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When I was born, my parents knew I was given gifts. I was able to see, hear, and speak about our past loved ones. Growing up I became interested in the occult, and though born into a very religious family, my parents instead, took me to Salem Massachusetts, to understand more about Witchcraft and more about my gifts. My family began having me work in my teenage years with master psychics so I could understand more on how to control and help people with my gifts. With this I have worked with many different platforms, people all over the world with over 4.5 ratings on all, I also as a musical artist tell and do tarot throughout my branding and with my fans. I'm real, blunt, the devil in prada, so be ready for me to come forward speaking the truth and nothing but it. Its important for you as a person to not be fed false hope or things that lead to you into more of a toxic environment, I will softly lead you into a better solution, its important to remember that you can have anything you ever want ONLY if you are at your highest vibration,. Thank you for choosing me!

My abilities are as follows

  • Loved ones
  • Career
  • Friends
  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Love, Relationships & Family
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