Feng Shui
June 21, 2024 15 min read

Feng Shui

By Lady Saoirse

The ancient art of Feng Shui is one way that people use the bright blessings and the meaning of natural order to create a harmonious environment, and this is believed to balance all things to create a life lived as well as possible. It is used to solve family problems, enhance business success, and build a positive energy field around the body. Some people don’t believe that Feng Shui works, but others feel it is a perfect way to learn about energy, learn energy medicine, and that it’s a great way to do spiritual healing. 

When you weave your own psychic web around your home, you might try to stay positive and believe that is enough to keep your body’s energy field the way you want it. Just knowing that like attracts like and setting up a home altar are ways that psychic people do this but looking at the energy medicine schools techniques is another way. Feng Shui has been around for centuries and has spread from its beginnings in China throughout the world. What is Feng Shui and what is the Chi focusing on? What are Yin and Yang, and what are the elements it discusses? Why should you use Feng Shui and how can you incorporate it into your life without the help of a professional? Read in to find out!

What is Feng Shui?

The term feng shui means “wind water” and feng shui seeks to organize homes, buildings, rooms, and religious sanctuaries in such a way that it moves the natural air and energy to create positive energy flow and harmony. It is believed that human beings are a part of nature, and how we position our homes and places where we go affects how we interact with nature and the Chi, or a lifeforce in general. Two forces work together to create life, and those are the Yin and Yang, and they both must coexist successfully. Then there are the five elements of wood, metal, water, fire, and air that are balanced in feng shui.

Feng Shui was being developed at least 3,500 years ago by people who sought to align structures with the cosmos. Doorways of neolithic homes were discovered to be aligned with certain star systems for the purpose of temperature control and the cosmos was consulted to discern the best times to erect important buildings depending on what stars and planets were doing. Homes, palaces, religious sanctuaries, and cemeteries would be aligned with how the sun rose and set and some people today believe the direction your front door faces or which side of the house your bedroom occupies matters.

To be a professional feng shui consultant, one must study and practice to gain expertise and knowledge. However, you can use some of the principles of feng shui in your own home without any classes or certifications. You can direct the Chi effectively and balance the Yin and Yang. You can work with the five elements and use Feng Shui in combination with your own practices. Decorating can be included in feng shui, but there is a lot more to the practice than just beautification. It’s about the flow of life forces and harmonizing them well. Air Signs love to harmonize and you can read about them here: What are Air Signs? (spiritualblossom.com)

What is Chi?

Chi is the basic life force that animates all life, and the word Chi means “breath”. It is believed this is the air we breathe and that moves through all things. The word Chi also means “vital force” and it is believed it must be balanced for health to be good. Feng Shui is all about moving the Chi in the direction it should flow for maximum harmony and health. Chi is within everything and is the energy around and within our bodies. Traditional Chinese medicine considers disease to be caused by blockages, or imbalances of Chi or various insufficiencies in nutrition. Foods are considered to have certain frequencies and energies the body needs to function properly and maintaining the proper amounts of all of them helps keep the Chi balanced and the body healthier.

There is Chi acquired from birth from our parents, Chi from the air we inhale, and Chi we get from the food and drinks we ingest. Chi can be altered with acupuncture and various exercises including t’ai chi and qigong. The physical body is not the only thing focused on, but the balance of Chi for psychological and emotional wellbeing is also. Feng Shui is just one discipline that focuses on moving the Chi, but it’s one that a lot of people use a little of to get great results.

Mantak Chia wrote this about Chi:

“The ancient Taoist masters spent a lot of time observing the flow of this "chi," which they recognized as the breath of the universe that moves through everything. Chi is the glue between our body, mind, and spirit, the link between our perception of the inner and outer worlds. Living close to nature with few of the distractions of modern civilization, the Taoists were able to map in fine detail the workings of the chi energy both within the human body and in the world at large. Later Taoists made numerous distinctions between the different kinds of "chi" that operate, so that today in China the working heirs to their knowledge—the acupuncturists and herbologists—refer to as many as 32 different functions of chi in the human body.” 

