The Signs Natural Leadership Qualities
May 27, 2024 16 min read

The Signs Natural Leadership Qualities

By Lady Saoirse

Wouldn’t it be great to learn which of the zodiac signs make the best leaders? Well, the secret is, they pretty much all do. The truth is, each zodiac sign has its own strengths that make them good at leading, but they all have weaknesses they have to watch out for when it comes to being in charge too. Find out each sign’s best leadership skills and about their dark side that they have to keep in check when they are in leadership roles.

Knowing someone’s zodiac sign will help to tell you what you are in for when you are communicating with them, and that’s certainly helpful, but knowing the zodiac sign of the person who is in charge will help you to know what kind of leadership abilities they have. It can also help if you find yourself butting heads with them or if they just plain out act like they can’t stand you and this will help when you want to smooth things over and make for harmonious communications with them. What is a Taurus woman like in the role as a leader and what Capricorn traits make them great leaders? Read on to learn all about each of the signs and their natural leadership abilities.



What is an Aries woman like when she is a leader? When you meet a dynamic Aries who is in charge, you might immediately think they have everything completely under control. The personality of an Aries woman or man is ambitious, hardworking, energetic, and fearless. They have a take-charge attitude and don’t have a problem telling people what they think is right, as well as what they feel needs to be improved. They don’t intimidate easily, and they are happiest when everybody who they are responsible for is performing to the best of their abilities. They won’t run from conflict, and if they need to fire people, tell a nasty customer off, or defend their team, they will do so without hesitating. They are also great at turning negativity into positivity with laughter, and they have the ability to get along with people who other people find difficult to work with.

While this might make you think Aries people are the perfect leaders, there is a dark side of Aries as well. One of the personality traits of an Aries woman or man is that they can be impatient, so if you are dragging your feet on the job they won’t have any problem yelling at you that they don’t feel like waiting on someone who isn’t keeping up. While it is true that Aries people are great at being positive, if they get angry, they might throw such a hissy fit, it might make you wonder when is it time to give up and quit your job? An Aries boss can push their department to outperform their peers consistently, but don’t think they will be cracking the whip at you with their feet on their desks. They roll up their sleeves and work just as hard as they expect everybody else to, and you can be proud of your team if you are lucky enough to have an Aries leader. 


Taurus leaders take a lot of time to do research and decide what they feel is the very best way of doing things before they give any orders. Once they find out, their daily focus is to make sure everything is running smoothly, and they will keep a good eye on every aspect of things to ensure that. Whether they lead a paying job, a volunteer position, or as parents, a Taurus man or woman is reliable, stable, and practical. They are also very caring people who are understanding of illness, when you need extra help, and they will happily approve your requested time off for a vacation. They are very good at maintaining work-life balance for themselves, and while they don’t mind hard work, they have family, friends, and lives outside of whatever they are leading so they want to have plenty of time to enjoy all the things they have in their lives, not just what they lead at.

Taurus man and Taurus woman compatibility, however, is not only based on how well they feel they can trust people to do their jobs but is also based on their emotions. They can tolerate people who they don’t like dealing with, but they make it clear when they don’t want to. If you have a Taurus assistant manager working for you in your office who thinks you are despicable, they won’t shy away from having words with you in front of the office staff, and your clients who come in that irk them might be told to go elsewhere. Tauruses can also be extremely stubborn and believe their way is the best way even when presented with evidence there is a better way of doing something. They can also be authoritarian and kick you off the team if you don’t give unquestioning obedience. They can make it worth it, though, covering for you when you have a broken limb, and letting you have an extra day off so you can enjoy the nice weather. To read more about Tauruses, see here: Taurus Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility


Charming Geminis seem to be the life of the party on the team, and they know exactly what to say and do to make everybody feel good about doing their part to contribute. They are high energy, and they try to be positive even in the worst of times. They seek out the best quality in a person and try to place each team member where they feel their talents and skills will shine the brightest. They are enterprising individuals full of fresh ideas, and they seem to know just what to do to improve results and morale. They are great at resolving conflicts and easing tempers when it seems like nobody else can. They are high energy, and love to make a fun, interesting environment where everybody feels included and there is rarely, if ever, a dull moment when a Gemini is in charge.

