Angel Number 6 and 666 Meaning and Symbolism
February 09, 2024 10 min read

Angel Number 6 and 666 Meaning and Symbolism

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- Angel Numbers appear when your gods or guides have special messages for you and all you need to know is the meaning of the numbers themselves to understand the messages. Angel Numbers with 6 can appear as the single digit 6, 66, or even 666. Join Spiritual Blossom to examine the meaning of Angel Numbers with 6, and find out if 666 is really as bad as some people say it is.


What are Angel Numbers?

Angel Number 6 and 666 Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Numbers are said to appear when we need special messages from the powers that be. Some people say they are just random sequences of numbers that keep repeating, and that it is all a coincidence, but not everybody believes in coincidences. You can see these numbers appear in TV or movies, in alphabet soup, or even on billboards.   Angel Numbers bring messages from your ancestors, deities, god or goddess, or your personal guardian spirits or angels, and to understand what they are trying to tell you, all you have to know is what the numbers mean. Today, we will learn all about Angel Numbers with the number 6. We will discuss 6, 66 and the notorious 666.


What does the Number 6 Mean?

Angel Number 6 and 666 Meaning and Symbolism

Number 6 spiritual meaning is all about emotional warmth, nurturing, and caretaking. It may be calling you to become a caretaker, and it might be telling you to accept the care you need. You might be put on notice that your physical needs are being neglected and you need to tend to them, but you might be needed to show someone else how to take better care of themselves.  Nurturing is not always about physical needs, however. Sometimes, you have been spending too much time at work, and the number 6 reminds you to take time out for the people you love.  When the number 6 appears, it might be telling you that being emotionally cold or distant after a falling out is a mistake, and it is time to reach out and reconcile. Whenever the number 6 appears to you, pay close attention to your physical and emotional wellbeing. If all is well, take it as a call to tend to somebody else.


What Does Angel Number 66 and 666 Mean?

66 and 666 are special Angel Numbers that deal with spiritual enlightenment, your personal path opening before you, and focusing on balance. 666 can signal a new beginning or embarking on a spiritual path. It can also be alerting you to pay attention to what seems to be “coincidences” that are actually related events that are trying to give you messages. When 66 or 666 appear, it is the power of the number 6 doubled or tripled. If you have been ill, it means you will get some healing. If you have been hurt emotionally, it means love and comfort are making their way to you. If you are feeling lonesome or misunderstood, it means someone is on the way who will make you feel loved and listened to. To read more about love, see here- When Should I Tell Him I Love Him? (

Some people will use numerology to reduce 66 or 666 to a single number to find the meaning. It is done by adding the numbers together until you get a single digit. So, 6+6= 12, and this reduces to 3 when you add 1+2. Three is all about creativity, optimism, and drawing people to you. It gives messages to keep a positive outlook and an open mind for unorthodox solutions that not everybody would think of. It also lets you know to use your dazzling personality to attract the right people. 666 can be reduced by adding  6+6+6 which is 18 and reduced by adding  1+8 to make 9. Nine is all about reaching perfection and using your abilities to help other people perfect themselves. It  can be telling you to work on yourself to become the best you can be, or that you are called to help other people become their best selves. To read about being your best self, see here- How to Be Your Best Self (


What Does 666 Mean?

Some people believe 666 is the number of the biblical devil, but scholars are not so sure. In the Book of Revelations 13:18, it says, “ Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Reading this carefully, we see it states this is “ the number of a man”, not a demonic being, however, and throughout history, different scholars have guessed which human beings this number was pointing to. Some say it was Neron Caesar, whose name can be totaled to the number 666, Nero Caesar, whose name totals to 616, and , and others say it was Muhammad, the Islamic prophet. Others say it was a Roman Catholic Bishop named Walmesley. The individual whose name numerically totaled to 666 was called the Beast. It had seven heads which represented seven hills, and Rome rested on seven hills. Chances are, this Beast being described was a Roman ruler, not a devil.

666 and Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley, a famous occult author and founder of Thelema called himself the Beast and a special number for him was 666. Some people called him “The wickedest man alive” because he went against societal mores and indulged in non-heterosexual relationships. He also associated with the poor, outcasts, and lived abroad in non-Christian Nations. Some people associated him with the biblical devil for these reasons, and accused him of worshipping that devil. Upon closer examination, however, he was not. He called himself the “Beast” because that was something his mother had called him when she was frustrated with how unruly of a child she felt he was. 666 was the number of an artifact called the Stele of Revealing from Ancient Egypt on display at a museum that he said opened his eyes to his personal spiritual path. None of this had anything to do with an evil entity or demon.

Is 666 Evil?

