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Hello this is Psychic Alexandra. I am a clairvoyant clairaudience, empath, tarot card reader, psychic. I have the ability to look into your situation, understand it deeply, and clearly. I also have the ability to connect with your loved ones whether past or present. I'm very compassionate and very detailed in all my readings. You are not going to leave the situation feeling unsure about your relationship. I can tell you what your lover feels and desires and their true heart of hearts. I can also express to you their thought process and their next move. Why wait and doubt when you could know what your lover or ex-lover is feeling. I have been a spiritualist for over 25 years. I have the ability to help people emotionally and mentally prepare for what their spiritual paths will be. I'm very compassionate and I have a deep emotional connection with all of my clients and I prefer to stay transparent open and honest with them. I do not cover up or sugar coat anything. My readings are 100% honest of my spiritual view. I'm a seventh generational spiritualist and psychic. I was taught by my great-grandmother and grandmother how to read tarot and use definitional tools to tap in two life's questions. My mother helped to nurture my skills and continue to help me connect and be more professional and consistent as I was growing up. I started reading at the age of 15 professionally. I take what I do very seriously and with an open heart. I deal with such issues as love and relationships, career, ex-lovers, soul connections, soulmate connections, karmic connections, career path. Thank you so much for choosing me as your psychic. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

My abilities are as follows

  • Loved ones
  • General Guidance
  • Past Lives
  • Career
  • Friends
  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Pets
  • Love, Relationships & Family
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