What Do Crows Symbolize?
April 08, 2024 10 min read

What Do Crows Symbolize?

By Lady Saoirse

Learn all about the spiritual meaning of crows including their symbolism, the meanings of dreams about crows, and what it means when the crow is your spirit animal.

When you see a single black crow, meaning might be something you want to know about. Is the bird just going about its business, or does it symbolize something greater? Join Spiritual Blossom to learn all about the spiritual significance of crows. Find out what they symbolize and the difference between a crow and a raven. Learn what it means to have dreams about crows and find out what type of profound spiritual teachings the crow brings to you when it is your spirit animal.

What’s a Crow

What Do Crows Symbolize?

Crows belong to the Corvus family and are found most everywhere in the world besides parts of South America. There are about 40 species of the Corvid family and some of the larger ones can have wingspans of almost 40 inches. They fly and walk, feeding on the ground and they eat both meat and plant matter. They are known for going after farmer’s eggs as well as pieces of roadkill and they are so smart they will store their food to eat later. While some crows are social birds living in large families and they hunt, care for their young, and defend their homes together, others do not live in colonies. In colonies, their flocks can include tens of thousands of members.

Most crows have glossy black feathers, beaks, and eyes while some species of crows have differently colored feathers. They are able to mimic human speech, and some crows know up to 100 words and can form complete sentences. In the wild, crows live close to 13 years, but in captivity they can live up to 20 years. Although it's not typical, some people will keep crows as pets and they are thought of as some of the smartest birds because they are capable of making about 250 different sounds. They have powerful memories and can remember colors, and even faces. Their intelligence and sensitivity is so powerful, that groups of crows will gather around the body of a dead crow to hold a sort of a funeral. To read about another intelligent black creature, but black cat, see here: The Magic and Superstitions of Black Cats.

Are Crows and Ravens the Same?

Crows and ravens both belong to the genus of Corvus, but they are two entirely different birds. Ravens are actually larger than crows and happen to be closer to the size of a red tailed hawk with crows being smaller. Crows and ravens have different beak shapes. Ravens have curvier beaks and shaggier throat feathers than crows. Ravens typically travel in pairs, but crows are often seen in larger groups. They look alike, are typically all black all over, and they're both considered to be very loud, intelligent birds, both of which feed on roadkill. In myth and lore, crows and ravens are sometimes associated with one another, and used interchangeably in stories. To read about another bird, the hawk, see here: Hawk Spiritual Symbolism, Lore, and Meaning

Crow Symbolism

What Do Crows Symbolize?

 In all the places they are found, crows symbolize many sacred things. To some people, crows symbolize death, but to others, they symbolize destiny or transformation. It is hard to deny how smart crows are, and they therefore represent intelligence.


Crows are probably associated with death because they feed on dead animals. This might be why people see them as messengers between the land of the living and dead. In some cultures, when crows are seen on the battlefield, consuming the flesh of fallen warriors, they are not just there for the opportunity to eat. Some people believed the crows brought death themselves. One ancient king associated with crows is the Welsh Bran, and his name means “crow” or “raven”. The legend tells that as he was dying, he ordered his head to be buried in London, and that as long as it was there, Britain would always be safe. Some scholars have proposed that Bran was originally a god who guided the souls of the dead to the afterlife. To read about Samhain, a Celtic holiday venerating the dead, see here: All About Samhain


English folklore says that if the ravens or crows at the Tower of London are ever removed, The Kingdom of Britain will fall. Therefore, for centuries, they have been tended to by a special officer at the Tower of London, thus ensuring that the city is protected. In some cultures, these birds are looked to for answers in divination and they are associated with the god Apollo who is a god of psychic abilities. To read about clairvoyant psychic gifts, see here:What is Clairvoyant Psychic Reading?


Lore says that seeing a flock of crows portends some type of a change, possibly even death. If you see crows often, you are being called to transform. The universe might be encouraging you to change your way of thinking, change some habits, or take a leap of faith to create positive change. It is also possible that when you see crows often, changes are coming and all you have to do is go along with them. One Angel Number that has to do with transformation is 444, and you can read about it here: What is the Meaning of the 444 Angel Number?


What Do Crows Symbolize?

The Norse father God Odin has two crows, or ravens, named Huginn and Muninn who go throughout the worlds and bring back knowledge to him. Their names mean “thought” and “memory”. Crows are one species of birds who use things as tools to get tasks accomplished and they even know how to create their own tools. Their capacity for speech and mimicry of human words shows how smart they are, and they are also known for gathering objects they keep or share as gifts to their favorite people. To read about another magical bird, the eagle, see here: What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually?

Dreams About Crows

As if seeing a crow while you're awake did not bring enough sacred messages, sometimes crows visit you in dreams to bring more sacred messages. In dreams, crows can represent all of the things that they do in real life, but if you pay close attention to the details of your dream, you will have a deeper understanding of what the specific meaning they are trying to communicate is. Crow’s nests, crow calls, and flying crows all portray different things. Hooded crows and albino crows are two kinds of crows that you might dream about, and you might just dream about their feathers. If you dream about a single crow, that has a special meaning of its own.

