What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?
January 05, 2024 11 min read

What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- The twelve signs of the Zodiac are divided by the elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. The Earth Signs are influenced by the element of Earth, and they have their own special traits. Some traits are positive ones, but others manifest as bad habits they have to work on to improve. Join us at  Spiritual Blossom as we guide you through an intimate exploration of the Earth Signs, their traits, and which signs they are compatible with.


What is an Earth Sign?

What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

An Earth Sign is one kind of astrological sign that is in the Zodiac. There are Earth, Fire, Air, and Water Signs and they are called those because of personality characteristics that correspond with the Element they are named after. There are three different signs in each element. The Earth Signs are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, and while they are each unique, they do share some personality traits that are due to the fact they are ruled by the Element of Earth. The Earth Signs all come after Fire Signs and before Air Signs in order on the Zodiac which means that they are sandwiched between two types of Signs they can either harmonize famously with or clash notoriously with. The great thing about Earth Signs is their traits of honesty, consistency, and the ability to unapologetically be themselves. They can be stubborn, pushy, and  obsessive in bad moments.


What are Earth Traits?

The Element of Earth instills these signs with certain traits, some of which are considered positive traits, and other traits that could annoy you to death. As with most signs, the Earth Signs greatest strengths can become their greatest weaknesses. When you first meet an Earth Sign, you might be struck with how laid back and easy to get along with they can be- when they want to be. As you get to know them, you discover they can have a “my-way-or-the-highway” approach to things, and you might wonder if a trip up the highway is better.

Positive Traits

Earth Signs are reliable, level-headed, and logical. They prefer to assess situations from a rational point of view and come up with practical solutions instead of having emotional reactions. They spend a lot of time adjusting their surroundings to suit themselves, and this is not so much out of selfishness as it is instinct. They need their surroundings to be comfortable so they can concentrate on the things that need their attention. They like to spend time on their home turf whether that is at home, or at their personal career headquarters, and if they invite you to their comfortable places, you should feel very lucky. They are selective of who they spend time with and what they spend their time and energy doing, and whatever and whoever they select is what they decide is worth their time.

They are honest. While they might keep some opinions to themselves, they believe in open communication, and they appreciate people who also openly communicate with them.  Trust is very important to them, and if they feel like they can trust you, they will be very loyal.  Earth Signs take their time getting to know people, and they keep people they choose in their lives for as long as they can. They take their responsibilities very seriously and do their best to excel at anything they do.  Since they work so hard, they do expect to be given the respect they feel they have earned, but they are quick to give credit and respect to other people as well. They will stand by you no matter what if they feel like you are worth it, and they will drop whatever they are doing to help the people who they love.

Dark Traits

What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

Before you pledge undying devotion to an Earth Sign, you should know, they ought to come with a warning label. They do have a dark side, like all signs do, and this dark side is the opposite extreme of their positive traits. They can be emotionally pent up until they explode, needy, high maintenance, bossy, suborn know-it-alls who will raise 40 million different kinds of hell if they feel like you push them too far.  To be fair, they will let their loved ones and colleagues know what their triggers are, and no matter how unreasonable these are, they feel like it is your fault if you trigger them. They will say that you MADE them mad which led them to throwing things or that you MADE them fire you, or you MADE them tell you off because you said something they thought was dumb. Normally calm, cool, and collected, Earth Signs do not appreciate feeling pushed to their breaking point, and they can have emotional meltdowns when this happens.

If this shocks you, be aware, there is more.  They can be incredibly stubborn once they decide they are right, and no amount of evidence can change their mind. They will at first be annoyed, feeling like you are arguing when you try to prove they are wrong, and they can become very angry when they feel that you are questioning them, even accusing you of insubordination of their authority. On one hand, they have unwavering devotion, but sometimes they don’t know when they are going overboard with this, and trying obsessively to hold on to a relationship that is over. They hold on to people who no longer want anything to do with them, and don’t mind stalking people who they think they can win back. They also do themselves a disservice sometimes by holding on to toxic relationships with people who mistreat them. Sometimes, they do get pushed to breaking things off with toxic people, and they don’t mind a little revenge if it feels like justice.



The Earth Signs

So, what are these loyal, determined Earth Signs, and what are they like? While they all share the qualities Earth blesses them with, they all have their own traits. The signs evolve as they go farther down the Zodiac with more raw Earth energy in the earlier signs and more refined Earth energy is the final Earth Sign. The signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.


