Tarot Readings in Bad Times
December 18, 2023 13 min read

Tarot Readings in Bad Times

By Lady Saoirse

Learn all about the advice and guidance Tarot cards and readings can give you when you have fallen on hard times, are emotionally struggling, or just need some encouragement. 

Life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes, it’s downright difficult. When times are tough, it’s nice to know that you can turn to wise people for advice, and you don’t always have to find solutions all on your own. If you are lucky, you will find an excellent psychic advisor who you can trust, but if you don’t have somebody to help, you can draw wisdom from the Tarot cards on your own. Each card offers advice for good times and bad, but some cards have some especially helpful messages in tough times.

Think of a time when you felt completely lost and the advice from your closest friends and family just wasn’t helpful. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a good way to access hidden knowledge or see what the future held for you in bad times? Luckily, there are ways to do that, and one of those ways is to consult your Tarot cards. You can ask any question, and the cards will answer. Read on to learn about what certain cards including what the High Priestess reversed and the Knight of Cups cards have to say about tough times and how you can make times better. First, let’s explore what each of the houses and the Major Arcana address.

Each of the cards houses have something different to say than what the Major Arcana does. The Major Arcana deals with things we face on our personal journeys, although you really can read about any topic from them. Each of the cards has their own meanings and they are numbered from 0-21. Then there is the House of Cups, which is all about our emotions, relationships, and about our personal creativity. This suit deals with feelings instead of things we do and love. T0 read more about love, see here- What is the Spiritual Meaning of Love? 

The suit of Pentacles or Coins is all about money, wealth, work, careers, business and commercial endeavors, and our material possessions. To read more about the 4 of pentacles see here- The Four of Pentacles: Embracing Abundance or Clinging to Possessions?. The suit of Wands Tarot cards are all about the actions we take and those can have good or bad consequences for us. The fourth suit is the suit of Swords that is about beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes and that can create conflicts for us. 

The High Priestess

When times are tough, the High Priestess card reminds you of who you are. You are a powerful person who knows your strengths, and even in the worst of times, your natural intuition, and the wisdom you have gained will guide you to know what to do, so you should not doubt yourself. The High Priestess inside of you is compassionate, but has zero tolerance for nonsense. When the High Priestess card comes up in tough times, you are being told to trust your instincts and not tolerate anything ridiculous. You are a powerful individual who deserves respect and if people try to cross your boundaries- remind them they are not allowed. Your personal power, respectability, and sense of self will guide you through tough times and the High Priestess future reading for you is bright and successful, so don’t be afraid of struggles in the present because you can handle them.

The High Priestess reversed shows a block in your natural intuition and this could be from lack of self-control. Remember, especially during difficult times to maintain your self-respect and never ever let anything take away your self-esteem. If an ex has ditched you and called you ugly, look in the mirror and laugh, because you know better. If you have been humiliated at a job and fired for something that was in no way your fault, hold your head up high and move forward with the knowledge that such an employer does not deserve you. You are powerful, even if you can’t control everything. Maintaining self-respect, pride, and faith in yourself is counseled by The High Priestess card when times are tough.

The Hierophant

If you are having a tough time on the job, a Hierophant career reading can help. If there is a bad situation at the job, the Hierophant is advising keeping with the way things are at the job rather than rocking the boat. If something has always been done a certain way at your company, go along with it and harmonize. Also reaching out to a supervisor who has a lot of say in things is a good choice when the Hierophant card is pulled upright in a career reading. The card also speaks about knowledge and education, so the Hierophant future reading reminds you to remember all you have learned, and find ways to learn even more. If your job is not giving you the raises you hope for and you have been considering going back to get another degree, this is an indication to get started doing that!

Reversed, the Hierophant is all about rebellion, non-conformity, and blazing new trails. This is not the time to stand back and do as you are told. It’s the time to rock the boat, and do things the way you know in your heart is best instead of blindly following orders. That can be terrifying for some people, and liberating for others. When you draw the Hierophant card reversed during tough times, the card is telling you that being unique, inventive, and not following the herd is your best course of action. This may entail using a new solution nobody thought would work, or just stepping away from a constrictive issue that you don’t want to be a part of. Either way, your inner rebel knows best and should be in charge.



