Dreams About Snakes- Their Meaning and Symbolism
January 19, 2024 11 min read

Dreams About Snakes- Their Meaning and Symbolism

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Snakes might scare some people, but other people believe they are sacred creatures who share profound spiritual messages.  Dreaming of snakes might not be your preference, but if you do have a dream about them, what do snakes represent and what is the dream telling you? Join Spiritual Blossom to learn all about snakes in dreams. What do snakes represent and what do different snake dreams mean?


Each of us has dreams, and sometimes, we even remember them. Some people say that dreams are the sleeping mind’s way of occupying itself, but other people say dreams have spiritual meanings. There is no limit to the things you can have dreams about, but one thing a lot of people have dreams of is snakes. Some people believe snakes are evil creatures and they panic when they see a snake, but when they dream of a snake, they fear the worst. What is a snake and what do snakes represent symbolically? Are they really that evil and what do different snake dreams mean? Join Spiritual Blossom to learn all about dreaming about snakes and what they mean.


What is a Snake?

Dreams About Snakes- Their Meaning and Symbolism

Most simply stated, a snake is an animal, specifically a reptile. They have no limbs, external ears, or eyelids, and are covered with scales. It is believed they evolved from lizards over 150 million years ago, and snakes are known as cold blooded creatures. Adults can be as tiny as only 4 inches long or as large as 22 feet long and some prehistoric snakes got to be over twice that size.  Some can live on land or in water, and they survive underground as well. There are close to 3,900 species of snakes and they live on every continent but Antartica.

Snakes are carnivores, meaning they are meat eaters, and some experts say they are the perfect predator, because their bodies have evolved to hunt very efficiently. They have long, narrow bodies they can hide well because of their camouflage coloring and their jaw is structured in such a way, they can swallow prey that is much larger than their heads are. They move silently through their ecosystems and strike their prey with lightening speed and perfect precision. Some snakes are venomous so they can paralyze prey and they don’t necessarily need to eat every day like a lot of other species do.

Snakes live for a long time. In the wild, some species of them live for up to 100 years and in captivity, they can live nearly twice that long, up to 170 years. Out of the thousands of snake species only a little more than 700 of them are venomous. While most snakes lay eggs, which they keep warm until they hatch, some snakes give birth to live young. Snakes don’t shed individual skin cells like people do,  and instead they shed their entire skins a few times per year. Different kinds of snakes eat different things from small creatures, to human beings. Yes, human beings! Maybe that’s why some people are scared of snakes! To read about another scary maneater, see here: Do Werewolves Exist? (spiritualblossom.com)


What Do Snakes Symbolize?

Snakes symbolize different things to different people, but there are a few main things they symbolize to a lot of people. They symbolize things we fear, even if they have never harmed you.  To some people, they symbolize certain goddesses and to other people they symbolize mysterious, hidden truths.

Our Fears

Mysterious, quiet snakes swallow prey whole and strike so quickly, you would never see them coming before they hit you. That makes them an even stronger candidate to represent things that scare us. Because of this, they represent hidden dangers and things we are terrified of. Watching one unhinge its jaw and swallow a creature that looks larger than it is why many consider snakes representatives of evil, fears, and all sinister things. The fact they hide so well makes people terrified, and they represent threats that lurk beneath the surface.  Because of the story about Eve and the serpent at the forbidden fruit tree, to some people, snakes represent fear, evil, and all bad things.  To read about another terrifying creature, see here: Are Vampires Real? (spiritualblossom.com)

The Goddess

Dreams About Snakes- Their Meaning and Symbolism

Some ancient people revered the serpent as a symbol of a goddess. Snakes were sacred to some Aztec goddesses like Tonantzin and Coatlique. Tonantzin has many names, one of which means “Snake” and Coatlique’s name means “Her skirts are snakes.” It is believed that to Aztecs, snakes represented the basic lifeforce that animated all living things, and sometimes that was portrayed as serpents. These mother goddesses gave life, had many children, and made things grow to feed the people.

These were not the only two serpent goddesses, however, Wadjet is an Ancient Egyptian cobra goddess who protected mothers and childbirth. Meretseger was another Egyptian goddess and she protected graves. If you crossed her, she would have you besieged with venomous snake bites. The Gorgons were Greek beings with snakes for hair and it is believed they were perhaps portrayed this way to communicate their immortality. Like snakes shed their skins and renew their bodies, two out of three Gorgons were immortal. To read about goddesses and gods of the sea, read here: The Folklore, Myths, and Gods of the Sea (spiritualblossom.com)

Hidden Truths

Snakes represent the mysterious and the hidden side of life. They go into small places underground, and in the crevices of trees that seemingly no human can reach. They hide well, appearing to materialize out of thin air to surprise us. Their soulful eyes seem to hold deep, ancient wisdom, and their silence makes them seem as if they are contemplating the mysteries of the universe. They disappear just as quickly as they appear, and they go about their business without regard to anything else but their own intentions. Silent, surprising, and mysterious, snakes represent hidden truths and things that are concealed from us. To read about uncovering hidden truths, see here: What is Clairvoyant Psychic Reading? (spiritualblossom.com)


Are Snakes Evil?

Dreams About Snakes- Their Meaning and Symbolism

Some folklore portrays snakes as evil, but that might not be the only reason so many people view them this way. Snakes evolved side by side with our kind, hominids. Snakes have always eaten hominids, and guess what? Hominids have always eaten snakes. They have also been some of our biggest competition as hunters. When two species have evolved as threats to one another in this way, it instills fear, but that doesn’t make them evil.

