How the Signs Keep Their Secrets
May 11, 2023 13 min read

How the Signs Keep Their Secrets

By Lady Saoirse

Understanding a Leo or any other sign entails knowing how they think, why they do certain things, and how they are most likely to behave. Knowing how they keep secrets is also important to understand them and be able to know what to expect. Explore the ways the zodiac signs keep their secrets to demystify them today.

We all have our secrets, don't we? Sometimes, we tell certain people things and other times, we don't want to tell anybody anything about what is on our minds. The Libra man in love can be more willing to share things with the person who he loves than a Cancer will, but a Scorpio might not share anything no matter how much they love you! A Taurus woman's secrets may be less dramatic than the ones a Gemini has but they won't be any less private. Now, each of the signs has their own dirty secrets they keep, but that is entirely different from the WAY they go about keeping secrets in general. 

The secrets we keep are one thing, but the ways we go about keeping them are quite another matter. Your Scorpion women might behave one way when they have a secret, but your Sagittarians will act in very different ways about keeping secrets. Understanding the Libra man means understanding just how he communicates and knowing the ways he keeps things to himself is a big part of that. How do each of the signs keep secrets, and how do they reveal them when they are ready? Is there a way to figure out what they are keeping from you when they don't want to tell you, and how can you get them to open up? Learn this and more about how each of the Zodiac signs keep secrets today!

The Signs Ways of Keeping Secrets

The road to happiness includes understanding the people who we love. Signs a Leo man loves you may be that he shares things with you that he shares with nobody else, but some other signs just love to talk, and may be sharing the secrets YOU tell them to anybody who will listen! Virgos and Scorpios are great at keeping things to themselves, But Librans and Gemini's may need to talk to people to get things off their minds or to get advice. How do each of the signs keep secrets? Read on to find out!


While Aries people are not necessarily “blabber mouths”, if you push their buttons, they may spill out exactly how they feel about something, most especially if they have been trying to “be nice” and not give you an earful. However, it can all come out in the bluntest way possible if you irritate them and it makes them lose their temper. One Aries cussed a blue streak at the grocery when he was agitated from being hangry- and the store did not have his favorite pizza. He told them what a lousy store they were, never having anything in stock, and they should just close the store and not bother. It got him blacklisted from the store for life!

Your Aries might not be so belligerent or cuss as much, but if they have been bottling up how they feel about something inside of them, at some point, that will come out when they feel pushed too far, even if what pushes them over the edge is something as small as an unavailable pizza product. The best matches for an Aries woman are people who understand and won't aggravate her, most especially if her nerves are already raw. How to love an Aries woman is when she is at her best and her worst, and to be a perfect match for an Aries woman would mean you would put her in the car and drive to every grocery necessary to find that pizza for her. She will thank you for it!


Does a Taurus man obsessed with an Aries woman let on that he is? Someone who is comfortable being smothered may be a Taurus woman's best match and while that is no secret, a Taurus woman's sexuality traits might be. It depends on your Taurus how much they want to keep secret about themselves and their feelings, but you can be sure that if a Taurus tells you “This is a secret,” that you had better not share it unless you want them to stop trusting you. As with anything a Taurus does, they will hand pick who they want to trust with things they don't want the whole world to know. Tauruses are choosy and private about certain things.

The best match for a Taurus woman is someone who will keep the secrets she trusts them with, and never betray her trust. You can be sure that she will keep your secrets as well. Trust is built slowly with Taurus people and they will reveal themselves to always be as trustworthy as they are when they first decide they love and trust you. Keep the secrets they trust you with and they will appreciate that forever.


Geminis are not as good at keeping other people's secrets, but they have plenty of their own. If they don't care about your privacy, they will tell anything they know about you to whoever they feel like, and no, they are not going to feel bad about it, even if it breaks your heart. Geminis need somebody to talk to in order to feel better about things, and some things just make them laugh. If you have an embarrassing secret that they have stumbled upon, they might have a good time telling their friends all about it.

However, Geminis know there are plenty of other people who do the same thing, so they deliberately keep their own business private, and sometimes keep certain things private from their closest friends and family members. Yes, sometimes, they even keep secrets from their significant others too. They don't see this as being actively dishonest because they feel like it is their personal business, and not saying something is not the same as a lie in their eyes. So, if they give ten thousand dollars to a family member in need and they don't tell you, screaming at them that you are married and you have a right to know will make them say “Yes, we are married, but it's my money, so get over it.” Geminis keep secrets they feel like keeping and there is nothing anybody can do about that.


