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🌞 Welcome! 🌕 You have questions, confusions, suspicions. You might be feeling lost, or in pain. I can help ⚕️ I have been learning and practising the secrets of magick, mysticism, and the esoteric arts for almost ten years, and I have decided to make the abilities I have developed available to you. 🙏 I can give you guidance along your path of life and developing consciousness, whether it's your relationships, career, finances, or anything you need insight about 🔮, I am here for you with patience and love 💟 . As a master of tarot, scrying, and intuition, I have all the tools you might need to get clear, honest, accurate information about your questions. I can tell you about your past or your future, but it's the present I'm most interested in. After all, the present is where we live. I can give you guidance on where to go and what to do to be happier, clearer, and more vibrant in all aspects of life 🌟. I can sense your energies over video or the phone (chat is more difficult but sometimes possible) and help you shift those energies to more vibrant wavelengths if that is something you desire 🔥 I make no judgements at all - everyone walks their own spiralling path, and none of them are wrong 🌀 I hope you get in touch and we can get you on a happier, more fulfilling path ♾️ May you wander in wisdom 🙏

My abilities are as follows

  • General Guidance
  • Career
  • Love & Family
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