What is the Best Gemini Zodiac Flower?
July 05, 2024 16 min read

What is the Best Gemini Zodiac Flower?

By Lady Saoirse

Find out the best ten Zodiac flowers for Gemini and how to use them in your spirituality and magic. 

Those born between May 21 and June 21 are Geminis. The symbol for them is the twins, and divine twins of Greek myth were named Castor and Pollux, both of whom were conceived miraculously. Like the divine twins, Geminis seem to have a bit of deified magic about them. They are highly social people who are excellent mediators. They are high energy and have a lot of interests. The downside to all this is they bore easily and seem to always be on the hunt for new and exciting things. This isn’t all bad, though, because it means Geminis live full, enriching lives, and they never stop learning. Geminis have a dark side that can show itself when you least expect it. They can be cold hearted, deceptive, and self-centered, but all the signs have dark sides. Like any sign, they create great magic, and some flowers are especially potent for them to use for this. We will explore the magic Geminis can make with flowers like aloe, pomegranate, and azalea.

Joseph’s Coat Rose

Joseph’s Coat Rose

A surprising flower is Joseph’s Coat Rose. The flower buds are one color, the roses open to another color, and change gradually again until they stop blooming. There will be all different colors of blooms on the rosebush at the same time. If you are thinking it is a small shrub rose that is dotted in that kaleidoscope of colors, think again. The Joseph’s Coat rose is a climber that can grow to be as large as 12 feet tall and 4 feet wide. What can make this grow so large is proper care, including providing a sturdy structure for the rose to climb, proper feeding, and regular pruning. The rose will bloom late spring to fall, however, so all this work is more than worth it.

Like this rose, Gemini’s thrive with attention to their needs, and what they need is variety. They are an intellectual sign, and they process incredible amounts of information in a very short period of time. They will feel like they are withering if they don’t get enough mental enrichment. They sometimes seem to add new hobbies and interests and discard others at an overwhelming pace that might have some signs questioning their dedication, but they are not lacking in dedication at all. They are building full lives and including a variety of experiences, and they know they can’t do that if they do all the same things all the time. They discard things that are not stimulating to them anymore, and new parts of them bloom, just like when you prune dead parts off of a rose.

A great way for a Gemini to do magic with this plant is to cultivate it. When you plant it, write some things you want to manifest on a piece of paper, and place it in the hole with the roots of the rose. Plant the rose and with each feeding and watering, this will put the energy of cultivating that thing you want to manifest. Also, establish a relationship with your rose and listen to what it teaches you. Sit peacefully with it, or talk to it while you are watering, feeding, or pruning it. You can place a clipping of your nails or hair into the hole when you plant it to put a part of yourself with the rose to forge a connection. Write in a magical journal what things you learn. Read about the lotus flower here: Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Castor Bean

Castor and Pollux were legendary twins in Ancient Rome, and the sign of Gemini is called “The Twins” after them. They were associated with horses and sports, they were called upon to protect those at sea or who were in danger at war. They protected the home and were associated with hospitality. They were connected to friendships, and taking oaths, and were patron deities of athletes. It was said they were conceived when the god Zeus disguised himself as a swan and seduced their mother. They hatched from an egg, but the lore disagrees on whether Zeus fathered both of them. Some stories say their mother was seduced by another man the same night, so Zeus fathered one of them, and the other man fathered the other twin.

The castor bean, or castor oil plant, which shares the name with Castor, is considered an allergy inducing plant and a toxic one if used improperly. Some people’s asthma is triggered by it, and others have an allergic reaction simply by touching the leaves. Ricin is a substance in castor beans, and ingesting broken ones releases this into the human body that can cause death with no treatment. Interestingly, processed castor oil is used to help digestion. The oil was used in Ancient Egypt in oil burning lamps, and it has been used as an insecticide. The castor bean has been used to purge the body of disease, parasites, and spiritual impurity.

A safe way to use castor bean oil in magic for a Gemini is to use the oil to purge toxic things. Like Castor and Pollux protect, so can the oil of the castor bean, which is safe to use. Take a small jar and write on paper whatever it is you are seeking to get out of your life. Whether it is a toxic relationship, a bad habit, or the fear of moving forward with new things, whatever you need to let go of can be banished with castor oil. After you finish writing everything you want to about what you are purging, roll the paper up and place it in the jar. Pour enough oil into the jar to completely submerge the paper, then seal the jar and throw it away in the trash. It is important to take the trash away from yourself and your home immediately and take it someplace where you will never come into contact with the jar or its contents again. This will help magically to remove what you are purging from your life and to also keep it sealed away from you.



