What is a Starseed and Are You One?
October 10, 2023 10 min read

What is a Starseed and Are You One?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR-  Starseeds are special people whose spirits are from distant realms, and they bring their spiritual gifts to this world to share with us on earth. There are different kinds of starseeds all of whom do miraculous things, and there are some easy to spot signs that indicate you are a starseed. While some people don’t believe starseeds are real, other people can tell they exist and if you are a starseed you are meant to do amazing things.


Starseeds are said to be extra special people who make the world a better place. Not everybody believes they are real, but some people insist they have met a starseed, and maybe you are one too. Join Spiritual Blossom for our intimate exploration of starseeds, find out how to know if you are a starseed from some common signs, and what you are destined to do with your life if you are born one.


What’s a Starseed?

What is a Starseed and Are You One?

Starseeds are people whose souls reincarnated to earth, but who came from other planets, stars, or galaxies. They may have only lived one past life where they came from, and they may have lived many lives in many different worlds. Some starseeds don’t feel like they entirely belong on earth, and they struggle to fit in. Each starseed brings special spiritual gifts to share, and while they may not remember their past lives, they feel a strong draw to the stars and other worlds.  

They might have past life memories, or they may experience dreams that show them their powerful wisdom they may have consciously forgotten. Some people call them old souls, and other people say they are born enlightened, but most people agree that starseeds have deep spiritual wisdom that other people are thankful to learn from. Some people even go so far as to say that starseeds are sent to earth to bring their wisdom and healing and they are here to help other people with their spirituality.

At first, starseeds might wonder where they fit in with other people. They may be seen as strange and people might have difficulty relating to them. They may become isolated when they are young, and they will often spend the time they have to themselves doing inner work and soul searching. As they grow up, they will find mentors who help them discover their purpose, and they will dedicate their lives to doing the work they were born to do. Not everybody who is a starseed realizes they are one, however, and they might live out their incarnation helping other people without realizing their spirits are from other places.


What Kind of Starseeds Are There?

What is a Starseed and Are You One?

Some people believe there are 11 types of starseeds, and some people believe there are unlimited different kinds, some of which we don’t even know about. The type of starseed someone is depends on where their soul travels to earth from. Starseeds come from different parts of the cosmos. Some people assume this is the same thing as being an alien or extraterrestrial being, but this is different. Extraterrestrials are born in their own galaxy and might travel to earth but starseeds travel spiritually and reincarnate into a human body, living out their whole incarnation here.  While there are dozens of different kinds of starseeds literature talk about, Acturian, Andromedan, Lightworker, Atlantian, And Draconian ones are some more common ones.


The Arcturians began to be discussed by Edgar Cayce back in 1928, and he stated they are the most like the divine in their ways. It is believed these people are from the star Arcturus, which is in the constellation named Bootes. The Egyptian god Thoth is said to have a home here, and some believe when we die, we pass through Arcturus on the way back to reincarnate on earth. Arcturian starseeds are said to incarnate on earth to protect the planet, heal it, and raise the vibrational energy here. Hy are happy to help teach anybody who wants to evolve spiritually because their main goal is to help with positive transformation. It is said that Arcturian starseeds have reached such advanced spiritual evolution, they choose to reincarnate to earth to help other people with their spiritual development. They become teachers, spiritual guides, and healers.


Andromedan starseeds come from the constellation called Andromeda, and some people believe there are less than one million of them on earth right now. This is because they have such powerful energy, it is difficult for them to be born into a human body. The powerful intensity of their energy sometimes frightens them, and they prefer to stay out of the spotlight, offering spiritual support behind the scenes. Their most amazing gift is the ability to open channels of communication between different galaxies and some people take the fact the Andromeda galaxy and our galaxy are moving closer together as proof of their abilities to do this. Andromedan starseeds are champions for freedom and they may struggle with rules, rigid structures, and excel in areas where they can act as individuals. They will spend their time creating peace and move around a lot so they can help as many other people as possible.


A lightworker starseed is a starseed who has come to earth to share spiritual light, and help people drive out spiritual darkness. There is no one set place they come from, but they all seek to help illuminate people’s awareness. This does not mean denying struggles, negative feelings, or the shadow side. It just means that lightworkers seek to create understanding, peace, compassion, and honest communication. Lightworkers do not create light. They conduct and facilitate it. They open themselves to the light of the universe and direct it to where it needs to be. They can do this by radiating the frequencies of certain heavenly bodies or change society in ways that promote more harmony. They can work to heal other people’s broken relationships and they may help people understand their spiritual paths. No matter how lightworkers do it, they lighten the pain and struggles of people and create a better world.


Atlantis is a lost civilization that sank beneath waves of the Atlantic Ocean when the people there fell out of favor with the ancient gods of Greece. Some people say this was a story Plato used to symbolize the hubris of nations, but others swear Atlantis was a place where the people at one time ruled the Western part of the world.  The people were characterized as deeply philosophical,  and had powerful psychic abilities.  They were believed by some to be human beings, and by others to be part supernatural creatures, and they were said to live especially long, healthy lives. Their technology was so advanced, no one in the ancient world could rival it, and they were able to remove the restrictions of space and time.  Atlantean starseeds may have visions and flashbacks to when their island sank and they may have fond memories of their original home. They serve as people who help to develop technology, share their psychic gifts, and spread kindness. Some people say they are time travelers who age very slowly, and they were specifically born to help usher in the Age of Aquarius.