Cancerians can be the most secretive people you know. They may tell you their bank account number but refuse to tell you where they went when they flaked out on your dinner reservations. It's not that they want to withhold information, it's that they tell what they feel like to who they feel like, and they may not seem to have a discernible method they use to decide what to keep secret.

Cancers are emotional people, and what makes them feel secure emotionally is having complete control of themselves and their own lives. Keeping what seems to be a pointless secret can make them feel safe and comfortable, even after they tell a seemingly deep dark secret to a group of strangers at a dinner party. It might not seem to make sense to you that they have what looks to be a double standard for privacy, but it makes sense to them and that is all that counts. Rest assured that the more comfortable with you they are, the more secrets they will let you in on. Maybe. If they feel like it.


Why are Leos so full of themselves that they broadcast personal information to everybody they know? They are not actually that full of themselves, they just need people who will lend a listening ear because one way they sort through heartbreak is to talk about it. That's one thing a lot of people love Leos for. A lot of people are naturally drawn to the magnetic charm of Leos and their openness to share, but who are Leos attracted to? That's one thing that seems to be a secret until they are madly in love.

Leos tend to be most attracted to other Leos, and fellow fire signs Sagittarius and Aries people. They also get on very well with Librans. Leos will not keep it a secret when they are crazy about you. They will go out of their way to show it with their words and deeds and by the amount of time they love spending with you. They won't keep your relationship a secret from the people they know because they will be proud to be in love with you and they want everybody to know it. Just be careful about what you tell them about yourself until your relationship is solidified, because if you have a nasty breakup, they will not waste any time telling all your deep dirty secrets to their friends as a way of getting back at you.


Virgos are excellent about keeping a lot of things secret but keeping how they feel about you as secret is not something they are looking to do. Whether you are friends, love interests, or co-workers, if you want to know how Virgos feel about you, just come right out and ask about them. They tend to be very focused on goals whether they are relationship goals or career related ones, and wherever you fit into their lives, they will have very strong opinions about you.

If they decide you need to go, whether their plan is to fire you or terminate your relationship, there will have been signs there. Virgos are very fond of “plans of action” at work, so they have a step-by-step paper trail of the process by which they are enacting to fire you. They are very methodical people who love organization and paying attention when their behavior towards you starts cooling when they were previously very friendly can reveal what they are not as willing to explicitly state. They feel like they give everybody a good chance, although some people would disagree, and when they take one step at a time to get rid of you, they also feel like it's your own fault for not noticing that is what they were doing. Anytime you are in doubt, however, just flat out ask them, and they will more likely than not tell the truth.


What does Libra represent when it comes to truth in relationships? When a Libra is in love with you, they tell you a lot of their secrets. That is IF they love you. They trust the people who they love, too much sometimes, and leap into a trusting relationship sometimes before they watch to see if this person they have fallen for is actually trustworthy. If you catch them being dishonest with you, they are probably withholding information they either don't trust you with, or they are in mediation mode.

What that means is they have somehow found themselves stuck in the middle of a problem, and they are tasked with getting it resolved. Librans have a way of getting people comfortable enough to talk with them, and when they have to talk to people on both sides of an argument, they may know everything that has already been said, but they won't let on. This is not lying but keeping the peace in an already volatile situation.

Another secret Librans can keep well is when they are about fed up with something or a situation, and they are biding their time until they find a way to exit peacefully. Peace is very important to Libras, and they will do all they can to preserve it. If a Libra loves you, they will tolerate a lot of things until the last straw is dropped, and they will take off before you know what happened. You may discover they have been planning a way out for a while, but were so good at keeping it secret, nobody knew. What a surprise!


Understanding the Scorpio man in love can be difficult, because even if he loves you, he may not trust you with his secrets. When a Scorpio loves you, they will share their secrets with you at first, but you better never share what they tell you without their permission. That Scorpio sixth sense can alert them that you have not kept their secrets and no matter how much a Scorpio loves you, if they feel betrayed, they may never feel that they can trust you with anything again.