A very important plant linked to Geminis is the aloe. It grows on the island of Socotra, which was said to be the Island of Castor and Pollux. Lore says the Pharaoh Cleopatra used aloe to help her stay beautiful and aloe was given as offerings to goddesses like Isis and Hathor. It was used in Egypt and Greece to treat burns and other skin issues and in Rome, it was eaten because it was believed it could make people immortal because of how it regenerates skin. In the Bible, King Solomon looted aloe and Nicodemus mixed aloe with other things to bring for the burial of Jesus. The plant symbolizes good luck in China and healing in many parts of the world.

Geminis are constantly regenerating themselves, and aloe is a good plant for their magic. The leaves of the aloe don’t grow back when they are cut, but a new stem grows in the center of the plant. Like the aloe plant, as a Gemini grows, they change. A way for Geminis to do magic with aloes is to use this regenerative process when they make a change. Buy an aloe plant and commit to take care of it for life. In some regions, they thrive outdoors, but in others, they need to be kept as houseplants. Decide where your aloe will grow best and place it there. Then, anytime you want to make a change, clip a leaf off the aloe, and rub the aloe sap on your skin. Say the words “As I change, I grow. As a new part of my aloe grows, so this new part of me will too.” Then tend that plant. Watch the new growth emerge from the aloe, and watch your change take place as well. Read about Libra Zodiac flowers: What is the Best Libra Flower?


Native to Persia and Northern India, the pomegranate made its way through the Middle East and the Mediterranean and parts of Egypt, Asia, and even the Americas. Pomegranates made it to Greece before Rome, and they were considered to be the fruit of the dead in Greece. It was pomegranates that bound the goddess Persephone to the underworld. One day as she picked flowers, Hades, god of the underworld, burst out and kidnapped her, dragging her to the Underworld to rule with him. Her mother, Demeter, searched all over the earth and forbade anything to grow until she found her. Zeus told Hades he had to release Persephone, but Hades tricked her into eating pomegranate seeds, and because she ate this food of the Underworld, it bound her to the Underworld for a third of the year.

In China, from old times, the pomegranate has been considered a symbol of fertility, and images of the fruit, with the seeds glistening, was hung in homes to help couples have many children. In Armenia and India, it also symbolizes fertility and in Kurdistan it symbolizes abundance. Some say it was the forbidden fruit that gave knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden but that did not keep people from eating it. Some Persian weddings feature a basket of pomegranates to symbolize joy and in some Turkish weddings, pomegranates are used for divination. The bride throws a pomegranate and the number of arils that fall out are believed to indicate how many children the couple will have.

Anybody can partake of pomegranates for joy or divination, but Geminis are highly creative people, and the fertility bringing powers of the pomegranate will help them as they make things happen. There are several ways to do this, and the simplest way is to either eat pomegranate seeds, or drink pomegranate juice that has been blessed. A way to bless the pomegranate you want to eat to help you create is to sit the pomegranate with whatever symbolizes what you are trying to make. If you want to generate more income, place the pomegranate on your wallet or a bank statement. If you are trying to have children, place it in bed while you make love with your partner. Then say a few words over the pomegranate like “Share with me great power to create all things. Through my own abilities and your magic, I will make it happen.” Then eat or drink your magically blessed pomegranate seeds or juice.


Part of the mint family, there are 47 different species of lavender with more than 450 different varieties, and it grows native in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Canary Islands. It was so treasured in Ancient Rome, a pound of it cost as much as a month’s worth of a farm worker’s wages. Lore says that when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, they did not leave empty handed, but they took lavender with them! It was said that Mary the mother of Jesus hung his swaddling clothes on a lavender bush to dry and it scented the clothing. The Ancient Greeks used it in soap and perfume, and legend has it that people who lived in the town of Bucklersbury were able to hold black death at bay with lavender.

Lavender symbolized tranquility and has been linked with health benefits. Healthline reported that lavender may improve mood and help skin be healthier. They reported breathing in the aroma of lavender may help with menstrual issues and it might help improve sleep. 4 Benefits and Uses of Lavender Tea and Extracts (healthline.com). During World War I and World War II, lavender was used as an antiseptic and it has been use to treat fleas, lice, and to deter moths. It is edible, and is used in teas, honeys, desserts, jams, jellies, and in spice mixes. It is used in soap making and in potpourris to scent interior spaces.

