Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility
December 08, 2023 10 min read

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

By Lady Saoirse

Discover the Scorpio dates, Scorpio ruling planet, element, and how those contribute to their personality and their dark traits. Find out which of the signs are the best matches for a Scorpio and learn how to get your Scorpio Horoscope today.

What is a Scorpio?

What is a Scorpio?

Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21. Their symbol is the scorpion with its stinger poised to strike, named after a mythical scorpion sent by the gods to be a celestial protector. Scorpios are some of the most focused and intense people in the zodiac and they are also some of the most devoted lovers. They are Water Signs ruled by both Pluto and Mars. Their best traits are their admirable focus and ability to work harder than everybody else to meet all their goals. They are generous, sensitive, and great listeners, but they can be jealous, controlling, and vindictive too. Join us for our intimate exploration of Scorpios. Learn their ruling planets and element as well as their best and worst traits. Find out which signs are most compatible with Scorpios and stick around until the end to find out how to get Scorpio horoscopes from Spiritual Blossom.

Scorpio Traits

Scorpio Traits

There is more than one Scorpio ruling planet and those are both Mars and Pluto. Mars is called the “Red Planet” and it also rules Aries, which is associated with the god of war. Mars gives Scorpios a powerful animal magnetism that draws followers, friends, and lovers to them. Mars also instills powerful ambition and courage, and it seems nothing scares a Scorpio except maybe their own tempers. Mars makes Scorpios either destructive or helpful depending on their attitude or their mood. It gives them unbreakable focus and willpower to succeed. While some no longer count Pluto as a major planet, it still influences Scorpios to focus on personal transformation. Indeed, it seems Scorpios are always evolving into different versions of themselves, focused on self-improvement, and learning. It makes them have deep emotions and be very private people, so no matter what you think you know about a Scorpio, there is always something else hidden beneath the surface.

Scorpio is a Water Sign, and this means they are emotional people and feelings matter deeply to them. While their planets make them private, Water makes them suspicious and observant. They pay close attention to all that is done, not just people’s words. They are very sensitive to other people’s feelings, and their compassion makes them good helpers who solve a lot of problems and dry a lot of tears. It also makes them highly emotional people whose feelings are hurt easily. They take what they consider deliberate strikes against them very seriously, and they will get even, no matter how long it takes. They prefer to talk through problems but if they feel pushed, they will fight, sometimes emotionally wounding themselves worse than they wound others.

Scorpio Traits Female

Scorpio women are not drastically different from Scorpio men, but the classical feminine attributes of being gentle hearted, compassionate, and nurturing can be more noticeable in them. They thrive as caretakers and excel in the medical field or as mothers. They step in to help anybody out when they can, and they are very sympathetic to people who are suffering. They are quite often the first ones to give people second chances and they are forgiving of people who make bad decisions in life. These women are not just clucking mother hens who take everybody under their wings, however. They are strong independent women who won’t be ruled by anybody. They are beautiful and sexy, but they are not objects of desire who will allow themselves to be used for just sex. They expect lovers to be faithful and devoted and they walk away from people who they feel don’t deserve them.

Scorpio Traits Male

The Scorpio male personality is very similar to the Scorpio female personality but the traditional masculine attributes of striving for success, taking leadership roles, and being protective may be more noticeable in them. They are the first ones who people go to when they are heartbroken or need advice on how to get even. They organize as well as Virgos, and they keep their business to themselves better than most people can. They have the ability to maintain a professional demeanor no matter how stressed they are and even if their whole personal life is falling apart, you will never know they are struggling unless they want you to. They have a natural ability to take control of situations and they have zero tolerance for insubordination. They are just as emotional as female Scorpios and carefully choose who they reveal their feelings to.

Scorpio Bad Traits

Scorpio Bad Traits

You would think such a compassionate, ambitious person would be perfect, but Scorpios, like anybody else, have some imperfections. They can be ruled by their emotions and go on tangents until they are appeased. Even once they are appeased, however, they may never forgive what they feel is a transgression, and they may quest for revenge for a very long time. Their idea of justice is they decide what the consequences are and everybody else accepts their command as law. At some point, they might admit they were wrong, but until that time comes, anybody who tells them they are not absolutely right can be blacklisted by them. They might expect everybody who they know to blacklist all the same people they do, or they, too, will be blacklisted.

Scorpios can be overly aggressive and domineering, and they take any disagreement as a personal affront. If a friend disagrees with them when they are in a bad mood, they may cut off the friendship. As lovers, they are amorous and adoring, but they can be dominant and pushy. They can also be jealous and unreasonable of their lover’s need to have friends or have a choice in things. They feel like not all people are cut out for relationships with them, however, and they believe everybody should be themselves. It hurts their feelings to feel rejected, but they have enough confidence to have the strength to pick up the pieces of their hearts and move on if a relationship doesn’t work out. They will be the first people to volunteer to help somebody else learn how to do this. They don’t necessarily see these traits as bad, because they are helpful traits to have.

Who is the Best Match for Scorpio?

Who is the Best Match for Scorpio?

