Your Guide to Dream Interpretations Part 3
January 26, 2024 11 min read

Your Guide to Dream Interpretations Part 3

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- “I dreamed of an animal last night. What is the meaning of my dream?” If you are asking this question, look no further, because all your answers are right here. Find out the answer to questions like “What do snakes mean in a dream spiritually?” what dreamwork is, and all about meeting spirit animals in dreams for the third part of our series about dream interpretation.


When you lie down to sleep at night sometimes, you're lucky enough to dream. Some people say dreams are our minds occupying themselves in our sleep, but sometimes a dream is so vivid you're almost sure it has deeper meaning, but does it? That's a question that we have asked ourselves since the dawn of time and a question Spiritual Blossom seeks to answer. If you've been following our series on dream interpretations, you have discovered what a dream is, why we dream, and what it means to dream. You've also discovered the meaning of some of the most common nightmares. Today we're going to focus on what dreamwork is and the meaning of some of the most common dreams about animals. Read on.


What is Dreamwork? says “ The most important distinction between dreamwork and dream interpretation is that in dreamwork the therapist does not analyze the person's dream or provide a clear interpretation… The therapist acts as a guide in the exploration of the dream allowing the dreamers to discover meaning for themselves… During a dream work session while the dreamer is sharing a dream, the therapist may ask probing questions in order to gather as much information as possible. Only after all material has been explored does the therapist share any reactions to the content, symbols, or imagery discussed.” Using this system, the person who had the dream actively helps interpret the dream and incorporate it into their own psychological work, instead of just having a therapist interpret the dream for them. Read their article here: Dreamwork (

Not everybody seeks out a therapist to help them interpret their dreams. Sometimes you automatically know what a dream means, and you don't need other people to help you with that. Some dreams however are about animals, some of which you aren’t familiar with. Each animal has its own special symbolism and meaning. Sometimes the spirit of the animal visits you in your dreams with messages for you. That can mean a couple of different things. Sometimes it means that the animal brings you a special message but sometimes it means that the animal has a special relationship with you, and they're called your spirit animal.


Can You Meet Spirit Animals in Dreams?

Yes, your spirit animals can visit you in dreams. The stronger your psychic connection with your spirit animal is, the more different ways they will appear to you, but what's a spirit animal? Spirit animals are animals that share a special spiritual bond with you. Sometimes your spirit animal will visit you in person while you're awake, and sometimes they visit you in the spirit realm. They can appear to you in nature, they can appear to you in the form of pets, and they can come to you in visions or dreams. Some people will pray and fast and leave offerings in hopes that their spirit animal will contact them, but sometimes we are lucky and they come to see us all on their own. Pay extra close attention to your dreams about animals because it could be your spirit animal visiting you. Read on to learn what different animals mean in dreams.


What Do Alligators Symbolize in Dreams?

Your Guide to Dream Interpretations Part 3

To some indigenous American Indian tribal peoples, alligators are the guardians of the water. Because of their ability to thrive in both water and on land, they are symbols of adaptability. They also lie motionless and wait quietly for very long periods of time and they are therefore symbols of patience. They are so strong that they symbolize power. A lot of people fear alligators because they camouflage so well with the water and attack so quickly, nobody would ever suspect they are lurking. Despite the fact that to some people the alligator symbolizes fear, more than anything, they symbolize protection, adaptability, patience, and power. To read about another powerful predator that larks and the shadows, see here: Soaring to new heights: Unveiling the Spiritual Significance of Flying in Dreams (


What Do Black Cats Symbolize in Dreams?

Black Cats are feared by some and loved by others. Some people believe that black cats and all black animals in general symbolize evil, but most people know better. Black cats symbolize the mysterious, but they also symbolize good luck. They also symbolize beauty, elegance, and protection. When a black cat crosses your path in a dream, it’s not a bad omen, but a sign that something good is about to come your way. To read more about black cats, see here: The Magic and Superstitions of Black Cats (


What Does a Wolf Symbolize in Dreams?

Your Guide to Dream Interpretations Part 3

To some people wolves represent greed, destruction, and evil. To other people wolves represent loyalty to your family and community. To still other people, wolves represent the mighty and broken spirit of nature. Wolves are feared due to their cunning, speed, and agility, but that is the very reason why they have survived in so many different environments, so they also represent resilience. To dream about wolves means that the strength of the wolf is upon you, and that you should get in touch with your true nature. To read about the mighty man wolf hybrid known as the werewolf see here : Do Werewolves Exist? (


What Does a Butterfly Symbolize in Dreams?

Butterflies are one of the creatures that symbolize the spirits of the dead. Some people believe that when they see a butterfly after the death of a loved one, that it is the spirit of their loved one visiting them to tell them that they love them or to watch over them. Butterflies also symbolize transformation and new life because of how they completely change their bodies from being a humble caterpillar to being a beautiful butterfly. Dreams about butterflies can also encourage you to give yourself the freedom to break free from that which has bound you against your will. To read about another beautiful creature that soars in the air see here: What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually? (


What Does a Dove Symbolize in Dreams?

