What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?
February 28, 2024 11 min read

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Join Spiritual Blossom to learn all about the spiritual meaning of ladybugs and what they symbolize in dreams. Find out what it means when the ladybug is your spirit animal and learn how to attract ladybugs and their magic into your life.


One of the most magical things that can happen when you're enjoying nature on a beautiful day is for a ladybug to land on you, but what does it mean when it happens? Some people believe that events like this are random and other people believe that there is a deeper spiritual meaning to seeing a ladybug. What are ladybugs and what do they symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about ladybugs, and what does the ladybug teach you when it's your spirit animal? Perhaps most importantly, find out what you can do to attract more ladybugs to your garden so that they can share their magic with you.


What’s a Ladybug?

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

Ladybugs are a family of small beetles that are also known as lady birds or lady beetles. There are over 6000 different species of them, and they are found all over the world. They are carnivorous predators that eat aphids and other small insects. Some of them will eat plant matter and a lot of them will even lay their eggs near the type of creatures that they prey upon. In certain regions, they will hibernate, and they also migrate. Imagine such a tiny creature traveling! Different kinds of ladybugs have different appearances. Some of them are all one color while others have bright colorful spots and these bright colors let potential predators know that they don't taste good. To read about another insect, the spider, see here: Dreams About Spiders- Meaning and Symbolism (spiritualblossom.com)

Ladybugs can be as tiny as 1 millimeter or over 10 millimeter large. Ladybugs are considered to be beneficial insects because they eat other insects that munch on people's plants and vegetables. As a result, people will deliberately attract them or introduce them into their gardens to benefit from their good work. Ladybugs hatch from eggs three to 10 days after they've been laid, they grow for about a month, enter a pupae stage, and after about 15 days they reach adulthood. They can live for up to a year as adults. Ladybugs are considered harmless to humans because they don't carry disease or draw blood, and they usually prefer not to bite. Just make sure not to eat them, and if you're allergic to them, you might you might get a skin welt if they do bite you. To read about a terrifying mythical creature known for biting people, the vampire, see here: Are Vampires Real? (spiritualblossom.com)


What is Ladybug Meaning?

Besides being beneficial to gardeners, ladybugs mean a lot of good things. People all around the world consider ladybug sightings to be messages of good luck, and they represent protection. For surprising reasons,  ladybugs represent forward movement and progress on our paths, and they also represent love.

Good Luck

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

When ladybugs land on you, they bring messages of luck. If a ladybug lands on you it means good things are about to happen and if they land on you repeatedly, it means a lot of good things will happen.  If you are a recently married woman, when a ladybug lands on you, it might mean you will become pregnant. If you are struggling with illness, when ladybugs land on you, it means healing is on the way. It can also mean you have some extra money to look forward to. Make sure to count how many spots the ladybug has because that will tell you how many months until your money arrives. To read about another messenger of good things, the cardinal, see here: What is Red Cardinal Spiritual Meaning? (spiritualblossom.com)


Ladybugs also represent forward movement. Dead ladybugs tell you to leave the past behind and move into your future. Ladybugs announce that a time of stagnation has come to an end, and things will begin moving forward once again. They encourage you to get active to make the change you want to see happen, and they encourage breaking habits, traveling, and learning new things. One Angel Number that is all about changes is 444 and you can read all about that here: What is the Meaning of the 444 Angel Number? (spiritualblossom.com)


Ladybugs, especially black ones, represent protection. If you find an all black ladybug, or a black ladybug with only one red spot on each side in your house, it’s extra lucky. It means your home is protected.  It is most especially considered a symbol of protection when you see a single ladybug in your house in the wintertime. Ladybugs might be a symbol of protection because they successfully devour pests like aphids that would desecrate a garden. One ladybug can eat up to 5000 aphids in its short lifetime. One way to be protective, especially in bad times is to consult Tarot Cards for guidance and you can read about that here: Tarot Readings for Bad Times (spiritualblossom.com)

Love and War

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

Ladybugs represent love and they are associated with the ancient Roman goddess Juno. She was a goddess of marriage and love but she was also a goddess of war. The color red, which is on some ladybugs, represents victory and protection from disease. Ladybugs represent victory over disease, but seeing two ladybugs can mean something else. It can be an omen that a great love is about to come into your life, a love that completes you emotionally, and a love that will be eternal. A ladybug might also be a messenger that the goddess Juno is near. To learn about goddesses and gods of the sea read here: The Folklore, Myths, and Gods of the Sea (spiritualblossom.com)


What is Ladybugs Meaning in Dreams?

Dreams about ladybugs can mean all of the things that they symbolize, that sometimes a dream about a ladybug has a deeper meaning. Some dreams are about new beginnings, and some dreams are about making intelligent decisions. Some dreams tell you not to overreact and other dreams are about money.