Most any Gemini will become an advisor when they have a leadership role, and they won’t hesitate to give advice, even when it isn’t wanted. They can be deceptive, telling certain information to one team member, but telling another one something entirely different. They won’t hesitate to gossip about the people they lead to one another, and they can behave as a highly motivated boss one day, and one who would rather leave a half day early to see a great movie the next. They have so many different things going on when they are in leadership roles, they can become completely unorganized, and they can thrive on the discord this creates while they leave their team scrambling to keep things together. They will make you think they are worth it by keeping everybody’s spirits high with the gossip about your competition, and treat everybody to surprise lunches or parties every so often to show appreciation. 


Hardworking Cancers are highly focused on what they are in charge of and take great pride in their team’s accomplishments. They are responsible and sympathetic, and won’t have a problem staying over and finishing your work for you if you need to leave because your kid gets sent home sick from school. They are good at staying within budget and they budget resources as well as time very well. They pay attention to details, and they notice who has what abilities and they are as good as Gemini’s at assigning the right jobs to the right people. They will happily teach you what you need to know and they will even give you a ride to or from jobs if they feel like you are worth the effort.

However, they will have no problem rubbing all this in your face anytime they get upset. You might not even be the one to blame, but if they are upset, and you are there, you get to hear all about it and all you did wrong after all they have done for you. While they can be emotionally fragile and even be hypochondriacs, they are deeply caring individuals who are terrified by unpredictability, and if they feel like they can count on you, it will be much easier to calm your Cancer leader down when their nerves set them off. They value the people who they know they can count on above all else, and will appreciate you more than they can ever express if you ride out one of their emotional spells. To read more about Cancers, see here: Cancer Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility



The sign of Leo leads as a king or queen of all things, and they cut quite a charismatic figure wherever they go. They are sure to attract the respect and admiration of people, and they make great spokespersons because they are not afraid of attention, and they exude such confidence, they make people believe every word they say. They make amazing eye contact, seem to never meet a stranger, and people seem to automatically like them the moment they show up. One of the Leo traits is they will keep you laughing, and they don’t seem like anything intimidates them. They work hard and won’t stress their team out unnecessarily. They will be open with their team, because they can’t stand having things snuck in at the last minute, and they will proudly showcase what everybody on the team has accomplished.

They can be lazy when they feel like it, taking extra time off, and foregoing tasks they feel is beneath them, which means somebody else will have to do it for them. They can be vain and flirtatious, which is not helpful with team building, and they sometimes brag too much about accomplishments. If they can’t make everything the way they want it to be, they won’t have any problem threatening to quit, and sometimes they complain so much, they get themselves kicked off teams. To harmonize Leo's compatibility on the team, make sure that you do not threaten them in any way because one of the characteristics of Leo is if they feel threatened by you, then they will go after you with all their power. If they feel they have your unquestioning loyalty, they will keep you by their side to the end.


Seemingly the ultimate worker, Virgos seem to live to work when a lot of other people work to live. They take whatever they are doing very seriously, be it supervising a busy office, planning a family vacation, or just cleaning their retired parents’ kitchen. Virgos love to organize and implement their carefully laid out plans of action, and they appreciate people who are onboard with making their visions reality. They have no problem showing up earlier than anybody else, staying later than other people, and their focus is on getting the job done in the best way they can. They seek perfection in all they do and they won’t shy away from critiquing and improving their own work.

