Libra Zodiac Traits and Compatibility
December 05, 2023 11 min read

Libra Zodiac Traits and Compatibility

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Discover the Libra dates, Libra ruling planet, element, and how those contribute to their personality and their dark traits. Find out which of the signs are the best matches for a Libra and learn how to get your Libra Horoscope today.


What is a Libra?

Libra Zodiac Traits and Compatibility

Libras are born from September 23 to October 22. Their symbol is the Scales of Justice, and they embody the scales by balancing their lives. They are known as peacemakers who are excellent mediators, and they work to create harmonious environments wherever they go. They love to be in love and are always open to new friendships and they keep their hearts open for romance. They are charming and can be flirtatious, but they are serious about sharing life with the people who they commit to. Their worst traits don’t bother a lot of people, but their calm demeanor can dissolve into anger if they feel their good nature is taken advantage of. Join us for our exploration of Libras. Learn their ruling planet and element as well as their best and worst traits. Find out which signs are most compatible with Libras and stick around until the end to find out how to get Libra horoscopes from Spiritual Blossom.


Libra Traits

Libra Zodiac Traits and Compatibility

If you asked which zodiac sign is the prettiest, a lot of people would say it’s Libra.  That’s because Libras are ruled by the planet Venus. Libras love all things beautiful because of their ruling planet which also governs the arts including drama, dance, literature, and the visual arts. It also rules adornment. Venus influences Tauruses to be materialistic, but it influences Libras to collect people, experiences, and what they feel is fine art. Venus gives Libras a kind, generous, disposition and it makes them loving. It also makes them quest for perfection. They are never fully satisfied and are always seeking to improve. They seek not only perfection in their own lives, but their sign rules marriages and partnerships, so they seek the perfect mate.

Libras are Air Signs, which means they are expert communicators. This helps them to organize, teach, and persuade almost anybody about almost anything. They excel in law, education, religious disciplines, the arts, and literature. Air makes Libras have hungry minds, and they seek to know the truth. They are therefore flexible about beliefs, and they listen to differing views so they know all sides of debates before they make up their minds about something. They can be seen as flighty, and easily swayed, but they are not. They simply keep an open mind and if they feel they have found a better option, they take it. Air makes them good listeners and they are sympathetic to people’s emotions. They are often consulted for advice because Air installs not only intellectual abilities upon them but wisdom.

Libra Traits Female

The traits of a Libra woman are not all that different from Libra a man. Libra is considered a feminine sign ruled by the feminine planet Venus, and female Libras can have even more noticeable classical feminine qualities of being compassionate, nurturing, and graceful. Libra women might not be covered in cosmetics or wear the latest trends, but they have their own kind of beauty. They are meticulous about their appearances, and as picky about hygiene as Virgos. They can’t stand things they dislike the smell of, and they don’t want to touch things they feel are unclean. People gravitate to them as mother figures, and they are highly sought out for advice. They dry a lot of tears and reassure a lot of people.  Libra women love to host and entertain, gathering their loved ones around themselves. They like to plan friend’s outings too, taking people they love to all the cultural events they love. They tend to have non traditional views on sex and romance as well.

Libra Traits Male

Male Libras are a lot like female Libras and the traditional male attributes of seeking success and being assertive leaders can be more noticeable in them. They are not as ambitious as some other signs, but they do require quite a bit of autonomy on the job to feel comfortable. They don’t necessarily need to give orders, but they do need to act as trainers or project coordinators on the job because they love to help people. They seek justice in all they do, but their personal sense of justice might not be what everybody expects. They think for themselves and refuse to be dictated to.  If they believe there is an unjust situation, they seek to change it but prefer to motivate people to do the right thing rather than outright fighting. They abhor shouting and arguing and would rather cut off communication with people than arguing.


Libra Bad Traits

Libra Zodiac Traits and Compatibility

You would think you found the perfect partner when you meet a Libra, but before you commit yourself to them, there are some dark traits they have you should know about.  While Libras are known for being peacemakers, they do it for themselves. They get agitated by discord, and cannot stand unharmonious environments, so they become excellent at conflict resolution so they can create the environment that makes them comfortable. The fact other people benefit from this is a bonus. They will cut off long term relationships with somebody who suddenly upsets them and maintain relationships with people who none of their friends can stand as long as they don’t upset them. They can be impossible to please as lovers and may get the roving eye. If they feel it is justified, they will cheat on a significant other, and they have no problem dumping someone if they find somebody who they think is cuter. It’s not that they cheat more than any other sign, it’s that they cannot endure being unhappy, and they don’t believe in staying in loveless relationships. To read how different signs do breakups, see here: Breakups with Each of the Signs (

They are loyal to what they believe is the highest good, and that means if a decision would upset somebody close to them, they feel it is necessary. They may consult people for opinions, but they make the decision they feel is best regardless of what other people think, and they don’t lose any sleep over people disagreeing with them. They can be completely uncaring about what other people say, and some people interpret this as Libras not caring at all. This is not true. They just believe that sometimes it is better to do the right thing instead of being a people pleaser. They make people think they are so strong, nothing upsets them, but behind closed doors, they will fall to pieces over things other signs would not even bother to acknowledge. They can be codependent, and unable to do much on their own. They can be seen as needy and high maintenance, but they consider themselves democratic and they believe teamwork pays off.


