The Lotus Flower: Its Meaning and Symbolism
February 01, 2024 11 min read

The Lotus Flower: Its Meaning and Symbolism

By Lady Saoirse

The beautiful lotus flower captivates us and stuns in nature, but does it have deeper meaning than just being a beautiful flower? Join Spiritual Blossom to explore the meanings of the lotus flower. Learn what the flower is, lotus tattoo meaning, what the lotus flower means to different people, and what lotus flower dreams mean.

The lovely lotus glistens in the water, tantalizes in ancient art, and is used in delicious culinary treats, but this amazing plant is worth so much more than this. For centuries, it has been revered as a sacred plant that represents many things. It is depicted with the gods, is cultivated by royalty, and grows in public spaces for everyone to enjoy. Just what is the spiritual meaning of the lotus flower, though? What do the popular lotus flower tattoos mean and what does it mean when you dream of lotuses? Read on to find out!

What is a Lotus Flower?

What is a Lotus Flower?

Native to Asia, predominantly India and China, the lotus is an aquatic flower that grows in ponds, slow flowing rivers, flood plains, and delta areas. The plant disperses thousands of seeds into the waterways where it lives, and the seeds last a long time, sometimes, over 1,000 years! The seeds are so tough, they can nestle, all dried out in a riverbed for a long time, only to spring to life and blossom once they are rehydrated again. The first lotus flowers known to us were alive at least 65.5 million years ago and they range in colors from white, yellow, pink, purple, and red.

They grow from tubers that rest in the soil beneath water, and the leaves and blossoms are attached by stalks and float above the water’s surface. Some varieties of the lotus flower have an extraordinary amount of petals with some varieties having up to 5,000 petals in a single blossom. The oldest known lotus plant bloomed from a seed that had been dormant for 600 years in China. The plants are used decoratively, of course, and as inspiration for art pieces, but they are also used medicinally and for cooking.

Lotus teas can be purchased at specialty markets and so can the tuber, or root of the lotus flower. Both the leaves and the blossoms can be made into teas, and some people will use the seeds to make a sweet paste for desserts. The root can be prepared like any root vegetable, and some people like to just slice it thin, dip it in flour and lightly fry it as a side dish. Medicinally, it can be used to fight inflammation, treat skin conditions, reduce blood sugar, and treat coughs. Fabrics and packaging materials are also made from the lotus plant and even beauty products are made of the lotus plant.

The smallest lotus flower is the dwarf lotus and it is only about three feet tall. The largest lotus is the king lotus and the largest lotus flower ever recorded was 6 feet in diameter. The lotus flower is the national flower of Vietnam and India. Multiple Indian gods are depicted sitting on a sacred throne made of a lotus, which represents purity, divinity, and royalty. The lotus represents purity of spirit, body, and mind to Buddhists. In Jainism, the blue lotus represents protection and spiritual awakening. What else does the lotus flower represent?

Meanings of the Lotus Flower

Such a versatile plant’s meanings are not simply limited to the mundane. Lotuses have been considered sacred to a lot of people for hundreds of years. They symbolize long life to some people, and some would even say they represent the divine condition of being immortal. More importantly, they represent the spiritual path of enlightenment. Lotus plants also represent something else very sacred- purity.

Longevity and Immortality

Longevity and Immortality

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live forever? Lotuses have almost found a way to do that. There is just something about the plant’s ability to regenerate itself, allowing blossoms to die back, and sending up new buds so the plant can continue living. The plants even survived the Ice Age, which killed a lot of other species of plants. They laid dormant beneath the ice, and once the ground warmed and water replenished them, they established new colonies of lotus plants. Multiple Hindu gods are depicted with lotuses or sitting on a sacred lotus throne, which communicates creation, immortality and perfection.


The Buddha spoke of himself as being like a lotus flower. He said it rose out of murky waters, but it was unsoiled despite this. To emerge pure and perfect as the lotus flower and to continue to exist this way in a dark, dirty world is the kind of purity many spiritual people have sought to emulate. To rise above the flesh and desires to be perfect and undefiled is thought of as especially holy. Not only does the lotus rise beautifully out of murky waters, but it faces the sun, eternally reaching for light, life, and positivity. To read more about spiritual completion, see here: What is the Meaning of the 333 Angel Number?

Resurrection and Rebirth

Resurrection and Rebirth

The lotus is a symbol of rebirth. Like the lotus seed is able to sprout after being dried up beneath the ground, so, too does life itself. The Hindu god Brahma is said to have been born of a lotus that came from the god Vishnu’s navel. In ancient Egypt, the lotus was believed to represent rebirth because it would close and sink below the waters at night only to emerge again in the day, seemingly reborn. This is a plant that seems like it can live through any difficulties and be born again, more beautiful than ever. To read about a special way to be reborn, see here: What is a Starseed and Are You One? 

The Meaning of Lotus Flower Dreams

The Meaning of Lotus Flower Dreams

Things like gods, rebirth, and protection are not all the lotus represents. In dreams it has its own special meaning. Of course, when you see a lotus flower in your dreams, that could mean any of the things a lotus traditionally symbolizes. Sometimes, though, the lotus flower has special messages in dreams.