For Gemini’s, being ruled by Mercury can make for jittery nerves or anxiousness to push forward with things. Everybody needs to pace themselves or learn to patiently wait for things, and lavender is a great magical plant to use for that. Some people swear by brewing lavender into tea to calm the nerves and still the mind, but others find the taste of lavender to be overpowering. You can place dried lavender anywhere you want to scent things and the calming powers of the plant will work its magic. You can carry it in sachets or even weave it into bundles to hang in your home, office, or even to keep in your car anytime you need the calming magic of lavender. You can also plant it so you can enjoy your own fresh lavender.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

According to lore, the Greek god Apollo himself created the lily of the valley to protect the feet of the nine Muses. Known for their beautiful white, bell-shaped flowers, there are actually a few different species of the flower, some of which are pink. They grow native in parts of Europe, North America, and Asia. Despite its sweet perfume and popularity as a garden flower, lily of the valley contains 38 different toxins that are poisonous to humans, so care should be taken when handling the lovely flower. Don’t think you can’t wear lily of the valley perfume, though, because synthetic perfumes that smell like it are safe and easily found.

Perhaps because it was said Apollo created lily of the valley to protect the Muses, the flower symbolizes protection. It is given as a gift to people who you want to wish good luck to. The plant represents prosperity, and it is believed the bell shape of the flowers wards off negative energy and brings positive energy. When Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco, she carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley. She wasn’t the only royal to do so. In 1966, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands had the same flowers in her bouquet, and Princess Diana had lily of the valley in her wedding bouquet also. Not only does the flower symbolize joy, but also purity and humility and the flower is said to be a symbol of good luck brides carry.

Geminis in particular have gentle personality traits, making them popular in friend groups and great at mediating disagreements. They try to make sure everybody is accommodated, and like the lily of the valley, they are pure in their intentions. It is said the aroma of the lily of the valley helps to open communication and create stability. This flower’s natural magical ability to aid in these things makes them a great flower for Geminis. A way for Geminis to use lily of the valley in their magic is to scent the room with lily of the valley or lily of the valley fragrance during tense meetings to help relax the attendees. This will help Geminis to get stressed people on board with finding peaceful resolutions that benefit everybody. Read about Scorpio Zodiac flowers: What is the Best Scorpio Flower?


Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, there are over 10,000 different cultivars of the beautiful azalea. It was said azaleas were first discovered by a Chinese emperor and then nurtured and cultivated by monks. Azaleas are toxic, and at one time, sending some in a black vase was a death threat. Despite this, azaleas are well loved for their magnificent blooms, and there are azalea festivals in Japan, Korea, The United States, and China. One of the oldest open to the public gardens in the United States is called Magnolia-on-the-Ashley in South Carolina and according to historian Fred Galle, the azalea indica type of azaleas was first planted in the United States in that garden.

In China, the azalea represents womanhood and thoughtfulness. It represents family obligations and longing to return home and reminds of the good things about going home. In Victorian times the flower represented temperance and it can be sent as a gift to somebody to ask them to reconsider things. These are especially meaningful gifts to the women in your life and can be sent to family to tell them you want to come home. They are also symbolic of taking care of yourself and can be sent to people who you want to encourage to do that.

 Geminis seem to take a lot of people under their wing, becoming an adoptive family member to many. They also like to do a variety of things and go to a variety of places, but everybody knows there really is no place like home. Geminis can plant azaleas at home to remind them that while they are busy emotionally nurturing all the people they know and love, that they need to be mindful of their own wellbeing and take care of themselves as well. They can also carry an image of an azalea with them on their adventures and travels to remind them of all the wonderful things and people waiting for them when they return home.


The gingko biloba is the oldest living tree species and has been around for over 290 million years. Native to China, this “living fossil” is resistant to disease, insects, and can grow up to 165 feet tall. The trees can live for over 2,000 years and they have been planted in other parts of the world, prized for their fan shaped leaves that turn gold in fall time and their ability to tolerate small planters and urban pollution. Gingko trees are so sturdy, six of them survived the bombing of Hiroshima. They produce nuts used in cooking and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine although tests have not proven the gingko is medically beneficial for people. Consumption of too many gingko nuts has been proven to cause convulsions over time, however.

