What Animal is My Spirit Animal?
April 03, 2024 11 min read

What Animal is My Spirit Animal?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Learn the spiritual significance of spirit animals. Find out what they are, how to know you have one, some typical spirit animals, and how you can find out exactly what creature is your spirit animal.


Maybe you have heard about spirit animals from people who talk about life changing encounters with them, or maybe you've had a life changing encounter with the spirit animal yourself. Not everybody seems to have a relationship with the spirit animal, but some people who do talk about it. What's a spirit animal anyways and how can you tell if you have one? What are some of the most common spirit animals, and how do you find your spirit animal if you haven't already? Join Spiritual Blossom to answer these questions and find out their role in your spiritual life.


What is a Spirit Animal?

What Animal is My Spirit Animal?

Spirit animals are creatures that we have a spiritual connection with. Some people believe that all beings in the universe are spiritually connected.  Even if this is true, each of us has a powerful spiritual connection with certain creatures that other people may not necessarily have a connection to. Spirit animals are just animals, and they don’t exist for the sake of helping humans. They live their own lives just like we do, but each of us has a special connection with our own spirit animal.

Your spirit animal is a creature that you have a deep kinship with, and you understand each other profoundly. You may naturally emulate their behavior without knowing you're doing it, and some people even say that they look like their spirit animals. Things that they do might seem mysterious to other people, but they make perfect sense to you. You may feel that you understand what they're communicating to you, but you may not know how this is happening. You will find yourself inspired by their strengths and their natural instincts, and you will seek to follow their example. When you are with your spirit animal, you might feel more yourself than when they are not around, and learning lessons from them will make you feel more whole. To read about being your best self, see here: How to Be Your Best Self (spiritualblossom.com)



How Can I Tell If I Have a Spirit Animal?

What Animal is My Spirit Animal?

Everyone has spirit animals. Some people even have more than one of them. It's just possible that you don't know what your spirit animal is yet. Once you discover a spirit animal, you might be surprised to discover another one and then another one. What if you haven't discovered what your spirit animal is yet? Is that bad? Not necessarily. Quite often they reveal themselves to you when they feel like the time is right, so don't worry if you haven't discovered your spirit animal yet because it will happen. One animal that might be your spirit animal is the rabbit and you can read about it here: What is Bunny Spiritual Meaning? (spiritualblossom.com)


What Are Some Common Spirit Animals?

Any animal can be a spirit animal, so maybe it's not fair to say that some animals are more likely to be spirit animals than others. However, a lot of people who talk about spirit animals do tend to talk about the same ones. Wolves, owls, deer, and foxes are a lot of people’s spirit animals. Eagles, ladybugs, butterflies, and black cats are too. Red cardinals and Hawks are also a lot of people's spirit animals.

Wolf Spirit Animal Meaning

Wolves are pack animals, and are loyal to their kin. They can be gentle or fearsome depending on the situation they're in. The wolf spirit animal teaches you to love your friends and defend yourself against anyone who would call you an enemy. They represent the splendor of untamed nature, and the wolf spirit animal teaches you to be true to yourself and not let anything change you.  To learn about a terrifying creature of myth that is related to wolves, read here: Do Werewolves Exist? (spiritualblossom.com)

Owl Spirit Animal Meaning

What Animal is My Spirit Animal?

Owls Symbolize wisdom and being able to see hidden truths. When the owl is your spirit animal,  it teaches you to listen and observe things from the background. Owl spirit animals will be easier to find in the night, so if you want to make contact with your owl spirit animal but it's the, go for quiet walks in the darkness of night. Read more about owls here: What Does it Mean When You See an Owl? (spiritualblossom.com)

Deer Spirit Animal Meaning

Deer represent the classical masculine attributes of being protective, of being a leader, and of being brave. When the deer is your spirit animal it teaches you all of these gifts. It also teaches you to adapt to any situation, because the deer knows that it is not necessarily the strongest or the smartest who survive the best, but the bravest and the most adaptable. Read more about deer here: What is Deer Spiritual Meaning? (spiritualblossom.com)

Fox Spirit Animal Meaning

What Animal is My Spirit Animal?

Foxes are smart, and sneaky. They know how to wait for the right opportunity that will benefit them the most, and when the fox is your spirit animal it teaches you to do the same. They also teach you how to keep your plans to yourself until it is time to make your move. To read about another cunning creature, the coyote, see here: Coyote Spiritual Meaning/ Their Symbolism and Lore (spiritualblossom.com)

Eagle Spirit Animal Meaning

Eagles represent strength and speed. When the eagle is your spirit animal, it teaches you to act swiftly once you have made a decision. It also teaches you to act with force in ways that benefit yourself. The eagle spirit animal will also show you how to put yourself in a position high above others so you can keep your eye on things. Read more about eagles here:  What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually? (spiritualblossom.com)

Ladybug Spirit Animal Meaning

Ladybugs may at first appear innocent but tell that to an aphid. Ladybugs are known as beneficial predators that eat pests. When the ladybug is your spirit animal, they teach you to devour the competition and do what it takes to empower yourself. They are also known for bringing luck and will teach you how to give other people who you feel deserve it good opportunities. Read more about ladybugs here:  Ladybug Spiritual Meaning, Lore, and Symbolism (spiritualblossom.com)