Who is the Best Match for Libra?

Libra Zodiac Traits and Compatibility

Dating a Libra might sound fantastic for any sign, but some people say that not all zodiac signs are compatible with Libras. Some people believe that Libras harmonize best with other Libras and fellow Air Signs Gemini, and Aquarius while others say Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are Libra’s best matches. Some people believe that Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces don’t blend well with Libras at all, and still other people say that the Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorns are Libra’s worst matches. The truth is, we can fall in love with any sign. While some signs may harmonize more naturally with others, any conflicts that arise can be worked through if you and your loved one are willing to.


Some people Say Aries and Libras don’t match well because of the fact that Aries lose control of their tempers sometimes, but the truth is, Libras get angry sometimes too, so they understand. Libras appreciate the fact their Aries can calm down and move on from being angry very quickly. Libras are good at soothing Aries people’s worries and Aries people are protective of their sensitive Libras. This is a great match.


Libra and Taurus compatibility is surprisingly good, and that is partially because they are both ruled by the planet Venus. Libra and Taurus lovers appreciate one another’s devotion, and they are both focused on pleasing their lovers in the bedroom. They both like to be with someone who devotes a lot of time to them and makes them a priority. Tauruses are less spontaneous than Libras, but a taurus will go along for a fun day that  their Libra plans.  These two can be together for life.



Geminis and Libras are both Air Signs, they are both very active people, and while they both want a partner who can keep up with them, this can create issues. They can work things out if they are a team in life, but if they have different goals in life, they may each spend so much time doing their own things, they never come together. They both love to have new experiences and learn new things and they are two of the top mediators in the zodiac. They make a great team as long as they are going in the same direction.


Cancer and Libra compatibility is higher than a lot of people realize. Libras are the ultimate reassurers in the zodiac and Cancers need a lot of reassurance.  Libra man and Cancer woman compatibility may actually be one of the best for both signs because of this. The only major issue that could arise is if the Cancer insists on staying in a mood induced funk and won’t listen to reason or if the Libra becomes impatient.  These two signs usually work things out and almost always end up together long term. 


Libra and Leo compatibility is so high, these two may become life partners the day they meet.  Libra compatibility with Leo is powerful because Leos respect Libras confidence and Libras appreciate Leo’s sense of humor and positive energy. They also admire Leo’s bravery, take charge attitude, and charm. Leos love the beauty Libras bring into the world.  When a Leo and a Libra fall in love, it is usually for life.


Virgo Libra compatibility isn’t always great. Virgos love to be in charge, and while Libras don’t necessarily need to be the boss, they refuse to be dominated. Some Virgos don’t understand this. Both Libras and Virgos believe their way of doing things is best, and if they disagree on how to do things, neither will back down. These two can work things out if they collaborate democratically.


Two Libras together can be the ultimate love combination, or the worst match ever. They usually hit it off immediately because they both go out of their way to be pleasant, but each Libra is an individual, and some Libras annoy other Libras. Libras can’t stand to be annoyed and they won’t stay in relationships with annoying people. In a professional setting these two can excel as teammates even if they don’t like each other if they are both focused on their jobs, but as lovers, if they are not smitten, things will end in breakup.


Libra and Scorpio compatibility is refreshingly good. Libra Scorpio compatibility is so good because both signs care about how their loved ones feel. Problems may arise when Scorpios have mood swings, but if their Libra is understanding, their mood will improve, and their love will continue.  To read more about Scorpio’s best matches, see here: The Best Love Matches for Scorpio (


It is said that this is one of Libra’s best matches and it’s because both signs love to have a good time. They both love variety, adventure, and to laugh. Sagittarians can be self-centered and this can hurt Libra’s feelings. Libras can be emotionally cold when they are upset as well, which makes Sagittarians feel shut out. If these two can focus on one another, all will be well.  


Capricorns can come across as domineering for Libras, and Libras can come across as emotionally shallow to Capricorns at times. If the Capricorn can live with an independent Libra who lives life on their own terms and accepts their lighthearted approach to things, these two can work things out.


Unique Aquarians and beauty loving open minded Libras make an especially good pair. Aquarians are always blazing new paths and inventing new things and experiences, and Libras admire and appreciate them for bringing so many wonderful new things into existence. Aquarians harmonize well with Libras, who give them the freedom of complete independence. Together they create a beautiful life and can be together forever.


Libra and Pisces compatibility depends on a couple of things. Some people say Aquarians and Sagittarians need the most independence, but a lot of the time, Pisces people do. Libras can be put off by Pisces’ need to have so much alone time, but Libras can rub Pisces the wrong way too. Libras can be very blunt with their advice and opinions, and this can hurt Pisces’ feelings. All Libra has to do is gently state their thoughts and feelings and as long as their Pisces spends enough time with them, these two can be a great couple.



Libras will come into your life, bringing harmony, beauty, and good times. They will dry your tears, give you advice on solving problems, and love you so much, you will forget your troubles.  They do what they believe is right and don’t care what people think of them. If you are a Libra, you create peace, balance, and happiness wherever you go, and even what some people call your worst traits can be your greatest strengths. Libras make the world a more beautiful place, and the people who love them don’t know what they would do without them.


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