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Hi, my name is Susie. I am an empath and intuitive tarot reader. Let me help you on your life's journey to overcome the obstacles that come your way. My gift of clear knowing is one I've had since childhood. I noticed from a young age that my intuition about things was usually correct, but I ignored it for many years, afraid of being different. I started writing my visions down in a journal and was surprised when the intuitions I had started coming true. As a bartender for 41 years, I have interacted with all kinds of people from all walks of life, and have been able to read their energy, which eventually led to practicing psychometry on some of my patrons. As I gained confidence in my psychometry readings, I began learning reiki and tarot to further develop my intuitive practices. I am a certified reiki practitioner, and I fell in love with tarot because of its connections to several other dimensions such as astrology, numerology, and symbolism. There are so many facets to tarot and I enjoy learning about all of them and sharing my knowledge with others. I have always enjoyed talking to people and helping others, and tarot allows me to do these things in a meaningful and authentic way. I use a combination of psychic abilities and tarot in my readings, along with oracle cards, to look for the positives in any situation and assure you that you are not alone and the universe is there for you. Many blessings, Susie.

My abilities are as follows

  • Love & Family
  • Destiny & Life Path
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