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are opposing forces that work together to create the duality of the universe. They must have one another to function and must remain balanced properly. What Yin represents is the opposite of what Yang does, but both must be present in the proper amounts, or things are thrown off and this creates problems. They coexist in pairs like male and female, the sun and moon, light and darkness, and activity and resting. Too much of one and not enough of the other would be disastrous. They are constantly in motion, balancing one another like shadows during times of light, and the belief in this goes back to at least the ninth century when the I Ching was written.


Yin is characterized as feminine, introverted, dark, quiet, negative, and passive or still. It is represented by the moon, the female reproductive system, and cannot stand alone. It deals with the mysterious and hidden things and is quiet and secretive. It does not act, it just exists, and it can be destructive, sinister, cold and is represented by the underworld, or realm of the dead.


Yang is characterized as masculine and is vocal, extroverted, bright and light, positive and active. It is represented by the sun, the male reproductive system, and can stand alone. It is expressed outwardly and openly, and it is worldly, and it is focused and begets creation.

Balancing Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang do not fight one another but work together. Like shadows play in the sunlight, healing comes out of illness, tragedy can become comedy, and disasters can end up being blessings we had not expected. Balancing the two in the home and in our lives is simple. Simply get enough rest but engage in meaningful work to feel productive. Having your interior filled with things you love without it being overly cluttered is another way to balance Yin and Yang and selecting a home where you get good views of nature, but also ways to ensure your privacy is yet another way to balance the Yin and Yang at home. Libras love to balance and you can read about them here: Libra Traits and Love Compatibility (spiritualblossom.com)

The Elements

Some consider the five elements symbols of good fortune, but psychics know they are so much more than this. It is believed these five elements come together to create everything there is in the world. The Chinese elements compatibility can weaken or promote other elements in various ways, and these are combined in Feng Shui to create the best possible harmony. The elements are earth or soil, fire, water, metal or gold, and wood. They can compliment or deflect one another in nature as well.


Earth is very important in the Form Branch of Feng Shui, and the layout of the land is taken into account when planning the building and placement of tombs, homes, and considers not only things like hills, valleys and mountains, but how the land interacts with bodies of water and the wind. Plants in the space can help bring in the earth element, so cactus Feng Shui decorations work, and live floral arrangements help as well. In regards to interacting with the other elements, Earth holds or bears the metals, but it puts out fire. Earth can provide direction for water, or it can hold it in the form of dams. Earth can be a negative obstruction to water, and it can make wood decay.


Fire creates ash and lava, which creates earth, but it consumes wood. Fire melts and reshapes metal, but it can also make it dissolve and it can make water evaporate. Fire elements are represented by what you are excited or passionate about and a fire element can be added to the home or business to enhance what it is attributed to. For example, while the bedroom is supposed to be a restful place, to ignite passion, candles, or red accents can be added to help with the passion. However, it is considered overly stimulating to make red the dominant color in a bedroom, or else it won’t be a restful environment. Read more about Fire Signs: What are Fire Signs of the Zodiac? (spiritualblossom.com)



Water represents good fortune and plenty and bringing in water elements to the home can help with this. Adding shades of blue or black can bring in the water element, as can bringing in an aquarium or water fountain. Waves and curving lines can bring this into the home as well, so furniture and pillows with soft curves as opposed to sharp, angular edges can bring the water element into your spaces. Water is nourishing to wood like trees and plants, but it erodes metal, and it also extinguishes fire. One way to harmonize the element of Water with other elements, you can ensure your metal lawn ornaments are out of the way of your sprinkler system so they don’t rust.


The metal element is associated with organizing, work, productivity, and logic. It helps to simplify things and help get things done. Organizing, decluttering, and keeping your space as a well put together workspace helps bring this element in. Golds, silvers, and all metal colors as well as gray and white are metal element colors that can be used in the space for help with bringing in the energy of this element. Round objects can be brought in to bring in the metal element as well and artwork using whites, grays, and metallics can too. Metal helps by collecting water, but it strips the earth when it is mined, sometimes leaving the earth depleted. Metal harvests and chops up wood, but it regulates fire. Placing a metal basket to hold firewood, and having a metal screen in front of the fireplace can help harmonize the elements.