Dreams about Seeing Lotus Flowers

Traditionally, seeing lotus flowers in a dream is considered a sign of good luck to Muslims. It is a symbol of the beauty of their divine creator, Allah, and his ability to create something so gloriously pretty that rises from murky waters. If you are having a dream, and a lotus flower suddenly rises above dark waters to face the sun, the dream is telling you to rise above whatever difficulties you are having. When times are tough it is important to remain hopeful while you work for solutions. Lotus dreams during difficult times tell you better days are ahead and to look forward to those days. To read more about a lucky creature, see here: The Magic and Superstitions of Black Cats

Dreams About Eating Lotus

If you dream about eating or drinking things made of lotuses, the dream is telling you to seek out your own healing. If it is your body that needs healed, it is time to research remedies, most especially what things you can eat or drink to be healed. Medicines count for this as well as food and beverages. If you are healing a broken heart, the dream is telling you to “feed yourself” whatever experiences make you happy. If you are healing spiritually, it is time to pray, journal, read, meditate, and spend time absorbing the spiritual teachings of your elders. To read about the legendary healing powers of a mystical creature, see here: Are Unicorns Real? | Mythical Beasts | Mysticsense

Dreams About Planting or Harvesting Lotuses

Dreams About Planting or Harvesting Lotuses

Dreaming of harvesting or planting lotuses is all about hard work and careful planning. The lotus seems to plant itself, but believe it or not, people do cultivate lotuses themselves and who can blame them? The benefit of cultivating such a plant is greater than the work involved. Your “lotus harvest” might be a career you are working toward, a relationship you want to put a spark back into, or even a new hobby you want to learn about. Whatever area of your life you feel needs work, the dream is telling you to apply yourself, do the work, and you will succeed in ways you never dreamed of. One sign that is really good about working hard is Virgo and you can read more here: Virgo Traits and Love Compatibility

Dreams About Dying Lotuses

Dying lotuses represent the end of a cycle or a way of being. Sometimes, we know things are coming to an end, and we fight that. To the Ancient Egyptians, black lotuses represented death, but to them, death was not the end of existence. It was the end of life on this plane before a new life began. Sometimes, we have to give up things to get things that are better. A bad job, uncomfortable home, toxic friendship, or poor self-image that is not beneficial to your life must be sacrificed to get something better, but you must first let go. The dream of a dying lotus will guide you to releasing bad things so good things can come your way. To read about honoring the dead, see here: All About Samhain

Dreams of Lotus Seeds

Dreams of lotus seeds represent hope. Before a flower can blossom, it first has to bud a blossom and before a blossom can bud, a plant needs to sprout. The plant sprouts from a tiny seed. Within that seed lies the potential for all things and right now, within you is the potential for something great. If you are working towards something, and it has been difficult every step of the way, the dream tells you to hang in there because there is hope. If you are looking to begin something, but you are not sure you can do it, the dream is telling you to have faith because within yourself is all you need to succeed. You’ve got this.

Dreams of a Pond Full of Lotuses

When you dream of a pond full of blooming lotus flowers, it means you are doing very well and you should rejoice. This dream represents accomplishment, abundance, and a plentiful harvest. Now is the time to be proud of yourself and enjoy all you have gained from all you have done. It is also, however, a time to be thankful for your abundance and share it with others. It is also a time to review what you did to evaluate your success and think of what you did that you could do in the future to be this successful again.

Dreams of Blooming Lotuses

Blooming lotuses in dreams represent personal growth. You have come a long way and have bloomed into the beautiful person you have become. You should be very proud of how far you have come on your path. Remember though, to bloom means to change. We are all evolving every day, and like the lotus blossom blooms for only a few days before a new blossom appears, so you have opportunities to grow more every day. Read about being your best self: How to Be Your Best Self

Dreams of the Lotus Position

If you dream you are sitting in what is called “the lotus position”, it is a dream about meditation and spiritual enlightenment. The dream is telling you to take a step back from conventional teachings and speak with your inner self about spirituality. Sometimes, we are misled by well-meaning people whose spiritual path is nothing like ours, and taking advice from them is not helpful. This dream tells you to be your own spiritual guide, follow your own teachings, and establish your own spiritual practices. You know best.

Dreams of Receiving a Lotus Flower

If you have a dream that somebody is giving a lotus flower to you, it means you are about to be presented with something wonderful. You should accept this gift graciously. This is no ordinary gift, however, because it will be life changing. Keep in mind that a great opportunity might seem like too much, especially if it is not what you are expecting. It’s still exactly what you need, and you are ready. Accept the wonderful thing you are being presented with when the time comes. It’s yours to enjoy.

What Does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Mean?

What Does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Mean?

You might notice a lot of lotus tattoo design body art and wonder what it means. If you know somebody with a special lotus flower tattoo, you can always ask them the meaning of their tattoo, but in general, lotus tattoos are symbolic of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Not everybody has had an easy life, and some people who rise above terrible tragedy to thrive despite it all and feel reborn will commemorate that with a tattoo. Perhaps there is no better symbol to represent the tenacity of the human spirit to rise above difficulties than the lotus? Perhaps the most resilient sign in Pisces, and you can read about them here: Pisces Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

The sacred lotus has been with us for millions of years, and its seed can sprout hundreds of years after it is formed, making it the perfect symbol for long life, rebirth, and immortality. It represents enlightenment because it rises above murky waters, facing the sun. Not only does it symbolize these things, but it is also meaningful when it appears in dreams. May you rise above difficulties like the lotus survives droughts. May your life be long, and may you thrive in your own beauty, like the lotus flower. So Be It.

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.