What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

Tauruses are born from April 20-May 20. They are symbolized by the Bull, and they are comfort loving homebodies who are content to nurture their family and friends and themselves, and they like to focus on luxury and materialism. They can be incredibly patient as long as they don’t feel that is being taken advantage of, and they go out of their way to help teach people everything they can. They prefer peace to conflict, and this can lead them to be overly tolerant of things some other people won’t put up with. Once they lose their temper though, consequences are swift and can be harsh. A partnership with a Taurus can be the most blissful, harmonious relationship you ever had, with your Taurus going out of their way to accommodate you and make you their top priority. A breakup with one, however, can feel like an all-out war, and have you wondering why you ever paired with them to begin with. To be fair, they would say the breakup was all your fault, and maybe it was. To read about breakups with all the signs, including Taurus and the other Earth Signs, see here: Breakups with Each of the Signs (spiritualblossom.com)


What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

Virgos are born from August 23 to September 22. The Virgin is their symbol. Like their symbol, they seek purity and perfection throughout their lives, and they will learn, sharpen skills, and critique themselves and others constantly, seeking improvement in all they do. They excel in career and academics, and they are not shy about sharing any unkind criticism of other people- most especially with those people. The positive side of this is you can learn from their criticism, and you will always know where you stand with a Virgo. They won’t pretend to like you to gain favors. They don’t need to because they work very hard to be as independent as possible. Nobody is as independent as some Virgos believe they are, and they can lose sight of how many people have helped them to become successful. A lot of Virgos pull everybody else to new heights of success with them, and seek to improve the world in general, not just their own position.


Capricorns are born from December 22 to January 19. Their symbol is the water goat, a mythical creature that is half goat and half fish. Like these mythical creatures who thrive on both land and at sea, Capricorns seek to thrive and excel at all things, and they spend their lives questing for the greatest success they can. Indeed, in many positions of power where you don’t find a Virgo, you will often find a Capricorn in command. They drive themselves so hard, they sometimes forget to rest, and they are perhaps the most selective of the Earth Signs when it comes to choosing friends. They will then spend every waking moment possible with their favorite people, who they count on for moral support. They can be strikingly direct in communication that will rankle some people’s nerves, but other people will find it refreshing. Their ambition is helped by their self-discipline, and they can be counted on to help the people they care about even in the worst of times. They might be honest, and downright blunt about opinions sometimes, but they have enough self-respect to keep important things confidential. To read about how Capricorns and all the other signs keep secrets, read here: How Do the Signs Keep Secrets? (spiritualblossom.com)


Earth Signs and Love

What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

Some people believe that the zodiac signs can only have successful relationships with certain other signs, and thankfully it’s not that simple. All signs can have successful relationships with all other signs. It’s just that sometimes, differences can create challenges. Understanding the reason those challenges happen can help you work out any issues that may arise in your love relationships and help you to make all your relationships last forever.  

Earth and Fire

Earth Signs and Fire Signs can clash. Earth Signs are very stable, and they find the fact Fire Signs can be so spontaneous unsettling. Fire Signs find Earth Signs deliberateness and routines boring, and they want to escape from the expected. However, if these two can compromise, they can help each other. Earth Signs can plan ahead for fun things Fire Signs suggest they go do together. The Fire Sign will have to keep to a schedule, but the Earth Sign will have to allow their Fire Sign to be adventurous. Together, these signs can create stability while enjoying fun, new experiences.

Earth and Air

Air Signs can clash with Earth, fighting for dominance with one another, but if they work together democratically, they can be an unstoppable team. Both Air and Earth Signs are good leaders, and they unfortunately, oftentimes, find themselves stuck with most, if not all of the administrative work left for them to do. On the other hand, this gives them the amount of control they like to make sure they can have things just the way they like it. They can both feel threatened if somebody else steps in to take over. However, having a partner to help with all the things that need done will help a lot. Whether it’s on the job, as parents, as friends, or as lovers, Air and Earth Signs can be one another’s greatest allies if they can both share the decision-making powers.

Earth and Water

Earth and Water Signs are very different from one another, and their differences bring them together. Water Signs are empathic, emotional people who need to nurture and be protected, and have somebody to watch over at the same time. Earth Signs are hard-working signs who are just as protective as Water Signs are, and Earth Signs sometimes forget to rest and take care of themselves while they are busy taking care of everybody else. Water Signs instinctively know how to step in, nurture their Earth Sign, and give them a reason to stop and unwind. Earth Signs, in turn, watch over their kind, sensitive Water Signs. It’s perfect harmony.

Earth and Earth

Earth Signs can be a match made in heaven, or a fight made in hell, because sometimes, their similarities will either make them harmonize or they will pit them against each other. Is there anything more annoying than somebody whose worst habits are exactly the same as yours? It can be more annoying when you are locking horns with somebody who is equally as adamant that they are as right as you think you are. Two Earth Signs together can make the ultimate team, but only if they are both willing to collaborate instead of giving orders. If they can work things out with one another, they will be one another’s greatest friends.


Earth Signs are some of the most amazing people on the planet. They bring stability, reliability, honesty, and level-headedness to the conversation, no matter who they are talking to. On the other hand, they can be overly needy, stubborn, bossy, and annoying. Sometimes, they think they know best, and the truth is, most of the time they have worked so hard to find out the facts, they really do know best. They are some of the most loyal people who you will ever meet, and they are nearly impossible to get rid of once they decide to stand by you. That’s okay because they will make you want to keep them in your life forever!


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