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Hi 💙 my name is Jebunissa 💙 I have been attracted to astrology since childhood. I was curious about things and tarot helped me channel my curiosity via my intuition. It was an experience which helped me evolve while healing hearts❤️ at the same time. I firmly believe that the power is within you and I will help you find it. I feel that I possess the qualities of a true healer which in turn guides me to not only provide readings but try to heal people in a way that fits them best. I am currently pursuing two degrees. My hobbies include painting, reading tarot, and self care. When I paint it acts as a strong meditation for me. When I complete readings with my clients, it helps me understand your struggles and stressful lives. It also shows me remedies to help clear blockages that are binding you to toxic patterns. I try my best to help everyone process their emotions and guide them to eliminate the blockages that are holding them back. I thank God each day that I'm able to touch lives and offer my guidance and advice. I am grateful to be able to heal people.❤️❤️

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