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Hi, my name is Bella the Empress, I am here to provide you with much needed guidance and strength while also directing you to achieve the answers to life's uncertainty. Let me help you in finding the courage you never thought you had in order to overcome day to day challenges. I work side-by-side with four amazing spirit guides who have been on my journey since day one when I started to professionally read for others. I believe I was gifted at a very young age but it wasn't till I lost someone very dear to me that I truly opened my third eye. I am really excited and blessed to be able to help you as well as offer you my services. I am grateful you have been directed towards me as I am seen to be highly intuitive. I do believe my intuition has been my greatest tool to help many all over the world. Besides my intuition, I also utilize many other different tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards as well as a pendulum, and I have the ability to perform remote viewing. I am able to gain the messages that are sent from the other side with regard to anyone that has passed over so yes, that does mean I work as a medium. I do dream analysis, as well as past life regression. I believe that I was placed here to provide all of you with much-needed clarity which will help you to be able to make better decisions in order to grow into your higher good. Allow me to be that tunnel of communication between you and your spirit guides. I ask that you come to me open-minded and ready to hear the truth. I will tell you everything you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. But I promise you no matter what I will be here to help you by being wholly compassionate with regards to your situation and never judgmental. Sending you all love and blessings.

My abilities are as follows

  • Loved ones
  • General Guidance
  • Past Lives
  • Career
  • Friends
  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Pets
  • Love, Relationships & Family
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