How to Protect Your Spiritual Energies
April 02, 2024 16 min read

How to Protect Your Spiritual Energies

By Lady Saoirse

Your spiritual center is called many different things by many different people, but some people call it your aura. A lot of people focus on aura colors and what things can be learned by seeing your aura, but an even more important thing to know is how to keep your aura protected and that feeling someone’s energy is different than letting it inside your aura. Learn different methods of how to protect your aura. 

 A lot of psychic people talk about feeling strong energy from someone and how afterwards, they felt especially drained. Some people who have spiritual intuition will deliberately avoid certain people who invade their energy field, meaning, they will avoid people whose energy feels negative. Keeping positive spiritual energy within yourself is very important for overall wellbeing and health. Giving someone a chance while you learn about the energy they emit is important, but there is no reason you have to let their energy come into your energy body at all. What is an aura, and what can you do when you are feeling energy from someone else that just feels bad? How do you protect your aura, heal your energy, and how do you remove negative energy when it comes around? Finally, how can you surround yourself with positive energy? Read on to find out.

What is Your Aura?

What is Your Aura?

“ It is the beauty within us that makes it possible for us to recognize the beauty around us.”- Joan D. Chittister

An aura is your spiritual body, and it is said that it is inside your physical body and extends out a certain distance from the body. It is composed of pure energy, and some call this the soul, which lives beyond physical life. Some say the aura leaves the body to travel astrally, and others say the aura and soul are different parts of a whole person. One thing is for certain, your aura is basically your energy body, and it needs to be protected just as much as your physical body does. The aura is known as the electromagnetic part of us that emits energy, and it can communicate without words.

Some people believe the aura is what connects the physical body to our emotional and spiritual selves, and is sort of the “stuff” that holds us all together. Other people believe the energy part of us is the same energy that connects everything in the universe together and that energy existed before the world as we know it. Some religious people believe our aura is the divine part of ourselves that connects us to the creator, and others believe our auras and the auras of other people are part of the all. Other people believe our aura is our distinct aura and should be kept protected at all times.

Have you ever seen someone’s aura before? Some people say they have. If you want to see an aura, relax, and take a deep breath. Now look at the person whose aura you would like to see and their aura will appear around them as a transparent layer that seems to be floating. Some people can see auras easily, and others say they have never been able to see them at all. If you can see the aura, you will also notice auras on other people, animals, and even objects and some people say they see different colors on auras and that those colors have distinct meanings. To read about green earth energy see here:  What are Earth Signs on the Zodiac? (

Feeling Vibes from Someone

“I don’t need to know you. I can feel your energy.” – Emily’s Quotes

In spiritual terms, there are some people whose energy is flat out toxic and there is no “nice” way to word that. When you are someone who feels energies and can consciously identify them, you will know when somebody is bad news just by the energy they emit. They may not have to say or do anything physically, but you can read their negative energy and feel their bad intentions as easily as you can read a book. A lot of people who have that psychic ability to read energy tend to be kind hearted people who want to give everybody a fair chance. To read about spiritual love see here: What is the Spiritual Meaning of Love? (

These psychic people sometimes find themselves being taken advantage of by negative people, and they would just feel too guilty to say no. However, if this describes you, think of your intentions. Do you want to use your psychic gifts to do good? Then allowing a negative person to feed on your energy is not benefitting anybody and it will drain you to the point that when somebody does come around who truly wants help, you won’t have the strength to help. Not everybody who wants some of our positive energy wants healing or support. Some people just come to take advantage, and when you feel negative vibes coming from somebody, put your spiritual thinking cap on, and use protective techniques that work for you so you can keep that negativity at bay. An easy way to do this is to simply protect your aura. To read about bears and their protective magic see here: What Do Bears Mean Spiritually? (

How to Protect Your Aura

How to Protect Your Aura

“Protect your spirit from contamination. Limit your time with negative people.” – Thema Davis

There are highly skilled people who are both spiritual and who also practice magic who have a plethora of different techniques they use for protection, but the truth is, there are three simple ways to stay protected that are so powerful, you may decide these techniques are all you need. First, keep your aura closed unless you are doing some magic or spiritual work in which it needs to be opened. Secondly, repel all negativity without exception. Finally, maintain these practices and any personal practices you have so you stay strong.

