What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?
December 29, 2023 11 min read

What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?

By Lady Saoirse

TL;DR- When you are seeing 1111 everywhere you look, you can be sure it’s an Angel Number appearing to give you special messages. What does 11 mean and what does the form of it as 1111 mean?  Join Spiritual Blossom to learn all about Angel Numbers 11 and 1111 and what they mean for you.


What Are Angel Numbers?

What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?

Maybe you have heard of Angel Numbers before but you don’t know what they are.  Some people say they don’t exist, but some people say they are real. Angel Numbers are sequences of repeated numbers that start appearing to you regularly all the sudden, and you can’t remember ever having that happen before.  They can appear on street signs, in books you read, on price stickers, or even on TV. You might begin to notice a certain time on the clock like 2:22 or 3:33 every single day and realize you never actually noticed it before. Why do these Angel Numbers appear? Some people say it’s just a coincidence, but other people say there are no coincidences, and that Angel Numbers appear when you are being given messages from Angels, spirits, or even ancestors. It is believed that each Angel Number has its own special message, and today, we will explore the meaning of Angel Numbers 11 and also 1111.


What Does 11 Mean Spiritually?

What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?

What does number 11 mean? In numerology, some people will combine double digits to get a single digit, and 1+1=2 so some people will equate 11 to 2 as an Angel Number. The number 2 stands for peace, balance, and problem solving. The number 11 itself, however, means something else to other people. The double-digit numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered special Life Path Numbers called Master Numbers. Life Path Numbers are the numerical combination of our birth date to create one number that reveals great truths about our lives and who we are. Some people believe Life Path numbers guide us to what things we are supposed to be doing in life and other people believe they just explain personality traits.

Master Numbers are special Angel Numbers that indicate struggles, but the potential to grow from the struggles. These are extra powerful Life Path Numbers and when you get these, it means you have mastered the lesson from the Life Path number they total to create. So 11 means you have mastered being a peaceful problem solver who harmonizes well with others.  It means that you are called to make changes, and do things you have never done before and mastering the things the number 2 stands for gives you the power to do just that.

Some people don’t believe in Life Path Numbers, however, but believe 11 is powerful. In the Bible, it comes after number 10, which is a perfect number representing harmony and order. 11 represents chaos or disorder. That is not always a bad thing, however, because if everything stayed as it always was, we would never make changes. We would never expand our awareness, learn, or grow. The number 11 can portend major changes that will create a new way of life, and cause parts of you to blossom you did not know about. 11 also symbolizes spiritual awakening, karma, and our natural instincts. The number 11 may be telling you to trust your intuition and psychic abilities in times of doubt or when other people are trying to influence your decisions. Your inner voice and psychic ability knows what’s best. Read about the psychic gift of clairvoyance here: What is Clairvoyant Psychic Reading? (spiritualblossom.com)


What Does 11:11 Mean Spiritually?

What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?

1111 can also appear as 11:11 as an Angel Number, and some people believe both numbers mean the same thing. If you notice especially meaningful things start to happen at 11:11 during the day or night, that might be an Angel Number making itself known. 1111 and 11:11 can also be totaled to the number four, by adding the four ones together. Four stands for loyalty, reliability, and determination. It is possible that 1111 or 11:11 is telling you to stick to a plan, and work hard towards it no matter what happens, but it can also be telling you other things. 1111 is all about new things, stepping into opportunities and leaving the past behind. There are so many different aspects of this that 11:11 or 1111 can mean. It can be calling us to change, think differently, or do multiple things in new ways.

New Beginnings

In the beginning, things are difficult. We don’t know the path, and we don’t always want to leave habits and places that are familiar to step into the unknown. The number 1111 tells us it is time to do just that. Think of the time before things were the way they are now. Think of how things have improved since because things changed and think of how much you have grown as a person. New beginnings might be unexpected, and changes can be tough to adjust to. However, new beginnings, as difficult as they may seem, are opportunities to experience things that teach us or change us for the better.


The number 1111 can be calling you to allow transformation. This can hurt. To transform, we must first accept we are imperfect, and next we must accept that we are works in progress, constantly evolving. We don’t change into different people, but we become higher forms of ourselves. Transformation means we must look within ourselves for the parts of us we have not developed yet, and we have to pull those parts of ourselves out so they can thrive. We must endure the long processes of watching our transformation unfold, and then we also must become acquainted with these aspects of ourselves that may seem foreign, almost like they belong to somebody else. 1111 calls us to allow our personal transformations to happen, and to accept that we are always renewing and changing.

New Ways of Thinking

The meaning of the number 1111 can be about changing our minds as opposed to our bodies. Some people believe that all magic begins in the mind and without belief, no magic can occur. The things we think become the words we say and what we tell ourselves. When we speak things into existence, they become what we believe and that directly affects our decisions and actions. All of these things combine to create our view of reality and our lives. So, to change anything, we first have to change our minds. The number 1111 pops up to tell us that letting go of negative thoughts like resentments, anger, fears of failure, and envy can open the door to new, helpful mindsets. When we focus on positive things like compassion, believing in ourselves, and cheering for other people, we open our minds to having the right attitude to make great things happen in our lives.

