Protective Magic
April 24, 2024 18 min read

Protective Magic

By Lady Saoirse

Some people think of psychic attacks as coming from powerful wizards who are proficient at creating reality with the power of their minds, but things you need protective magic for might not be so mystical. Fighting with siblings as adults, dealing with frenemies, and cutting off short lived relationships can make you feel emotionally and spiritually drained, and that makes it difficult to function sometimes. Knowing how to combat these things with your psychic abilities and magical skill set can help at making your own reality the best it can be. This article will explore different magical defense, cleansing, and shielding techniques. 

A lot of people want to learn magic so they can do love and attraction magic, and they want to cast spells for drawing, meaning bringing money. Not everybody thinks of magic as being something for protection, and while things done on the physical plane are highly powerful, using a little magic to help never hurts. There are simple techniques most anybody can use, even if they don’t have High Priest or High Priestess energy, and it can be as easy as saying one single word to get results. How do you use magic to handle psychic attacks, and what types of shielding techniques can be used? How do you get closure with people and what specific spells can be used for this? Finally, how do you do an effective spiritual cleanse? Read on to learn.

Psychic Attacks

Anybody can fall victim to magical and psychic attacks, which can take many forms. Sometimes people push your buttons, going out of their way to start a fight just so they can benefit from the thrill of the adrenaline rush they get when they think they have the better of you. Other times, families can be the most stressful people in our lives, deliberately mistreating you and having senses of entitlement they expect you to cater to. Some relationships are just bad to begin with and they suck the very life from you.

He Purposely Starts Fights

He Purposely Starts Fights

There are some drama llamas who just like to fight, and it seems like that’s all they ever do. They don’t seem to mind the fact that nobody likes when they come around and people avoid them as much as possible. They just love to fight. Maybe they are bored, have emotional issues, or can’t find attention otherwise, but one thing is for sure- they pick fights with whoever they can everywhere they go, and you just don’t know what to do about it. Magic can take care of it for you. 

First off, on the mundane level, flat out refuse to engage with them, or tell them they are just not welcome. If they are not there, they can’t fight with you, and it does take two to fight, so if you won’t fight with them, they will get tired of trying and move on to someone else. As far as spellwork goes, you can bind them from starting trouble by surrounding a photo or effigy representing them with protective things like a ring of black wax to help keep their energy from getting out to harm others. You can also surround a representation of yourself with protective things like holy water and blessed flowers like roses with thorns which help keep negative energy away. Better yet, wear a rose with a thorn on your lapel when they come, and it will help repel their bad energy. 

Fighting with Parents as Adults

Fighting with Parents as Adults

It’s extremely heartbreaking to fight with parents when you are an adult, but some parents love to try to control their adult children and will stop at nothing to try and gain control. Not everyone wants to walk away from their parents, but you don’t have to tolerate when they start fights just because they gave birth to you. A simple technique is to end the conversation when they start a fight. If you are in person, tell them you will leave if they don’t stop, and if you are texting or talking on the phone tell them you will have to end the conversation if they don’t stop. Then be prepared to stick with your guns and end the conversation if they continue. Next time, they might be more courteous.

However, not everybody cares about how they make other people feel, and they continue to start fights, even complaining about you to other people for refusing to allow them to control you. In these sad situations, you have no choice but to protect your psychic and spiritual body as well as your sanity, and a binding can be done. Simply make a poppet, or doll representing them, and write their name on it, or place something that belongs to them like a scrap from their clothing inside the poppet if you have it. Pray over a length of red string- red representing magic- that they be prevented from attacking you, and wrap the entire poppet, including its mouth, with the red cord. Wrap the poppet again every time you have to communicate with them and continue enforcing your personal boundaries no matter what. One sign that is good at setting boundaries is Virgo.

Relationships Based on Lies

Not all relationships are good ones to begin with, but you might be stuck for a while. Relationships built on lies with lovers and frenemies are more common than can be believed, unfortunately, and if you find yourself stagnant and cannot get away from somebody who never cared about you to begin with, until you can get out of the relationship, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. First off, have a witness with you if it’s necessary, and be completely honest with them. Tell them you know what is not true now, and you realize you are stuck dealing with them for the time being, and that you fully expect peace, courtesy, and maturity and that you will reciprocate the same.

