and over again in their minds and reliving it often.

To get a Pisces to take you back, you will have a better chance of that if you have developed a long-term relationship with them, but if you were a casual acquaintance, it will be more difficult. Reach out to your long-term Pisces, telling them how much you love them and that you want to get back together because your life is not complete without them. If they truly love you, that will do the trick if there have been no serious harms done. To get back together with a Pisces you were not emotionally attached to but were just lovers, reach out saying you'd like to make love. If they enjoyed that with you, they will be headed right over to see you the first chance they get.

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There are plenty of ways to say, “I love you” and “I am sorry, please take me back” in general, but learning the right approach of how to get a Capricorn woman to forgive you, or any other sign, for that matter, will give you a better chance of getting back together with them. The people we are meant to spend our lives with will stick around no matter what and knowing their Zodiac sign and what makes them want to get back together after a breakup will help keep you together for life!

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.