Dreams About a Crow's Nest

Crow’s nests symbolize potential. They also symbolize laying the groundwork before accomplishing something wonderful. If there are eggs in the crow’s nest in your dream, that communicates that a new opportunity is about to begin. If there are baby crows in the nest, it symbolizes that you have much work to do to meet your goals and grow with great opportunity comes great responsibility. If you dream about two crows building a nest together, your dream is telling you to partner up with someone because you will get a lot more done with the help of someone else. To read about dream interpretations see here: Your Guide to Dreams and Interpretation of Them

Dreams About a Crow Calling

Dreams about a crow cawing at you can represent a number of different things. They may symbolize a call for help, so pay attention to the people who you know who might need you. If you dream that a crow is calling through a storm, it alerts you to hidden dangers that you will soon discover and that you should warn others about. Crow calls might also be joyous. If you dream about a crow that seems to be singing a merry tune, it is telling you to be happy. One Zodiac Sign that loves to be happy is Sagittarius and you can read about them here: Sagittarius Traits and Love Compatibility

Dreams About a Crow Flying

What Do Crows Symbolize?

Flying symbolizes a lot of things, including freedom. Because crows can also walk and hop, flying is just one of the ways that they travel. It allows them to escape danger quickly, to go high in the air to go places, and to survey the world from up high. When you dream that a crow is flying, you are being told to use all of your talents to the best of your ability, and they will help you to be more successful. To read more about dream interpretations see here: Your Guide to Dream Meanings

Dreams About a Hooded Crow

The hooded crow is associated with the Morrigan, an Irish triple goddess of war and fate. She helps warriors to be victorious over their enemies. Often, a hooded crow flying over the battlefield would give the ancient soldiers encouragement that the Morrigan was watching over them and would help them to win. When you dream about the hooded crow, it is usually the Morrigan communicating with you. If you do not understand what she is trying to tell you in the dream, light a candle and say a prayer to her, and she will soon reveal her meaning. To read about another bird that brings messages from spirits, the red cardinal, see here: What is Red Cardinal Spiritual Meaning?

 Dreams About Crow Feathers

Dreams about crow feathers symbolize the crow itself. If you dream that you are walking through the woods and find a single crow feather, it tells you that you are being protected. If you dream that there is a single crow feather in your garden, you are being told to begin a new endeavor and the power of creativity is with you. If you dream that a crow flies overhead and a single feather drops from it into your hands, you are being told that you have the freedom to go anywhere you want in the world. If you are single and you dream about a single crow feather on the pillow next to you in your bed, it means that a new love will come to you and offer you a lifelong partnership. To read about black feathers, see here: Mystical Wings: Exploring the Symbolic Interpretation of Black Feathers in the Spiritual Realm

Dreams About an Albino Crow

 An albino crow is a genetic abnormality, but many believe albino crows are more beautiful. Other people believe that they symbolize catastrophe, devastating death, or life changing misfortune. Others believe that they represent purity. If you dream about an albino crow, and the dream is peaceful, they represent someone who has good intentions will be coming into your life. If you dream about an albino crow on a battlefield surrounded by bodies, it means that tragedies are over, and you can move forward into your future now. If the dream about the albino crow is frightening, however, it could be portending bad times to come, so be aware. To read even more about dream interpretations see here: Your Dream Bible and Dream Analysis Guide

Dreams About a Single Black Crow

Quite often, crows travel with other crows, so it might seem a bit unusual if you see a single crow in your dream. Single black crows in dreams represent individuality. When you dream about a single crow you are being told by the powers that be that you have the ability to meet your goals all on your own. Being by yourself can be scary, but right now it's ok. You've got this. To read about being your best self, see here: How to Be Your Best Self

The Crow Spirit Animal

What Do Crows Symbolize?

Spirit animals are animals that we share a spiritual connection with. Each of us has at least one spirit animal, and some people's spirit animal is the crow. When the crow is your spirit animal, it teaches you not to be afraid of death, or other things that people shun. It teaches you to investigate and explore the forbidden and go places that other people think are unbearable places to go. The crow teaches you to use your entire mind and to think of creative solutions to problems that other people simply cannot solve. The crow teaches you to create your own tools, even if that means creating new ways to get to the places where you're going. To attract crows to your garden so you can interact with them more, leave them food like meat, nuts, seeds, and eggs. Read more about attracting crows here: 11 Ways to Attract Crows to Your Backyard - Bob Vila

Sometimes, you see a crow simply because the animal is going somewhere, and you are just lucky enough to be there when it is. Other times, seeing a crow It's more meaningful. Crows symbolize destiny, death, intelligence, and positive change. They can appear to you while you're awake or in dreams, but they almost always bring you a profound message when they appear to you. When the crow is your spirit animal it teaches you to be smart, pay attention to the voices of spirits and the dead, and be open to change. May all of your moments with crows be spiritually meaningful. So Be It.

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