The Complete Guide to 4th House Astrology
April 23, 2024 10 min read

The Complete Guide to 4th House Astrology

By Lady Saoirse

The Houses of Astrology tell you a lot about your life, who you are, and what sort of things are going to happen. Each House rules a different area of life. In Astrology Fourth House meaning is all about the home and family. Find out what planet is in your Fourth House and what it means to you.

To some people, their home life and family means everything. Other people can live anywhere, sleep under the stars, and they are so independent, their family rarely, if ever, hears from them. Why are people’s views of home and family so different? Sometimes, it’s a personal choice, but sometimes, what celestial bodies were in their Fourth house when they were born decides those things. Join Spiritual Blossom to learn about the Fourth House of Astrology. We will find out just why family is so important and what the Fourth House rules. Then, we will find out how to discover what planets were in your Fourth House, and what those mean.

Why Does Family Matter?

The Complete Guide to 4th House Astrology

It depends. Each of us has a different family. Perhaps it is not fair to ask why family is important, but how they are important. Some families are supportive, and others are toxic. If your family is toxic, you might think family isn’t important. Cutting them off might be more important that being around them. Still, family is important. They are the very first people you meet after you are born, and usually, they are the first people you live with, bond with, and are cared for as a child. Even if you were adopted out at birth, your blood relatives influence you genetically. Genetics decide medical conditions, how your body reacts to things like heat, and even what kinds of foods are good for you. Small things like the sound of your voice, the way you blink your eyes, and whether or not you are ticklish are even decided by genetics.

If you are adopted, the people who raise you become your family, and you learn from them. They teach you how to take your first steps, say your first words, and how to behave. They feed you, clothe you, and how well nurtured you are is decided by them. Your emotional development is decided by who takes care of you as a child. If you are neglected, you develop coping techniques. If you are cared for well, you learn different things. Family can build you up or hurt you more than almost anybody else can. They influence us for life, more than we can ever express. Some people say nobody understands us quite like our family does and that the love of family is the greatest love there is. To read about manifesting love, see here: How to Manifest Love

What is the Fourth House of Astrology?

Also known as the House of Home, the Fourth House is ruled by the Zodiac Sign of Cancer. Cancer is all about emotions, and Cancerians have an especially close relationship with family and value the security of home and their personal environment. The Fourth House is strongly influenced by these things. What your life is like near your later years as well as property ownership and how you finalize things are influenced by this house as well. The parts of the body it governs are the chest area, stomach, and digestion. Don’t believe a House can influence health and wellbeing? Think of when you are most upset about something- you might feel sick to your stomach. When you are the happiest and in the company of loved ones, you will want to share a meal in celebration. We are what we eat! Thank your Fourth House if you have great digestive health.

Some Astrologers say your mother is more associated with the Fourth House while others say your father is. Other Astrologers say your parents and caretakers in general are. Because your parents influence so much, the Fourth House influences how you develop emotionally, and what your views about home are. Some people view home as a sanctuary, while others see it as a temporary place to visit in between pursuing dreams and goals. Home is sacred to everybody, and a very personal place. What you include in your home depends on what makes you feel secure and since Cancers can be private sometimes, solitude may be what you associate with home. To read about the Cancer Zodiac Sign see here: Cancer Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

What if Your Homelife Wasn’t Good?

The Complete Guide to 4th House Astrology

When you did not grow up in a nurturing home, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever have one. It just means you are going to have to unlearn some of the unhealthy things you learned to do in order to survive and make a safe home for yourself. That is easier said than done. The younger you are when you get out of a bad environment, the more chance you will lead a better life in adulthood. Even if you have a loving home, but are in a bad neighborhood, it can create problems for you. One study explored this in depth: Growing Up in a Bad Neighborhood Does More Harm Than We Thought - The New York Times 

We might not be our environments, but they shape us. If you realize one day that your home environment is causing you problems, don’t worry. Understanding it is the first step to fixing things. Some people use counseling to learn to change, and others pay attention to what people who have the life they want do and they simply copy that. You can grow up in a home shattered by substance abuse, violence, poverty, or any other form of instability, and still build your own healthy home and family despite it all. Never give up. It’s your life, despite the way other people influence it. You can build a great life and be your best self no matter what. You can read about how to do that here: How to Be Your Best Self

The Planets in the Fourth House

So, what are these influences in this House and how does that work? On the date, at the exact location, and at the minute you were born, the planets and Zodiac Sign constellations were in a particular place in the heavens. Their location can be mapped into something called a Birth Chart. This tells you what was in each of your Houses at birth. Things like personality, talents, health, and profession are all influenced by these things. Before you can find out what planets were in your Houses, you will need to cast your Birth Chart, then read below what each of the planets in the Fourth House mean. To get started finding out what planets influence your Fourth House, find your Birth Chart here: Free Astrology Birth Chart Report