When a Scorpio says, “I love you” and shows that to somebody who demonstrates they don't love them as much, said Scorpio will feel wounded and may even come for revenge. They can be very good at pretending they have forgiven you just so you will let them back into your life and they can spring their surprise vengeance on you. Some Scorpios hold grudges for a very long time and are content to wait until what they feel is the right moment to get their revenge. Be aware, however, they often will have been complaining about you to other people who they trust to keep that secret, but if they are mutual friends, they might let you know what your angry Scorpio has said, and you can foil their plans for revenge.


Capricorns are pretty good at keeping their business to themselves- sometimes. Like Scorpios, if they are upset, they are not against venting to the people who they trust. They feel they can do this with the people who they trust completely, and when they do, they don't always keep much to themselves. A perfect match for a Capricorn woman is somebody who she feels she can completely be open and honest with and who she does not have to withhold anything from. This can result in her giving what some people feel is too much information, but if you are one of the best love matches for a Capricorn woman, then you will not feel she has told you too much.

A secret Capricorns are great at keeping is the fact they love sex and are not shy in the bedroom with people they choose to be intimate with. Sex with a Capricorn woman or man can be surprisingly hot, and that can come as a big surprise because they are very discreet and expect to be treated with respect in public. One of the top sex tips with a Capricorn woman is to never treat one as an object or talk about your sex life with them to other people or they will feel their privacy is invaded. They don't make their desire to behave respectfully and to be respected a secret, but they do keep the fact they can be complete sex machines a secret.


Your Sagittarius might not reveal all of their secrets, and that is partially because they are too focused on having fun. However, they expect their secrets to be kept, and they will flat out tell you that. They are perhaps the most blunt and outspoken sign in the zodiac but if they really care about you, they will not reveal the secrets you have trusted them with, so you don't need to worry about them sharing your personal business with people. Unless they have had a bit too much to drink or are having an especially tactless moment, that is. If that happens, they will truly be sorry for a slip of the tongue- unless they think it is funny.

Then, they might really have a good time at your expense, but if you are the kind of person who will be in a close relationship with a Sagittarian, they might find a way to manage to have you laughing about it as well. Sagittarians help remind us not to take ourselves too seriously and to relax and have fun sometimes. At other times, their plain talk can be flat out infuriating and make you wonder why you put up with them at all. Somehow, you find yourself laughing along with your Sagittarian, and you love and trust each other even if they accidentally blurted out a secret when they did not mean to.


Aquarians are super busy, highly creative, extremely intelligent people who are great crowd pleasers, and they seem to always know just what to say to whoever they meet. They act like they never meet a stranger sometimes, and they can be the life of the party. Deep down, however, they are highly sensitive people who are terrified of being emotionally hurt, and they keep that a secret as much as possible. The way they keep things like this a secret is to go out of their way to act like things don't bother them, and this defense mechanism sometimes works for them.

Other times, they retreat to the safety of their friend and family circles and share how crushed they are. They try very hard to make sure that few know the things that hurt them, unless it is something big, and then everybody who they know hears about it. They don't make it a secret what causes they support, and they don't make it a secret how to join them in fighting for these causes. They are very good at keeping their personal heartbreaks secret from all but their closest loved ones, and they can be exceptionally good at disguising who they dislike, going out of their way to be nice, but only when they want to get along with this individual for the greater good.


Pisces people are so mysterious, you may not hear from them but once a year, and it will surprise you when they say they have been thinking about you. Their feelings are just as sensitive as Aquarians and keeping that secret helps them to feel protected from being hurt. One way they keep their secrets is by completely disappearing until they feel like coming around again. They are not against cheating if they feel it is best for them, and they might act like you didn't have a relationship at all if you act like their infidelity bothers you.

Pisces people can be just as discreet about sensuality as Capricorns, but more likely to jump into a meaningless fling just for fun. They are able to keep their crushes a secret when they feel like it, and they are also able to keep the fact they spent any time with you at all completely secret. However, if a Pisces is truly your friend, they will keep your secrets safe and never repeat them. When a Pisces truly cares about you, they will respect all that you tell them, and they will even confide some things in you. Pisces people love very deeply, and while they have to preserve their own delicate emotions, they will work just as hard to preserve the feelings of the people who they love.

Is any sign any better at keeping things secret than the others? Not really. For the most part, everybody, regardless of what their zodiac sign happens to be, is great at keeping what they feel should be a secret sacred and safe. Most people who truly love you will confide in you and will keep your secrets. The difference is the way they keep secrets and how to get them to share things. Understanding how each of the signs does this will help you know more about your loved one and make communication with them even better!

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