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Hello everyone, I am Devanshi. I am a born psychic and a trained tarot card reader, numerologist, astrologer, crystal therapist, chakra healer, kundalini yoga practitioner. I can sense the energies and use tarot cards as the divine tool to find insights to all the questions. For last thirteen years I have been guiding people in career, love, relationship, business, travel. I have helped with problems that are bothering them and have successfully provided them the wisdom and insight to heal themselves. I can accurately read the cards and seek Divine wisdom to find answers to all your questions. I have several different ways to seek the guidance with the cards and depending on your situation, I will have a way to get the answers you need efficiently and with clarity. Come visit me on a journey and see what the Spirits have in store for you. Let me open the doors to provide you with the answers you need to those tough questions. With light and love always!

My abilities are as follows

  • Destiny & Life Path
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