What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize?
March 21, 2024 10 min read

What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize?

By Lady Saoirse

Find out the spiritual meaning of hummingbirds including their symbolism, what they tell us in dreams, and what it means when the hummingbird is your spirit animal.

A tiny surprise visitor to your garden adorned in jewel tones, the hummingbird might just be a feast for the eyes to some people, but to other people, hummingbirds bring great spiritual truths. Join Spiritual Blossom as we explore the spiritual symbolism of hummingbirds. Learn what they are and what hummingbirds mean spiritually. Discover the gifts and wisdom hummingbirds share as spirit animals and read all the way to the end to find out how to get your own horoscope forecast from Spiritual Blossom.

What’s a Hummingbird?

What’s a Hummingbird?

Hummingbirds are small birds that are native to the Americas. They are characterized by their rapid flight, and their wings beat so quickly they don't look real. That fast beating of their wings creates a humming sound, and that's why they are called hummingbirds. You would think that all of the energy they expend by moving so quickly would exhaust them, but it doesn't. This is because during times of scarce food and at night when they rest, they enter a state called torpor which is like hibernation, and it slows down their metabolism and conserves energy. They are the smallest species of bird, some of which are only two grams in weight. They have long beaks that are specialized so that they can feed on flower nectar, but some kinds of hummingbirds also eat small insects.

They appeared around 42 million years ago and their feathers have iridescent colors. Some species of hummingbirds are so fast they can fly up to 34 miles per hour. Some hummingbirds only live about three years but some have been known to live up to 10 years. They have very high metabolism, and during flight, they burn energy as much as 10 times higher than that of a human being who is being athletic. They have adapted to that by being able to power themselves up to 100% with just the sugars that they take in from nectars. They convert the sugars that they ingest very quickly and they set aside a fat store that they rely on while they’re in torpor. They are so tiny that spiders, frogs, dragonflies, and even praying mantises feed on them.

What Do Hummingbirds Symbolize?

After 42 million years, a lot of symbolism has been associated with hummingbirds and in myth, there are many stories about them. They symbolize the spirits of the ancestors as well as protection. They also symbolize courage, and they symbolize creation itself.

The Ancestors

The Ancestors

To the Aztecs, hummingbirds were reincarnated from warriors who had died, and it was forbidden to kill or harm them. They were also seen as messengers to the gods. To the Apache, the hummingbirds carry messages from the Creator. They also believed hummingbirds brought rain. All of these things bring blessings and life to the people, and a connection with the ancestors was seen as a very important thing. To read about Samhain, a holiday that venerates the dead, see here: All About Samhain


The Aztec god Huitzilopochtli was represented with the tiny hummingbird. While there are multiple stories about him, one is about his relationship with his mother Coatlicue. She miraculously became pregnant with him when she was sweeping the halls of the sacred temple, and a single feather fell from above and alighted on her breast. His 400 siblings were blinded with rage that she was pregnant and under the leadership of their sister, Coyolxauhqui, they decided to assassinate her. However, Huitzilopochtli emerged fully formed as a warrior, and battled all of his siblings to protect his mother. The hummingbird represents the protection of warriors and the gods, as a result. One zodiac sign that takes motherhood very seriously is Cancer and you can read about them here: Cancer Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility


A Cherokee legend talks about a sacred tobacco plant that was stolen by a malevolent goose, who wanted the plant all for himself. Many different animals tried to get the plant back, but the goose killed them all! The tiny hummingbird convinced the animals to let him try and save the plant. The hummingbird snuck in and was able to fly away with a part of the plant, including seeds, before the goose even know anybody was there. The brave little hummingbird was also able to get this plant to a woman who was gravely ill, and she was healed with the plant, saving her life. It had the bravery to do what needed done and therefore represents courage. To read more about zodiac plants for Libra, see here: What is the Best Libra Flower? 


Another of the Aztec stories about Huitzilopochtli says he helped create the world. Not only was he symbolized by the hummingbird, but also the sun itself. He chased his siblings throughout the world to protect their mother. He needed a lot of energy to do this, or else he would stop shining, and the world would die. He helped create fire, the first humans, and the very earth we live on. Other stories say the hummingbird itself was created with things that were left over when they created the world, and that explains the hummingbird’s different colors. To read about another sacred bird, the eagle, see here: What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually?

Dreams About Hummingbirds

Dreams about hummingbirds can symbolize any of the things that they traditionally stand for. If you pay extra close attention to what type of hummingbird you're dreaming about, and special details about the dream, it will help explain meaning. Hummingbird feeders, hummingbird nests, newborn hummingbirds, and hummingbird nectar all mean different things in dreams. A ruby throated hummingbird, Anna’s hummingbird, bee hummingbirds, and rufous hummingbirds all have meanings of their own.

Dreams About a Hummingbird Feeder

Dreams About a Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird feeders represent nourishment and wealth. Chances are, when you dream about Hummingbird feeders, you're being called to feed wildlife. Because hummingbirds are protective creatures, they might not be asking for food for themselves, but for food for whatever creatures come to your garden. So take note of the animals that visit you, and give them treats and food to eat. If you decide that you would like to feed the hummingbirds, planting flowers that they will feed from like columbines, lupines, foxgloves, and hollyhocks will provide them with natural nectar that they love. To read about Scorpios Zodiac flowers see here: What is the Best Scorpio Flower?

