The Top Ten Cancer Zodiac Flowers
June 17, 2024 14 min read

The Top Ten Cancer Zodiac Flowers

By Lady Saoirse

Those born between June 22 and July 22 are Cancers. The symbol that represents them is the crab, a tenacious creature who has a hard shell protecting it. Like crabs, Cancers are tenacious about something very important- the people who they love. They are loyal and family and close friends are very important to them. They are supportive and protective, and emotionally sensitive. Like any sign, they have their dark side, and they can have emotional meltdowns and show an explosive temper if they get upset. Their great love for the people who are important to them isn’t the only thing special about them, however. Cancers have their own magic, and they also have their very own magical zodiac flowers. Find out about the magic of flowers like pink roses, moonflower, and chrysanthemums. First , read about Cancer here: Cancer Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility (

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

There is a special kind of rose for every zodiac sign and the pink rose is a powerful magical flower for Cancers. The color pink in general is associated with love, affection, tenderness, and compassion. The rose is a kind of flower that is very diverse. It has shrub species, climbers, mini roses, and there are over ten thousand different cultivars of roses. They grow native in Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. While the oldest fossil of roses is millions of years old, many of today’s roses come from 18th century China.

Roses have been used in perfumes, in gardens, and in cooking. They are used to make teas and are used in mild astringents and to flavor some medicines. There is also a rich treasure-trove of lore about roses. It was said that when the goddess Aphrodite arose from the sea, white roses appeared on the seafoam. Roses are used for love spells and for protection and it is believed that roses planted in the garden attract fairies. Rosewater is believed to attract beauty and roses can be used to decorate images of the goddess Aphrodite and the gods Eros and Bacchus.

Cancers can use any color rose to draw love to them, but pink roses are especially powerful for Cancers because pink draws gentleness, tenderness and compassion. Place a vase of pink flowers in the room when there is a tense meeting scheduled to help lighten the energy of the room and encourage people to listen compassionately to one another. Plant roses between your house and a neighbor’s who has been arguing with you, and you can sprinkle pink rose petals on your property to attract love. The thorns of roses can be used for protection spells also. Clip spent rose branches and place their thorny growths in a jar in doorways or windowsills to repel negative energy.

Forget Me Nots

Growing in New Zealand, Eurasia, North and South America, and Papua New Guinea, forget me nots are also called scorpion grass and myosotis which means “mouse’s ear” in Greek because the leaves resemble the soft ears of tiny mice. There are over 150 different species of forget me nots and they became flowers worn to commemorate those lost in war in Germany, Labrador, and Newfoundland. The Freemasons used the forget me not flower on a badge to remember those who suffered due to being Freemasons, especially at the hands of Nazis. They also symbolize remembrance of the dead in general to many.

In lore, the forget me not was a flower that was named because of forgetfulness. It was said the Christian god was walking in the Garden of Eden and saw an especially lovely blue flower, and he stopped and asked the flower its name. The flower was embarrassed and said it had forgotten its name, so god named the flower the forget me not and he promised to never forget its name. In German lore it is said the forget me not is worn to make sure that a lover is never forgotten and in Victorian lore it symbolized commitment and true love.

Like loyal Cancers, forget me nots will make sure love is not forgotten and Cancers can use forget me nots in their love magic. If they want to express devotion to somebody who they love, they can give the gift of forget me nots. Forget me nots can be planted on the grave of a departed loved one to remind the dead they will be remembered. They can also be planted at home to remind us of the beloved dead. A packet of forget me not seeds can be sent through the mail to a friend or family member you have not seen in a while to remind them that though they are not by your side, you have not forgotten how much they mean to you. They can also be kept in a pot inside to remind you that self-love is as important as loving other people.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Rooted in the soil under water, lovely water lilies have been around for at least 66 million years. They grow native to some parts of Australia, North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Water lily flowers and their leaves float atop the water surface, and some water lily leaves can grow up to ten feet wide, with their stems growing up to 26 feet long. They were sacred to the Maya. The plants indicated their waterways were clean, so the plant became associated with Mayan royalty and even the gods. Water lilies are an important food source for fish and animals, and some parts of the plant have been eaten by people as well.

Water lilies were associated with nymphs of ancient Greece, and while they symbolize beauty, they can be dangerous. Nymphs would sometimes drown people who visited the waters they lived in, and some water lilies have sharp spines on their undersides, so take care handling water lilies and their leaves. In Buddhism, water lilies symbolize the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Water lilies also symbolize the ancient Egyptian god Nefertem. He was a creator god who arose from the waters in the center of a blue water lily and he was also reborn with every sunrise. He wept from loneliness, and his tears are what formed human beings. Water lilies symbolize rebirth, the coming of light, and optimism.

Cancers are very in touch with their emotions, and if their feelings are hurt, the creative power of the water lily can soothe them. You might not have living water lilies available, but an image of the water lily will suffice. Quiet your mind, focus on the image of the water lily, and say to yourself, “I create my own joy and sorrow, and I wash all of my sorrows away immediately!” They can also be protective. Wear an amulet with an image of the water lily on it when you want the water lily to repel any negativity from you.

