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My name is Christine I am a fourth generation psychic and tarot card reader my gift came to me at the age of 10 years old seeing dreams come to pass very often led me to understand that I had a spiritual gift from then on I found out that my great grandfather was a shaman healer so I practice my craft on tuning in to those that need some guidance, my passion is love and relationships given true guidance about relationships is my main goal without judgment so if you’re ready to hear some true honest answers and all aspects of life, whether it’s a psychic reading, a tarot card reading or an energy reading I believe with an open mind an open heart to energies can connect and we can see into the future together love and light…

My abilities are as follows

  • General Guidance
  • Past Lives
  • Friends
  • Career
  • Love & Family
  • Pets
  • Destiny & Life Path
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