Saturn in the 4th House

The Complete Guide to 4th House Astrology

Saturn brings limitations and heavy responsibility to the Fourth house. You may have grown up with a cold family life and will have to work very hard to create your own emotionally supportive family and household. Whether they mean to or not, your parents have the capacity to create a lot of heartache when Saturn is in your Fourth House. You might not inherit wealth from them, and you may lead a private secluded life in your later years. You are an inspiration because you are not against rolling up your sleeves and creating the kind of life you want for yourself. Saturn rules Capricorn and you can read about that Sign here: Capricorn Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility 

Jupiter in the 4th House

There is the potential for a fat inheritance from family, as long as nothing else in your Birth chart fights it. It is your family’s intention to set you up for an easy life. Jupiter brings the potential to expand, and that means you have the power to build on well-established family legacies. You might not be rich, but people respect your family, and they will respect your contributions. You will become successful and have a legacy of your own to pass on at the end of life. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and you can read more here: Sagittarius Traits and Love Compatibility

Venus in the 4th House

Venus brings great love and harmony to your family life. Not only is family supportive of you, but you may grow up to become the number one most important and supportive member of your family. Just be careful not to spend extravagantly toward the end of life or give generously to people who don’t appreciate you. Sudden losses later in life can happen when Venus is in your Fourth House, so saving wisely in your younger years and protecting investments is important. Venus rules Taurus and you can read about them here: Taurus Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility 

The Moon in the 4th House

The Complete Guide to 4th House Astrology

The Moon brings powerful emotions to the Fourth House. You have a powerful need to feel nurtured, especially by your mother. There is potential to experience great loss and be estranged from one or both parents. Later in life, there will be a lot of changes in home life, but one thing will never change. You have an open heart and need emotional safety and balance at home. If your family does not provide that, you can provide that for yourself. Read about Moon Signs here: What Moon Sign Am I?

Pluto in the 4th House

Pluto creates a strong chance your home life growing up was not good. It also gives you the tenacity to meet goals. One goal will be to change things in your favor, and changing your home life to suit you will be a top priority. Just make sure not to let problems your parents dumped on you make you domineering or bitter. You can heal and have an emotionally fulfilling family of your own despite any of your parent’s shortcomings. Pluto rules Scorpio and you can read about that Sign here: Scorpio Traits and Love Compatibility

Mars in the 4th House

Mars brings energy, strength, and also conflict to the Fourth House. Growing up probably won’t be easy at home. This will make you become protective of the people who you love. In old age, if you have not emotionally resolved any feelings of betrayal from growing up, you may become an excessive worrier and get nervous stomach issues due to the stress. There is danger of having destructive fires at home, so caution should be exercised when smoking, burning candles, having backyard campfires, and electricity should be kept up to code. Mars rules Aries and you can read about them here: Aries Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

The Sun in the 4th House

The Sun brings the capacity to be well cared for and you are likely to inherit things from your parents. You will probably also inherit good health genetically. You will be a hard worker and succeed in your career and will most likely be well off financially in later years. Just make sure not to live beyond your means or take on too many obligations or you will be overwhelmed. The Sun rules Leo and you can read more here: Leo Traits and Love Compatibility

Neptune in the 4th House

The Complete Guide to 4th House Astrology

Family secrets are to be expected when Neptune is in your 4th House, and there will be some absence from close family members, possibly one or both parents. You will dream of a warmer family life, and you can make that dream a reality for yourself as an adult. You will probably have to take care of yourself in your later years, so plan for an in-home caregiver or retirement home if you become elderly and unable to do everything for yourself. Neptune is a god of the Sea, and you can read about lore and gods of the sea here: The Folklore, Myths, and Gods of the Sea

Mercury in the 4th House

Mercury brings powerful intellectual energy, and your home life affects how you think. You tend to embrace family traditions and carry on legacies your parents teach you. You have a strong chance of either continuing or establishing a family business and you thrive in conducting business at your place of residence or in your hometown. However, travel takes you away from home, but your heart is always with the place where your family is. Mercury rules Gemini and you can read about them here: Gemini Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Uranus in the 4th House

Uranus brings the potential for both instability and freedom to this House. You will initiate a lot of changes to where you live, and you will probably be raised by someone who does as well. As with anything Uranus rules, the circumstances will be unique, and the end of your life will be no exception. Expect the unexpected throughout life regarding home and family, and you will never be surprised. Uranus rules Aquarius and you can read about them here: Aquarius Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Your home life, and what your relationship with blood relatives is doesn’t make you who you are, but these things certainly contribute to that. What things are like near the end of life are ruled by the Fourth House. Your Fourth House helps to decide these things, and just knowing what planets were there at your moment of birth will reveal a lot about why your home and family life is the way it is. We are exploring the planets in all twelve of the Astrological Houses. Make sure to read all the articles. 

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.