Night Blooming Jasmine

Called “the lady of the night”, the night blooming jasmine is a tropical plant native to the West Indies that has been naturalized in parts of Asia. It is cultivated in warm climates all over the world because of the fact the flowers give off their sweet perfume at night. It’s not actually a jasmine plant and is a part of the potato family but is called a jasmine due to its fragrance. It’s not easy to propagate from seeds, which can take years to establish themselves. The best way to start growing night blooming jasmine is to take a cutting from a plant in the fall and put it in water until new roots grow. Then place the newly rooted night jasmine plant in soil and keep it indoors until the weather warms up and it can be planted outdoors in springtime.

It is considered one of the strongest scented flowers in the world with the ability to scent the air up to 500 feet away. The fact the flower closes during the day and opens at night makes this flower associated with the Moon, and the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. The plant helps repel mosquitoes and is actually toxic to some other plants and animals, so don’t eat the night blooming jasmine even though it smells delicious. It can be used in love and attraction spells and its aroma is relaxing and calming. It is believed to purify air and to help with mental clarity as well.

A Cancer can use the power of the night blooming jasmine to draw love to them. Burn jasmine incense when the one who you want to attract is near or wear jasmine scented perfumes. To express attraction to somebody, you can gift them a cutting from the night blooming jasmine, and even propagate it for them, and give them the plant already in soil. While you are growing the jasmine for them, put some of your own energy into the plant, so that a small part of yourself will be present in this gift. The night blooming jasmine can also be used to repel negative energy, and when it is planted on the property, it will help purify the air with its positive energy and sweet fragrance. Read about Libra Zodiac Flowers: What is the Best Libra Flower? (


Also called moon vine and night blooming morning glory, the moonflower grows native in the Americas and West Indies and has become a popular garden plant because of its large white blossoms that open at night. The flowers open in the evening and don’t close until the morning dew touches them. On gray days with little sun, they stay open longer. Plant the moonflower from seeds in spring and by fall, your moonflower plants can grow over ten feet. Moonflowers are fragrant and will bloom from early summer to fall.

Ancient Mesoamerican people used the moonflower plant with the Panama rubber tree to create rubber balls. Modern magical practitioners believe the moonflower has powerful magic within it. It is said to aid in transformations and shapeshifting. It aids in strengthening psychic abilities and is sometimes used in moon magic. Cancers have a close connection with the Moon because it rules their zodiac sign. Harvest moonflowers at night when they are fully open and place images of them on your magical working space to help you to be open to personal improvement.

A simple magical working for this can be done on a full moon night with nothing but a moonflower. Some people say the full moon is the time when your magic can be its most powerful and you can use this magic for creating change. Set up your magical working space outdoors under the light of the full moon and visualize the moonflower as a physical embodiment of the moon, and then visualize yourself spiritually connected to the moonflower. You, the flower, and the moon will all be connected spiritually in this way. Visualize the power of transformation coming through the moon and into the flower and directly into you. The energy will empower you to create whatever changes you want to!

White Carnations

The carnation has been cultivated by so many different people for over 2,000 years, and nobody knows for sure exactly where it originated from. They are called dianthus, which comes from Greek words “dios” which means divine and “anthos” which means flower. The word carnation itself comes from the Latin word “ corona-ae” which means “garland” , “crown”, or “wreath”. It was one of the flowers used in making crowns of flowers. Carnations grow wild in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, and Albania. Carnations are known for their frilly blossoms and sweet fragrance.

Carnations came to symbolize motherhood, and white carnations especially symbolize the purity of a mother’s love for her children. White carnations were selected by Anna Jarvis as a tribute to her mother when she founded Mother’s Day because they symbolize love, purity, and faithfulness. A red carnation is sometimes used to express one’s mother is alive and a white one expresses she has died but is still remembered. White carnations stand for love, sweetness, and innocence. They are the flower that is sacred to the god Jupiter. Renaissance era paintings depict brides and grooms exchanging white carnations to show their faithfulness to one another.

Cancers are known for how pure their love for their family is and for how nurturing they are. White carnations can be gifted to Cancers to thank them for their devoted love. Cancers can also gift white roses to people who they have had a disagreement with to signify that they won’t let anything weaken their relationship. Plant white carnations in your garden to ensure that only people with pure intentions are welcome. Place a vase of them in your place of worship to invite the love of mother goddesses into the sanctuary. 

Lotus Flower

Some people think lotuses are just water lilies, but they are two different plants. The lotus is a sacred water plant that grows native in tropical parts of Asia and Australia but has been cultivated anywhere in the world it can be grown. The plant drops countless seeds each year, and many sprout and create new lotus plants, but others are eaten by animals. The seeds can go dormant and sprout years later and have been known to do this over 1,000 years later. Lotuses grow from tubers that overwinter nicely in the soil underwater. There are over 1,300 different lotus varieties and some lotus flowers have up to 5,000 petals per blossom.

