How to Use Runes for Love
June 10, 2024 13 min read

How to Use Runes for Love

By Lady Saoirse

Some people are very proficient at runes fortune telling, or using runecasting for divination. Other people use runestone symbols to work magic and some have even picked out specific protection runes for home security. What are runes, and how do they work? Who is the norse god Odin, and what does he have to do with the runes? What is the meaning of runes and symbols, how can you use them for divination, and most importantly, how can you use them for love? 

As ancient symbols, runes are shrouded in mystery, unless you know their history, that is. Most “All About Runes” reading materials will go over the history of runes and how to use them for divination, but they are good for much more than just that. Nordic rune stones are used for magic for a plethora of purposes, but one use of runes is to manifest goals which is very powerful magic. Simply owning a rune won’t automatically make your wishes come true. You have to know about runes to make them work, and stone runes, glass or ceramic, wooden, or any other kind of runes work perfectly for whatever magic you want to use them for. While runes define ancient cultural practice for some people, modern people can use them for magic too. 

What is a Runestone?

Runes are individual letters from ancient Germanic writings. They have been found on gravesites and at sacred sanctuaries as well as carved upon weaponry and adorning jewelry. They each had meaning and were used as a system of writing to communicate things. Scholars and researchers disagree on exactly where Germanic people got their rune letters. Some say it was from the Etruscans, others say Romans. Although we don’t have an exact origin story, we do know the earliest known use of them by Germanic peoples was around 150 A.D., with the Elder Futhark being the oldest known runes used. The Elder Futhark is typically what is used in today’s runes sold in shops and it consists of 24 characters.

In the eighth century, the Scandinavians reduced it into what is known as the Younger Futhark which is only sixteen letters while the Frisians and Anglo Saxons extended it into the Anglo Saxon Futhark, which has between twenty six and thirty three characters. The runes of the Elder Futhark are named after gods and concepts in the lore like the sun or the god Ingwaz also known as Freyr, things in nature like ice or the yew tree, or after things related to human life like ulcers, need, or wealth. Two hundred and sixty seven Elder Futhark inscriptions around Scandinavia have been found to date, and in the areas of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, just over eighty inscriptions have been found so far. In comparison, there are some six thousand rune inscriptions that have been found with Younger Futhark inscriptions which were used back as early as the ninth century.

Did the ancient Vikings use runes for divination? It is believed they did based on some ancient writings including the writings of Tacitus. Born in 56 A.D, he was a Roman historian who wrote about the Celts and Germanics as well as other peoples. What he said about runes is in his publication Germania, which was about Germanic people was:

“For divination and the casting of lots they have the highest regard. Their procedure in casting lots is always the same. They cut off a branch of a nut-bearing tree and slice it into strips; these they mark with different signs and throw them completely at random onto a white cloth. Then the priest of the state, if the consultation is a public one, or the father of the family if it is private, offers a prayer to the gods, and looking up at the sky picks up three strips, one at a time, and reads their meaning from the signs previously scored on them. If the lots forbid an enterprise, there is no deliberation that day on the matter in question; if they allow it, confirmation by the taking of auspices is required.” To get a copy of Germania, see here: Agricola and Germania (Penguin Classics): Tacitus, Rives, James, Rives, James, Mattingly, Harold, Rives, James: 9780140455403: Books

It is commonly believed that the symbols he wrote about were runic letters, and if this was so, then yes, they cast runes for divination. We may never know exactly what symbols the Germanics used in this way, however. We do know that people today use the runes for divination and this system works very well, even if it is not identical to what was used back in the time of people like Tacitus. One thing we do know is that Odin is credited for giving the runes to humanity and he is consulted for guidance in using them by many.

Who is Odin?

Who is Odin?

Odin is the father of the gods in Norse heathen religions. He went by many names including The Allfather, Gautr, One Eyed or Hoarr, The Wanderer, Woden, Weda, and Jolnir. The day Wednesday bears his name derived from, Wodensday. He was a prominent god worshiped from at least as early as 2 BCE up until Christianization and lore about him and other gods of his pantheon became popular again in the revival of Germanic polytheism that is strong today. He is the god of divination, magic, the god of war and the battlefield and of those slain in battle, victory, wisdom and knowledge, poetry, and rage, fury, and frenzy. He was called upon before battle by elite warriors known as Berserkers whose power was so renowned, it was believed no weapon could harm them, and nothing could stop them.