Draconian starseeds have a reptilian spiritual essence and they typically prefer to be in warm places, because they seem to constantly be too cold. They are natural born leaders who are very ambitious, and they make sure they accomplish all they set out to do. They can be found in positions of power because they have an uncanny knack for being successful, and it is fair to say pretty much everything they work on becomes profitable for them. They come from the Draco constellation, and they are unusual starseeds, because some of them have not fully evolved. These unevolved starseeds are misusing their powers and use them only for their own advantages. They can hoard wealth, underpay employees, and brag about their accomplishments while forgetting about all the people who helped them get to the top. Evolved Draconian starseeds are constantly seeking ways to make everybody around them succeed, and they improve anything they are working on.


Signs You are a Starseed

What is a Starseed and Are You One?

You might be able to tell you are different from other people early in life, but wonder what it all means. Feeling like you don’t exactly belong here, and constantly having a sense of longing for a far away home that you can’t remember can be indicators you are a starseed. Other signs you are a starseed are your visions and dreams, caring more than most other people, having very different views, and being radically peaceful.

Dreams and Visions

Many have prophetic visions or dreams, but starseeds have dreams and visions about places they have never traveled to in this life, and they are aware that these places are real. These places are not just places on earth they are aware of, but places in other worlds where they have been, and will again travel to someday. You can tell if these dreams and visions are real, as opposed to the mind symbolically giving you messages if you can physically feel yourself alive in those places when you see them in dreams and visions.

You Care Deeply

Caring deeply about things is a sign you might be a starseed. Some people call this simply being an empath, but other people say starseeds care more about things than the average person, even one who is considered very caring. If you want to alleviate suffering with every waking moment, and no amount of hard work to do so seems like too much, you are probably a starseed. If the meaning of life to you is making the world a better place, that is a sure sign you are a starseed. If you make a lot of personal sacrifices for things you believe help other people, and it does not bother you, then you are probably a starseed. Most especially, if you care about people who mistreat you, and you would do anything you could to help them if they needed you to, chances are, you are a starseed.

Your Views are Different

Oftentimes, the environments we are raised in, and the experiences we have shape our beliefs. Starseeds are people who decide belief and views differently than other people do, and they do not follow the crowd. Instead, they think for themselves. If you are surrounded by people whose views of the world are drastically different from yours, you might be a starseed.

You are Radically Peaceful

There have been some very special people throughout history whose radical calls to peace made them stand out. The Buddha, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi are just a few people whose quests for peace created movements that changed the world, and chances are, they were starseeds. Not all starseeds make as large of an impact as these people, but all of them make just as powerful of an impact. Peacemakers, mediators, and those who create harmony in radical ways many would not are probably starseeds.

You Feel a Longing for a Faraway Home

If you feel a sense of longing to be someplace you can sense when you look at the sky, you aren’t just daydreaming about the beauty of the heavens. You are wishing to return to the home where you were before incarnating to earth. This is a sure sign you are a starseed. You might have vivid memories of your life and home before, and you might just know in your heart that it exists in a faraway place. Perhaps you will return there again someday, and if you are a starseed, you will want to.


Are Starseeds Real?

What is a Starseed and Are You One?

Some people say reincarnation does not exist. Others say that even if it does, a soul only occupies bodies on its home planet. Other people point to certain things as evidence that starseeds are real. Proof that astronauts can survive in space makes some people believe there is life on other planets, and that those lifeforms can reincarnate anywhere they choose. Unexplained spiritual awakenings that lead people to dedicate their lives to helping others is taken as proof by some people that they are starseeds.  Other people say they remember things from their past lives in other places, and they remember the tasks they were selected for before they were reborn. There is no scientific evidence that can be proven in labs or books that starseeds are real, but some people say they have discovered proof and they know in their hearts that starseeds exist.


Your Destiny as a Starseed

Each starseed has their own way of changing the world. While one evolved Draconian might make it their goal to raise money for a poor population, a Lightworker starseed might use their gifts to heal abuse victims. All starseeds choose how and when to use their abilities to manifest their goals, and if you are a starseed, every day will present you with new ways to share your gifts. No destiny is decreed for you by the universe just because you incarnated on this planet, but you were born here to share your special powers to heal the earth.

Do you believe you are a starseed, but you don’t know how to start sharing your gifts with the children of the earth? Then you are in luck, because our psychics can guide you on your mission to heal the world. Reach out to Spiritual Blossom to learn how to choose your own destiny as a starseed today. Online Psychic Readings | Spiritual Blossom Make sure to check out our other articles for spiritual guidance and to unlock your own inner wisdom: Articles & Media – Spiritual Blossom


 About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she is an admin and writes for Pagan Pages emag.