The lotus symbolizes longevity because of its ability to create so many seeds and the fact that seeds can grow flowers over 1,000 years after they are first created. The roots of some lotuses are sliced and eaten, and the pips of some lotuses are used to make tea. Lotus seeds are used to make desserts and noodles and the stems are used in salads and soups. In ancient Egypt the lotus represented the journey from death to rebirth in the afterlife and was used in magic to help the dead be reborn. In Buddhism it symbolizes the path to enlightenment.

Cancers can use the lotus for their own sacred magic. Lotus flower tea can be found in specialty shops and can be ingested to absorb the magical powers of the lotus flower and the roots can also be found in specialty shops. The lotus can rejuvenate us after an especially difficult time or when we have changed in a way we consider to be tragic. Slice fresh lotus root thinly, dip it in a little flour, and lightly fry it in some oil. Then say to the lotus “Rejuvenate and awaken the power of my inner self that no challenges make me any less than I was born to be.” Then eat the lotus and feel your personal power recharge.



The beautiful chrysanthemum was grown in China as early as the 15th century BCE, and by 2014, there were about 20,000 different cultivars of them. Used as an ornamental plant, the chrysanthemum is also used as an insect repellent, to make teas, and to flavor food and wine. The plant is used to aid in longevity in China and in Japan, it was so well loved, it came to represent royalty. Beauty, discipline, and elegance are symbolized by the chrysanthemum in Japan and in the United States they represent joy and autumn festivity.

Different color chrysanthemums have different meanings. In parts of Europe multiple colors of chrysanthemums are used to honor the dead and they are used as funerary decorations. Chrysanthemums of all colors are used as a talisman to bring positive energy, joy, and positive change. Yellow and orange chrysanthemums are associated with the power of the life giving sun, and they bring renewed energy to people who have lost hope. White chrysanthemums symbolize trust, friendship, and faithfulness. Green chrysanthemums represent rebirth and new beginnings.

Chrysanthemums are easy to buy inexpensively, and you can select whatever color of chrysanthemum symbolizes the magic you want to work. If you want to start a new project, buy a green chrysanthemum and take care of it while you are working on your new beginning. Bless the chrysanthemum and say “ As I nurture this chrysanthemum, so I nurture my new beginning.” Wear yellow or orange chrysanthemum blossoms to lift your spirits when you are feeling dismal and place a vase of any color chrysanthemum in your home to invite positivity and deflect negativity. Read about Scorpio Zodiac Flowers: What is the Best Scorpio Flower? (

String of Pearls Plant

What looks like a string of peas, ready to pluck and eat is actually a plant called curio rowleyanus. It’s a succulent native to parts of Africa and it’s on that likes part shade. The pea shaped leaves evolved to trap water in their “peas” and the plant does this to reduce water loss. The compact cupped leaves reduce the amount of space the plant takes up, allowing for maximum sun absorption. The plant might look like delicious food, but it is mildly toxic and will result in digestive issues. The sap of the plant can cause a rash and it can make animals sick also.

The plant is called “string of pearls” because it looks similar to a string of pearl beads. Pearls are one of Cancer’s power stones and are associated with the Moon, which rules Cancer. Pearls symbolize purity and fertility, making them popular for jewelry for brides and as wedding gifts. Pearls represent prosperity and luck in China, most especially golden pearls, and the flaming pearls depicted with celestial dragons represent spiritual wisdom. Pearls are associated with mother goddesses and feminine character traits like nurturing, gentleness, and compassion. It is also believed that pearls are protective, so wearing them as amulets can help keep the wearer safe from malevolent forces that could cause harm.

Pearls and string of pearl plants can be used in magic by Cancers in many ways. A single “pearl” from the plant can be placed on a magical altar to bring luck, and a string of pearls plant can be placed near a fish aquarium to protect the fish. A string of pearls plant can be placed near your wallet to attract luck and money and can be grown in your workplace to increase your chances for success on the job. While a traditional way to use pearls for magic is for the bride to wear them on her wedding day to help make the marriage a blissful one, they can also be used when you are single to attract lovers to you. Grow a string of pearls plant in your bedroom to absorb the love attracting energies of them.

 Dried Flowers

Any flower can be dried and kept forever, but what does that have to do with Cancers? Cancers are very sentimental people and if you give them a gift, they appreciate it deeply. Saving flowers from rites of passage like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries will help a Cancer remember the beauty of these events and fill their hearts with joy. A simple way to seal the magic of the event into the flowers that were part of it is to pray over them, saying something like “The power of this day fills my heart with unspeakable joy. I place that joy in this flower so that I may always remember it.” Then hang the flowers upside down someplace until they are completely dry. You can create beautiful flower arrangements with your dried flowers and keep them.

When you are a Cancer, it will be hard for people to believe you need to use tools to make your natural magic more powerful, but your personal zodiac flowers are there anytime you want to use them. Sprinkle pink rose petals and grow a string of pearls plants to attract love. Give white carnations to somebody who you want to make peace with and work transformation magic with moonflowers. Your magic is strong, but with your zodiac flowers, it will be stronger. 

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About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.