It means they want to survive, and surprisingly, they are not even the species that is the greatest threat to mankind. The creature that kills the most people per year is the tiny mosquito. The second creature that kills the most humans is us- other human beings. We are a far greater threat to our own kind than snakes are. It could be argued that the most dangerous creature isn’t a snake, but a human being. According to National Geographic, humans harm other species and the planet in general with deforestation, overpopulation, pollution, making other species extinct, and even something called light pollution. Read more here: Human Impacts on the Environment (nationalgeographic.org)

Furthermore, we hunt animals just to take trophies of their bodies. We make taxidermy art to decorate our homes and we use snake’s skin to make shoes, belts, and purses. We encroach on their ecosystems, even if we are not actively polluting them, and some people kill a snake the moment they see it just because they are scared. Yes, snakes do compete with us for resources, and sometimes, they do strike and kill, but humans cause far more damage to snakes, so who is to say which species does evil things? To read about the black cat, another innocent creature many fear see here: The Magic and Superstitions of Black Cats (spiritualblossom.com)


What Do Dreams of Snakes Mean?

Dreams of snakes can mean any of the above things, or they can vary by person. Some people’s past experiences shape what snakes symbolize to them, and other people’s religious or cultural beliefs do. The cobra symbolized royalty and protection in Ancient Egypt and a snake named Python protected the god Apollo in Greek mythology. To the Hopi, snakes are their kin and carry prayers for rain. Each person has their own beliefs about snakes, but some dreams can generally be interpreted in specific ways. Read on to learn some snake dream interpretations.

Dreams About Holding Snakes

Dreams About Snakes- Their Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about holding snakes symbolize taking control of a situation fearlessly. If the dream depicts the snake fighting you, you are being instructed to keep your composure and supervise the situation confidently. If the dream depicts the snake calmly allowing you to handle it, the dream reassures you that any concerns you have about taking charge are unfounded. You are being told to have confidence that you have what it takes to make good things happen.

Dreams About Snake Attacks

If you dream about a snake attacking you, it indicates that you feel threatened by something, and you are afraid you will be harmed. You wouldn’t just stand still and let an animal attack you. No, you would fight it or run away so it could not hurt you. Like an animal attack, a person or situation can prove disastrous. So do something to protect yourself. If you are feeling attacked at work, speak with someone who can help like a supervisor and if you feel attacked in a relationship, shut it down. This dream is saying that you don’t have to be helpless when someone attacks you. To read about more dreams, see here: Soaring to new heights: Unveiling the Spiritual Significance of Flying in Dreams (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About Snakes Hatching

Dreams about snakes hatching are all about birth, renewal, and new beginnings. New things are coming to you, and you can enjoy renewed hope. New opportunities might be coming, or you may be receiving healing after an illness. If you are very lucky, there might be a birth to look forward to. If the newly hatched snakes leave their shells and nest immediately, your dream is telling you to step outside of your comfort zone to experience a new adventure. If the newly hatched snakes relax and cuddle up in their nest together or with a mother snake, the dream is telling you that you are divinely protected and well loved and cared for right where you are so there is no need to venture out.

Dreams About Big Snakes

Big snakes can represent different things in dreams. If the big snake in your dream is frightening, it means you have some big threats or challenges coming your way. You are being called to rise to the challenge and defeat it. Your capabilities are bigger than anything that could be seen as a threat and you can overcome any obstacles. If the big snake is magnificent and glorious, it means a big, fantastic opportunity is coming your way, and all you have to do is accept it.

Dreams About Black Snakes

Dreams About Snakes- Their Meaning and Symbolism

Black is a color of protection and mystery. It also encompasses all other colors in the spectrum, and for that reason it represents the interconnectedness of all things. When you see a black snake in a dream, if it seems to materialize out of thin air, the dream is telling you to pay attention to what knowledge lies beneath the surface. You might not have all the details about something, and you are put on notice not to make a decision until you know everything. A black snake in a dream can also tell you to keep your own secrets safe and not tell your business to anybody else, but be silent and, mysterious like the black snake. The black snake in your dream can be telling you that you are watched over and protected right now also. To read about the meaning of black feathers, see here: "Mystical Wings: Exploring the Symbolic Interpretation of Black Feathers in the Spiritual Realm" (spiritualblossom.com)

Dreams About Dead Snakes

Dreams about dead snakes symbolize good luck. Situations that were not helping you have come to an end, and you can move on from them to more beneficial things. Dead snakes can symbolize the end of a cycle. Maybe you have finished school, or a job is coming to an end, but dead snakes symbolize endings. This is also a dream telling you something else is about to begin, however. Like the seasons change into one another, the cycles of our lives transition to each other. Leave the past behind and open your eyes to a new opportunity.

Dreams About Killing a Snake

When you dream about killing snakes, it symbolizes victory. It means you will take charge of a situation and tear down anything or anybody that is foolish enough to stand against you. You will win your court case, prove a point, get that job promotion, or overcome opposition from those who seek to undermine you. You have the power to destroy the competition and stand strong in the face of adversity. This dream tells you that nothing can stand in your way, and nobody can beat you right now.


Some people say snakes are the ultimate evil, but snakes are actually just a kind of animal. Perhaps snakes are more misunderstood than any other creature on earth. When you dream of snakes, there are special messages they bring to you, and instead of being afraid, you should listen. Sometimes snakes represent our fears, other times they represent the feminine divine, and other times they stand for mysteriousness. Pay close attention when snakes appear to you in dreams. They always have a powerful message.


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About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.