The Spiritual Meaning of Birds
July 01, 2024 10 min read

The Spiritual Meaning of Birds

By Lady Saoirse

Join Spiritual Blossom to learn all about the spiritual meaning of birds. Find out what birds symbolize and the spiritual significance of different types of birds. Discover what dreams about birds tell you and what it means when the bird is your spirit animal.

Birds captivate us with their beauty, grace, and their sweet songs. Some birds are enormous, and some are so tiny, people are barely aware of them. It is estimated there are over 50 billion birds, or about six of them for every human being on earth. They live in deserts, mountainous regions, cold climates, and are seen during all four seasons. They live in the wild and with humans as pets, and some kinds of birds represent the ancient gods. Just what is it about birds that fascinates us so much? Perhaps it is the deeply meaningful things they symbolize. Join Spiritual Blossom as we explore the spiritual meaning of birds. Find out what they symbolize and what dreams of birds mean. Discover what some different kinds of birds symbolize and what it means when birds are your spirit animals.

What Do Birds Symbolize?

With over 11,000 different species of birds known to us, there is no limit to what birds symbolize. They are living dinosaurs, having been around for over 145 million years. They are actually considered reptilian, with crocodilians being their closest relatives in the animal kingdom. With all these years on earth, they have come to symbolize great things. Freedom as well as love and fidelity and happiness are symbolized by birds. They also symbolize safety and adaptability.


The ability to take off and fly, then plunge into the water before emerging to walk on land enables birds a lot of freedom many species don’t have. It’s hard to imagine that a bird soaring in the sky as tied down to anything at all, but birds use their freedom in surprising ways. While a handful of bird species are solitary like the sandpiper and roadrunner, many birds form colonies and hunt, live, and attack predators together for the good of the colony.

Fidelity and Love

Fidelity and Love

Many species of birds have one mate at a time and some mate for life, like wood ducks. Many birds have one mate per mating season and they may part ways for a time and come back together again soon after. Some stay together to raise their young, and split up for good. However, is there anything that looks more romantic than two birds snuggling on a branch or building a nest together?


Does anything sound more joyous than a bird singing? Of course, bird songs are not just music. Their calls can be to attract mates, alert one another to danger or food sources, or to attract prey. A lot of birds have vibrantly colored feathers that make them look happy, and they hop about energetically, which makes us think they are joyous. In the wild, it may be difficult to find a bird that doesn’t seem happy, and it’s difficult to imagine being sad when you hear the joyous sounds of bird songs.


Birds don’t waste any time if they are worried their safety may be threatened. They fly away immediately. It’s true that birds have plenty of accidents, but when they are concerned that something might not be safe, they completely avoid it. Birds have been observed using warning calls for other birds to help them avoid dangerous situations as well. Baby birds even protect themselves when they have fallen from their nests. They hide and wait on their parents to find them. What would our lives be like if we avoided danger and did all we could to protect ourselves like birds do?


Many species of birds migrate for the weather and to follow their sources of food. They do what it takes to survive and thrive, and they typically follow the migratory patterns that generations of other birds have. Even birds who don’t migrate change how they live from season to season. They understand that being stubborn doesn’t benefit them when their environment changes, and they do whatever they need to. They fly, swim, walk on land, and seem to live in nearly every climate. This is why they symbolize adaptability. Imagine how different our lives would be if we all adapted as well as birds.

Different Types of Bird’s Meanings

While birds in general have spiritual meaning, different birds have their own spiritual meaning. Read on to find out about birds like cardinals, blue jays, and peacocks.

Red Cardinal Spiritual Meaning

Cardinals represent messages from the dead or spirit guides, and good things in general. When you see a cardinal after the death of a loved one, some people would say that the loved one is visiting. Some people believe cardinals carry messages between people and angels too. So, when you see a cardinal, pay close attention. It brings good news either in the form of something good like new love coming into your life, or messages from the powers that be. Read more about cardinals: What is Red Cardinal Spiritual Meaning? | Spiritual Blossom

Hawk Spiritual Meaning

Hawks represent focus, success, and intuition. Hawks have intense visual focus for accomplishing their goals, and it is this focus that leads them to these accomplishments. Their reputation for being intuitive helps them also. Hawks watch things silently, absorbing information before making their move. They seem to understand unseen things and have the answers to all of life’s questions. Read more about hawks: Hawk Spiritual Symbolism, Lore, and Meaning | Spiritual Blossom

Crow Spiritual Meaning

Crow Spiritual Meaning

Crows represent intelligence, death, and transformation. Crows mimic human speech, and are known to use objects as tools. They sometimes feed on dead animals they did not kill. Roadkill, or the corpses of creatures who have fallen are feasted upon by crows and that may be why they are associated with death. It is believed by some that crows carry messages between the lands of the living and dead, and some believe crows carry the spirits of the dead. Seeing a lot of crows often is believed to mean you are called to transform. Read more about crows: What Does a Crow Symbolize? | Spiritual Blossom

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning

Hummingbirds represent the ancestors, protection, and courage. The Aztecs believed hummingbirds were reincarnated warriors, so nobody was allowed to harm or kill them. They also believed that hummingbirds were messengers to the gods. A god named Huitzilopochtli, symbolized by the hummingbird, defended his mother from hundreds of siblings who wanted to kill her, and thus the hummingbird represents courage and protection. Read more about hummingbirds: What Do Hummingbirds Symbolize? | Spiritual Blossom