However, not everybody can be courteous and coexist after their lies have been revealed, and you might find yourself dealing with nasty behavior from them. The most magical thing you can do in this situation is to refuse to be alone with them, refuse to talk on the telephone, and basically have every contact with them either with witnesses, or on the record. If they leave a voice message, save it, if they send an email or text, save those too. Lies may be difficult to reveal but keeping evidence will reveal their behavior to anybody who can see it- and they might not want to be exposed, so they might behave themselves until you can sever ties with them. 


Sometimes, you cannot withdraw from a situation or relationship immediately, and there is nothing you can do about somebody’s toxic behavior, but you can shield yourself on a psychic and spiritual level. You might live with a roommate and you can’t break a lease, or you might have a toxic co-worker who you cannot do anything about, but regardless of the situation, there are things you can do at all times no matter what is going on, even in times of perfect peace and harmony, to prevent negative energies from creeping in when you least expect them to. You can protect your Third Eye and outright block psychic energies entirely. Then there are charms and talismans that can be used and worn regularly that provide protection. 

Third Eye Protection

Third Eye Protection

Your Third Eye is a powerful energy center of intuition, and one that is crucial for psychic awareness. It is believed this leads to awareness of the soul and other realms, as well as being the area where out of body experiences begin. Some consider it risky to allow the Third Eye to remain unprotected, lest some malevolent energy or spirit invade the psychic body, so they protect it. One way to do this is by visualizing a shield around it, and you can also psychically close it when you feel it is necessary. To read more about protection, see here: How to Protect Your Spiritual Energies.

Blocking a Psychic Challenge

You can block negative energy when you feel it coming your way by a simple magical technique and nobody even has to realize you are doing it. Anytime you feel psychic energy you find challenging in a negative way coming whether it be in the form of a bad attitude somebody is exhibiting, or just tension in the room you cannot identify, simply push it away consciously rejecting it and forcing it completely out of your personal space. You can visualize moving it physically, or simply mentally tell the energy to leave and working out your own personal way to reject energy will make it easy for you to instantly push it away from you. Yes, it’s that simple, just start practicing it so it becomes second nature when you need to do it. 

Charms and Luck Symbols

Pentacles, crucifixes, evil eye pendants, and other talismans can be used for shielding negative energy or warding it off. Whatever it is that has protective meaning for you is exactly what you should wear for yourself to stay protected. Some people wear a piece of jewelry their clergy blessed, or something that was gifted to them by a loved one. Other people select a protective crystal and pray over it to have it to wear for protection. Still other people will take an item and charge it with protective energy themselves. This is done by prayers and simply willing the energy of protection to come into the object they wish it in. 

Closure with an Ex

Closure with an Ex

Sometimes getting closure seems impossible with a lover or a friend you had to break things off with. The closer you were, the more it hurts, and the more difficult it can be. What reasons to end a relationship with somebody you love could there be, and how do you project the energy you want into your own life? How can you cut ties and close emotional and psychic access to people who you have a deep connection to, and what magic can you use to do it?

Reasons to End a Relationship

No matter how much you love somebody, things can go bad, and relationships can end. In the best-case scenario, nobody did anything wrong, and you simply grew apart. Closure can happen more easily in this situation, but sometimes, you are dumped, or your trust is broken, and getting closure when things go bad does not always happen on its own. If they are not sorry, or treated you like a second-class citizen, and refuse to end things in a way you find peace, you might have to give yourself closure. Even though this is not fair, you can still give yourself closure anyways, and it’s not too difficult to do.

Set up your ritual space somewhere quiet and where you can have darkness to work with. Light a single candle, and gaze into a mirror. Say all the things to yourself you needed to hear from the person who refused to say the things to you. Tell yourself you did not deserve what happened and that you should have been treated better. Tell yourself this person can never hurt you again because they are gone from your life and tell yourself you will focus on your healthy relationships you have. Then take a moment and realize- that all you said was true- and finally tell yourself that you do not need the person who hurt you to see the error of their ways to heal- and promise yourself that you will move forward without them. Repeat this as many times as you need to and leave the hurtful relationships behind. 

Projection Master

Mastering bringing the energy you want into your own life might take time, but if you have never tried before, the best time to start is today! A simple magical operation is to make a bucket list of everything you want in your life instead of the bad relationship you are letting go of and set it aside for a day and then go back to read it. You might not have realized how much you deserved while enduring a toxic relationship. Read over your list and then start finding the things you want, one at a time.

