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Hi, I'm Kimberley and I am here to offer Clarity, Guidance & what I like to call Spirit Wisdom! We all have times when we are uncertain and need some perspective and healing. I offer a judgement free perspective, always compassionately honest but rooted in the deepest empathy. I have had contact with Spirit since I was six years old and have worked with and honed my gifts. I started giving and doing reading while at University. Over the years I realized there is a real need for compassionate healers like myself to offer people wisdom & healing in a quick yet impactful way and I have had years of experience honing my approach to offer precisely that ! am a certified therapist in multiple modalities of psychology , I do have decades of work experience in the corporate world in Human Resources and have lived and worked around the world so I know people everywhere seek the same things very often. We all want to be loved, understood , valued and feel peace within ourselves. Let me help you achieve that. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, I do have mediumship abilities and am inducted in both Angelic and Shamanic Healing as well as Kundalini Reiki! All my readings are rooted in abundance and your highest good. I focus on helping you find the Silver Lining in the situations. I use Tarot and Oracle cards for quick insights so, when you decide to work with me, you get a true Holistic mix of all of the tools I love to use and have worked with throughout my life.

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  • Career
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  • Destiny & Life Path
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