Virgos, on the other hand, are know-it-alls, and dealing with know-it-alls is not fun at all. They believe nobody else can do things as well as they can, and they will get rid of anybody who they feel is not worthy of being on their team, even if they are discarding somebody for an unfair reason like they can only do the job of one person after they decided to downsize the office staff. They are overly critical, they unfairly judge people by impossible standards even they can’t measure up to, and they sometimes value whatever project they are working on more than the people it is supposed to serve. If a Virgo admires your dedication and work, they will help you to improve your performance in any way they can, and you will enjoy the benefits of being on an elite team whose accomplishments stand out from the competition. To read more about Virgos, see here: Virgo Traits and Love Compatibility 


Libras love to keep all things beautiful, harmonious, and operating well. They value hard work, efficiency, talent, and comfort. They are compassionate and their strong desire to ensure justice is met means they will try to make sure everything is fair. They strive to create a pleasant work environment where everybody is equally valued and feels appreciated. They are happy to interview, hire, train, promote, and walk all team members through all phases of development. They won’t actively start fights, but they won’t run from conflict, so if it arises, they won’t have any issues with enforcing consequences if they feel like it is necessary. They try to be fair and consider all points of view and get all the details before making decisions.

“Why am I indecisive about everything?” is a question Libras ask themselves often. The ability to see every side of things also acts to stifle their knack for deciding upon the best course of action sometimes, and this holds things up unnecessarily. They also have the horrible habit of allowing their emotions to control them and they are notorious for taking favorites , who get better perks than their non favorites, and they don’t have an issue complaining about team members to one another. They can be easy to control with praise and braggarts sometimes impress them initially, although if they feel like somebody has been manipulative, they will drop them from the team with no explanation or chances for redemption. They dote on the people who they feel deserve it, however, and you can take heart in the fact if they trust you, they will have your back no matter what. 


A Scorpio is natural at leading their team to success by insisting everybody be at their best. They are experts at teaching and helping people feel great about improving themselves. A Scorpio in charge is highly protective of their team and if they are your leader, you can consider yourself immune to all threats. Scorpios can be very soft spoken, and gentle in the way they handle concerns, but they won’t stand for any hostility or attacks against them, their team, or whatever work they are overseeing. They are respectable, polite, and they won’t impose their personal business or problems on the people on their team. They are content to keep to themselves on projects and jobs until they feel it is necessary to include other people and they appreciate the reliable members of their team who they feel don’t make them do their jobs for them.

They are good at putting up walls and can shut people out who should have some say in things, but one of the traits of Scorpio is to be domineering and allow no questioning of their authority. Scorpio signs your check in the office, so they expect you to earn it. While they work very hard, they expect everybody else to work just as hard as they do, and they don’t mind micromanaging you until they feel you can work up to their standards on your own. The perfect way to make a Scorpio man want you off the team is to be impossible to control all while not demonstrating you are worth it for them to tolerate you. Scorpios run a smooth team, however, and while they might be demanding, they make it worth it when it's time to reap the benefits of the hard work you have all done together. To read more about Scorpio, see here: Scorpio Traits and Love Compatibility


Sagittarians love to be in the spotlight more than Leos do, and they love to be in charge as well. They are fun team leaders, and they make things so interesting, you might wonder if you are actually working because you are having so much fun. They tend to focus their energies on what they do best and leave other things to other people. This is great if you have the desire to step up and take ownership of something in a project, because they won’t be jealous of other team members who get the credit for a job well done. They are highly intuitive people who have the ability to see when things nobody else has noticed need to be done, and they won’t have a problem with doing things themselves as opposed to delegating what they are good at. They are high energy, adaptable, and able to make quick decisions when the situation calls for it.

Unfortunately, however, Sagittarians can be highly unorganized, and drop what they are supposed to be doing because they have decided they would rather do something else instead. They see life as a series of fun adventures to be had, and if they see work as a drudge, they won’t have any problem skipping out on the things they said they would do, which can leave the whole team hanging. They hate to be told what to do, and will argue with supervisors whenever they want to, but if they are the supervisor, they won’t tolerate any insubordination. They can be very unreliable, and can spend too much time socializing, but not enough time getting things done. However when they find things they are well suited for and that they enjoy doing, they tend to go above and beyond and do a better job than most people. 