Discarding Old Ways

The number 1111 can be telling us it is time to let go of old ways of doing things. Sometimes, we develop habits when we are suffering and these things help us to get by. Then, when life changes, and we are no longer struggling, we have to find new ways of doing things that make our lives better. For example, growing up in an abusive household might make you learn to fight for everything you have. Yet, when you move away from that toxic environment, you will have to find new ways of communicating with people to resolve conflicts. Our behaviors and habits don’t make us who we are. They are just things we do. 1111 can be calling you to leave old ways that no longer serve you behind.

Moving Forward

1111 can be calling you to move forward. Often, we become comfortable doing the same things over and over again, and we don’t take the time to do things we have been wanting to. We don’t take trips we always said we wanted to and we don’t take classes we said we wanted to. We don’t set aside time for the hobbies we want to participate in, and we never get around to visiting the people we said we wanted to because we stay so busy. shows up to say the time has come to move forward with plans we have made that we never made time for. Don’t wait any longer, 1111 says, do it now!

Leaving the Past Behind

What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?

There are three times in our lives when we do things. One time is the future, one time is now, and one time is in the past. Our past experiences shape who we become and dictate what we have learned up until now. Great memories reside in the past, and hurtful ones do too. The past can never be forgotten, but sometimes, our minds are so focused on things that have happened before, we find it impossible to focus on our lives today, and it also keeps us from building our future. 1111 appears to tell us that we must leave certain things in the past so we can live our lives fully. Past hurts that have never been atoned for should not hold us back from living our best lives. 1111 calls us to thrive and move through our lives despite bad things that happened in the past.

Face Challenges

What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?

1111 calls us to face whatever challenges come at us head on and overcome them. It also serves as a good omen that you will succeed. This does not mean things will be easy or without stress. It just means the universe is telling you that no matter how difficult things may seem, you have the power to overcome anything and everything is going to work out in the end. All you have to do is face challenges and do your best. 1111 basically tells you “You’ve got this!”


1111 tells us to embrace the changes life brings to us and adapt. We are not called to be different people, but to get in touch with different parts of ourselves that may not be especially noticeable. When we are hurting, we are called to be strong, but also sensitive to other people. Reacting in anger or in vengeance won’t empower us but drag us down. When we are afraid, we are called to do our best to be brave even when we don’t know if we can be. When we are lonely, we are called to reach out to other people, even if we fear rejection. When we are going without something we need, we are called to be humble and ask for help. Then when we are thriving, we are called to share with people who need our help. Mastering ourselves includes exploring all aspects of ourselves including who we are as people in our darkest moments as well as our most joyous.  As we change and grow, we learn all the things that make us who we are, and we learn how to turn weaknesses into strengths so we can be our best selves. To read more about being your best self, see here: How to Be Your Best Self (spiritualblossom.com)


1111 For Love

In matters of the heart, 1111 calls you to be open to changes. If you are single, open yourself to new love. If you are in a toxic relationship, open yourself up to more self-love and walk away.  If somebody you love is hurting, adjust your schedule to spend more time with them to help them.  If your relationships are plagued with problems, examine your patterns of behavior and make changes to improve things. Love itself is eternal, and it never changes, but we do.  1111 calls you to alter your mindset and approaches to make the most of love relationships.

1111 for Career

What is the 1111 Angel Number Meaning?

When 1111 appears during times of uncertainty in your career, it portends changes. It’s always good to keep your resume updated and keep in contact with the people you count as job references. Pay attention to the trends in your career field, and regularly network with other professionals. 1111 may be telling you that a new job is coming, and it might be telling you to go ahead and take those classes you were interested in for some new skills. There is nothing wrong with being satisfied with your job or where you are in your career, but when 1111 appears when you are thinking about your career, prepare for changes and opportunities.

1111 for Your Path

Your personal path includes love and career, but also your emotional self and your spirituality. It includes all the things you do, and all the things you learn on your journey through life. When 1111 appears during times you are wondering where you are going in life and what the meaning of your life is, you can breathe easy. It means you are called to keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other, and to enjoy each experience along the way. You are on the right path. Most importantly, 1111 tells you to trust yourself and allow yourself to evolve as you experience more things.


When 1111 appears, it is a sure sign that changes are coming about. It’s not fun to change when everything seems perfect, but changes bring new opportunities and allow us to explore hidden parts of ourselves. Change is messy and time consuming at best, and it is disruptive at worst, but change always comes. Use the changes the universe presents to you to move forward on your personal path and learn to be your best self. 1111 tells us a door is closing, and it is time to pay attention because another door is opening soon. When that door opens, you can be confident that your number 1111 is telling you to step through that door.


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About the Author:  Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom. She has written for Mysticsense and PaganPagesOrg emag.