For example, say your list has two things on it: 1- “Honest communication” and 2- “Somebody who makes me a priority.” Then pay attention to how people behave. If you are friends with somebody who “forgets” you were supposed to get together or cancels all the time, stop spending time with them and spend time with people who don’t cancel. If you dated somebody who lied about being at work when they were actually out cheating, pay close attention to what new love interests tell you and when you detect dishonesty, don’t stand for it. We cannot control what other people do, but we can control what we tolerate and who we allow in our lives. One Zodiac Sign that is good at controlling what they allow in their lives is Capricorn.

Closing Psychic Access

Perhaps the hardest thing to do when breaking off relationships with people you were close to is to close your emotional and psychic access to them. The first steps to this are to cut off all communication, and then when you find yourself thinking of them, focus on something else instead. Magic can be used to break that connection also, and it begins with a simple purge. Go through your belongings and get rid of every last thing they ever gave you and anything you have that reminds you of them at all. Discarding the things their energy is on physically will help break the connection you had to one another. 

Magic Words

Sometimes, no techniques beyond simple words are necessary for protective magic, believe it or not. “Hocus Pocus and “Abrahadabra” are not the magic words I mean! Defending yourself by choosing your words wisely is one great form of magic, and setting boundaries, and even saying nothing at all are also excellent ways to protect yourself magically.

How to Defend Yourself Verbally

Just what you say in self-defense depends on who you are defending yourself against, but the very best way to verbally defend yourself no matter who you are defending yourself to is tactfully. The understanding that defense and attack are two different things is also important. Sometimes, people will hit you so hard with harsh words, you might want to say equally harsh things to them, but that is not the goal. The goal is protection, not lashing out.

There are three steps to this. First, say what was unfair, secondly, say why it was unfair, and finally, say it is unacceptable and you will not stand for it. Truthfully, some people don’t care about your feelings, and they won’t stop attacking, but speaking your truth is magic, and in some situations, other people besides the attacker have some authority in the situation. They will see you behaving with integrity, and not fighting fire with fire, and they will listen to your rational communication. Sometimes the one you have to defend yourself against is a master manipulator and there seem to be no consequences for them.

Simple magic in this situation is to continually tell the truth and flat out tell them their behavior is unacceptable. Eventually, they will move on to people who will wither under their attacks, or they are going to act badly in front of the wrong individual and face the consequences of their actions. 


Getting a point across with no words is another magical technique that involves you being completely absent from whoever needs the message. Sometimes called “ghosting”, this is a powerful way of letting people know you are not available. If somebody is constantly asking you for favors, but they never do anything to help you, simply ignoring their requests sends the message you will not do things for them, and you don’t even have to say so. Ignoring requests for dates and refusing to answer phone calls or texts might initially be met with more persistent calls from whoever does not want to take no for an answer, but eventually if you ignore them and answer their contacts with silence, they will find somebody who is more responsive.

Saying No

Saying No

Not everyone has the type of personality to ignore people and instead they prefer to talk things out. Giving a distinctive “No” to a request and then not going back on it sends a powerful message.

“No, I am not coming in to work on my vacation I got permission for three months ago and already paid for. The fact Raquel quit last week does not change the fact I have plans.” Then go on vacation as planned.

“No, I will not clean your room for you. You either clean it up yourself, or you don’t get an allowance this week.” Then no allowance unless that room is cleaned.

“No, I am not coming to the family gathering you invited my ex-wife and the man she cheated on me with to. It’s horrible that you expect me to.” Then don’t go.

“No, I am not going to listen to you scream at me because you wanted more ketchup on your burger. I can give you more, but I do not get paid to be yelled at.” Then give them what they asked for and ask them to leave if they don’t stop yelling.

People might push back at you when you say no, but if you don’t cave to their resistance, there is nothing they can do. If you buckle to unreasonable demands, they will constantly make even more demands that are unreasonable, and you will be perpetually depleted by them. Set boundaries and stick with them, even though it might feel difficult at first, and you will preserve your sanity, and be treated better by people in the long run.

Protective Spells

Structured spellwork that takes more than a simple magical operation might be more time consuming, but some people love the ritual aspects of it. Runes can be used for spells, and so can jars and simple blessings.