Why are Capricorns seemingly always in charge? It’s because those born under the sign of Capricorn make natural leaders, and they are not afraid of hard work, long hours, and lots of responsibility. Traits of Capricorn is that they are ambitious, always seeking self-improvement, and that results in them moving up. They don’t mind sharing the glory with other team members who work hard as well, and they carefully select the people who they give leadership positions to. This is based on abilities and work ethic, not on favoritism, and they make sure nobody on the team slacks off or makes things difficult for everybody else. They are reliable, honest , and often stick around long term, so your team won’t have to worry about sudden shocking changes under their leadership.

How to treat a Capricorn woman or man in charge is as the supreme leader, and not to question their authority, however. How to make a Capricorn woman happy when she is in charge is to demonstrate that her team cannot do without you and that you are necessary for her to maintain her status as leader. Capricorns can be extremely vain about their accomplishments and while they may thank their team, they are focused on maintaining their status of being in charge. They won’t allow anybody to have status above that if they can help it. They may overwork and therefore overwhelm themselves and then bemoan their fate of being exhausted and say they are sick of having to do everything. They really do accomplish a lot, though, and if they trust you are not trying to unseat them from their perch of authority, they will trust you enough to allow you to take some of the work off them and they might even promote you. To read more about Capricorn, see here: Capricorn Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility 


Aquarians can be the most fun leaders, and they make everybody feel good about their contributions. They easily see people’s greatest strengths and they focus on those. So if they are coaching baseball, and your kid has their heart set in pitching, but the kid is better at catching, an Aquarian coach will know just how to make your kid feel great about not pitching and instead focusing on being the world’s best catcher. Aquarian leaders have a lot of fascinating new ideas and they are always starting new projects and trying to improve everything for everybody. They can talk almost anybody into anything, and they create a lighthearted, fun environment where everybody can be their best selves. They seek to empower and lead rather than to be bossy and they love to uplift people to higher positions.

Their desire to be kind to everybody, however, means that sometimes they put up with more than they should, but if they feel like you have taken advantage of their kindness or betrayed them, they will never get over it. They are very independent people, and do a lot of brainstorming, planning, and groundwork on their own, but then expect all team members onboard when they decide it is time to execute their plan. They don’t always explain their expectations well and they will be annoyed with people who don’t understand them. They are hard to keep up with, but they are kind and generous to the people they choose to have on their teams, and you will be proud to have a leader who can convince people to do things few others can. 


A Pisces leader is not out to get any recognition for themselves, and they need to be in a leadership position where they can teach, empower, and promote others. They are highly empathic people and care deeply about other people’s feelings and needs, which helps them with counseling and mediating. They make themselves available whenever you need to talk, or need help with tasks and they appreciate it when their team members communicate openly and honestly with them. They prefer to give people the freedom to work on their own, and check in when they need help or want to share their progress to micromanaging, and they prefer to lead by example rather than to give orders to their team.

They can go overboard with all of this, however, being overly protective of those they lead, and they might even spoil people in ways they shouldn’t. They can be taken advantage of by master manipulators who can be good at getting control of their Pisces leader by emotional appeals. However, this works both ways, because Pisces people can also be manipulative when they want to be, and they can keep their plans secret from the rest of the team when they want to. They don’t have an issue letting other people take the lead, they can over delegate when they don’t want to be in charge, and they are not always careful of who they delegate tasks to. They are supportive, understanding leaders who won’t try to dictate to their team and they are more focused on progress than getting credit for their work. To read more about Pisces, see here: Pisces Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

So, just which zodiac sign has the best leadership qualities then? All of them! The secret to being a great leader is not which star sign you are born under but knowing how to use your best leadership qualities and to improve on your weaknesses! Your team will be very thankful for the great leader you are, and you can elevate all of them to being leaders who will follow your good example. Good for you! Get a reading started to find out more about Astrology today!

About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.