Wood represents growth and progress and the ability to be flexible without breaking under pressure. If you feel stagnant in your life and want to get unstuck, introducing wood elements will help get things moving forward again. Bringing in the colors of brown, green, and green blues helps with this, and like the using plants for the earth element, plants can be used for the wood element as well, so bring that cactus feng Shui home decoration in. Wood will feed a fire, but it depletes, impedes, or soaks up water. Wood can also stabilize earth when it is growing and prevents erosion or deplete it when it is harvested. Wood also erodes metal. Plant trees on your property to bring the element of wood in.

Why Feng Shui?

Some people do not believe that objects and positioning will increase certain energies in our lives, but other people do. Items and planning will change the way the energy moves, and the general feel of things influences us. Psychic, meaning intuitive people are more sensitive to these things, but everybody benefits from having their home, property, and general living areas organized in the best ways possible. It may be time to give up items like dead flowers that do not enhance life and getting rid of things with bad memories can be tossed as well to help move the Chi in positive ways. What good is Feng Shui anyways? It is used for things like aiding in healing, making a peaceful home environment, as well as ensuring that sleep is restful.


Proper Feng Shui is used in healing. One way to do this is by what we ingest into our bodies. More than just drinking enough water and eating healthy foods, other things we bring into ourselves can be done for good feng Shui. A common practice is to not wear shoes indoors that have been worn outside- because this brings dirt, germs, and bacteria into the house, and leaving that outside the living space keeps the home cleaner and healthier. Keeping the airflow clean and the proper temperature and dampness is also a part of this. Fresh air in the house is important and making sure there is no mold growing due to dampness, but also avoiding overly dry air which damages the sinuses and skin is important. Use dehumidifiers, and then steam inhalers when necessary, but also pay to have your vents sucked clean every so often, and air the house out instead of keeping it closed up and stuffy. 

Peaceful Home

Being mindful of where you live to begin with can help bring good energy into the home. One way to do this is to think of the environment where you, personally thrive. While some want solitude and silence in the countryside, others would wither with boredom unless they lived in a busy section of the city. Your first step is to select WHERE you thrive best and have your home there. Next, selecting people who you are comfortable with matters. If you find a housemate is disturbing your peace, move, or move them out as soon as possible. Some say facing a mountain is best while others want to be right at a busy town square. Have your place of residence in the place that makes you happiest and filled with the people who also make you happiest.

Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep

It is very important to structure the bedroom around rest and romance, and there are a few Feng Shui techniques that can be used to achieve this. First, have soothing earth tones in the bedroom instead of loud, bright colors. Next, turn off the electronic devices so the body can relax. Some people have gone so far as to ban televisions from their bedrooms and use battery operated clocks instead of electronic ones that plug in. Select the fabrics of your bedding for comfort, paying attention to how the texture of the fabrics feel on your body. Remove mirrors that reflect the bed, and if you have a bathroom in the master bedroom, don’t allow the bedroom mirrors that you have to catch the reflection of the toilet. Read our dream interpretation guide here: A-Z Dream Meanings Glossary | Spiritual Blossom

How to Use Feng Shui

The best way to use feng Shui is to study it, and thankfully a couple of international organizations exist to help people who want to learn it or to find consultants. The International Feng Shui Organization lists consultants as well as endorsed courses and can be found here: About IFSA (intfsa.org) Then there is the Feng Shui International Society that can be found here: Feng Shui Society. Some techniques are simple and can be used by anybody, however, and those include use of mirrors, proper positioning, directing movement, and nourishment.


One practice is to place a mirror above the stove while you are cooking so you can always see who is walking in behind you. Position dining space mirrors so they reflect the food because food is a form of wealth and reflecting that helps to double its power. Hanging mirrors to bring in light is important, and properly positioned mirrors make the space look and feel larger. A full-length mirror can be kept at home to double check your appearance before leaving, thus enhancing your confidence levels. Don’t have broken mirrors, and make sure that kitchen mirror does not catch a reflection of fires used for cooking, because the kitchen is high in fire element energy to begin with and creating more of it would create a fire element energy overload.


