What Does It Mean to be Born on the Cusp?
November 10, 2023 14 min read

What Does It Mean to be Born on the Cusp?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- One secret of the zodiac signs is that maybe your sun sign is a little more complicated than you thought. Some Astrologers will break zodiac sign qualities into three groups, with those being born in the first third of that sign having certain traits, those right in the middle third as having other traits, and those born during the last third of that sign having still other traits. Then there are those who don’t view the signs that way but believe in something called a zodiac or horoscope cusp. This means you are either very early or very late in a zodiac sign by birth and your sun sign is highly influenced by both signs. This article will discuss:

When you are learning about sexually compatible zodiac signs for relationships for yourself and you find yourself questioning what all the Astrologers have to say about your sign simply because you never really found yourself drawn to what they say you are, ask yourself: Where does your birthdate fall within your sign? If you are almost at the very beginning or almost at the very end, you might be what they call a cusp, and it is important to know what that means for zodiac sign compatibility certainly, but more than that, it is important to know what that means for your personality. It is fair to say that the most magnetic zodiac sign for you and your strongest zodiac matches in general is something you should know.

However, for some people it is not as cut and dried as what the Astrology guides say. Some July zodiac signs don’t necessarily feel a draw to the people who they are “supposed “ to and they don’t act like their sun sign is “supposed” to either. If you are what they call a cusp, you may have just as many Leo traits as Cancer traits and your relationship zodiac matches will be unique. What is a  cusp anyways and what are the different cusps? What are the cusp dates and what do each of the cusps mean? Read on to find out!



What is a Cusp?

What Does It Mean to be Born on the Cusp?

A zodiac cusp occurs when you are born at a particular time in your sign and you are close enough to another sun sign that both signs influence you. It is said the sun is setting in one sign and rising in another when a zodiac cusp occurs and that being born on the cusp is being born in between the signs. Being born during the cusp days means you are born on a day of change and new beginnings. Some Astrologers do not believe in cusps because they state the sun can only be in one sign at a time. While that is certainly true, the fact remains that those born on cusp days are different from people born farther into their sun sign. There are twelve different cusps, and each cusp window is open for a week. Each cusp has its own name and while some say only the last day of one sign and the first day of the next count as cusp dates, the influence lasts longer.


The Cusp of Mystery

What Does It Mean to be Born on the Cusp?

January 16 through January 22

The sign of Capricorn and that of Aquarius combine to create what is called The Cusp of Mystery. Capricorn’s dates run from December 22 until January 19 and Capricorn traits include hard working focus on the future as well as being choosy about who they romantically involve themselves with. Aquarians, however, might not be so choosy about casual dating, and combining these two signs brings together some opposing tendencies to form an interesting individual. They have the creativity of Aquarians as well as the focus and work ethic of Capricorn and they have the ability to dream up grand new things and the drive to make their ideas into reality.

They are considered mysterious because although they can be highly sociable, they are very independent people who don’t necessarily feel the need to discover soulmate zodiac signs compatibility.  They have the ability to talk to pretty much anybody and behave in very extroverted ways, but their own personal lives can be much more private. They have a lot of get-up-and-go in  them and the desire to not only excel at whatever they do, but to make the world better while they are doing so.  They spend their lives getting a lot accomplished and making positive changes happen in ways that not only fulfill their own dreams, but benefit everybody else as well.


The Cusp of Sensitivity

February 15 through February 21

Aquarius and Pisces come together to bring more extroversion to Pisces but make the Aquarius side more empathic and sensitive. The influence of Aquarius is focused on philanthropy on a larger scale, but Pisces will hone that skill to make the individual on this cusp extra tender hearted, and thus it is called the Cusp of Sensitivity. This cusp makes people not only open minded but also energetic. They will be involved in a lot, seeming to jump endlessly from project to project and they will do it in such a way that they make it look effortless.

They are powerfully psychic and can instinctually tell what needs done or who needs a shoulder to cry on. However, this cusp can create a crisis for those born on it. Aquarians are so extroverted, you might think they never meet a stranger, but Pisces people tend to need to pull back and have time to themselves to recharge when they feel overstimulated. So, while people on the Cusp of Sensitivity are great with helping others emotionally, they might have feelings of being overwhelmed and also misunderstood.


The Cusp of Rebirth

March 17 through March 23

Pisces and Aries come together to create this dynamic cusp. When is Aries' birthday? An Aries date can be from March 21 through April 19, but the cusp of rebirth with Pisces combines with Aries traits to make a very powerful combination. The dark side of Aries that can fester into irrational behaviors is tempered with gentle Pisces to create the traits of assertiveness combined with tact and the bold leadership of Aries combines with the gentle hearted kindness of Pisces to make these leaders excellent listeners.

