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Hi! My name is Dawn and I’m here to bring you the clarity you seek. I can help you connect with guidance and insight from beyond the veil so that you are empowered with divine direction. I offer: ● Claircognizant Channeled Messages ● Tarot and Oracle Card Readings ● Akashic Record Readings/Healings ● Pendulum Guidance I bring you clear, no fluff messages to guide and empower you through your journey. The ‘gifts’ come to me from both sides of my family… through my grandmothers and their mothers/grandmothers. Fortunately, I’m blessed to be born into the generation that I don’t have to dim my light or hide my gifts. I am blessed to be free to use them at will to help not only myself, but to illuminate the path for others as well. I bring messages of truth and empowerment for those that are ready and seeking true growth and enlightenment. I offer readings in the areas of: ● Love/Romance ● Life Path ● Career/Finance/Money ● Unblocking and Identifying What’s Holding You Back ● Manifesting What you WON’T be offered is surface level fluff or simply repeating what you want to hear vs. what the message truly is. I don’t hold back what is shown to me, but all messages are delivered with love, light and truth.

My abilities are as follows

  • Career & Finance
  • Dream Interpretation
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