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I offer guidance for: ❤️ Love 🔥 Twin flame 🫶Soulmates 💑 Friendships 💼Career 🎢 Life path 🧘🏼‍♀️ Spiritual Growth ♎ Zodiac compatibility 🌈 LGBT+ Issues 👩🏼‍🍼 Family 🪐Astrology 🧞Dream interpretation 🐈‍⬛Pet communication 🦚I'm well versed in love, life, loss and all the little in betweens. 💕As a tarot reader, psychic, life coach and astrologer, I'm here to offer guidance to anyone in need . 🌟My approach is inclusive and kind without sacrificing honesty. Allow me to bring my empathetic and intuitive skills into your next session. 🎴I have developed my skills to read with a quick and accurate ability to tune in to your specific needs. 🫶Whatever you're facing, I've helped others through similar ! Judgement Free! I've worked as an advisor for over 30 years. I started learning astrology and tarot as a teen as part of regular family gatherings. As I got older I went on to college to study interpersonal relations and Jungian psychology My reading style has become a blend of both esoteric and practical. Yes, we will work on manifesting the new job but we are also going to pound your resume out everywhere. Whether it's career, relationships, twin-flames, trauma bonds, divorce ,healing from narcissistic relationships or career and finances I look forward to joining you on your path to personal growth and understanding.

My abilities are as follows

  • Loved ones
  • General Guidance
  • Career
  • Friends
  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Pets
  • Love, Relationships & Family
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