Protective magic with runes is easy. Simply select your protective rune, and write, or carve it onto things you wear, carry, and surround yourself with. For example, Thurisaz represents the hammer of the god Thor, which he used to protect Asgard, home of the Aesir gods. It also represents a thorn, which can be used as protection. Wearing this rune grants protection to the wearer and reminds us to have the bravery of the gods as well as the courage to strike, when necessary, as with a defensive hammer. It also reminds to wear your armor of sorts, as a rose wears its thorns, repelling all who would cause harm. 


Calling upon your god or goddess to protect you is another form of magic. One very powerful form of protective magic is used by Catholics in the form of baptism. The baby is ritually given to the god of the Catholics at a ceremony, and it is believed that god will keep the child safe from all spiritual harm and the danger of being hurt by malevolent spirits. Another form of protective blessing is taking communion that multiple Christian denominations participate in. It is believed the bread and wine spiritually transform into the flesh and blood of Christ, which connects the people with him, and keeps them spiritually bonded with him, thus protecting them from the risk of spiritual impurity.


A kind of protective magic you can do is to create a protective jar, and either keep it safe with you, or bury it someplace nobody will find it. Take a photograph of the person to be protected and something like pieces of their hair or nail clippings and place it all in the jar. Surround it with protective things like thorns, shark’s teeth, razor blades, scriptural passages, protective crystals or runes, mirrors to deflect malevolent energies, and any item you feel is protective. Seal the jar with a prayer that it will keep out all harm and place it on your personal altar or in the home somewhere.

Another technique is to pray that the jar holding some energy from the person to be protected acts as a substitute for them, and that all that would wish harm would come to the jar instead of the actual person. The malevolent energies are believed to become trapped in the jar, unable to escape from the protective items, and this keeps the person safe. Which way is best for a protective jar? Only you can decide. Follow what you feel is best!

How to do a Spiritual Cleanse

Another method of spiritual protection is through spiritual cleansing, sending away all negativity and malevolent energies, and there are a lot of simple ways to do this. You can visit a sacred healing place that always works for you, or you can naturally purify yourself using the energies of the earth. You can also do simple candle purifications.

Your Healing Source

There are some places on this earth that naturally reset our rhythms and cleanse all sorrows, fears, and emotional pain from us. There are some places where we can recharge spiritually just because of the nature of the places, and each of us has our own special place we can go for that. For some people it is their hometown, and for others it is their place of worship. For other people it is the home of a dear friend or a family member, and for other people it is doing something you love. Whatever it is that brings you peace, makes you feel safe and loved, and rejuvenates you, it is very magical to go to those places or do those things, and that is all the protective magic some people need. 

The Meaning of Natural Purification

Natural purification is the process of allowing nature to cleanse you. Some people find their natural cleansing among the trees and others find it hiking or climbing rocks and mountains. Some find it in waterways and other people find natural cleansing in their garden, by touching the earth and making things grow. Still other people feel purified by being in the presence of their animal kin, and some people find it in the silence of nature wherever no other human beings are. Some people feel cleansed by the sunlight, but others feel it in the light of the moon. However you feel purified in nature, embrace this and do the cleansing purification often. 

A Burning Candle

A Burning Candle

Burning black candles can be the most purifying magical thing you can do, most especially if you want to get rid of negative energy. Black has been seen by some as a symbol of evil, but the exact opposite is true. Black is a color of protection, and one of absorbing negativity. Burning black candles can be the simplest purifying ritual, and it might be all you need to spiritually cleanse yourself and your spaces. Say a quiet prayer or make a statement of intent before beginning such as “I purify this space and myself by casting out all negativity and bad energy. Let the protective powers of this candle embrace and empower me so no bad energy may enter. So Be It.” Then light your candle and allow the power of the protective candle to absorb all negativity and cleanse you and your space. 

You don’t have to be the world’s most powerful magician, mystic, or witch to use protective magic effectively. With runic stones, keeping the right candle lit, using your words wisely, and choosing loved ones based on the great qualities in a person are all things you can do to protect yourself magically. Not everybody who wants to be around you is good for you, and your personal psychic body can be shielded to keep negative people from pulling on your energy. The most powerful magical force in the world is a man or woman whose will is stronger than the will of somebody who would harm them and learning how to focus that will for protective magic can be the smartest thing you can do. May your magic be powerful, your blessings be many, and may those who seek to harm you step away, So Be It.

Would you like to know more protection techniques? Reach out to one of our psychics to see what they can share. Make sure to read all of our articles to learn more about magic, folklore, Astrology, and love.

About the Author: LadySaoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom, and she writes for The Green Egg. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.