Dreams About a Hummingbird Nest

Dreams about hummingbird nests symbolize new opportunities. When you dream about a hummingbird nest, something is about to present itself for you that has the potential for a lifelong happiness. You should seize the opportunity, and relish this new beginning. If you can count how many eggs are in the nest, it can tell you how many good things you have to look forward to. If the hummingbird chicks have already hatched in the nest, the dream is about cultivating a new opportunity that you have already started to participate in so do whatever you can to take full advantage of it. To read about another bird, the red cardinal see here: What is Red Cardinal Spiritual Meaning?

Dreams About Hummingbird Nectar

Hummingbird nectar symbolizes reaping the rewards from your hard work. If you dream about a hummingbird drinking nectar from a plant, your dream tells you to get to work manifesting your goals. If you dream that you are mixing up sugar water to feed hummingbirds, the dream is telling you to use your hard work to help other people with things that they cannot do for themselves. One Zodiac sign that loves to help others is Pisces and you can read about them here: Pisces Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility 

Dreams About a Newborn Hummingbird

Dreams About a Newborn Hummingbird

Newborn hummingbirds symbolize great blessings. With blessings come great responsibility however. Babies of every species symbolize a lifelong commitment. So, dreams about newborn hummingbirds alert you that a new opportunity, or blessing is on the way that will improve your life from now on. It will require some hard work, energy, and sacrifice on your part but it will be worth it. It might be a new career, friendship, or a love relationship but it's going to be very good. To read about the stages of relationships see here: What Are the Phases of Relationships?

Dreams About a Ruby Throated Hummingbird

In 2021, there were approximately 34 to 36 million ruby throated hummingbirds in their breeding range of North America. That makes them the most populous species of North American hummingbirds. Dreams about the ruby throated hummingbird represent greatness. What they are specifically referring to depends on what is going on in your life. If you're trying to decide which job offer to accept, dreams about the ruby throated hummingbird tell you to take the job that gives you the most pay and benefits. If you want to know how much to invest, dreams about the ruby throated hummingbird tell you to invest the maximum amount that you can. One Zodiac sign that dreams big is Sagittarius and you can read about them here: Sagittarius Traits and Love Compatibility

Dreams About Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird aids pollination because pollen sticks to its beak and feathers and transfers to other plants when they move around. As a result, this type of Hummingbird represents service. Any time you have a dream about the Anna's hummingbird, you are called to put your own needs or desires aside and do something to help someone or another creature. It's not easy to be selfless, but the Anna's Hummingbird does it effortlessly and so can you. When you dream of the Anna’s Hummingbird, say a prayer to the powers that be to guide you in the direction where your help is needed most. Then roll up your sleeves and get to work because somebody needs you. Another Zodiac sign that loves to help other people is Libra and you can read about them here: Libra Traits and Love Compatibility

Dreams About a Rufous Hummingbird

The rufous hummingbird can travel an astounding 2,000 miles when it migrates. This bird represents taking chances and going far out of your comfort zone. Any time you dream about this bird take a daring chance because things will pay off. If you have been considering moving out of state or out of the country, dreams about this bird encourage you to go for it. If you are afraid that you have bit off more than you can chew and that it's time to quit something that's difficult, dreams about this hummingbird tell you to keep working at it, because you can do this. One Zodiac sign that's not afraid to take chances it's Aries and you can read about them here: Aries Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Dreams About a Bee Hummingbird

Not only is the bee hummingbird the smallest hummingbird, but it is the smallest bird in the world. They are so tiny they build nests that are only about an inch in diameter. Bee hummingbirds represent the fact that sometimes doing less or having less as the best course of action. If you're having financial issues and you dream about bee hummingbirds, the dream is telling you to spend less money and reduce costs somehow. If you're being asked to take on more tasks at work, but they don't want to pay you more, the tiny bee hummingbird tells you that less is more, and the answer is no, you will not be doing more work for no extra pay. If you are about to have a tense discussion with someone, dreams about the bee hummingbird tell you to say as little as possible and do more listening than speaking. Another tiny creature that you might be having dreams about is the spider and you can read about them here: Dreams About Spiders- Meaning and Symbolism

The Hummingbird Spirit Animal

The Hummingbird Spirit Animal

What lessons will the hummingbird teach as a spirit animal? One of the most important things that hummingbirds teach is to respect all creatures. If such a tiny bird can represent a god who created humanity and the very earth itself, no life form is insignificant. Hummingbirds will also teach you to take chances and be brave even when others have failed. They will teach you to protect your loved ones fiercely and they will also teach you not to underestimate yourself even if someone feels that you are too small to make a big difference.

How can you attract hummingbirds to you so you can learn from them? Make nectar water and put it in one of the red nectar feeders that they love so much. Add 2 cups of filtered water to 1/2 cup GMO free organic sugar and stir it until the sugar dissolves. Place this in your bird feeder and make sure to keep your feeder clean. On days where it is above 90 degrees fahrenheit, nectar water can go cloudy and therefore spoil in as little as two days. Change the water at least once a week but watch it to make sure that it stays clear.

When you see a hummingbird, it might just be a lucky sighting, but chances are the hummingbird is bringing you spiritual messages. Hummingbirds represent courage, protection, ancestors, and creation. Dreams about hummingbirds bring you instructions for making the best decisions in life. When the hummingbird is your spirit animal, it will teach you to protect the people who you love, be brave in the face of fear, create the world that you want to see, and to honor and respect your ancestors. May all of your encounters with hummingbirds be meaningful. So Be It.

About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.