Angel Number 6 and 666 Meaning and Symbolism

Just because somebody believes a number is evil does not make it so. It is very possible the author of the Book of Revelations was referencing the number 616 and not 666, and the number was almost certainly representing a human being, not a malevolent spiritual being.  Even if 666, 616, or any other number was used to describe a person or entity of evil, that number itself is just a number, not a living being. The number itself was never intended to become the source of all evil, but to use the ancient system of Gematria to communicate something. Gematria is a Hebrew system used to assign numerical value to names or words and these sacred numbers can be found throughout the Old and New Testaments in every translation available. 666 might scare people because of misunderstandings or superstitions, but it’s not an evil thing. So, if numbers with 6, 66, or 666 start to appear to you, don’t be afraid. These are not signs of death or evil. They are messages from spirit guides, deities, or angels.


Angel Numbers with 6 Meaning for Love

Anytime an Angel Number with 6 appears to you, in regard to love, it has special meaning for you. The energy of things opening can portend new love, or that your soulmate is about to appear.

New Love

Angel Number 6 and 666 Meaning and Symbolism

Your Angel Numbers might be telling you that new love is coming your way. New love can open the door to a new life with a loving partner when you have been heartbroken.  Angel Numbers with 6 can indicate that you need to look at love in a different way. If your relationships tend to be short lived and end poorly, how you choose partners can be examined. If you always get dumped, find any personality traits all the people who do this have, and steer clear of those traits in new loves. The Angel Numbers with 6 tell you the energy and situation is right for a new, good relationship, and all you need to do is open your heart to it. One zodiac sign that seems to always have their hearts open to new people is Gemini, and you can read more here- Gemini Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility (


Angel Numbers with the number 6 can indicate that a soulmate is coming into your life. If the number appears surrounding a particular individual often, this person will either guide you to your soulmate, or they are your soulmate. It can be confusing sometimes because pop culture tells us soulmates are always romantic partners, but sometimes that’s not the case. Some people say that a friend, family member, or a pet is their soulmate. We can also have more than one soulmate and we can have multiple soulmates all at the same time. How to tell if someone is your soulmate is that you feel complete when you are together and you feel a soul connection from the beginning. To learn about what guidance the Minor Arcana gives about love, see here- Minor Arcana Cards for Love (


Angel Numbers with 6 Meaning for Career

When Angel Numbers with a 6 appear during times when you are contemplating your career, it’s good news. You may be called to further your personal development and you might be asked to focus on balancing your time working with your time away from work. Either way your Angel Number signals positive changes in your career and calls you to initiate them.

Personal Development

When an Angel Number with 6 appears, it might be telling you to focus on personal development. Job sites don’t always provide opportunities for promotions, and they don’t always focus on increasing the skills of their workers. You are called to be proactive in your personal improvement. Chances are, the job you have won’t be your last one, and having more skills will help you to move up in your career. You owe it to yourself to find opportunities to grow, and a new job might be how to do that. One sign that seems to be always improving themselves is Libra and you can read about them here- Libra Traits and Love Compatibility (

Focus on Balance

Angel Number 6 and 666 Meaning and Symbolism

The Angel Numbers may be telling you that it is time to focus on work/life balance better. If you are constantly working, it’s time to focus on taking time away from work. If your career is not taking off because you are neglecting it, the Angel Numbers are telling you to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It is important to contribute to your community with your work, but your friends and family need you just as much. When Angel Numbers with 6 appear, take time out to evaluate how much time you spend cultivating your relationships and how much time you spend on your career. One surprising way some people balance is by being born on a zodiac cusp, and you can read more about that here- The Sun Signs Cusps and Their Meanings (


Angel Numbers with 6 Meaning for Money

Angel Numbers with 6 can appear to guide you on financial matters as well. When they appear they might be giving you the good news that financial growth is coming. They might also be telling you that you are worrying too much, and it is time to release fears.

Financial Growth

Angel Numbers with 6 can indicate that a time of financial growth is about to begin. You are called to prepare for this. Prioritize what you will use the added income for, and be careful not to overspend at first. Money isn’t everything, but it helps buy things and it finances experiences that can make happy memories. Financial wellbeing is a blessing not everybody gets, even if they work very hard, but you can take comfort in the fact it is about to be yours.  One sign that is good to consult on financial matters is Capricorn, and you can read about them here- Capricorn Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility (

Release Worries

Angel Numbers with 6 can indicate that you are worrying too much and that everything is alright. Maybe everything isn’t perfect, but is it ever? Is there ever a time in life when something could not improve?  Angel Numbers with 6 show you that things might not be exactly as you want them to be, but thankfully, things are not as bad as you fear they are. Worrying won’t fix anything, and it is far better to take a step back and assess the situation calmly. Ask a wise friend for their input. Their advice might put your mind at ease. One way to ease your worries is to consult the Tarot Cards. You can read our quick guide to the cards and their meanings here- A Quick Guide to Tarot Cards and their Meanings (


Some people are terrified of the number 666, and when a 6, 66, or 666 appears, they assume it is bad luck or evil manifesting, but that is not true. They are Angel Numbers numbers and they come as messages from our angels. They bring news of spirituality, love, growth, and they tell us to find balance. In our love lives, career, and on matters of money, Angel Numbers will always guide you and help you see what the best possible path to happiness and prosperity is.


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About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.