Butterfly Spirit Animal Meaning

Known for their beauty and delicacy, butterflies live a life of perfect freedom. When the butterfly is your spirit animal, it teaches you to live life on your own terms and never be tied down to anyone or anything.  Butterflies also help to pollinate plants, making them some of the most beneficial creatures on the planet. When the butterfly is your spirit animal it teaches you to give help to others when you can without expecting anything in return. Read more about butterflies here: What Does a Butterfly Symbolize? (spiritualblossom.com)

Black Cat Spirit Animal Meaning

A beautiful and misunderstood creature, the black cat is actually considered one of the luckiest animals on earth. They know how to hide in the darkness, waiting until the right moment to pounce on opportunities. When the black cat is your spirit animal, it teaches you to keep a positive outlook, even if people speak against you, and do good deeds everywhere you go. They also teach you to be cautious, and only reveal your motives to those you trust. Read more about black cats here: The Magic and Superstitions of Black Cats (spiritualblossom.com)

Red Cardinal Spirit Animal Meaning

Cardinals appear when angels are near and bring messages from the ancestors. They bring messages of joy and hope, and they represent fidelity and love. When the cardinal is your spirit animal, it teaches you to be faithful to those you love. They teach you to communicate openly with spirits and ancestors. The red cardinal spirit animal teaches you to express love, joy, and to give uplifting messages to people. Read more about cardinals here: What is Red Cardinal Spiritual Meaning? (spiritualblossom.com)

Hawk Spirit Animal Meaning

The hawk spirit animal teaches you to focus intensely on your goals and not to let anything deter you from them. Hawks do not waste their time on things that will not benefit them, and the hawk spirit animal teaches you that you should do the same. To read more about the hawk see here: Hawk Spiritual Symbolism, Lore, and Meaning (spiritualblossom.com)


How to Find Your Spirit Animal

Your spirit animal has always been with you but you might not have realized it yet. If you understand what certain animals communicate, but you can't explain why, then chances are it's your spirit animal. If you feel like you have more in common with a certain kind of animal than you do with people, then it's probably your spirit animal. If you don't know which animal is your spirit animal there are ways you can find out. Four special techniques are the best ones for finding out which animal is your spirit animal. Meditation can yield answers, as can visiting nature and simply experiencing it. Spirit animals might also appear to you in visions or dreams.


A simple meditation to help find your spirit animal is to pick a quiet place in nature and sit comfortably. Know that your soul is connected to the souls of all living beings on earth, but there is one type of creature in particular that shares a powerful spiritual bond with you. Open your awareness to this creature, and in your mind ask it to present itself to you. Set in silent meditation like this until you get an answer. It might take a few sessions of this, but your spirit animal will appear to you. To read about the snake, which might be your spirit animal,  see here: Dreaming of Snakes- Meaning and Symbolism (spiritualblossom.com)


Visions are just psychic images in your mind. If you want a vision of what your spirit animal is, the best way to do that is to first leave a gift out in nature. Leave some type of gift for animals in general like bird seed, dried corn, water during the dry season, or even apples left on the ground. Another gift that you can give to the creatures is to pick up trash at a natural area, or donate time or money for metro park maintenance. Send out a prayer with your spirit that your spirit animal may appear to you in a vision. The answer will come to you. To read about clairvoyant psychic gifts see here: What is Clairvoyant Psychic Reading? (spiritualblossom.com)


Spirit animals might also make themselves known to you in dreams. You can say a prayer that the animal will appear in dreams, but quite often a dream like this will happen on its own and no effort on your part is necessary. Just keep a dream journal next to your bed and upon waking every morning, write down everything that you've dreamed about so that you don't forget. To read about dream interpretations see here: Your Guide to Dreams and Interpretation of Them (spiritualblossom.com)

Experiencing Nature

Some people don't realize this, but humans are a part of nature. Getting out into nature on a regular basis is a very important part of being human, and an excellent way to spiritually connect to the earth and her creatures in general. The more time you spend outdoors, the more exposure you will get to different animals. Pay attention every time you are outside to what kind of animals appear to you. Spirit animals will often approach you on a regular basis without you trying to make it happen. Notice how the animal appears to you, the things it's most likely to, and the way that you feel when it does this. This is an excellent way to spend time with your spirit animal and communicate with it. To read about a creature that might be your spirit animal, the spider, see here: Dreams About Spiders- Meaning and Symbolism (spiritualblossom.com)


How Can I Connect with My Spirit Animal?

What Animal is My Spirit Animal?

There are a lot of ways to connect to your spirit animal after you discover what it is. One simple way is to surround yourself with it or representations of it to draw from its power. Some people will wear jewelry with their spirit animal’s image, and others will keep their spirit animal as a pet. Some people will get ethically sourced parts of their spirit animal to keep such as bones and feathers. Rattles made from found turtle shells are a great way to draw from the power of the turtle spirit animal, and shed skins from serpents will connect you to the power of the snake spirit animal. You can also visit zoos where your spirit animal lives or even donate money to a cause to help take care of your spirit animal. For example, if the bear is your spirit animal, one organization you can support that helps bears can be found here: home - Appalachian Bear Rescue (bing.com)


We do not walk our spiritual paths alone. We do have other people to guide us, but our spirit animals walk with us also. The journey with your spirit animal can begin today if you want it to. Establish your connection to your spirit animal and it will bring you blessings as well as lessons, and it will be your companion for your whole life. Make sure to follow our tips when you're trying to find out which animal is your spirit animal, and enjoy your relationship together from then on.


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About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.