Keep It Closed

The thought of keeping your energy body closed away from creation might horrify you, but there are some things to consider. Closing your aura just protects it from anything you would not want near it. This does not trap your aura or close you off from positive experiences. Keeping a closed aura means you control what comes near and what could touch your aura. Your aura is yours, and is not something you are required to have available for others to draw energy from and you are not required to allow other energy to influence it. A simple way to close your aura is visualizing shields surrounding it and another way is to visualize you gathering it up, and protectively placing it within itself in such a way it is impermeable. To read about another protective creature, the wolf, see here: What Does a Wolf Symbolize? (

You can always do a quick “energy check” to make sure your aura is not exposed by quietly going into your psychic thinking and allowing your psychic skills to show you if your aura is closed. You can check to see if there is any “gunk” or negativity on there, and you can visualize yourself removing it. Another great way to cleanse your aura and then close it is to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or LBRP, which is a Ceremonial Magic operation. This is used to clear and banish energy, check to see if a magical spell has failed, and to send off energy from attacks. How to do the LBRP is illustrated in this video: (56) How to Do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) - YouTube

Just watching someone do this might raise feelings within you, and you may feel the spiritual power in this operation. However, just doing the motions and saying the words is not nearly as powerful as understanding the meaning of the ritual, how it works, and what all the words mean. One thing to keep in mind is the LBRP can be performed as often as you like and takes just minutes to do. It is not designed to be the only protective measure you do, so keeping your aura closed whenever you are not opening it consciously helps with protection. One site to read about the LBRP is here: The LBRP: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram - Exemplore

One thing to do is once you have drawn your circle of pentacles reciting names of the divine, calling the Archangels and after drawing the Kabbalistic Cross over yourself is to consciously open your aura to the divine powers to cleanse it. Take as long in this protective circle as needed until you feel fully cleansed and blessed with divine energy, and then close your aura, sealing in all those good blessings. How to do that is after you finish the LBRP, draw the Kabbalistic Cross over yourself again, and with the amen, close your aura. You can stomp your foot to open the circle. Some people use their fingers to draw the diving energy into them and draw the circle of pentagrams, and others use an athame or ceremonial dagger. You can do it either way.

Repel Negativity

Another way to protect your aura besides keeping it closed is to reject any negativity that comes your way- even if people get upset over it. Setting boundaries and using your words to express what is acceptable and unacceptable will stop people in their tracks when they try to bring negativity to you. Some people don’t even realize they are violating your boundaries and they don’t mean to. Simply telling someone “No” when they are bringing something to you that you don’t want is often enough to put a stop to things. You can also flat out tell people off when it is necessary. However, verbally telling people no might not yield results, but setting a spiritual boundary will.

Shielding is one technique used that repels all negativity even if people continue with negative behaviors. If your aura is closed to begin with and you also visualize a brick wall around you when negativity comes in, that is double protection. Some people say a prayer to their god or goddess, and wear symbols of their faith. Hematite, black onyx, and mirrors repel energies, and can be worn as jewelry or placed in doorways to repel negativity as well. Some flowers are used to repel negativity and you can read about Liobra’s Zodiac flowers here: What is the Best Libra Flower? (

Maintain Your Practices

Keeping up with whatever protective practices you use on a regular basis will help to make your shields of protection more powerful. Maintaining a constant standard of boundaries you set with people, too helps. You get a reputation for what you allow, and what treatment you tolerate, and if people know you will not tolerate certain things, they will not push those boundaries since they know it won’t do them a bit of good. Some people don’t just practice making their boundaries known with people, but they practice things like prayer and meditation to keep their minds strong in times of struggle. Maintaining your health, too, will make you stronger for when negativity comes in. The healthier you are, and the more fit you are, the easier it will be for you to send away negativity and keep your shields strong. A creature that represents strength is the eagle and you can read about it here: What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually? (