The rebirth comes in because the action based mannerisms of Aries balance Pisces' more reserved nature, so a lot more gets done, but Pisces will help cool the Aries temperament and any anger and impulsiveness are kept at bay.  They are refreshingly reliable, and they are great problem solvers who give excellent advice. Relationship zodiac matches for this sign will include people who love them for who they are instead of being dazzled by their energy and charm. They may be good with being assertive leaders, but deep down, the sensitivity of Pisces means they need somebody who truly cares for them on a soul level.


The Cusp of Power

What Does It Mean to be Born on the Cusp?

April 16 through April 22

Aries and Taurus combine to form this powerful cusp, but when is a Taurus born and what’s a Taurus trait? Taurus zodiac sign people are born between April 20 to May 20 and Taureans tend to be reliable, affectionate homebodies who would rather feed you than fight you, but if they feel like you start a fight with them know that they will finish it. People born on the cusp of affectionate Taurus combine with Aries to create someone who is loaded with determination, hard work, level headedness and the energy to keep them going when things seem discouraging. They don’t mind fighting what others call a “losing battle” and they are surprisingly good at accomplishing things others deem impossible.

Aries people are very brave and are not afraid to leap before they look, but Taurus instills caution to them, so they may see a great risk is worth taking, but instead of just jumping in without thinking, they will research and find the best way to proceed for maximum productivity and minimum risk of disaster. Taurus instills them with the love of the things that make life comfortable, but Aries will keep them from becoming complacent and always keep them active and open to new opportunities. Even when this sign “fails” it seems like they are succeeding, so calling them The Cusp of Power is perfect.


The Cusp of Energy

May 17 through March 23

Taurus and Gemini combine to make an energetic cusp indeed. They are adaptable, charming, charismatic, intelligent, good with words, and they know how to tell people what they want to hear. The ability to create an illusion when need be is one this cusp is adept at, and while some may consider that being dishonest, they are smart enough to know what it takes to be great salespeople and they market themselves well. They are free spirited and accept many different people from many different walks of life, which makes for an interesting variety of people in their friends circles.

While it sounds like these wonderful people are absolutely perfect, there are some things they should watch out for that this combination can create. They can be highly critical of themselves, and should not let insecurities hold them back. They can also be highly critical of others, pushing people away they don’t need to, but then again, who is to say that the best soulmate sign zodiac combination is with just anybody they meet? On the other hand, they can get carried away having too much fun, but that might not be so bad all the time!


The Cusp of Magic

June 17 through June 23

Gemini and Cancer come together to make this cusp fun, and exciting, but also sensitive and considerate. Their magic is the ability to forge strong relationships that last for a long time if not for life, and the fact they can read you like an open book, but they can keep their own feelings and business in general completely private. Their family and friends who become like family to them are what makes up their whole world, and they prioritize their relationships above all else.

Having said that, don’t assume that you can say or do anything you want, and they will put up with it. They have very sensitive feelings and can be hurt very easily. Just because they won’t break things off immediately doesn’t mean they won’t feel betrayed. They are slow to trust and can have emotional meltdowns or outbursts about things some other people might find petty. They should protect their feelings when they need to and take a step back and analyze what is upsetting them before deciding on a reaction.


The Cusp of Oscillation

July 19 through July 25

The sign of Leo brings the fabulous Leo traits of loyalty, an amazing sense of humor, and a great love of fun and laughter. Leo can have a biting sense of humor and be quick to anger, however, and Cancer and Leo combine to make somebody who is a barrel of fun, but who won’t necessarily take your head off if they get upset when Cancer sets in and wants to be supportive instead of angry. Then again, why chance it? They might take off your head yelling at you so don’t push it.

This is called The Cusp of Oscillation because they swing back and forth between acting like a Leo and then acting like a Cancer, but some people don’t know these signs actually share a lot in common. They both love to keep their family and friends close and push away anybody who they don’t feel they can trust. They both also need to feel just as loved as they love others and they both need to be emotionally fulfilled. They will both also tell you off if they feel the need to. This is a cusp to be valued and cherished, and that should never be taken lightly. They will make sure to tell you that if they feel like they need to.


The Cusp of Exposure

August 19 through August 25

Leo and Virgo come together to create a hardworking, energetic cusp that is as sexy as can be, but not just anybody can have them. This cusp has a powerful sense of self preservation, and they may protect their feelings so much that they don’t let too many people in. That’s not always a bad thing because it can help them to take their time with relationships, committing only once they know it is for life. They are also dynamic leaders with the mad organizing skills of Virgo but the charm of Leo. People take to them very quickly , naturally following them for both their natural charisma and their amazing sense of responsibility.

This is called the Cusp of Exposure because these amazing people are often in leadership roles where everybody can see what they do- publicly that is. They keep their personal lives much more private and it takes a lot to convince them you belong in said personal lives. They can come across as stoics but in fact they feel things just as strongly as everybody else. They are just keeping feelings to themselves. They can struggle with depression and being highly stressed because they work hard and can be hard on themselves as well. They can benefit from allowing the fun loving Leo side to shine as often as hard working Virgo and balance work with play and rest.