The Justice card is telling you that things are fair and justice is being served. So if you are feeling brokenhearted your girlfriend broke up with you when she caught you cheating, unfortunately, you deserve it. If you are worried sick about a broke sibling who is careless with their spending, the Justice card says they have earned their own consequences. It’s that simple. However, if the reading is about a decision you have to make, the Justice card is telling you to make the decision that is fair for everybody. You are being counseled to be understanding, tolerant, and examine all the information before making a decision. You are also being told that you have what it takes to make the right decision, as long as you are fair to all the people who are involved.

The Justice reversed card tells you there is an imbalance of justice. Somebody has been unfair to others or is being dishonest and that is what is causing the problems. If you are asking about your kid being kicked off the swim team, it happened for an unfair reason, and once you get to the bottom of everything, you might be able to have the decision reversed. Dishonesty might be what Justice reversed is warning about, so if you are broken hearted your boyfriend has to work a lot of overtime, and you wanted some comfort from the cards, the Justice reversed card advises you to find out if he is actually working as much as he says he is. Don’t take anybody’s word for anything, and instead research and find out everything you can when you get the Justice card reversed.

The Three of Cups

The Three of Cups meaning is all about celebrations and enjoying good times with loved ones. It could be a rite of passage like a wedding you are asking about and if it seems like everything is going wrong with your wedding planning, the Three of Cups right side up advises you to relax and have fun with the people involved because that’s what is truly important. Don’t worry about small things, and just focus on enjoying things with the people who you love.

The Three of Cups reversed, however, does not bear such good news. This card reversed deals with fighting, gossip, the end of relationships, canceled celebrations, and warns of falling outs. What is the advice this warning gives? The best course of action is to take a step back and assess things before making any decisions, most especially if there could be permanent consequences. If there are relationship issues, the card counsels that marriage until those are resolved would be unwise. It’s okay to take a break and clear your head before moving forward with things, especially when problems have you confused as to what the best decision would be. Take a break and allow yourself to think clearly so you can move forward in the right direction.

The Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups meaning is happiness. This is called the “Happily Ever After” card for that very reason. It is all about happy families, joyous reunions, emotional stability, and feeling complete. It is during times like these when you might be terrified because things seem to be TOO perfect, but don’t worry. The Ten of Cups outcome is a good one and the card is reassuring you that all will be well in your emotional life.

The Ten of Cups reversed, however, says your hopes for a “Happily Ever After” don’t seem to be happening. It is possible that there are petty arguments, or even a divorce in the workings, but the Ten of Cups outcome when it is reversed doesn’t look good regardless of what is happening. If you have found yourself keeping up the appearance of a happy family life or romance when in fact you are absolutely miserable, the Ten of Cups reversed validates your feelings. It’s okay to admit you are unhappy and instead of focusing on maintaining a false appearance of a blissful relationship, focus on what it will take to make you happy.

The Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups meaning is of excitement about romance and new love or opportunities in general. The meaning of the Knight of Cups is not just that you are feeling excited, but these things you are excited about are as good as you think they are. You can go forward with a positive outlook about all the great things that you have to enjoy right now. There are a lot of good possibilities and you should go forward and participate in them instead of worrying or overthinking things. If there are bad things happening, pay attention to the good things that are also happening and make those your focus.

The reversed Knight of Cups points to overexcitement about things that are not as good as somebody wanted you to think they were, and the advice is to guard your heart. Watch people’s actions instead of their words, and don’t emotionally commit to people who are in no way committed to you. A lover who is around for good times and sex but cannot be reached when your grandparent is dying is not a lover. It’s somebody who is not worth your time. Protect your emotions, and don’t give your heart to people who don’t appreciate it. To read more about love, see here- When Should I Tell Him I Love Him?

The Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles advice is to share what you have with other people. If you are in a position of wealth, and you can help somebody out, the card advises you to do so. If, however, you have too much, find a way to give that away. For example, if you have too much on your plate at work, delegate some responsibilities or ask your boss for help. The Six of Pentacles future reading is that in the future, you will be blessed with abundance, and in lean times, that is very good news. Just keep working towards having more because it is yours and it is coming to you.

The Six of Pentacles reversed, however, has to do with some unequal distribution of things. Someone is being selfish or withholding what they could easily share. Don’t make the mistake of being that person. Be fair, share, and spread the wealth around so everybody can benefit from it. The Six of Pentacles yes/no reading is simple. Right side up is an indication that all you need to go forward is yours and it is a good time, so right side up, the answer is yes. However, reversed, the answer would be that the time is not right, and you lack the energy, resources, or whatever is required for success, so the answer is no.

The Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles meaning is all about personal development. Typically, this has to do with mastery of skills at a job or trade, but it can be about personal growth in any area of your life. When you get the Eight of Pentacles in tough times, the card is advising you to take this as an opportunity to find ways to better yourself. If you have a horrible boss and you are in management training, take their lack of decency as a lesson in how not to behave as a boss when you become one. Every day is a new opportunity to grow and improve in all areas of our lives, and the time is at hand for you to do so. To read about growing into your best self, see here- How to Be Your Best Self 

The Eight of Pentacles reversed can be confusing. On one hand it can be pointing to laziness at progress, and on the other hand, it can indicate that overfocus on perfectionism is making you pull your hair out. Either way, those are not good things, and your focus needs to shift to a balanced work ethic towards becoming successful. The Eight of Pentacles reversed love reading is pointing out that one of you is trying harder than the other to make the relationship work, and things are not going to work out unless you are both trying. The Eight of Pentacles yes or no reading is that right side up, the answer is yes, because things are lined up for moving forward. If the card is reversed, the answer is no, because there are too many problems.

The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles card advises us that being persistent in the face of obstacles is a great way to be successful. Hard work, dedication, and patience are called for in difficult times by the Knight of Pentacles card and the card calls upon us to make sure we don’t give up. The Knight of Pentacles yes/no reading is very straightforward. If you are asking if you should keep trying, and the card is pulled right side up, the answer is that yes, keep working on things and you will progress. If the card comes up reversed, the answer, however, is not now. Rest, and try again soon.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed speaks of impatience and the desire to just quit trying because results did not come quickly. The card counsels dedication and faith because your goal can be reached. It is just going to take some time. Anything worth dreaming of is worth working for, and the Knight of Pentacles reversed reminds us to keep our eye on the prize, roll up our sleeves, and keep trying. The Knight of Pentacles reversed love reading is pointing out that one or both of you is either bored with your relationship or just isn’t that much in love. If you both are not willing to invest in the relationship, things are not going to work out in the long run.

The Five of Wands

The Five of Wands meaning is all about conflicts, disputes, arguments, and disagreements. It feels like there is a struggle because there is, and that is not your imagination. In a love reading, it is pointing out conflicts that must be resolved before you can grow together as a couple and in a career reading, these struggles threaten your professional team. While competition can be a healthy thing, when this card is right side up, it usually means this conflict is creating very bad problems, and you are called upon to do your best to be diplomatic, and communicate a desire to work out issues before they destroy everything you have worked for.

The Five of Wands reversed reveals things are calmer and that might not be such a bad thing. Solutions can be found if they have not been already, and people will get along and disagree in more civil ways than when the card is right side up. This can also be pointing out, however, that there is some avoidance of conflict that is boiling beneath the surface and the way to get through this is with compassion, tact, and honesty. It seems like nobody wants to fight or disagree, but sometimes disagreements need to be addressed and that can be done in productive ways, so everybody feels listened to and understood.

The Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands meaning is that there have been delays but you should dig your heels in, because your goal is in sight and you will be successful very soon. That is easy for some people to say sometimes, most especially people who are not battle weary from trying so hard for so long. You may be experiencing exhaustion, and fearing that all of your efforts have been for nothing, but the Nine of Wands tells you not to give up, because your struggle is almost over and soon you will be celebrating.

The Nine of Wands reversed says that you are to the point of giving up because obstacles have left you convinced you have been wasting your time, and you are feeling done. The Nine of Wands reversed can also point out that you have not learned from lessons or mistakes from the past and if somebody shows you areas where you can improve, instead of thinking about the advice, you become defensive. Your nerves from such a long struggle might have you feeling so on edge, nobody can get through to you and when you get to this point, stop, take a deep breath, and have faith, because the Nine of Wands is telling you that your fears are just that- fears- and if you keep working at things, you will succeed.

Even in the worst of times, the powers that be guide us, and one way to get messages from them is from the Tarot cards. Ask your question to a psychic advisor or ask the cards yourself, and then be prepared for clear answers. The cards will deliver advice for the best of times as well as the worst of times, and they give good advice for powerful solutions, so never hesitate to ask the cards! Reach out to a Spiritual Blossom psychic to find out what the cards advise in bad times and good. 

About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom and writes for Pagan Pages emag.