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Hello fellow spiritual beings! My name is Farah! My intention is purely to share my knowledge with you in order to help you along this life journey. Astrology has always been a constant in my life. There are so many ancient philosophers who talk about following the stars. Know thyself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know your gifts and talents. Understand your life and the influences around you. I’m here to offer a calm and kind presence, with a touch of honesty. This white hair on my head was earned, every single one. I’ve been serving the public for decades in a caretaker role, all the way up to getting my masters degree in education and teaching in a public school system. Of course, I have transitioned to offering services in this way, and had nothing but complimentary reactions from clients. You and I can look at: - Your birth chart in western astrology - Your birth chart in real sky astrology - A synastry chart (comparing the relationship between two people) - A transit chart (aka horoscope) - An annual perfection year reading (theme for the year) - And of course, tarot readings (I like to use a “release and add” spread and/or a “body, mind, soul” spread.) The stars, the moon, and the sun are always here to support me and you. ❤️

My abilities are as follows

  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Career & Finance
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