The Spiritual Meaning of Peacocks
March 27, 2024 11 min read

The Spiritual Meaning of Peacocks

By Lady Saoirse

Learn all about what peacocks mean spiritually, their symbolism and magic, the symbolism of creatures like them, and what it means when the peacock is your power animal. 

A beautiful peacock with open feathers may appear as such a spectacular creature, you may be wondering what magic lies with the bird. Peacock magic isn’t some mysterious power you can’t access, believe it or not. The grace, poise, and power of the peacock can join with your magic if you know how to make that happen. Join us as we explore what peacocks are, what strengths you can draw from them if they are your spirit or totem animals, what their spiritual meaning is, and how you can learn from their power to let your own magic soar. This article will discuss peacocks and all the things you can learn about them spiritually.

If you are lucky enough to live near a nice zoo, you may have had the good fortune to see real peacocks. A peacock from the side is beautiful enough but when a peacock opens its feathers, displaying its regal tail in all its glory, you might think it’s so beautiful, you wish you were a peacock! A peacock is more than just a pretty bird, though. They are special creatures who represent rebirth, honor, and revelations. For some lucky people, peacocks are their spirit animals, and there are other people that have similar traits to the bird that they can be considered to be a peacock icon. Perhaps most importantly, though, there is some amazing magic you can work with the power of the peacock. Join us to learn more about peacocks and their magic!

What is a Peacock?

What is a Peacock?

Although people use the word peacock to refer to both male and females, technically, peacocks are male peafowl, and peahens are female peafowl. Peafowls are not just one bird but are from three different species of birds in the pheasant family. The first kind is the blue peafowl, which originated in the Indian Subcontinent. The green peafowl comes from Southeast Asia, and the third peafowl type, the Congo peafowl, is from the Congo Basin. Both male and female peafowl have head plumes, but it is the males who have the long, luminous tail feathers. The green and blue peacocks have long feathers which they fan out to make a dazzling display of iridescent colors. The Congo peacock does not have such an impressive fan, but he does have long tail feathers he displays when it is mating season.

What are peacock feathers opened called? This is called displaying their train. A female peacock picture will show beautiful feathers, but the males are the ones with the impressive trains which they use to attract females to mate with. When the bird flies, it can fly short distances and flutter back to the ground. This is not a bird that has feathers designed for long flights, and instead peafowl are able to fly short distances like into a tree, or to the ground from a higher area. The peacock side view will show its alert eyes beneath its jewel-like plume that is crowned atop its head, and those luminous feathers are not just for attracting a mate. 

A group of peacocks is called a pride, an ostentation, or a muster and peacocks can have a wingspan of up to an impressive ten feet. They are omnivores and eat seeds and grains, but also insects. They can live up to twenty years and weigh as much as thirty pounds. There are about one hundred forty thousand peacocks worldwide and peacocks are an endangered species due to habitat loss, predators, and the fact that they are poached for their beautiful feathers. Their numbers have decreased by fifty percent since poaching for their feathers began and at one time they were raised for food. They are now the national bird of India and are a protected species.

Birds Like Peacocks

While there are only a few kinds of peacocks, there are some birds who share some similar qualities as them. Some people find turkeys to be similar to peacocks and others believe the artwork depicting the mythical phoenix birds look very much like peacocks. Then there is the powerful cassowary that some say is the most dangerous bird on earth!



Are turkeys and peacocks related? Apparently, there has been some debate in the scientific community about that. Some studies group the family peacocks come from with some similar biological structural systems as some birds, including turkeys. As for the peacock, animals in general are very different from them, but turkeys and peacocks are both foragers and have what is considered heavy bodies. They have both been raised for their meat and feathers, but peacocks stay in small groups whereas turkeys are more social, living in larger groups. Turkeys are also capable of flying much farther than peacocks and turkeys sleep in trees like peacocks do. Both also have impressive trains. 