Dreams About Ladybug Larvae

New beginnings and personal transformations are at hand when you dream about ladybug larvae. In the larval stage, animals eat a lot to fuel the transition that their bodies go through to change into adults. Some larvae look like blobs of nothing, but inside, their little bodies hold great potential. When you dream about ladybug larvae, you are in a stage in your life where a lot is up in the air, and things might seem like a mess. In that beautiful mess is all the ingredients that you need to evolve and become the best version of yourself. So go ahead and change into the beautiful person that you were born to be. To read about being your best self see here: How to Be Your Best Self (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About a Ladybug Infestation

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

These dreams are all about working smarter not harder and they are all about the power of teamwork. One person can create great change, but a unified team of people working together toward a common goal can change the world. Sometimes, working toward a goal is best done a certain way, which simplifies everything, and makes the work go more smoothly. If you're overwhelmed on the job, try to delegate tasks to other people to make sure that everything gets done. If you find it difficult to get things done after your morning meeting, come in before the meeting and get some things done. Ladybug infestation dreams tell you to team up with your people and use the smartest techniques to get things accomplished best. One Zodiac sign that loves to team up with their people is Gemini and you can read about them here: Gemini Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About Biting Ladybugs

Ladybugs are not venomous, and unless you have a severe allergy to them, if they bite you, it’s harmless. Sometimes, though, we tell ourselves something is terrifying when it actually isn’t- like being afraid of a ladybug biting. Dreams about being bitten by a ladybug tell you that you are scaring yourself about something that you have no reason to be afraid of. That's good news. So, relax, take a deep breath, and don't let anxiety lie to you. Another animal that might bite is the snake and you can read about dreams of snakes here: Dreaming of Snakes- Meaning and Symbolism (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About a Green Ladybug

A lot of dreams about green things are about money and wealth, and dreams about green ladybugs tell you that wealth and money will come from unexpected places. When you dream about a green ladybug, you are being called to come up with usual ways to make money. If you've gotten a job offer, negotiate a higher salary than they offered you before you accept the job when you dream of green ladybugs. Look for forms of passive income or do things like sell valuable collectibles when you have a dream about green ladybugs. You might even be able to change banks and work with the program they have to make your money work better for you. To read about the green Earth Signs see here: What are Earth Signs on the Zodiac? (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About Ordering Ladybugs

If you dream about ordering ladybugs to release to your garden, you are being told to recruit the help of other people who might be seen as frightening or to unleash the frightening side of yourself. The ferocity of ladybugs on garden pests helps keep plants healthy and from being eaten. The way ladybugs accomplish this is by eating the pests. What might be seen as savage by some people keeps the peace, keeps order, and preserves your resources. Go ahead and yell back at somebody who yells at you, enforce consequences for bad behavior, or turn people into the authorities when they deserve it. When times get tough, dreams about ordering ladybugs tell you to get tougher. To read about dream interpretations see here: Your Guide to Dreams and Interpretation of Them (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About a Gold Ladybug

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

Gold or yellow ladybugs call for transformation. To some people, the color yellow symbolizes fear, and sometimes fear is the only thing standing in your way of making powerful changes. When you dream about gold or yellow ladybugs, you are being told that you can create the changes that you want, and all you need is to believe that you can. Gold is also a color of great value that symbolizes power. When you dream about a gold ladybug you are being told that you have immeasurable power waiting to be unleashed. What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and make those fantastic changes happen because the yellow ladybug tells you that you've got this. To read more about dream interpretations see here: Your Guide to Dream Meanings Part 2 (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About a Male Ladybug

Are all ladybugs female? No. They are just called ladybugs. If you dream about male ladybugs, you are told that societal expectations do not always reflect reality and you are being instructed to do your own research. You cannot count on the crowd or mainstream culture to tell you the way things really are right now. Think for yourself, draw your own conclusions,  and make your own decisions.  To read even more about dream interpretations see here: Your Dream Bible and Dream Analysis Guide (spiritualblossom.com)


Ladybug Spirit Animal Meaning

The ladybug is one animal that just might be your spirit animal. Spirit animals are creatures that we have a spiritual connection with, and we learn powerful lessons from them. When the ladybug is your spirit animal, it teaches you to be protective of yourself and the ones who you love. It also teaches you to move forward with things when the time is right. Ladybugs teach you to keep your eyes and ears open for good omens, good tidings, and good luck, and to always seize good opportunities. How can you know if the ladybug is your spirit animal? One sign that the ladybug is your spirit animal is that there are always ladybugs around you, and you feel a powerful kinship with them that you can't explain. Another creature that might be your spirit animal is the eagle and you can read about it here: What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually? (spiritualblossom.com)

Would you like to know how to attract more ladybugs into your life so that they can share their magic with you? It's easy. Simply order some ladybugs through the mail and release them into your garden. They manage to hide out well enough in the winter that they reappear again in the spring, and they stick around for generations. There are some things you can do to make your garden a good environment for ladybugs. Make sure if your region doesn't get a lot of rain that you have a bird bath or some other source of water because ladybugs need plenty of water. Plant  things like dill, yarrow, cosmos, cilantro, and scented geraniums because those are plants that ladybugs especially love. You can order ladybugs through the mail here: Live Ladybugs - General Predators – NaturesGoodGuys


The ladybug might be small, but it's spiritual power is great. When you see ladybugs, they bring messages of protectiveness, love, and progress, but they also bring good luck. Dreams about ladybugs symbolize all of these things but they have deeper messages and what the specific messages are depend on what kind of ladybugs you dream about. When the ladybug is your spirit animal, they teach you all about their spiritual gifts, and how to follow their example. May the ladybugs bring you good luck, good energy, and good messages. So Be It.

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About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.