Your Guide to Dream Interpretations Part 3

Doves symbolize gentleness, beauty, and fidelity in love. When you dream of a pair of doves it means that true love is coming your way. When you dream of white doves flying away from you, then you are being told to let go of past hurts. When you dream of a single dove, it symbolizes self-love. Dreams about frightened doves escaping from predators is a call from the universe to keep your heart open no matter how badly you've been hurt. To read about dreams of somebody who you used to share love with see here: Why Do I Dream About My Ex? (


Dreams About Snakes

Snakes symbolize our fears, hidden wisdom, and the mother goddess. When you dream about snakes appearing out of nowhere, you are being put on notice that there is some hidden information that you will learn very soon, so don't be shocked when the truth is revealed. Dreams about things like being chased by snakes, being bitten by snakes, or killing snakes are a sign that something that you feel threatened by is on your mind and you need to work on resolving it instead of running from it. Yellow snake spiritual meaning is all about making light of a dark time, so a yellow snake dream instructs you to do just that. When mother snakes appear in your dreams, you are being watched over by a mother figure. To read more about dreams of snakes see here: Dreaming of Snakes- Meaning and Symbolism (


What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize in Dreams?

Your Guide to Dream Interpretations Part 3

Hummingbirds symbolize energy, unexpected luck, and the strength of warriors. When you dream about hummingbirds they bring you their seemingly boundless stamina, and the strength to overcome any obstacles. Seeing a Hummingbird in your dream might also be telling you that any bad luck you've been having is about to change. Hummingbirds appear in dreams to tell you to get in touch with your inner warrior. So don't give up if you see a hummingbird in your dream, because there's nothing that you can't accomplish. One sign known for its strength is Aries and you can read about them here: Aries Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility (


What Do Ladybugs Symbolize in Dreams?

Ladybugs symbolize love and romance, as well as self-defense. If you dream about a ladybug landing on you, and then flying away and landing on somebody else, it's a sign from the universe that true love is about to come into your life. The dream is also trying to help you to identify your true love. If you dream of a predator trying to eat a ladybug but running away, you are being instructed to repel all attackers the same way that the ladybug’s natural defenses protect them from harm. One Zodiac sign that won't let anybody hurt them is Scorpio and you can read about them here: The Best Love Matches for Scorpio (


Dreams About Spiders

Dreams about spiders symbolize tenacity and looking beneath the surface. The spiritual meaning of black spiders in dreams is all about investigating fears and overcoming them. If you dream about a spider building a web, it's a sign to continue working hard no matter how difficult things are. You have the power to achieve all of your goals and you just need to work hard for a little longer. To read more about dreams of spiders see here: Dreams About Spiders- Meaning and Symbolism (


What Does a Cardinal Represent in Dreams?

When you dream about red cardinals, chances are you're being given messages from your angels. It is believed by many people that cardinals bring messages from angels, gods and goddesses, or spirit guides. If you dream about Cardinals in winter, your dreams are instructing you to be adaptable, like cardinals are all four seasons of the year. If you dream about cardinals nesting together, it's a sign that true love is on the way. One sign that is serious about love is Leo and you can read about them here: Leo Traits and Love Compatibility (


What Do Owls Represent in Dreams?

Your Guide to Dream Interpretations Part 3

To some people, owls represent wisdom. To other people they portend death. To still other people owls symbolize success. If you dream about an owl with prey, your dreams are instructing you to seize opportunities to achieve goals. If you have a dream that an owl is looking deep into your eyes, it is telling you to search within your subconscious for some truths that you are denying. Dreams about owls can let you know that some situation is ending, or “dying”, but don't worry because that means new things will begin. To read about flying in dreams see here: Soaring to new heights: Unveiling the Spiritual Significance of Flying in Dreams (


What Does the Turtle Symbolize in Dreams?

Turtles symbolize nurturing, protection, ancestors, and the very earth itself. If you dream that you are riding on a turtle’s back, the dream is telling you that you are safe from anything that can harm you. If you dream of swimming in the water with turtles, it symbolizes getting in touch with your ancestral heritage. If you dream that you are a turtle, it means that you are going to be taking care of another living being, be it human or animal, and you will be its parent. One signed that is very serious about being nurturing is Taurus and you can read about them here:  Taurus Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility (


What Does a Crow Symbolize in Dreams?

Crows symbolize intelligence, scavenging, and flexibility. If you have a dream that a crow is talking to you using human language, pay close attention to the words because it could be a message from the divine. If you dream about a crow eating roadkill, it is a sign that you need to learn to be more resourceful and find money and wealth from unorthodox sources. If you dream that a crow is cawing at you and you can't understand what it's trying to tell you, that means that there is some hidden knowledge that you need to pay extra close attention to understand. To read about black feathers in the spirit realm, see here: "Mystical Wings: Exploring the Symbolic Interpretation of Black Feathers in the Spiritual Realm" (


What Do Dreams about Horses Symbolize?

Horses symbolize transportation, wealth, and freedom. Brown horse dream meaning is about the trip that you take through life, and its color symbolizes nature and the very soil which we walk upon. If the horse seems trapped in your dream, it's a sign from the universe that it's time for you to find a way out of this situation that is holding you back from realizing your full potential. If you have a dream about a starving horse, it means that you need to focus on your finances more. If you have a dream about a family of horses, it means that you are safe and secure and your friend’s group, family, or community. To read about a mythical creature that is similar to horses, the unicorn, see here: Are Unicorns Real? | Mythical Beasts | Mysticsense (


Thank you for joining our exploration of the meaning of dreams and dream glossary in three parts. Make sure to read the links provided in this article  to other articles we have written to learn more about dreams.


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