Spiritual Energy Healing

Spiritual Energy Healing

“ Spiritual healing is often experienced as a state of harmony, balance, greater well-being, and joyfulness…” Susan Barbara Apollon

Sometimes, though , it is not physical strength you need, but spiritual strength, and you may need spiritual healing to become stronger spiritually. Some people say we are spiritual beings who are simply having a physical experience, but we become so caught up in the day to day things we do living a life, that we sometimes lose sight of that. We can become spiritually blocked or stressed, and need relief from these things to be spiritually free to protect our auras. We may need to give ourselves a break mentally, or reconnect to spirit. We may have no issue with either of these things and simply let something go.

Mental Relief

When you get overwhelmed mentally and bogged down with things, it’s hard to think, and you might let your guard down and let in negative energy to your aura. While there may be things and people demanding your attention, sometimes, it’s necessary to take some things off your plate, or just take a break. You have to stop overworking your mind to the point of exhaustion or you will collapse mentally. Just stop and take a break. Stepping away from things will give your mind a chance to rest, and you may even be able to see that the things you have been stressed about really are not as important as you thought. Give yourself a break whenever you need it. To read about the relaxing tranquility of the lotus flower see here: Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism (


Some people think that attending worship services or activities is all they need to connect to their spirit and their higher power, but that is called being religious and that’s not the same thing as being a spiritual person. Sitting in a pew listening to somebody talk may help you realize things you had not thought about, but simply doing that is not enough for some people. Some people need to connect to their higher power by doing good. Cleaning up trash in natural ecosystems helps connect you to supporting life and seeing creatures thrive because of your efforts reminds you of the miracle of life we participate in. For some people, feeding the hungry, or talking to people who need someone to listen is a way they connect to spirit, and other people connect to spirit in quiet meditation or private reading. Make sure to take the time to do whatever it is that makes you feel close to spirit, and it will strengthen and heal you spiritually. One place a lot of spiritual people believe in is the afterlife and you can read about it here: Is There Proof of the Afterlife? (

Letting Go

Sacrifice is a powerful practice people in many religions swear by. Sacrifice is not just giving time or money to a cause, or fasting although those are some ways people sacrifice. One way to sacrifice is to give up things and people who do not support your personal spiritual strengthening. If you are participating in something that is holding back your progress, stop doing it, and watch your progress improve immediately. If you are staying up long hours on the internet and it’s keeping you from sleeping, sacrifice how much time you do that and sleep instead. Your health and mental functioning will improve immediately. Make it a regular habit to let go of things that do not serve you in order to allow room for things that do, and your spirit will thank you for that. To read about breakups with the Signs see here: Breakups with Each of the Signs (

Removing Negative Energy

Removing Negative Energy

“ Amazing things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”

Sometimes, negativity slips in and you did not mean to allow that. At times like these, it’s important to just remove the negativity as soon as possible. This is where both ritual spellwork and hands on practical everyday magic will help you and it is all very simple. You can banish, do cleansings, and you can even use objects to help remove negativity.


Besides doing things like The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or simply lighting a spiritual candle, banishing negative energy and negative people will need to be something you keep up with. Never allow people in your life who hurt you, or who simply don’t fit in with your life. Some people have to be tolerated in public or at work, but in your personal life, you are not required to allow people to take up space in your home, life, or heart who do not uplift you and make your life better. If you are in a happy relationship, and the neighbor is making unwanted advances, you are allowed to tell them to buzz off and stay away for good.