Keep in mind that before changing your diet or using food for healing, it is important to consult doctors and nutritionists. Once they are consulted, there are some beliefs that certain foods create certain energy changes and can be used for healing and balance of our bodies. It is believed that people who have heart problems can benefit from foods high in fire element energy such as beef, shrimp, and red bell peppers. Likewise, it is said that if you have a kidney problem that seaweed, black beans, and pork are good for you. It is believed that lung problems can be helped with milk, leeks, and eggs. There are also foods attributed to both Yin and Yang energies that you can eat, and information about that can be found here:How to Apply Feng Shui to Food | LoveToKnow


When building or selecting a home, the positioning of it in comparison with the positions in nature matter. If you live in an extremely hot climate like Phoenix, Arizona, try not to have East/West facing windows, because the sun will shine more powerfully into the home and make it hotter inside if you do. If you live somewhere like Ohio, where there are more rainy and grey days, having East/West facing windows is more desirable because it brings light into the home. If you garden, you are going to take into account what it is you plan to grow and choose a home with a yard that allows the amount of shade and sun you need for your plants. If you are going to live on a mountain, it is safest to live halfway in the middle, so you are not at the top, where you would be exposed to winds and weather without the protection of the terrain.


Movement within the home is important to the Chi. Clutter underneath beds is considered bad because it can trap energies, thus disrupting sleep. Positioning the head of your bed against the wall is good practice, and don’t position the head of your bed on a window or beneath an air conditioner unit. Things that serve no function that you have packed and stashed away are considered to be junk and should be sold or given away to allow the energy of the things you use to be accessed more easily. Furniture should not impede movement in the home, and the very interior door should open in such a way that it swings inward so that it welcomes the Chi into the home. There should likewise be no clutter impeding the doorway, and there should not be things stacked on the stairwells that could impede the energy from moving up and downstairs, and these things could make people fall and get hurt.

Dead plants should be removed immediately, and it is considered good practice to keep bathroom doors closed so the energy from them does not flow around the house and close the toilet seat when you finish using the toilet. Bedroom doors, on the other hand, should stay open because you want the Chi freely flowing between the bedroom and the rest of the house. If the front and back door face one another, place something between them to create a barrier, because while you want the Chi to freely flow, you don’t want it to go in one door, and immediately exit through the other.

Keep all doors in good repair, because they are the portals through which the Chi enters and exits, and you don’t want a damaged door to impede the Chi. Exterior lights should be in good working order, and all debris like dead leaves and weeds should be kept away, and all entries and walkways should be kept clean. The curb appeal of the house matters. The exterior should be well manicured with the plants, trees, and shrubberies should be well-tended and healthy. Pull and replace dead plants and throw out faded and damaged décor and lawn ornaments.

More tips for everyone can be found by using a kua number. This can be calculated by hand, but online calculators can do that for you if you enter your date of birth and gender. The kua number shows you which directions are best for you to face your room orientations and where things like desks are positioned. For example, someone with a kua number of eight will gain more favorable results in the Northeast section of the home and should face that direction if at all possible. To total your kua number, see here: Feng Shui Kua Number Chart, Gua Number Calculator, Feng Shui Lucky Numbers (yourchineseastrology.com) There are also personality traits ascribed to the kua numbers and you can read about those here: Feng Shui Kua Numbers and Correlating Personality Traits | LoveToKnow

What does it mean for a person to bloom in all areas of their lives? It means a lot, and while there are things that we can do in our lives like continuing to learn and improve spiritually, organizing our spaces helps with that too. What you bring in your home as well as where it is positioned can make the difference in how well you sleep and taking the proper foods into your body can enhance and rejuvenate you from the inside out. Feng Shui professionals can always be consulted for advice, but even without their help, making small changes to bring in the right things can make a big difference! Get a reading to find out how today: Online Psychic Readings | Spiritual Blossom

About the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.