A Scorpio man in love may seem like the best match for any sign, but truthfully, not everybody can handle the intense energy of Scorpios. Some people find them bossy and intimidating, and Scorpios get their feelings hurt by this. Some people say fellow Scorpios and other Water Signs Cancer and Pisces make the best matches for Scorpios and other people insist the Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn do. Some people say Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are not good matches for Scorpios and other people say Air Signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are bad matches for Scorpios. However, if both people really care about each other, any issues can be worked out, no matter what signs they are.


A Scorpio man and Aries woman might initially clash until Scorpio realizes that an Aries won’t be dominated. Scorpios don’t like to be yelled at, and Aries people don’t shy away from shouting when they feel like it. Both of these signs are passionate about life, their beliefs, and the people they care about, however, and if these two hit it off, there is no problem they can’t work through as long as they both compromise as equals.


Tauruses and Scorpios naturally harmonize in relationships. They are both focused on their personal goals and nurturing the people who they care about. Both signs take their time getting to know people before committing and prefer to commit to long term relationships. They can clash over who is in charge, but as long as they have the same goals, they will work things out agreeably.


Geminis are initially drawn to the sexy side of Scorpios and Scorpios like having a fun lover who can enjoy their sensual side. The trouble comes in when Geminis want to make fun of things, people, or their Scorpio. Geminis will just want to have a bit of fun and think their Scorpio is taking their remarks too seriously. If these two can communicate openly and Gemini can use kind words, these two can stay together.


Cancers and Scorpios are so understanding of one another, they rarely have any conflicts. Cancers are comfortable with letting Scorpios lead and Scorpios appreciate Cancer’s sensitivity. Scorpios are very protective, and Cancers appreciate having a partner who watches over them. They both value trust, honesty, and security in relationships, and they find all of these wonderful things in each other. Cancers also make sure to tell their Scorpio they love them as well as demonstrating it. To read more about saying “I love you” see here: When Should I Tell Him I Love Him?


Scorpio and Leo compatibility can use some work, but it’s not impossible for these two to be together. Leos don’t like being dominated and Scorpios don’t appreciate being told to back down. This can either be the worst fight both signs ever had, or an opportunity to balance differences. If Scorpios can respect Leo’s autonomy, they can work things out.


Scorpio man and Virgo woman couples end up being the envy of everybody. While both signs like to be the boss, they both also appreciate a partner who they can respect and trust to handle the things life throws at them. They will disagree about things, but they will discuss things rationally and come up with great solutions together. This can be the best relationship they both ever had.


Libras and Scorpios might seem like they won’t get along, but they are a great match. Scorpios will have to be patient while they are getting to know the fact that Libras are more than just a pretty face and a great time in bed, because they might want to be dismissive. Scorpios should give it time, and they may be hooked for life with their lovely Libra. Libras will have to keep blunt remarks in check to avoid upsetting their Scorpios. To read more about Libra, see here: What is the Best Libra Flower?


A Scorpio man and Scorpio woman make an unbeatable team. Nobody understands a Scorpio like another Scorpio, after all, and nobody can be as comforting. They will have to be careful to make sure they don’t butt heads or let their dark side loose on one another, but two Scorpios can be more successful in life than one Scorpio alone. To read more about Scorpio, see here: What is the Best Scorpio Flower?


Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits and Compatibility

This might be a bad match. Sagittarians just want to have fun, and while initially, Scorpios enjoy that, they may eventually decide they want more than just good times. Scorpios also don’t handle every strong opinion or harsh remark Sagittarians want to dump on them well, and Sagittarians don’t appreciate being told by Scorpios to stop saying things they want to say. If these two fall in love early on, they can work things out, but if not, they might decide not to bother.


Capricorns are stable, reliable, and predictable, and Scorpios appreciate this. The only issue they may run into is if the Capricorn chides the Scorpio for their emotions. Scorpios will point out that Capricorns are just as emotional, they just hide it well in public. Both signs are sex machines and love having a partner who is the same way. These two can be together for life.


Scorpios surprise people by being open minded to unique things, experiences, and people, and Aquarians are certainly very unique. These two enjoy exploring the wonderful variety life has to offer together. Aquarians are good advice givers like Scorpios are, and these two make great parents, administrators, and teammates in life together. Issues can arise if the Aquarius is especially independent, and the Scorpio feels neglected. As long as they balance time together with time apart, this can be the perfect match.


A Scorpio man and Pisces woman can be a match made in heaven. Both signs are Water Signs, and are focused on emotions, and making the people who they love feel good. Pisces are some of the most adaptable people in the zodiac, and Scorpios thrive in relationships with partners who accommodate them the way Pisces people do. Pisces need time to themselves to recharge their emotional batteries and as long as their Scorpio gives them the space that they need to do that, these two can be together for life.

A Scorpio will impress you with their work ethic, confidence, and animal magnetism. They seem to accomplish everything they set their minds to, and they are never too busy to dry tears, or help people. Some people find them too intense, and anybody who crosses them regrets it immediately. They are some of the most successful people, and they know how to take time to be some of the sexiest lovers in the zodiac. They will stick by you for life if they decide you are worth it, and you may wonder how you ever got by without them.

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