He was one of the gods who created the world and the first humans, and he travels what those who follow his pantheon believe to be the nine worlds in existence, seeking knowledge. He also loved sex, taking many lovers besides his wife, the goddess Frigga who was goddess of hearth, home, marriage, prophecy, clairvoyance, and motherhood. Odin’s words are believed to be recorded in a poem called The Havamal, which offers common sense advice in life for various situations and instructs how to behave as a stranger as well as a host. The Havamal is one of many old writings recorded in the Codex Regius in 1270 C.E. , and the Havamal is believed to be much much older, having been composed before it was written down. Some lines from the Havamal include:


The miserable man and evil minded

makes of all things mockery,

and knows not that which he best should know,

that he is not free from faults.


The unwise man is awake all night,

and ponders everything over;

when morning comes he is weary in mind,

and all is a burden as ever.


The unwise man weens all who smile

and flatter him are his friends,

nor notes how oft they speak him ill

when he sits in the circle of the wise.


The unwise man weens all who smile

and flatter him are his friends;

but when he shall come into court he shall find

there are few to defend his cause.

To read the full Havamal, see here:Hávamál (

Odin rides an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir who his blood brother Loki birthed when he had transformed into a mare. Odin also rules over Valhalla where half of those slain in battle will go in the afterlife to train to fight in the battle called Ragnarök against Odin’s enemies, the Frost Giants. Odin is credited with being the founder of royal lines and some people like the Langobards say he is their ancestor. Some people believe that Odin is the ancestor of all people with Germanic heritage and go so far as to say that worship of him as a god goes by ancestry only.

It was he who espied the runes and reached to retrieve them and were it not for that, people would not have them. Odin knew the runes were in a place called The Well of Urd with the Norns, or Fates who decide all things. He also knew that the runes would not be available to just anyone but were for those who proved themselves worthy. To prove himself, he hanged himself from Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and pierced himself with a spear, sacrificing himself. After nine days and nights, he was deemed worthy, and he gained knowledge of the runes! He then learned how to use the runes for magic and for healing, and even to speak with the dead. It is believed that a close relationship with Odin is necessary before you can learn to use the Runes in any capacity, but some people disagree and say skill and study are all that are needed.

Other accounts about Odin say that he gave up a lot to become as wise and knowledgeable as he became, even sacrificing one eye to gain knowledge. Some say Odin was a real king who became a figure of legend who was later deified by people, and others say he is a god who helped create the world and human beings. One thing is for sure, a discussion of the runes would be incomplete without talking about the Alfather.

How Do Runes Work?

The runes are not something you have to activate, but they are a tool you use and a skill you perfect. A relationship with the runes and all they symbolize is necessary. Understanding of their meaning, and a good grasp of the history of the people who created them helps immensely. To use runes, you basically read them, and you need to know what the symbols mean to understand what they are saying. Two ways to use them will be explored, and that is how to sue them in your divination and how to use them for love. First, read the meanings of some of the runes.

The Meanings of Runes

The Meanings of Runes

For an extensive list of all the ancient Norse runes and their meanings, we have written much about that, and rune guides can always be found online or in local shops. So, we won’t go over all of that again, but read below to learn more in depth meaning of a few Viking rune symbols. The definition of runes including Hagalaz, Iwaz, Sowelu, Wunjo, Isa, Gebo, snd the Blank Rune are as follows:


The Hagalaz runestone represents hail. Hail represents hard times that can be extremely destructive. Devastation can bring jarring change, and at this time all you can do is accept that you cannot change things and hang in there until better times come. Bad times pass like hail melts and times will get better and in the meantime, do what you have to do to survive until the time you can thrive again comes. Remember also that even change we don’t relish can get rid of things we need to cast off, so maybe the way this change happened felt tragic, but it is entirely possible it will end up being a good thing.


The Iwaz rune can also be spelled Eihwaz and it represents the yew tree. It holds fast to the ground, firmly anchored and supported well by its roots. It represents strength as well as resilience. Yggdrasil, or the World Tree is also represented by this, and it is the tree that supports all the worlds. The Iwaz rune represents the ability to stand strong despite problems that may arise in life.


The Sowilo or Sowelu rune represents the mighty invincible Sun, and the power, strength, and life that it brings with it. The Sun melts ice, brings warmth, makes food grow, gives us vitamin D to make us healthy, guides seafarers safely on their course, and does much more to grant life and vitality. Without the Sun, life on earth as we know it would cease to be. Sowilo was one of the runes used in the sacred Merseburg Chant for healing broken bones and it can be used for guidance on the spiritual path as well as guidance for travel.