The mythological phoenix is attested to in ancient writings from Egypt, Greece, and China. It is an immortal creature that is associated with worship of the sun. It is believed to die engulfed in flames, and be reborn, rising from its own ashes, renewed. Pliny the Elder’s description of the phoenix is said to resemble the golden pheasant, but some believe the phoenix is a mythic story about the beautiful peacock. Dante’s Inferno said it was reborn when it was five hundred years old and that it eats only incense and the amomum flower. Surprisingly, myths say there was one phoenix, as opposed to many, and it continued to be reborn. Some stories say the aging phoenix flew to Heliopolis and burned in the flame on the altar at the temple there before its rebirth. 



The cassowary is quite different from turkeys and the phoenix, but it still shares some similarities with peacocks. Known as the world’s deadliest birds, cassowaries have distinctive bright colors on their faces and necks, like peacocks, and they, too, are omnivores. Like peacocks, they prefer to be left at peace, but will attack if they feel like they have to defend themselves. The southern cassowary, like peacocks, is endangered, and there are twenty five percent of their population or less left. Unlike peacocks, however, cassowaries have not been poached for their feathers or hunted for meat. They are endangered due to habitat loss. To read about another bird, the eagle, see here: What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually?

Peacock Power Animals

The peacock animal totem meaning is that of rejuvenation, integrity, purity, beauty, and nobility. If the peacock is your totem, or spirit animal, they can bestow these gifts upon you. If a peacock is your power animal, it calls you to take pride in your accomplishments, and display your skills and beauty proudly. Peacock spirit power is all about being true to yourself, never compromising who you are or allowing anybody to shame you into hiding your magnificent brilliance from the world. They also symbolize spiritual renewal, and this can help you rebuild yourself in difficult times when you worry that you are beyond hope. With the peacock as your power animal, your personal power will be admired by all, and you will be empowered to meet your goals. One Zodiac Sign known for being in touch with spirituality is Aquarius and you can read about them here: Aquarius Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

What is a Peacock Person?

Besides having a peacock as your power animal, what does it mean when somebody says somebody is like a peacock, or they are a “peacock person”? It could mean multiple things. It might mean they are saying somebody has been stripped of their power or they are displaying the good things about themselves. It can also mean they are protective!

A Peacock with No Feathers

A Peacock with No Feathers

Have you ever seen a featherless bird? It is naked, it looks small, and it looks cold and afraid. Its protective feathers have been removed and it looks defenseless. Birds who fly who have had their wing feathers removed are grounded and cannot fly and have lost their freedom. When a peacock is without its feathers, however, that generally means its train, or its tail feathers have been removed. The peacock with no train cannot attract a mate and seems alone and sad. Their splendor and beauty will have been taken from them, and they cannot feel true to who they were born to be.

If somebody says a human is like a peacock without its feathers, it means their status has been stripped from them. Perhaps they have been unfairly demoted at a job, or a supervisor has taken credit for their work. Someone who is like a peacock stripped of its feathers does not have to give up, though. It takes time, but feathers grow back again, and you can get your personal power back again with hard work and patience. To read about a very patient sign, taurus, see here: Taurus Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Strutting Like a Peacock

If they say somebody is strutting like a peacock, it means they are showing off what they feel is good about themselves and sometimes, people feel jealous of that and say they are just bragging. “She’s not so great” they are saying when they see her proud of herself, but they are probably wrong. People deserve to be proud of who they are and their unique accomplishments, and self confidence is very healthy. Some people feel that showing pride is excessive and vain, but if your confidence is considered too great to some people, that is better for your mental health than lacking self-esteem. So go ahead and be as proud as a peacock and strut your stuff no matter what people say. One Zodiac Sight that does not mind sharing the things they are proud of is Virgo and you can read about them here: Virgo Traits and Love Compatibility

