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I am a strong intuitive and spiritual advisor, versatile medium and an empath, and my forte is “ I help ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations”. The spirit that dwells within me is there to serve you! I connect with each and every client in a unique way that is best suited to you, always bringing messages across in a loving and caring manner with integrity honesty and compassion. * a little insight as to when my abilities were noticed was when I was four years old and my mother overheard a conversation that I was having with my great grandmother (whom had passed away then quite recently) - my mother came into the room and explained that my great grandmother was with the angels and not with us anymore - I turned my head to the side and to me my great grandmother was in the room with me - she told me to tell my mother something that only my mother and great grandmother where aware off and that is when my mother realized I was “different” in her terms. My background is I have a Masters in Business (MBA), Bachelors in Psychology , certified tarot reader, certified life coach, Theta Healer and also a few other diplomas that assist me in helping you. As your reader I translate the answers from the Universe and Spirit Guides - what they want to communicate to you for your well being and highest good - mainly to set you back on the right path for YOU! And to bring back the clarity, happiness, pease and prosperity you so deserve and desire. My goal is to support you in getting to a healthy mind, body and spiritual state where you can cope with all adversities you may have experienced or experience in you life, with ease and grace! Time is fluid and the future is not set in stone - meaning “free will” can make the changes to either a positive or negative outcome - I also help you choose the right path that will bring you to your desired outcome that is for your highest good and wellbeing ! The “TOOLS" that I use vary according to the situation at hand which can comprise of the following: Tarot Cards Pendulum Astrology Cartomancy Psychic Intuition connecting with Guides and the Angels 11.11 Dream analysis SERVICES: **Love /romance readings **Career / finance readings **Spatial guidance **Mediumship - humans and pets **Identifying spiritual blockages and cleansing energies **Connecting to your angels **Dream analysis **LGBTQI - all are welcome

My abilities are as follows

  • Loved ones
  • Career
  • Love & Family
  • Friends
  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Love, Relationships & Family
  • Dream Interpretation
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