Perhaps because they are such sturdy trees that live so long and survive so well, they represent ancient wisdom and longevity. They also represent luck, hope, and protection, most especially protection from fire. Gingko trees are sometimes planted in honor of a birth, to magically instill long life in the newborn child, and they are sometimes planted after a death, to wish a blissful eternity to the deceased. Some modern-day people take over the counter ginkgo biloba supplements because they believe it will sharpen their mental abilities and prolong their lives, but there is no scientific evidence these supplements work and care should be taken, because research is still being done to see if they cause serious problems. Read here for more information: Ginkgo - Mayo Clinic

For magical purposes, Geminis can draw great power from the longevity and strength of the gingko. Geminis are highly motivated individuals who stay active, and a boost of energy when they are tired but can’t yet rest will help. The best way to do this is to absorb the energy of the gingko instead of ingesting it, at least until more studies show the long-term effects of ginkgo use. You can do this without even touching a tree, believe it or not. Stand nearby the tree and visualize your heart connecting to the heart of the tree. See how strong it is and see its ability to thrive despite challenges. Silently ask the tree to lend you some of its strength temporarily while you are recuperating on your own. When you feel the tree has sent you some energy, thank it, and pour some water over its roots in thanks.


A member of the mint family, horehound grows native in parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, and it has become naturalized in many parts of the Americas. Named in Egypt, possibly after the god Horus, horehound prefers dry soil and sunny locations and it is associated with the planet Mercury, which rules Gemini. It was used for respiratory problems in 1st century Rome and was said to help treat worms in livestock. The horehound is an ingredient in the Ricola throat lozenges and is used to help treat colds and digestive issues. Take care though, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved it as medicine.

To some it symbolizes the powerful eye of Horus, which is a symbol of protection and healing and it is also called the wedjat. Ancient Egyptians wore this as an amulet and were even buried with it, so powerful were its protective qualities. In times of danger, the image was drawn for temporary protection and the symbol was placed on the bow of boats to help sailors see the way they were sailing clearly. The herb is also used for protection at home and to help cleanse or purify it. It also symbolizes rejuvenation because legends say Horus lost his eyes, but his vision was returned to him.

Geminis can use the power of a horehound for protection or to cast out anything they want to let go of. Geminis may want to move on from a past experience, so they can step into new times, but have a hard time doing that emotionally. Dried horehounds kept in a sachet and held during meditation can help them rejuvenate their desire to start fresh and it can purge old times as well. Horehounds can be planted on the property to deflect negative entities and dried horehounds can be hung in doorways and windows for the same purpose. 


Lobelia is a plant that grows native in Africa, Europe, Canada, and North America and there are over 400 different lobelias in the world today. It is an herb that is associated with love, purification, and also emotions. It is also called Wild Tobacco and is considered to be similar to the actual tobacco plant and has been smoked and used for purification. Some species of it have been used in folk and alternative medicines to treat things like breathing issues and depression, but it can also be toxic, so this is another plant you should take great care in using.

Magically, lobelia is believed to make storms stop and it is used in spells for attracting love. It is believed that lobelia helps with transformation, and for Geminis, that’s very important. Some Geminis may seem like works in progress all their lives as they artfully discover new parts of themselves and discard habits and behaviors that no longer serve the way they are moving forward. With lobelia being used to stop storms and soothe emotions, it can be potent in magic for emotional healing during times of change. Take four lobelia blossoms, and place them in a circle around you, one each at the east, south, west, and north directions. Visualize the healing energy of the lobelia rising out of the flowers and absorbing into your emotional body. Visualize that energy cleansing all negativity and worries out of you. Repeat as often as necessary.

Geminis have powerful magic they use every day. They are masters at personal transformation, and they know how to create harmonious communications between people. They know where to find new things to keep their minds sharp, and they aren’t afraid to take chances and invest in new things. Maybe some people think they don’t need any help being magical, but there are plants perfectly suited to their zodiac sign that enhance their powerful natural magical ability they can use anytime. Meditate with your Joseph’s Coat roses, breathe in the relaxing magic of the lavender plant, and draw strength from the gingko tree. Your magic is strong, but your zodiac plants can make it stronger. Get a reading started to learn more about Astrology: Online Psychic Readings.

About the Author: LadySaoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom has written for Mysticsense, and she writes for PaganPages.Org emag and Green Egg Magazine.