The Cusp of Beauty

What Does It Mean to be Born on the Cusp?

September 19 through September 25

This cusp may seem it lasts all through Virgo and all through Libra, with the September 19 zodiac cusp being the actual beginning of this quaint pairing. Virgo and Libra combine to create an individual who is gifted in the arts and who values the beautiful things in life. They are drawn to the things they find aesthetically appealing and that includes people who they find attractive. They busy themselves making the world pleasant visually and they create appealing events and scenarios. They thrive coordinating gatherings, and doing music, the visual arts, and dance. They have a very powerful sense of justice and they want to be as fair and kind to everybody they meet as possible.

The thing they have to watch out for is they can make the mistake of looking solely on the surface and not looking deeper into things. A pretty face may distract them from an ugly personality, and they can overspend on decorations and the perfect furnishings on the home. They seek perfection in all they do and may become exhausted if they don’t pace themselves. These people are dignified and disciplined, however, so that will help them balance their quest for beautiful, pleasant things and experiences, and without those born on the Cusp of Beauty, the world would not be such a beautiful place.


The Cusp of Drama

What Does It Mean to be Born on the Cusp?

October 19 through October 25

The dates of Scorpio follow Libra and in between them is the Cusp of Drama. Libra and Scorpio come together to create a very surprising cusp that is dramatic in all the right ways and some extra dramatic ways too.  These people have the desire of Libra to create a beautiful harmonious world filled with all the best of things. However, Scorpio brings in powerful emotions that makes them very upset if other people are not onboard with that. They will yell, posture, demand, and stomp around blowing off steam when they are frustrated, and they won’t stop arguing until they think they have either gotten you to back down or they feel they have put you in your place.

Before you write them off as not worth the hassle, know that this cusp is perhaps one of the most loyal ones, and they will stick by you forever if you only put up with them when they are at their worst- which might happen often. They are dedicated and hard working at their jobs and take great pride at excelling and moving up in their careers so they can take care of their loved ones, who they insist live comfortably with only the best of things. One of the traits of Scorpio is they emotionally collapse when they become too upset and sometimes they push their own emotions into overdrive. They are perhaps the best people to talk to about your own emotions and they give some of the best advice there is.


The Cusp of Revolution

November 18 through November 24

Scorpio and Sagittarius combine to create a brutally honest rebel who lives by their own rules and is in the driver’s seat of their own life. They don’t like being ordered around and if they can’t come to an understanding with their supervisors, they typically find a way to be their own boss. Scorpio instills intensity in them and an emotional need to be independent and Sagittarius instills high energy, a fantastic sense of humor, and the ability to tell it like it is regardless of who they are telling. Both signs are fearless, and this combination makes this cusp extra bold.

People born on this cusp have strong beliefs they will fight for, and they have enough drive to bring about the positive change they want in the world. While they might have the brutal honesty of Sagittarius, they have the sensitivity of Scorpio…unless they don’t like you. Then, you better watch out because they will hand you a piece of their mind on a plate and you won’t like it. They are truth seekers, and they speak their truths regardless of what others think of it. You won’t have to wonder what they think of you and you will always know where you stand with this self-made, honest cusp. Just know they will change their world to suit their own revolutionary vision, and they will take you into that new world with them if you stick by them.


The Cusp of Prophecy

December 18 through December 24

Sagittarius and Capricorn combine to create a more spontaneous individual than the steadfast Capricorn, and Capricorn grants a hard core work ethic to this combination. This creates a cusp that is creative, energetic, enthusiastic, and fun, but who also rolls up their sleeves and puts in plenty of work toward goals. Sagittarius brings great new ideas to the mix, but not all Sagittarians have the focus to get these great ideas off the ground. Capricorn does, and it has the focus to keep at it until the project is finished.

This is called The Cusp of Prophecy because these people have the uncanny ability to see what needs done. They are not just spinning ideas for new paintings or events, you know. They are coming up with ways to make a better world for everybody. The thing they have to be careful of is they have a natural tendency to try too hard to be completely in control of things, and that rubs some people the wrong way. It’s not that they are trying to be manipulative. They just want to try and make things as perfect as possible. There may be no perfect world, but if people born on The Cusp of Prophecy have their way, they will make the world as close to perfect as possible.


While some would insist that we can only be under the influence of one sun sign at a time, the more people you meet who are born on cusps, the more you will disagree with that. If you are born on a cusp, you will benefit from the traits of both signs, and you will showcase all the very best, and at least a few of the worst traits each sign has. If you are on the Cusp of Drama, your loved ones won’t know what to do with themselves at the thought of you not being in their lives even if you are at your worst, and if you are on the Cusp of Power, you will propel yourself and those fortunate enough to be counted as friends to greater success. Good for you. May you embody all the best of your cusp and harness the dark sides of both signs to make those traits work for you.



About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.