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I've been a clairvoyant and psychic for 25 years. I offer psychic readings, tarot card readings, angel readings and can quickly and easily connect to Spirit guides directly. I started noticing and working with my gifts around 14 years old. I am the youngest of seven sisters I inherited this gift from my great-grandmother. I have always been a very spiritual person. I can help you through guidance and meditation. hrough guidance and meditation I am able to help people. I can help you choose the right path in life and decide whether you are making the right decision or not. Reach out to me for guidance and 100% accurate information. I am very fast friendly and non-judgmental. I am accurate and quick to the point. I don't tiptoe around anyone's feelings. I will always give you 100% honesty. I can actually stop negativity in love. Accurate quick to the point I don't tiptoe around anyone's feelings I'm always honest in my readings. I don't just give honest answers I give you the hard truth and what needs to be said I'm here to guide you in the right direction and help you so that you can no longer be manipulated and confused by someone who you have been blinded by love.

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