Wunjo represents joy, harmony, and fellowship. This is a rune everyone wants to draw. Joy through fellowship and kinship is indicated by this rune and fulfillment is also indicated in this. It can mean fulfillment from accomplishments and fulfillment through study. Anytime you draw Wunjo, it’s a good thing, and depending on your situation, it can be telling you to be thankful for the things and people who are bringing you joy in life, or to look to them for support to be happier and more fulfilled.


The Isa rune represents ice, or a standstill. It can represent obstacles, or you may need to wait before making decisions or acting. This rune can counsel you not to react to situations or people and it can also be telling you that things are as they are meant to be, and no change is necessary or possible right now. Like hail passes, ice melts. Another thing to keep in mind is that ice covers the land, blanketing it in winter and when the ice melts, it both protects the great things that hold much potential beneath it and ice nourishes the land so it can grow.


The Gebo rune represents a gift, and in many ways, it represents a gift for a gift. Generosity, sacrifice, and partnership, balance, equality, and fair exchange are all things this rune represents and counsels. The exchange the rune is speaking of should be mutually beneficial, and it also denotes trust that is built by such fair arrangements. Keeping the promises that you have made and holding other people to their word are things this rune can indicate, and the rune counsels that being reasonable and sharing fairly is the way to handle whatever situations you are asking about in the rune reading.

The Blank Rune

This rune was added to divination sets in modern times and it has a distinctive meaning. It means “the unknown” and signifies that the divination session has ended because Odin wills no more knowledge to be granted to the querent. If this comes up, you are called to wait and see what will happen, and no further guidance is available. Keep your mind sharp, and make decisions cautiously, because it is up to you to decide your course of action.

How to Use Runes for Divination

The runes are often consulted for advice just as Tarot and other divination tools are. Keep in mind that you can use a lot of different techniques for laying out the runes to use for divination, and there is no one right way to do so. Tossing the entire bag of runes onto a divination cloth and reading just the ones that come right side up is one way to do this. You can pull individual runes to answer questions, and a one rune drawing can answer what you are asking about as well. The most important thing to do when using runes for divination, however, is to have a full understanding of their meanings before you begin and take some time to meditate on what they are telling you if need be. Some people believe that generations of meaning is charged into the rune symbols because of their very nature, and their voices are ancient. They should not be used for entertainment, nor should the messages they give you be taken lightly.

How to Use Runes for Love

Using runes for love is just as meaningful. Using them for advice in love readings is not quite the same as getting a card reading from a psychic. The runes speak to you themselves and expect their advice to be heeded. The runes are also used to help draw love or to help us to manifest characteristics that will help us to become more loving. If you are having trouble being patient while you are dating and meeting people, wear jewelry with the rune of Isa engraved on it to help you to remember to wait for the right person to come into your life.

Some people use runes to improve themselves. The rune Gebo can be worn or tattooed onto yourself to help you form balanced relationships if you have made the mistake of being with selfish lovers and the rune Wunjo can be engraved on a gift you give to somebody you are in love with. Another technique people use is crafting bindrunes, and that means drawing multiple runes into a sigil or unified symbol together to combine their magic.

To create and activate bind runes, select the runes whose powers you would like to combine, like Wunjo and Gebo together to attract a balanced partnership that is both happy and fulfilling, create the symbol of them combined, and draw this bindrune onto your skin with an ink pen. Focus your will, or intention as you draw this onto yourself, and you can even say some words such as “It is my will to attract fulfilling and healthy love to me. With the runes of Gebo and Wunjo combined, I bring this into my life. So be it!” Keep refreshing the drawing of your bind rune until your intention comes to be. It’s that simple!

Keep in mind when you think of love, it’s more than romance, marriage, or sex that love encompasses. The love of family and friends is as powerful and meaningful as the love of a romantic lover, and your parents, children, and best friends can be your soulmates just as easily as a romance partner can. We love many people and are loved by many in our lives, and runes for love can be used to strengthen , or attract any form of love relationship that you desire.

Casting runes is something people all around the world are doing today, and that people have been doing for centuries. Using runes for protection, magic, or divination can be things you add to your own personal magical practice. Best of all, using runes to attract love or to get advice about relationships can enlighten and help guide you. After all, who better to give advice on love than an ancient god of magic and wisdom like Odin, the father of the gods? Get a reading started for divination today: Online Psychic Readings

About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.