Banishing energy is as simple as banishing people. Some people will smudge with sage to banish, and others will use frankincense. Placing blessed water in bowls at the four corners of a room is one technique some people use to draw out negativity, and other people will open the windows and allow fresh air in to drive out negativity. If somebody has brought in anger or picked a fight, a bowl of rose quartz crystals or a vase of roses to bring in love and positive energy can drive the negativity out. However, it is not required to use any materials at all unless you really want to. You can simply speak aloud to whatever energy or spirits that are unwelcome and command them to leave. Yes. It’s that simple. Speaking of “buzzing off” read about bees and their magic here: What is the Spiritual Significance of Bees? (


Cleansing is similar to banishing, but focuses more on cleaning of energy than evicting it. Think of it as the difference in removing a hat from your head to washing the hat but putting it back on. Cleansing negative energy from objects is a simple way to keep said objects but remove undesirable energies from them. If you are a member of a church, grove, coven, mosque or any other religious organization, taking the object to your clergy to have them blessed and cleansed of negativity will do the job. However, you can do this yourself with prayers like “I cast out all negative energy that resides within this and bring in only love and light.” If a traumatic event happened and an object was present, bless and cleanse the object and do something joyous near the object to bring the happy energy of the new experience into it once you have spiritually cleansed it. Water is also used to cleanse and you can read about the Water Signs here: What are Water Signs? (

Spiritual Amulets

Amulets are magical or blessed pieces of jewelry you can wear for protection of your aura on a regular basis, and the more you pray over them and bless them, the more powerful they become. You can wear one that has the symbol of your faith or one that is made of special materials. Amulets made with silver hold the protective power of the mother goddess, and amulets made of iron reject negativity. Stones you can have on amulets that are used for protection include black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and pyrite. Amulets with sacred writing on them, and amulets with symbols like the hamsa are designed to ward off evil and can be worn, carried, or displayed in homes, gardens, or offices.

How to Keep Positive Energy Around You

How to Keep Positive Energy Around You

“Surround yourself with positive energy.”- Picture

A very simple way to protect your aura is not only to cleanse, banish, and ward off malevolence in all forms, but also to bring in positivity. If there is nothing but positive energy, it helps make sure there is no room for anything else. You can surround yourself with positive people, and control your thoughts so they remain positive only. You can also do affirmations to manifest the energy you want.

Positive People Only

Choosing who you associate with is a very powerful form of magic and it is highly protective. Positive people will bring positive energy and positive experiences into your life, and they will surround you with love, joy, and thriving life. Negative people bring in sorrows, problems, and heartache and when these are the things you regularly experience, your aura is exposed to these things and you can absorb that energy. It is far better to be influenced by positive people and positive things and absorb the energies from that when you allow energy into your aura than negative energy. One creature that represents positivity is the butterfly and you can read about it here: What Does a Butterfly Symbolize? (

Control Your Thinking

Besides controlling who and what you allow around you, controlling what things you tell yourself is another important way to protect your aura. If you tell yourself that you can’t do anything right, or that you are unworthy, it does not matter if your aura is closed to other influences, you will destroy yourself from within. If you tell yourself good things and that you are going to do what it takes to live a good life, your body will immediately react and while your sense of wellbeing will improve, your attitude will also. A positive outlook will make you hopeful for good things while a negative outlook will make you want to not even bother to try. When you catch yourself having negative thoughts like “Everything might go wrong” change them to “Let’s look forward to what can go right.”

Manifest Affirmations

Another way to keep positive energy around you is to use positive affirmations to manifest good things. Telling yourself aloud that you are going to put forth your best effort and that you are quite capable of handling things when something seems extra challenging will give you the encouragement to try your best. Saying “I am going to get the job of my dreams” when you are newly unemployed will help you have the courage to move forward better than “I am so dumb I got fired.” Staying positive in your words to yourself will help keep negativity and unrealistic doubts from creeping in and jeopardizing your wellbeing. Read about manifesting after changes here: How to Manifest Your Life After Changes (

When people tell you that true beauty comes from within, that includes the energy fields around a human being. Energy fields around humans can be seen, and felt, but ultimately, many choose to block their own energy from the influence of other people’s energy. The energy field around your body is yours, and you don’t ever have to allow anybody else access to it. Knowing how to spiritually remove someone from your life is just one way to keep your energy aura protected, but surrounding yourself with positive protective energy works too.

The techniques to protect your aura in this article are just some things you can do. Never underestimate the power of saying “No” to both people and situations when it comes to knowing how to cleanse your life of negativity. May your positive energy be so powerful it deflects all negativity and your magic be strong enough to protect your aura always.

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About the Author: LadySaoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.