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

Blue jays symbolize luck and warnings. Some people believe that seeing an agitated blue jay is an omen that you need to protect yourself. Chances are that the blue jay is warning you that people are speaking against you behind your back, and you will have to protect yourself from them. Some people say the blue jays bring bad luck because of this, but getting a warning is a good thing. Seeing a blue jay is also believed to let you know that something good is about to come into your life, and that is very good luck. Read more about blue jays: Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning | Spiritual Blossom

Owl Spiritual Meaning

Owls represent luck and wisdom. It seems like nothing gets past the watchful eye of the owl, and some people believe they foretell the future. It is said an owl hooted to portend the death of Julius Caesar and owls can predict whether storms or cold weather is on the way. The Cheyenne traditionally wear owl feathers to make them lucky enough to see better and be stealthier and the Celts believed owls would help unmarried women luck into a husband. Read more about owls: What Does it Mean When You See an Owl? | Spiritual Blossom

Eagle Spiritual Meaning

Eagles represent power and scaredness. Their abilities to take down animals like foxes or wolves that are much larger than them earns them a reputation of being powerful. They build nests far above ground, can fly 30 miles per hour, and can reach a speed of up to 200 miles per hour when diving for prey. Some aboriginal First Nations people believe eagles carry the prayers from people to the creator and the Greeks believes the eagle was a messenger for their father god Zeus. Read more about eagles: What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually? | Spiritual Blossom

Peacock Spiritual Meaning

Peacocks represent pride and protection. Male peacocks use their spread of feathers to protect the females and young from danger. A peacock feather can be used in protective magic. Albino feathers represent the voice of the divine and can be used when praying. Male peacocks display their feathers proudly, and “peacocking” means showing off your accomplishments proudly. Read more about peacocks: Peacock Spiritual Meaning | Spiritual Blossom

Dove Spiritual Meaning

Doves represent peace and reconciliation. They are not aggressive predators and are gentle when you approach them. The dove was the creature who brought an olive branch in the story of Noah and the Ark after the flood, and this was believed to symbolize their god was reconciling with humanity after being angry enough with them to destroy life with a flood. Read more about doves: Dove Spiritual Meaning, Lore, and Symbolism | Spiritual Blossom

Birds in Dreams

Birds can represent all the things in dreams they represent in real life, but if you pay attention to the details of the dream, you will discover deeper meaning. Before delving into what specific bird dreams symbolize, read our dream meanings guide: A-Z Dream Meanings Glossary | Spiritual Blossom

Dreams of a Bird Landing on You

Dreams of a bird landing on you bring messages. Different birds landing can bring different messages. For example, cardinals bring messages from the ancestors or spirit guides and eagles landing on you bring you the message to be courageous. If the bird brings something with it, the object they bring has meaning. A crow bringing gifts to you means that you should request payment or energy exchange for the things you do for people. If a bird lands on you and then falls asleep, it means you are someone who can be trusted.

Dreams of a Caged Bird

Dreaming of a caged bird symbolizes being trapped. Being in a cage is unnatural for birds. It can lead to their death due to emotional distress, lack of proper nutrition, loneliness, or improper sanitation. If you dream about a caged bird during a time when you are feeling stuck in a situation, it is a message from the universe to find a way out. Being trapped somewhere for a long time can completely destroy you.

Dreams of a Bird in Your House

If you dream that a bird got into your house, it means the same thing a wild bird flying into the house in real life would. It means that you need to get the bird- or whatever it symbolizes- out of your house- which symbolizes your life. What things or people are invading your time, emotional energy, or personal space right now? Find out and get rid of them.

Dreams of a Bird’s Nest

Dreams of bird’s nests symbolize hope, potential, starting a family, and new beginnings. This dream is an indication that it’s time to get started on the things you have been dreaming about doing. The potential for growth and success for new endeavors is powerful right now. If you dream there are eggs in the nest, it means something you have been working on is about to manifest. If you dream of broken eggs, however, it indicates disappointments, but don’t give up. Try again! The nest is still in the dream, so things will work out if you keep trying.

Dreams of Birds Flying

Birds flying in dreams indicate a desire for freedom. You might be in a situation you want to “fly away” from and this dream indicates it is time to find out how to do that. If you dream birds are frantically flying to escape something, the dream is warning you of danger and that you should flee a situation instead of sticking around and fighting. A bird calmly or happily flying in a dream tells you that you are at peace and should just relax and enjoy life.

The Bird Spirit Animal

When the bird is your spirit animal, it teaches you many great things. You will learn to watch for danger and remove yourself from situations you need to be protected from. You will also learn there is power in numbers, and like birds form colonies, you will form powerful unified groups with friends and family. Birds will teach you to be loyal to those you love but step away to have time to yourself like some birds separate from their mates when mating season is over. They will teach you to be watchful and take joy in the small things in life. To spend more time with your bird spirit animal, plant flowers they like to feed on, and set out birdfeeders and bird baths to draw them to your garden. Read more about spirit animals: Which Animal is My Spirit Animal? | Spiritual Blossom

Sometimes, a bird crosses your path and it’s just because the animal is going someplace. Sometimes, seeing a bird has a much deeper spiritual meaning. Birds symbolize freedom, love and fidelity, and happiness. Different birds have their own symbolism and dreams about birds have deep meaning. When the bird is your spirit animal, it teaches you all its wisdom and spiritual gifts. May the bird fly into your life and bring you many blessings.

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom and Mysticsense, and she writes for The Green Egg Magazine and PaganPages.Org emag.