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Hi friends, my name is Ashia. I go by stay true when I am connecting with my clients during readings because I strive for each individual to stay true to themselves and to their own path. I have been reading for over 11 years now experienced my girls at a young age. I come from a native America background where my great grandmother practiced healing medicine and also meditation to help our family stay tune with not only ourselves, but nature as well. I am clairvoyant and Claire sentient. I am highly spiritual. I study astrology, meditation practices, healing work and soulmate twin flame connections to elevate my spiritual gifts. During our readings, I will be using tarot/Oracle cards to connect more with your situation and your energy. I will provide you with honest and thoughtful insights. I understand that topics can be sensitive, and these are real life questions. Therefore I will always have respect for my clients and I would like the same in return. Thank you

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