As Mean as a Peacock

Are peacocks mean? states they are territorial in the wild and very protective. They can be dangerous and their sharp beaks and claws can cause injuries. They do say, however, that peacocks are not especially aggressive and won’t necessarily attacked unless they feel threatened or provoked. While it's never wise to approach a wild animal to begin with, it is an especially bad idea to approach peacocks during mating season, because they are focused on drawing a mate, and an approach from a strange human can result in them attacking. You can read their article here: Are Peacocks Dangerous? 4 Reasons Peacocks Are Aggressive ( So, to say somebody is as mean as a peacock isn’t really fair to peacocks! If you are truly as “mean as a peacock” it means that you are protective and defensive and don’t allow people to make you feel imposed upon. That is definitely a good thing, if you think about it! One way to stand your ground and be protective like a peacock is to set boundaries and not allow anybody to cross them. An easy way to do that is to name your boundary, being as specific as possible, and then simply give reminders if need be. You can maintain your personal beauty and composure the whole time without worrying about ruffling anybody’s feathers if they know what boundaries not to cross. One Zodiac Sign known for being in touch with their temper is Aries and you can read about them here: Aries Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Peacock Magic

Peacock Magic

Like all creatures in existence, peacocks have their very own magic that people can harness. This is not the same as having a peacock as a spirit animal, mind you. These are some simple magical working anybody can participate in to draw from the magic of the peacock. Remember however, that when procuring materials to use for magic, to make sure you purchase things that have not been acquired by poachers to ensure the gentle creatures don’t suffer. One place to buy feathers that are picked up after the birds naturally molt them is here: Cruelty Free Feathers | Moonlight Feather

The Peacock Effect

The peacock effect is one of many types of glamor magic workings you can use. The peacock effect is something you do to stand apart from everybody else so that you are noticeable. This is very wise when you are doing things like trying out for a spot in a dance troupe or trying to get a job. Do something that shows you are ahead of the competition, and have more to offer than other people do. Do an extra difficult dance routine or showcase your career achievements at that interview. You can also dress especially noticeably with brightly colored clothing or unique accessories. Anything you do to stand out from the crowd, showing your qualifications as superior, like the beautiful peacock displaying its glorious train is the peacock effect and it gets results. A wise creature is the owl and you can read about it here: What Does it Mean When You See an Owl?

Peacock Feather Magic

Peacock feathers are blessed with magic. An albino peacock feather has different magic than a colored peacock feather, however. Albino peacock feathers represent the voice of the divine, so hold an albino peacock feather while praying for divine answers. All peacock feathers can be used for protection, like the male peacock shelters the peahen and peachicks with its train. Peacock feathers also symbolize healing, because they are shed, or molted for new, healthier ones to grow in. When you are doing healing workings, placing a peacock feather over the area of the body to be healed can bring positive energy of rejuvenation. Peacock feathers also grant courage, so if you need an extra boost of bravery, carry a peacock feather in your pocket. To read abiyut feathers in dreams see here:  Soaring to new heights: Unveiling the Spiritual Significance of Flying in Dreams

Peacock Luck

Did you know that anytime you see a peacock or a picture or video of one, that is good luck? If you would like to share that good luck, send loved ones some postcards with pictures of peacocks on them, or send them gifts with peacock images. Peacocks also bring luck to single people who are open to finding true love, and sleeping on bedding with peacock motifs can help give you some of that good peacock energy to help you in your search. Peacock feathers brought into the home are said to be bad luck, but when worn as a necklace, they are said to bring good luck. All peacock feathers harvested in ways that harm peacocks are bad luck, though, so make sure your magical feathers did not harm peacocks. Another lucky creature is the ladybug and you can read about them here: Ladybug Spiritual Meaning, Lore, and Symbolism

The beauty of the peacock is legendary, but the bird is known for its pride and good luck as well. When the peacock is your spirit animal, it will bring you gifts of self-confidence, rejuvenation, and beauty. Be aware of humane treatment of the lovely birds when doing magic with them and work your magic with their energy. Wear a peacock feather pendant for luck, sleep under a vintage chenille peacock bedspread, and mail your loved ones peacock greeting cards to benefit from their blessings.

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she is an admin and writes for Pagan Pages emag.